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    No camping in your car.

    Many sites have both RV and Tent sites. People with Tent sites need to sleep in their tents. Those in RV sites must either sleep in their rigs or in an approved tent. Each campground may have their own rules.
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    1st electric fan car to break the Goodwood record.

    This is just the begging of using pure electricity to enhance performance.
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    Tire rotation best practices….?

    Many do not rotate at all. They replace tires in pairs when worn. Only rotate if they notice uneven wear across the tire. If Tires wear more in center, decrease tire pressure If tires werr more on edges, increase tire pressure.
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    Cheated on Tesla for 10 minutes

    Stealerships are charging huge (20-30,000) additional markups for in stock Vettes. Use lots of tricks to gouge their customers.
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    Car likely totaled

    Good news and bad news. Your insurance will not price your loss by the price you paid, but by it's replacement value (if that is the type of policy you purchased. Bad news, is that you are going to find all the cars you might want to replace it with, much more than you think. WRXs have gone up...
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    Skid plate justification

    Tesla is an Aluminum intensive company. They fully understand the inherent properties of that metal. For some reason they decided to use composite or more recently plastic for the underbody protection and aerodynamic properites of the underbody coverings. Totally understand the decision by some...
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    Thoughts on Yoke from Plaid owner

    If OP took delivery in March, that most likely meant he ordered a year earlier, before all the recent price increases. Due the current hot market, he should be easily able to sell his car for a nice profit.
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    Another price increase

    With it taking up to a year to get delivery, Tesla is simply predicting what they will need to charge for cars when delivered to make their margins. People that ordered prior to the increases will only pay what was the price at that time. With inflation currently running about 10%/yr, those...
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    Hertz Employees Using All Superchargers

    I thought that Superchargers were not supposed to be used for commercial vehicles.
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    Should I wait?

    Tesla sent me a design configuration, then after a physical site inspection, changed the layout. When the actual installers came out, they changed it again when actually up on the roof. It might be because the panel sizes had changed, the installation hardware was improved or some other issue...
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    Autopilot Questions

    Autopilot works best on open highways and long distance travel. On smaller roads, with many people, bicycles, on and off ramps and merging traffic, taking over manually is better. You will know instintively when it is best for you to take over, as your car will not be doing what you would do in...
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Many would be happy with short towing range, knowing it is something they rarely do and can always rent something for those rare occasions when long distance towing is required. Others are towing frequently, over long distances. For those individuals a diesel truck would be a better choice...
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    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    OP was screwing around to see how the camera would react...he found out. Not Tesla's fault.
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    Anyone have solar other than Tesla solar?

    When you buy your own system, you qualify for local, state and Fed tax credits. If you lease or PPA those credits go directly to the company instead of you. Depending on your climate, consider getting a Quiet Cool whole house fan prior to calculating Solar needs. You may be able to get away...
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    Cybertruck gigapress (9000T Idra Press) being assembled! in Italy.

    Tesla may make the total chassis out of one huge casting. Front to back, with the battery simply bolted in the middle. Then could fab the side exoskeleton in a single piece, making assembly so much easier and less expensive. Classic Elon re look at the building process.
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    Why does model x long range delivery date take the longest compare to all other tesla production models?

    Elon said he had a mistake in closing down the standard production version, even though he still had lots of demand for it. Stopping production then taking longer than expected to release the refreshed version caused a huge deliver gap, that they are still struggling to fill. X is a...
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    Blew something up in the rear!…

    Please let us know what Tesla says happened.
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    Full matrix headlight functionality just approved by NHTSA!

    Imagine that Matrix headlights will add about $1,000 to the initial production costs of vehicles.
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    Berlin made cars

    It is Elon's stated policy that it is best to make the cars in the continent that they will be sold. While he is ramping up scale, this will not be always possible, but he would be in agreement with the OP. Reality is that due to environmental, economic and political roadblocks, this is far...
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    Thoughts on upgrading from a M3LR w/ AB to a MYP

    Sounds like your lifestyle would be better served by the Model Y. I rides higher than the 3, has huge hatch back storage capability, and the dog would be happy. If you can bring one home for a demo to try it on your driveway, that might give you the answers you seek. Y has become the most...
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    Anyone in the UK 'upgraded' their Model Y suspension?

    Issue might just be the standard issue low profile tires. While these look great, and provide nimble handling, perhaps refitting with higher profile tires that run at lower pressures might be a relatively simple solution for those wishing a more plush ride.
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Air suspensions on S/X make a tremendous difference in the driving experience. The adaptive shocks can be set to Automatic. Here the cruising around town is smooth and quiet. Soaks up both small and large bumps with ease. Then when your speed rises or steering input increases it smoothly...
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    Drop in Tesla Model S battery mileage capacity from 260 to 200 after field service

    Seems like Tesla is telling you there is nothing wrong with your battery, and that your range is still the same as before. They seem to believe that your software is the issue, but will need to do some research to determine proper way to reset it.
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    Mercedes EQS reviews published - longest range and most luxurious ride of all EVs?

    Mercedes is plush indeed, and many will agree to pay the additional $$$ to drive it. Biggest issue for many is giving up the superb Tesla Supercharger Network that makes long distance driving possible. Buyers tend to need to justify their purchasing decisions in forums, but few here would...
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    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    I have found the Tesla way to be quite fair indeed. If you order a Tesla for future delivery, and an improvement is entered into production prior to yours getting produced...you get the improvement automatically, at no cost. Customers have gotten free trailer packages, updated small battery...
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    Battery Charger: Need to replace after breaker caught fire?

