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    Does a leaking stink?

    Is the smell present when you first enter the car with the HVAC system shut off? If it is, then I doubt changing the filter will make a big difference. If however the smell only occurs after the HVAC start to blow air, then changing the filter may help. Either way, I hope your MCU2 upgrade...
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    Moraine, OH - Service Center and Supercharger

    Seem like supercharge.info would want to show this one with the limited hours notation, similar to how the Blue Ash (SC), OH location is shown (Blue Ash is the Cincinnati service center. That was the original Cincinnati supercharger location until the others in Dent and Marburg Ave opened.)
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    Tesla 2022 Model S and EVgo Charging

    Which adapter you will need depend upon the charger and what type of plug it has. You can't necessarily define that by a given network. There are many ChargePoint chargers which I have used that are set up for J1722 connections, so you can use them with the J1722 adapter which you have...
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    Supercharger - Fort Wayne, IN - Illinois Road

    It also shows up in navigation system in the car as of this morning.
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    Supercharger - Fort Wayne, IN - Illinois Road

    There is a report on the Indianapolis Tesla Owners facebook group that the charger is live. I'm not close enough to verify it myself, and it doesn't show up in navigation screen yet, but maybe someone local that follows this thread would be able stop by and confirm that it's up.
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    Autopilot computer more expensive that you might have thought

    If the initial replace was done as customer pay, then I would expect any need for replacement of the MCU to be covered per the terms of the repair limited warranty. This in general is 1 yr / 12,500 miles, but for the case of MCU, it is 2 years and 25,000 miles. Here's my source for that...
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    Help me choose. 2022 Model S or Model 3 Performance??

    That order makes much more sense. Model 3 should be better than Model Y due to lower frontal area and lower total aero drag with the same drive train, just like a Model S is better than an X. The model S is about the same as my mid-2016 MS90D with lifetime average of 279 over about 69k miles...
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    It's not necessarily driving slow, but more driving smoothly with gradual getting both on and off the throttle. The other factor that can easily drive a high Wh/mi number in the vehicle is climate the car is parked and usage when you start driving, especially if doing short drives. If car...
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    Help me choose. 2022 Model S or Model 3 Performance??

    I think you have your definition of efficiency backwards or your numbers shown are not in the order of S/Y/3 as you state. A lower numerical number of Wh/mi is more efficient as this is the amount of energy required to travel 1 mile. For an ICE, this is like saying gallons per mile where a...
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    Low charging Messaging Does not work!

    Yes, this is more likely the more unbalanced the pack, as well as the better the BMS is calibrated (cell balance as BMS calibration related but slightly different things). However, my understanding is for some time now you do not need to charge to 100% for the pack to balance. The pack will...
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    Part of it is because of the difference in models, but likely also some difference in driving style and potentially use pattern if I were to guess. Your 350Wh/mi for a MS 75D seems high to me. Do you have 21" wheels and/or tend to do a lot of high speed interstate driving while your wife Model...
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    Help me choose. 2022 Model S or Model 3 Performance??

    I still have my mid-2016 MS90D AP1 vintage which I upgraded to MCU2 last December. Have 68,725 miles on it as of completing about a 250 mile drive today. I do not own a Model 3 or any other Tesla, just this one car. No car is perfect, but I still thoroughly enjoy driving it. It's not a throw...
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    2018 Model S 100D without AutoPilot

    What are you looking at to say the car does not have the B pillar cameras??? If you look at the main, rotatable picture, you can clearly tell the side markers behind the front fenders are not flat, but more of a pent shaped. Those are where the two side mounted rear facing cameras are...
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    Supercharger - Shelbyville, IN

    Found this morning that was added to navigation. Was just there to charge frm 3:30-4:00 pm this afternoon. I pulled a max of about 110 kW which for my mid-2016 MS90D at 40% SOC is about max I'll ever see, so as best I can tell, it's functioning at intended capability. Culver's was busy...
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    Help me choose. 2022 Model S or Model 3 Performance??

