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    What would you pay for FSD, if anything?

    I voted for Tesla to put the effort elsewhere. Based on reports of phantom braking alone I'm investigating upgrading the battery on our 2015 with the original AP when it comes off warrantee next year. FSD would be a serious downgrade.
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    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    Because he's one of the many fanboz.
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    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    We'll see. As long as Tesla can sell every car they can make it would be very poor management practice to spend money on something to improve customer satisfaction.
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    Did the Price go up again? 03-15-22

    They'll sell every one they can make.
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    "Center Display Unavailable" message

    We're seeing this on our car. The emmc was replaced last spring under warrantee and we got the LTE upgrade in the fall. What I'm seeing is the Central Display Unavailable error message, but after rebooting, the center display and everything else such as AP seem to be working fine. However, the...
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    Lidar vs Camera revisited

    Well, based on other government efforts I'm pretty doubtful such a system would be real time for any reasonable definition. Why would some bureaucrat bother to do it today when next month is good enough?
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    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    FWIW in the entire time we've owned our S I think we may have had somewhere between 5 and 15 phantom braking events total.
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    Has anyone got updated map?

    As of today the in car navigation still has the old exit number on at least the northern part of 495.
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    No Garage and also no home charging - should I just get another car?

    I wouldn't buy a BEV if I didn't have home charging. There are some great hybrids.
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    Lucid Air 360 deg view.

    Really. Birdseye view for parking is like relying on a starter motor for turning over the engine or synchros on the gears rather than straight cut, or, worst of all, automatic transmissions.
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    4G LTE upgrade appointments hard to get!

    The Tesla service situation is really getting to be a serious issue.
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    4G LTE upgrade appointments hard to get!

    I need to replace the 3G system with 4G on my car but the only appointments available are at a single service center quite far from me. Are other people seeing this kind of scarcity?
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    With all the power outages around Louisiana, any word on how EV owners are doing with charging availability.

    Does the Supercharger map in the car say which stations are up or down? I'd think it should list non-powered stations as having 0 available slots. Of course that also requires the internet and local cell service to work as well.
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    Camera cleaning driving in snow storms

    Are you aware of windshield washer antifreeze solution?
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    Will Tesla need to retrofit side facing cameras?

    So I'd like to see your proof that "the problem is only solvable with hardware".
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    Will Tesla need to retrofit side facing cameras?

    Or they could just not do anything and pocket the money. If pushed, they could just state they'd fix the software on the old cars to give FSD, eventually.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Well, obviously the Tesla's next step is to increase the price to $15K.
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    Blog Tesla May License Self-Driving Software to Other Automakers

    Wouldn't other car makers want to license software that works and was maintained by a reputable company?
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    Tesla will switch to CCS2 (from proprietary connector) in Taiwan starting Q3 2021

    I'd be very surprised if trucks did much AC charging. It would take a very long time for them to get significant charge. The constant proliferation of new incompatible charging standards is a real problem for EV adoption, not to mention current EV owners.
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    CCS Charging in NA

    I'm a bit doubtful Tesla will release a CCS option for US cars. Having other brands charge at Superchargers brings more money in for Tesla as does locking all Teslas in the US to Superchargers. If there was a CCS adapter that would just siphon money away from Tesla. I suppose there might be an...
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    My manual is blank and screen locks up when I try to read it...have to reboot

    Ours doesn't hang but it is blank and has been for months. Clearly functionality way beyond Tesla's software "engineers".
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    MKBHD Dumps on Tesla’s Yoke Implementation

    Actually, Elon has said in the past that once FSD was implemented, Tesla would stop selling cars because they'd use them all as robotaxis. The plan is to buy back recent model Teslas and convert them to FSD and robotaxis. In other news: The flying pig roundup is going well with most of the...
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    Superchargers open to all other EVs later this year (2021)

    It will be interesting to see how this EV charging network develops. It would be very easy to spend the money and not have much at the end that actually increases EV adoption. Are they going to build 100 KW or larger units, or mostly 50 KW? Are they going to locate the chargers based on local...
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    phantom braking. Are you still experiencing it with latest software update?

    I have a 2015 Model S with AP1. I don't think I've had more than 5 phantom braking events in the entire time I've owned the car. None in the last year.
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    How is Tesla Customer Service nowadays (2020)?

