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  1. jcaspar

    New Arachnid Wheels, Sacramento CA, $2800

    This is a brand new, never mounted set of Tesla Arachnid Wheels Model S 21" staggered rims, tires & TPMS Sensors in silver color. These are forged wheels and save 34 lbs improving acceleration and range. Tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sport, Telsa logo wheel caps are included as well. 2 x...
  2. jcaspar

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    That's what I decided to do. Not worth the 500$ upgrade for now as it is fast enough for me, faster with the new eMMC. Will have to do something when 3G goes away.
  3. jcaspar

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Exact same thing my SC told me.
  4. jcaspar

    BMW i3

    Correct. This is Model 3 and Y. Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in all of California during this period. Better than any Honda, Toyota mode.
  5. jcaspar

    BMW i3

    For comparison Chevy Bolt sold 16,418 in 2019. Tesla Model 3 sold 87,282 in the first quarter of 2020
  6. jcaspar

    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Thanks for the advice. I so far have pulled the #49 fuse which powers the dash screen and have it on a charger. eMMC went out today.
  7. jcaspar

    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    I just pulled my MCU for eMMC replacement. I was planning on not replacing the MCU till I got the chip replacement back as I won't be driving the car. Have car on a charger but the dash screen is constantly on. Is there a way to turn off power to this? (Pull another fuse, disconnect 12V?) Would...
  8. jcaspar

    POLL: Have you had to have your 12V battery replaced?

    Got mine replaced this year after 3 years. Had no problems, just a warning light. Car worked fine
  9. jcaspar

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    M My wife's 2012 Ford Explorer and daughter's 2013 Ford Focus Electric both do this. The kids like it.
  10. jcaspar

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I have a 2013 P85 and have had 13 software updates in the last year alone. Currently on 17.6.15
  11. jcaspar

    Best 19 tires replacement

    I went with the Conti Extreme Contact 06 and like them a lot. The Pirelli Cinturato P7's are very well rated. Interestingly they are made in Mexico and the Contis in Germany, Pirelli rated to 149, the Contis 186mph (not that it matters in a Tesla). The Pirellis are 2 lbs heavier .
  12. jcaspar

    Almost a disastrous 1st trip (but it isn’t over)

    Try this if you want to see ALL the colors!
  13. jcaspar

    Cable organizer?

    Wow. That looks really awkward to use. Why would you design something in which you coil the cord behind the UMC. The Tesla version looks much more practical. This one doesn't provide any support for the UMC.
  14. jcaspar

    Model S 2017 - Behind Back Seat Open Panels - Quality Fail

    Fix is here. I wish Tesla would implement this but at least we can.
  15. jcaspar

    "Thumping" during 1st few cold accelerations?

    Makes since. Have never heard that sound and have coils.
  16. jcaspar

    My Key Fob Opened Someone Else's Model S

    Good point for those who don't read their manuals From the owners manual, Page 7: "Note: If all doors are closed and you use the key to unlock Model S, walk-away locking is temporarily suspended until the next time Model S powers on (such as when you press the Brake pedal to engage a driving...
  17. jcaspar

    Almost a disastrous 1st trip (but it isn’t over)

    I wouldn't say wrong, just not experienced on the subject. It is like the first time one pumps gas. There is a very slight learning curve. He has got it now and I suspect will never have any problems again.
  18. jcaspar

    Model S 2017 - Behind Back Seat Open Panels - Quality Fail

    Mine is very tight. No crack at all and can't slip my pinky in. Did you hit it with something? There is a nasty looking spill in your photo. 2013 P85
  19. jcaspar

    P100D on the Dyno....

    In an ICE, you use engine RPM not wheel RPM to calculate HP. If you used motor RPM in the Tesla the HP would be massive as it is turning up to 16,000 rpm. That is how formula 1 engines get such high HP numbers with small displacements and relatively low torque; high rpm. For a Tesla: 920 ft/lb...
  20. jcaspar

    DIY NEMA 14-50 Install

    I did something similar but instead ran 2g NM-B to a 100 amp subpanel in the garage, then two 50 amp breakers to two 14-50s. Added a 40 amp breaker for a charger for my daughter's Ford Focus. No spit bolts or electrical tape and can charge two cars at once.
  21. jcaspar

    What other cars did you consider when shopping for MS

    Considered another Dodge Viper. A lot like the Tesla. American, great performance, unusual (at least the Tesla was when I got it). I missed not being able to take both my daughters on a drive so went with the Tesla. Next car will be a Viper or old Ferrari. Miss having a track car and the Viper...
  22. jcaspar

    Service Center Abuse or Normal?

    Looks normal to me.
  23. jcaspar

    Cabin Air Filter replacement?