    This is a classic case of needing to figure our your wants from your needs from your preferences. None of us can tell you the 'right' answer, as ultimately this comes back to your personal preferences on what you want in a vehicle and your personal trade-off function of value. I think as...
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    Supercharger - Shelbyville, IN

    And after utility company does their final inspection, my understanding is still a commissioning step where Tesla has to test and confirm everything before it will be available. Bottom line - patience everyone. I've seen sites in other locations appear to be "complete" with it being several...
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    Battery Drain

    My experience is this is a function of whether you are using schedule charging. My experience when I did not use scheduled charging, left the plugged in, then it would periodically top up the car as soon as the SOC dropped below the setpoint. Actually in this case it will give the appearance...
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    Buying advice

    I understand the perspective, but the reality is that used car prices are insane at the moment. I happen to know an owner with a similar 2015 Model, AP1, lifetime supercharging, red with tan interior, pano sunroof, subzero package with heated front/rear seats & steering wheel, and the premium...
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    Battery Drain

    My car sits unused for upwards of 15 weeks at a time. It's always plugged in so I can remotely manage periodic recharging without needing anyone to go to the car for me. I've been doing this for over last 2 years. I've never seen any impact of leaving it plugged in, but with the charging...
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    Front fender for 2015 model S damage.

    You can see the full parts catalogue here: https://epc.tesla.com/ You'll need to log in with your Tesla user credentials. Then can select type of vehicle, model year range, then will be able to look through by categories/subsystems. All the parking assist / driver assist sensors appear under...
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    Battery Drain

    I believe the settings that @SoCal Buzz is referencing are actually two that were call Energy Saving and Always Connected. These are unique settings to MCU1 and do not show up anymore for MCU2. My memory is these are under the Controls > Display tab, but I no longer have MCU1 and they might...
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    Battery Drain

    If you are fully charging the car, meaning to 100%, then you may very likely be experiencing the situation where the battery cooling system is running continuously. This is something which gets reported for older 85 packs where Tesla enabled much more aggressive active managing of the battery...
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    Battery Drain

    @Penn - You have not stated what the conditions were around your observation of having lost 26 miles parked. You did include in your original post a link to an image of warning that pops up if you park the car when the battery is at around 20% SOC or lower. Is this the situation for your...
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    Plaid 21”rear tire woes - factory defect?

    Is it just one tire, or are both rears that way? If just one tire, then that might be more indication of an inflation issue as others have noted. Also, have they confirmed the correct spacers are being used? I'm also presuming you are running factory rims and have not installed your own...
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    Broken model S

    First even in CARB implements this immediately, it would not be retroactive to earlier produced cars. Only apply to new vehicles which are certified to the new requirements. They can not retroactively change the regulatory requirements on prior model year vehicles once they are produced. Not...
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    Supercharger - Shelbyville, IN

    Looks like there will be a few new superchargers in the central Indiana region that I can go visit to had to my places visited map. My mid-2016 MS90D is starting to feel a little lonely having been sitting in the garage and not having been driven for a few weeks. I sense a road trip coming up...
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    Charging question...

    I don't doubt your comments on MCU2, but I stand by my comments for MCU1, which is the configuration reference by the OP that initiated my original comment where leaving overheat protection on will impact. As I stated, the sleep behavior for MCU2 is quite different than MCU1. My car sits not...
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    Broken model S

    My understanding is that there is current a CARB warranty requirement that applies to PZEV vehicles, read that to mean hybrids or plug in hybrids, but there is not one that applies to full BEVs. Part of this gets to this warranty having traditionally been tied to the emissions certification...
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    Charging question...

    Sorry, but I disagree in the case of MCU1, which is the case where this comment was first made. When cabin overheat first came out I tested it and even in moderate temps where HVAC did not need to run there was a significant difference. MCU2 may behave differently as the way the processor...
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    Charging question...

    Even if the temperature is not hot enough for the HVAC to need to run, having cabin overheat protection on will keep the car awake and increase the rate of parasitic drain.
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    Charging question...

    I believe from they footer that @FoxSTL2HOU is talking at MS 85D. I've not followed too closely, but a few years ago some of the early 85 owners started reporting that they'd hear vehicle cooling system kicking on a lot even when their cars were parked. This was supposedly related to Tesla...
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    Pictures but showing Model S Third Row?

    VIN contains nothing relative to vehicle configuration such as rear seats. There are a variety of VIN decoders on-line which you can find, but find little information related to vehicle configuration/options.
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    After MCU2 upgrade my 2016 S75D vampire drain seems to be non existent......?

    I have a mid-2016 AP1 MS90D which I upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2 last December. I'm on international assignment and my car sits for extended periods (up to 15 weeks) without being driven. Parked inside an unheated garage I lose about 1.5 rated miles a day on average with MCU2. That is a little...
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    Charging question...

