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    Best way to earch for a used 6 Seater Model X 100D Long Range

    Early 7-seat models had 3 pedestal seats in the second row that do not fold, as seen in the second half of this video:
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    Plaid Model X - where are the lug nuts in case I have to remove a wheel for a tire repair?

    The online manual has a search box in the upper right, FWIW. https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/modelx/en_us/
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    Refreshed Model-X "Light Show", no falcon wing door flapping?

    Does yours work like this?
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    Plaid Model X - where are the lug nuts in case I have to remove a wheel for a tire repair?

    There's a small hole you can stick a thin hex wrench in to remove the cover around the center of the wheel. The lug nuts are behind that. It's in the manual. https://www.tesla.com/support/do-it-yourself-model-x#lug-nut-covers
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    Does the 2022 model X have MCU2

    Yes. All of them do.
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    2018 Model X 75D

    I'm not an Australia expert, but it sounds like the 8 year warranty is referring to the powertrain warranty (battery and drive motors only). No warranty is going to cover "if anything goes wrong."
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    Front Dashcam Sun Induced Haze?

    Mine looks the same. Maybe even a bit worse than that.
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    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Doors

    The driver's door can open when you walk up to it and close when you walk away. It works fine on my pre-refresh with the key fob. I heard it's kind of iffy with the phone key on the new ones. The front passenger door is powered open and close, but I am not aware of any automatic feature.
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    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    Create a service request in the app to get the Full self-driving computer upgrade. You don't have that yet. After that's done, you have to enroll in the beta queue, get a high safety score, camera upgrade, then get allowed into FSD Beta.
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    What are Model X Stereo Upgrade Options?

    Anyone have an opinion for these speakers as an upgrade for the base X audio system? Looks like they've been out for a while, but I couldn't find any reviews. https://diamondaudio.com/x-65c-6-5-inch-component-speaker-tesla-model-x-specific.html
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    Driver door stopped auto presenting Opens with fob, mcu, or handle just fine.

    Did you try to take both keys over 100 ft away from the car and then just approach the car with one key?
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    2018 Tesla x 75d Seatbelt Buckles: Are these OEM?

    I have black interior and mine look just like that. The button is red in my Model 3 and I believe it's red on export Model X to other countries.
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    The answer is yes to all your questions. You get a $500 discount if you already have the FSD computer. Infotainment Upgrade
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    I like Nexen tires on my Model X

    How are the efficiency of these tires compared to the stock Continentals?
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    Temp Lemon Model X: Lost keys. Mobile app and Roadside asst cannot unlock/start the car

    Did you ever have your MCU replaced? After mine was, the unlock, start, frunk, and trunk commands wouldn't work until the reset the remote security certificate in the car.
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    Screen shot of a model x showing what V11 looks like

    Here's mine. I have a 2017 with MCU2. It's not much different than V10. The only thing I'm missing are the heated seats icons on the dock. Manipulating the map directions works a bit differently. Everything else feels the same to me. It's not as drastic of a change compared to Model 3/Y.
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    I'm getting an occasional alert on the power consumption dash display. Should I worry?

    Sounds like it is just notifying you that you are temporarily regen-limited due to cold temperature.
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    USB Device Malfunction

    Sounds about right. V11 totally suppresses the errors too.
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    A/C HVAC fan stuck at 5

    I believe my car does this too. Whenever I hit it accidentally, it runs the fans higher than I prefer. Thus, I never use the auto setting.
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    Refresh Model X doesnt get Atari Games?

    No USB controller support.
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    Another V11 Software Issue? 2021 'Legacy' Model X Front USB Ports Apparently Stopped Working 12/24/2021

    I've been having problems with the USB ports on my 3 since late 2020. I've posted several times in this thread USB Device Malfunction Same symptoms as you described, except if also affects my two rear USB ports when they go out. I brought my car to service and they blamed the SSD causing the...
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    Summon Cannot Connect to Vehicle

    If you can unlock and remote start the car, then the remote key is probably not the issue. Are you able to perform a basic summon using only the key fob and not the app?
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    Summon Cannot Connect to Vehicle

    If this happened right after the MCU upgrade, then I think they need to reset the remote key security certificate. There might be a data issue if the SIM is not original to the car. Try leaving the key fob inside the car and then try if summon works.
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    FS: Tesla Model X Seven Seater OEM Mats

    These are for the 7-seaters with folding 2nd row?
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    Will $250 order fee transfer if I cancel an order and place a new order?