    Unfortunately, Tesla still makes by far the most attractive BEVs, and IMHO the most attractive vehicles. However, their attitude towards customers is total crap! Not being able to talk to anyone in service is amazing. Even the worst companies I've dealt with don't take that attitude, Tesla...
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    EV's Not Ready For Prime Time

    If by "Prime Time" he means ready for the majority of drivers who have no interest in learning how to deal with a BEV, he's absolutely correct. BEVs are great, but they do require some learning, trip planning, and compromises. Not a lot, but definitely some.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I'm no fan of FSD, however the current Loop system is really more a proof of concept and preliminary trial than even a beta system. IMHO TBC is mainly interested in the tunnel and practicality of operating a system. Clearly they're going to need to go to automated driving and much larger...
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    That can't be the way it's supposed to work. If that were true then any new object that appeared, or one that was positioned in a novel manner (e.g. a smoking, upside down crushed car), wouldn't be avoided.
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    Boring: Ft Lauderdale

    My understanding is that the Baltimore tunnel project has been abandoned largely because of opposition from locals and the need for a major environmental review. The Chicago tunnel was abandoned because the mayor and other locals opposed it. My take is that The Boring Company wants to get some...
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    Tried testing the new driver attentiveness feature

    Try the same test but climb into the back seat. I think you have to buckle the seatbelt under you and not undo it while you move and you might need a weight for the wheel.
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    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Actually the radar does give Z (vertical) coordinates, it's much lower resolution though. At 100 yds the vertical resolution is about 6 ft. Why would they compress the images? Do you have anything to back that up because all the literature I've ever read about artificial vision has emphasized...
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    The Tesla software organization may well be incapable of implementing sensor fusion, but how can adding radar possibly make the system less safe? The entire vision hardware system is unchanged. If the new vision only system can reduce accidents compared to the old vision plus radar, I don't see...
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    Aaaannnd..... Lucy pulls the football away! Again.
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    Ours has never leaked, but has had pretty much continuous squeaking issues. We've had several other cars, mostly Hondas, with sun roofs and never had any problems at all.
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    The video is more of an ad than a review.
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    As I and many others have previously said. Tesla is currently the only really viable general purpose BEV available, mainly because of the Supercharger network. They can sell every car they can make. Until that changes, no matter how much weeping, moaning, and gnashing of teeth there is, Tesla...
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    This seems a bit simplistic to me. The designer is well aware of the capabilities of the different sensors. Tesla's radar has decent horizontal resolution and poor vertical, but very accurate distance and velocity capabilities. Their vison has OK vertical an horizontal resolution but poor...
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    Hyundai Ioniq 5

    I doubt very much that most people never exceed 200 miles per day, do you have a source for that? It's certainly true that most people don't drive more than 200 miles per day very often, more than a few times per year, but when they do, changing a 4 hour trip into over a 5 hour trip is very...
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    Elon tweets "pure vision" will solve phantom braking

    I'm on AP1, Mobileye and radar, and have had no more than 20 phantom braking events the entire time I've owned the car (68K miles).
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    No more radar in Model Y/3

    The question though is what happens in less than Southern California bad weather and at night? We've driven our S for years, very often using AP1 and have had it cut out for bad weather only a handful of times, mostly when the radar was iced over. Other than that, the weather, either rain or...
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    As long as Tesla can sell every car they make, they owe it to the shareholders to increase profits. That includes degrading car features, service, warrantee, etc. If this decision results in them not being able to sell cars and thereby lowering profits, they'll need to change their plans...
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    Yes, it will be available by the end of 2016, possibly 3 months later. Check your calendar!
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    Kuiper Lives!

    A bit off topic, but ULA is relying on Blue Origin engines for Vulcan. I wonder how that's going.
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    Kuiper Lives!

    By "placeholders" I meant getting some satellites into orbit to get started on the FCC requirements. I've no doubt they will fly on the Atlas's. My point is just that Blue Origin isn't going to be ready for awhile and they need to get some satellites up. After this batch I suspect they plan to...
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    Kuiper Lives!

    Compared to reusable Falcon 9s owned by SpaceX, those Atlas ride are going to be pretty expensive I'd imagine. I wonder if they are placeholders till Blue Origin gets into orbit so they can get a start on the FCC required launches?
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    FSD City release date keeps getting pushed?

    Except that there's no evidence at all that a neural net is in any way equivalent to, or could be developed into, what goes on inside our heads. The technology difference is probably much greater than the difference between Babbage's hand cranked Difference Engine and a GPU. No matter how many...
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    Still too expensive and too slow compared to our cable, but I'm staying on the list.
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    Why are people waiting at Costco gas stations instead of buying Teslas?

    Um... Because Teslas are expensive and unreliable??
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    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    Um, but Tesla was a new company. To my knowlege Ford has been making cars for several years longer. Of course, it may be that there's something inherent in BEVs that make doors fit poorly. Yeah, that must be it.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    I'm assuming by "end of the year" you mean 2018.

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