    I have a mid-2016 MS90D with MCU2. My car will routinely sit for 2-3 months at a time as I spend about 75% of my time overseas. It was 13 weeks this past time, had one stretch early last year where went 15 weeks. I'll charge to 80% and typically be about 45 days to get down to 50ish percent...
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    Can the GPS give me turn by turn audible - Model S 2016

    There are independent volume settings for each music/entertainment, Navigation, and Phone. The left scroll wheel on the steering wheel will control the volume of whichever is active at that instant. So if you have active phone call going through bluetooth to car speakers, you can then use the...
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    2015 model S efficiency

    You need to remember a couple things. The report Wh/mi number that's averaged over the past 30 miles is only while the car is being driven. Same for the Wh/mi number that is being reported in the Trips tab for the Trip A, Trip B values. Any energy consumed while the car is parked and not...
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    2015 model S efficiency

    Energy use while the vehicle is sitting is only included in the Wh/mi usage calculation once you have entered the vehicle. This would be the case you start driving, get stopped at something like a railroad crossing or traffic jam and not moving for say several minutes. If will not include...
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    2015 model S efficiency

    A couple comments. First, a degraded battery in my experience will not impact your actual Wh/mi energy usage. That's really a measure the rate you are using energy. A degraded battery capacity gets into have less energy available, so using it at the same rate takes you shorter distance. My...
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    Long-term Storage Outdoors in Summer

    I'm very well aware he's taking about leaving HVAC on. You will see that I actually acknowledged that in my post with my comments that he's obviously not worried about parasitic power loss because of the fact they are leaving the AC on to run continuously. My comment about leaving cabin...
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    Long-term Storage Outdoors in Summer

    I have been on international assignment and for most of the past 2 years my mid-2016 MS90D will sit for 2-3 months at a time without being driven. Went 15 weeks first of last year and went just over 13 weeks this last time. Only difference is my car sits inside a garage and not outside in...
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    2015 P90DL (AP1) or 2017 100D (FSD)?

    The OP referenced getting car from "a dealership". Given many cars at dealerships may have been picked up at auction, where you state "all bets are off", is exactly the reason I cautioned the OP to make sure they knew the details.
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    2015 P90DL (AP1) or 2017 100D (FSD)?

    Two comments: Are you certain that the FSD is activated and will actually carry over. Depending upon where the dealer got the car, there is some exposure that the FSD feature may be remain activated when the car ownership record is transferred to you. Also, you said your payment will stay the...
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    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    My only question in this situation is where did the seller get 10 pairs of brand new parts??? My company had the experience a several years ago of shipping some prototype automotive assemblies to our OEM customer, only to have part of the shipment go missing. A short time later someone...
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    How are we supposed to get est range @ 90% 100% etc. now?

    First, I agree some of the changes to charging screen in the car with the new UI end of last year I find a big step backward. Anyone with a legacy MS will tell you the size of the battery display is a fraction of the size it used to be with huge amounts of wasted space. I still long for the...
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    Anyone got a MSDS from Tesla or from anywhere

    You didn't specify what component your are looking at for an MSDS. You looking for MSDS for the coolant, AC refrigerant, brake fluid? All of those liquids would have unique MSDS (material safety data sheets) of their own. I'm just taking a wild guess and think you might actually be asking...
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    72A Charger Upgrade

    I think it is important to confirm that you actually have the 72 amp charger. That's an additional board that that get added to the base 48 amp charger. I have a mid-June build MS90D, not a P. I recall when I ordered you had to specifically select the option for the upgraded charger as it was...
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    Just got the MCU upgrade on 2014

    It is $1500 plus whatever sales tax, so the total will vary upon your local sales tax rules. Note that this is without the added new FM radio tuner. That's an extra $500 plus local sales tax in the US. Are many debates whether replacing the radio is necessary versus you either play music...
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    Radar sensor issue? 2021 MSLR

    Minor detail, but that's an ultrasonic sensor to my knowledge, not a radar sensor. It's possible that something has hit the sensor and it's come loose?
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    2015 model s 85d

    I think any estimate is highly speculative without much more information on the nature of the staining. If the car has a pano roof (opening front roof section) then it could be as simple as the two drain holes at the front corners are clogged. If that's the case, it's quite simple fix...
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    Supercharger - Fort Wayne, IN - Illinois Road

    Should there be a separate thread split out for the confirmed Fort Wayne Illinois road location from the yet unconfirmed Fort Wayne North Meijer Dupont Road location? It's being a bit picky, but many would probably not consider I-69 at Illinois road as Fort Wayne "North". Or just wait until...

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