    I would have a professional electrician take a look to see what you will need. His opinion might be eye opening. I see so many posts from owners wanting to DIY or hire handyman to do their charging installations. Our cars consume large amounts of current over long periods of time. Better to...
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    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    There are lots of charging options around the World. Most Tesla owners can purchase adaptors from Tesla or aftermarket to gain them access to most of them. Charging standard and plug compatibilities are a fluid market currently.
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    Is Tesla viable for very high mileage delivery driver?

    For deliveries, I imagine a Model Y would be a better choice because of it's hatchback design and larger cargo capacity. With petrol prices so high, the fuel savings could be significant. EVs tend to have far lower maintenance costs as well. With such high mileage, a lease would not work...
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    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    Energy costs money, no matter how you manage it. Utilities bill, Solar costs, insulation costs, batteries cost, generators cost, window blinds cost, fuel storage cost, etc. Every homeowner will make individual decisions on how to best manage their energy usage. As things change, the home must...
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    I suspect that this is just a glitch. If it is real, then I suspect that Tesla is working on a whole new Model X that wiil be delivered in the future, instead of current configuration.
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    Model Y shipped without charging port

    It could also be that they are updating the charging port. Want to get all those cars to delivery centers, with the new charge ports installed there to speed up system.
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    60k miles, heat pump failure 2020 MYP - Tesla wants $4500

    Please let us know what your results are. Believe that since you previously had it into service for that issue, they might cover it all or at least part. No way to know till they get a look at what happened.
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    What value would Model S/X buyers put on the new swiveling display? In other words, if it was an option, how much would you pay to get it?
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    Socal to Reno drive

    To optimize your EV experience on long trips, you will need to adapt to it's strengths. It is different that driving a gasser. Start your trip with a 100% charge. Drive as long as you can, until your battery gets low. Then charge up enough to reach your destination. This one charging stop can...
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Delaying in order to get the next rumored configuration is challenging at best.
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    Model S Interior vs Other $100k Interiors

    Tesla interiors have a very pure and uncomplicated look. More Scandanavian than German. The Mercedes seems to be the one most compared. Mercedes has scores of buttons, perfume dispensers, heads up displays, multiple color options for accent lighting, desino flourishes. Accent styling items, etc...
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    Surprise Check from Tesla

    Take the money and run :)
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    Bugs on bumper recommendation

    Old trick is to use a wet dryer sheet to emulsify stuck on bugs. Works like magic. No need to scrub.
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    Switching from a Model 3 Performance to a Model X Plaid, anyone done it?

    A super benefit of the Model X is that it has lots of different settings, that can be changed from time to time to provide different driving experiences. While never as nimble as a Model 3 or Miata, the adaptable air suspension can be lowered to corner flatter, shocks firmed up to control body...
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    Show of hands… Adaptive Suspension

    This is all quite different than my experience in my 2019 Raven X. Comfort felt smoother, Firm felt more controlled. After a bit, I would simply leave it in automatic for a fantastic experience. At low speeds and just cruising around it gave a soft, smooth and quiet ride. When I would drive at...
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    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Weight and aero is what kills range. These examples weigh little and have good aero behind a Tesla.
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    MY: Fun to drive?

    Tesla is fun...Miata is funner.
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    First advice is not to post that you intend to sell it immediately. If Tesla is aware that you intend to flip the car, your delivery date may disappear.
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    Service center damage, how to address?

    Better is often the enemy of good. Sorry for what you are going through. This is not an issue that is unique to Tesla. Often times, trying to get something made better, it can end up making it worse. I have also seen this with body shops trying to repaint a little nick or scratch, and ending...
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    Switching from a Model 3 Performance to a Model X Plaid, anyone done it?

    Surprised to see the comments about speed of Falcon WIng Doors open/close. My last X took only 4.5 seconds to open/close. Hard to get all that much faster with standard doors. With the FWDs you do not need to worry about some car in the next lane smashing into them as they cycle much closer to...
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    Backing out of order

    Skip the house, and try to convince your Wife that camping mode in a Tesla is all you really need :)
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    Discussion: Is the 4680 a fast charging million mile battery?

    All battery technologys are constantly being upgraded and enhanced to provide greater power and life. Slowly EVs are becoming the better choice for vehicle consumers. The "Million Mile Battery" is more of a goal/slogan to gain customers than a significant issue to most owners.
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    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Russia is furious that other countries have meddled in their private war. Same thing happened when the US began to support the South Viet Nam soldiers. The neighboring Communist countries started pouring in their own soldiers and weapons to push the US out of the fight.
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    Poll: Are you in favor or against U.S. doing more in Ukraine?

    There are a ton of loyal Ukrainians living inside Russia. They speak fluent Russian as well. The damage they could do to the Russian infrastructure if motivated and released could cause Putin untold destruction. A single drone into the Onion Domes could cause huge political pressure on Putin to...
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    BMW using a brushed motor

    Recent BMWs really do not handle all that well. They "feel" like they have taught handling, but that often disappears at the limits, where they do not produce better numbers than other performance brands. Owners need to modify the heck (expensive) out of their Beemers if they want to perform...

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