    Just got mine at Rocklin Service center. Cost was $8.25, no tax and they installed if for free as I was getting a new 12v battery.
  24. jcaspar

    worst fears - need comfort

    My 3.5 year old Tesla has been very reliable with excellent quality, certainly better than any European car I have ever owned, especially BMW. While it may not quite meet that of Chevrolet, that is a high bar as they have the most JD Powers awards for initial quality.
  25. jcaspar

    First look with pictures at Tesla’s new mobile app

    One thing missing from the previous version is the cool display of acceleration/deceleration/speed (like the classic Tesla dash display has) when monitoring a moving cars location.
  26. jcaspar

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I like the look of the new version. Also displays latest car firmware version, odometer and ability to control valet mode all which I don't think was available in the old version.
  27. jcaspar

    WANTED: Engine Noise Simulator

    Pretty sad that BMW has to play recordings to make the cars sound good. Never needed that with my Dodge Viper. It sounded good from 2 blocks away!
  28. jcaspar

    Minor rear bumper damage

    Bumper sticker!
  29. jcaspar

    Supercharger Live Status

    Very cool! Nice work Tesla! Works for me for the NorCal locations but not for SoCal.
  30. jcaspar

    Proof of tire wear benefits of accurate alignment and rear camber

    Just replaced my original Michelins after 39k miles with the Conti DWS 06's. I like them a lot. The originals were down to the cords and I knew I needed a new set when I could only barely keep with my friends 2017 911S. Will be ready for him next time! Have never done an alignment. Artsci, do...
  31. jcaspar

    Model S P100D Hits 0-60 in 2.2755 Seconds w/1 Foot Rollout

    Amazing!! Hopefully this will satisfy the armchair racers who were worried that Tesla was overstating performance statistics. Fasted in the world is not bad...
  32. jcaspar

    Is my annual service a waste?

    For the first 3 years, everything on the Annual services are visual checks other than the FOB battery, wiper blades and cabin filter. I can do these. It does say to evacuate and recharge the AC and replace the brake fluid at 2 years which seems excessive. Has anyone had this done? Even the 4th...
  33. jcaspar

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    My first FOB had the link but my wife's didn't. I think I switched profiles from her to me and back to her and it then showed up. Try that.
  34. jcaspar

    best paint colors with tan interior

    Red obviously! :)
  35. jcaspar

    Forbes says CHAdeMO is bigger and better than Supercharger network....

    Definitely bigger. That silly CHAdeMO connector is huge!
  36. jcaspar

    New Type of Car scam ! Gives the Scammer the car and its title !

    This seems like Honda's fault. Very unethical of them.
  37. jcaspar

    Tesla navigation too "aggressive"?

    It has strange paths at times but every time I have taken the Waze path over the Tesla one I have regretted it. I cal Waze "out of the Waze"...
  38. jcaspar

    New Model S to make noise so pedestrians hear the car similar to a ICE car?

    How is a hearing impaired person going to hear some dumb spaceship sound!??! Not going to happen. The only way to solve this is to have bright lights and sirens on top of all EVs. Heck, bikes too. Most of them, except the newer road bikes with their loud ticking are pretty quiet. I say lights...
  39. jcaspar

    Interior Lighting - so confused ...

    I did them all except for 2. I did not like the one in the rear hatch as it blinded me a bit. I also did't do the glove box, didn't seem to need it. All the rest are must haves!
  40. jcaspar

    Ferrari 488 vs Tesla P100D PreEaster Egg ;)

    I think it is hilarious that you only see these videos of a Tesla vs. Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. Not even worth wasting the electrons to race a lowly Audi, Mercedes or BMW!!:p:p:p
  41. jcaspar

    Lease vs. Own

    I purchased as I tend to keep my cars a long time and a purchase is much more financially advantageous in that situation Recently bought a 2013 Ford Focus Electric for my daughter for 8500$!! Fantastic car, much cheaper than a used Leaf or Volt and much better looking than either, especially the...
  42. jcaspar

    Be honest: is SCing on a long trip annoying?

    They key is to have charging at your destination. Have done this several times from Sacramento to LA/Santa Barbara area and it is not bad, actually kind of fun to make the stops. Went to Disneyland on our last long trip without destination charging and we stopped 4 times to charge coming home...
  43. jcaspar

    Wife just said she's never driving the Tesla again......

    My wife just recently started driving our Tesla when I briefly went back to my 93 Silverado 4x4. She now far prefers electric cars over ICE cars and will drive the Model S or our daughter's Ford Focus Electric if at all possible.
  44. jcaspar

    Plus Matters

    If I remember right, after much experimentation, LOLACHAMPCAR found the best handling Model S (at the time) was a coil P85 with air dampeners.
  45. jcaspar

    Drive unit replacement - getting better?

    Oct 2013 P85. No drive issues or noises.
  46. jcaspar

    I want my Tesla now! How about a New Model S45/S60?

    Just wait till the first M3s start rolling out and the 60's will be worth nothing. Or get a used S85 for cheap now and skip autopilot. The previous autopilot hardware will quickly become obsolete and will not have the same software upgrades possible with the 2.0 hardware
  47. jcaspar

    2017 Tacoma vs Tesla - Entertainment/Phone System

    Crazy what people will pay for a little truck, low on power with poor gas mileage. Guess that is why they have never been able to approach the sales of the F150/Chevy Silverado but Toyota still continues to fool so many...
  48. jcaspar

    If you had $150k for a car, but the p100d didn't exist, what would you buy?

    It depends on the reason you bought it. I bought a Tesla because is was fast, good looking, unusual and American. Based on that, a Dodge Viper makes perfect since...

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