    This is how I ended up buying two cars.
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    Wiper Blade Sizes and Wiper fluid question

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    Wiper Blade Sizes and Wiper fluid question

    The wiper blades have a tube connection because the fluid comes out of the blade itself. So you cannot use universal wiper blades. See here: I use the most basic washer fluid. The $1-2 per gallon blue stuff.
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    Rear pillar HVAC vents in 2021 refreshed 6-seater

    Clearly gone in this RPM Tesla video:
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    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    I noticed in RPM Tesla's video that there's no side HVAC vents in the second row anymore. I wonder how the 3rd row's HVAC is controlled.
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    Update on AP Camera Update for Older S/X Vehicles

    My car has been upgraded to MCU2 and FSD computer and I haven't got it yet either.
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    USB Device Malfunction

    On the positive side, my passengers don't think the car is going to self-destruct any more with the error sound that would come up every few minutes.
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    Anyone get the holiday update yet…..?

    I haven't seen any pics of it running on a vertical screen now that I think about it.
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    Anyone get the holiday update yet…..?

    My Model 3 got it yesterday, but my Model X doesn't have it yet.
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    USB Device Malfunction

    The holiday update seems to suppress the pop up error. I was pleasantly surprised that I went through the first drive without it coming up. However, looking at the notification log, the errors are still happening. Just can't tell without the popup, error sound, and dashcam icon no longer...
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    Update on AP Camera Update for Older S/X Vehicles

    I also have another car already on FSD beta. I wonder if it just wants uploads from all cars on the account.
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    Update on AP Camera Update for Older S/X Vehicles

    Is anyone else's car uploading gigabytes each day since opting into the beta queue? I'm still waiting for the camera upgrade invite and my car seems to upload everything it sees. Almost 1GB on days I don't drive it and 2-3GB on days that I do.
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    Problems with with summon feature on model x

    I had the same problem on my Model 3. I hadn't used any Summon in a long time and the app said Smart Summon was unavailable. After doing and regular forward/backward Summon, the Smart Summon features became available in the app.
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    Cyberstream wheels on previous gen Model X

    https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/modelx/en_us/GUID-FDDB10EF-FFA9-46EB-B8CC-03614AE92B6B.html https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/2015_2020_modelx/en_us/GUID-FDDB10EF-FFA9-46EB-B8CC-03614AE92B6B.html Looks like the same to me comparing the new and old manuals.
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    FREE 2018 Model X (7 Seat Configuration) Carpet Floor Matts

    Nice! Unfortunately my 7 seater has the older pedestal seats. Would be nice to finally replace that carpet with the coffee spill.
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    Close Window from Phone?

    Has to be a hardware difference because 3/Y can fully close all windows from the app from any opened amount.
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    Deteriorating falcon wing door moon roof gasket on early model X’s

    Mine is looking rather bad. I'd been applying Gummi Pflege a few times a year after car washes, but it doesn't seem to have helped.
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    Do you have problems with Spotify? I can't play some songs (amongst other issues)

    When I had MCU1, I would have the problem not being able to play certain songs. Using Spotify in general was problematic as it would often crash all the audio in the car (including AP and turn signal sounds). These issues were resolved when I upgraded to MCU2. Right now I'm having a problem...
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    Interior temp at least 10 degrees hotter than exterior

    I have the summon standby turned off on both cars.
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    5-seater Lower Load Floor cover availability?

    Contact the parts department at your nearest service center. Should be easy to get it.
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    Interior temp at least 10 degrees hotter than exterior

    I also have a 3 and X parked indoors next to each other. The X feels much hotter inside when getting in, about 15 degrees over the garage temp. I think part of it has to do with the fan speed getting reset down to 1 every night.
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    Creaking fixed and back

    I get the noise when I turn the wheel without moving the car forward or back. SC told me it's normal.
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    Another Annoying Behavior

    Mine starts to fold about 30 ft from the garage. It unfolds after I drive away about 120 ft. Exact same behavior as my Model 3.
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    Tools to have on hand?

    I have two of the Type S brand that I bought from Costco. I think any comparable model would be fine.
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    Where is the AC drain hose located?

    If you have the 6 or 7 seater, then you have both a front and rear evaporator. That link just shows the rear one. Too bad that site doesn't have info for the front one.
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    Tesla Model X and one-pedal driving

    If you have Raven powertrain (May 2019 and newer), then yes. Older cars can't come to a complete stop without brakes at this time.

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