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  1. outdoors

    Hummer EV

    WSJ is reporting GM is making about 12 hummers a day with a 77,000 prospective buyer waiting list.:oops: No sales target from GM on Hummer, and a ramp coming. Saying once they vertically integrate cell production will deliver in the thousands. Will be interested to see if they reset they #'s on...
  2. outdoors

    Model S Nature Pictures

    South Carolina 🐎 pasture.
  3. outdoors

    PPF [satire]

    Why stop at the remote or the outside of the car? Full PPF on both S & 3
  4. outdoors

    False Positive Automatic Emergency Braking at 80mph

    Did the OP actually see AEB on the dash? I have had a couple. It displays that you have an alert, and shows in the alerts. AEB is much different than phantom braking, and feels like the seat belt became a three point harness when you needed a five pointer. Truly is impressive.
  5. outdoors

    Is a backup mobile connector necessary?

    If one doesn't have a wall connector you could set up the additional mobile connector in a less stressful way on the plug and make it semi permanent. Then you could always have the mobile connector with you at all times in the car. Might depend on ones use and traveling. Sometimes things come...
  6. outdoors

    Tesla Needs on "Off button"

    And if you lose the game you have to give the car back.
  7. outdoors

    2018 Model S Key Card

    If it is a 2018 Model S it does not have key cards. Only Fob.
  8. outdoors

    Trade Rivian R1T for Plaid Model X/S

    Someone just wants to trade into a Tesla, and someone starts with a snide comment. That's how it went so called entertaining. Let the OP sell the truck.
  9. outdoors

    Long drives with degrading battery

    Didn't see it, but maybe a suggestion of a switch to the good old % instead of miles. Some get fixated on miles and think they are going to disappear thus forcing the want to charge sooner. 25 or 30 miles left sometimes freaks people out. Even as they pull into the supercharger with said...
  10. outdoors

    Battery Charge Level Upon Delivery?

    Maybe just ask your SA. There really is nothing better than that. To say definitely never over 90% would rule out me. Good luck on your trip. Picked mine up and drove it home on a trip across the country.
  11. outdoors

    2017 Tesla S 100d long range for sale - Silver Metallic

    Just by the warranty expiration and assuming build date. Might want that in writing from Tesla. Have a 03/2017 build my self and it is not transferable. If transferable I would be a interested party in your car.
  12. outdoors

    2017 Tesla S 100d long range for sale - Silver Metallic

    Very nice car. Not sure the free unlimited supercharging transfers to the next owner.
  13. outdoors

    What will Tesla do, when FSD has serious accident?

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-x-crash-on-us-101-mountain-view-ca.111505/#post-2633858 Very sad thread, but it does go through how Tesla in the lawsuit made comments. Most of the comments from Tesla are regarding time frame in which driver was holding hands on the wheel up to the...
  14. outdoors

    FSD Beta 10.12

    Haven't seen any videos of the feet of FSD Youtube Testers while driving, but in city settings taking a full intervention free approach from the accelerator I don't see how the results from other drivers would be anything close to what is portrayed in city settings during many Youtube videos.
  15. outdoors

    FSD Beta 10.12

    Well back to my dirt roads on the 3. My usual loop has been done 3 times with a total of about 160 miles. Many instances when the car would go much faster than I was comfortable as I was looking for the point at which the car would say I am concentrating can't go faster.... Prior FSD beta...
  16. outdoors

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    That Airstream is at least a 23 foot. Will be interested to see if there is any follow up on his towing. Maybe a circle back from the journalist in one year. We used to tow a 23 Airstream International 5000 lbs with propane and batteries. Always found a way for another thousand pounds of...
  17. outdoors

    Model YP in the snow?

    Highly suggest snow tires. I live in MI during half of the winter and on my 5th winter. I look at snow tires keeping me out of the bump shop. Switch over on December 1 and back to all season April 1. Do you need them? I guess maybe not. All user subjective. Some people see snow and freak...
  18. outdoors

    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    The large prongs below supply the juice. The top part becomes the communication to the power source. So you can't just plug in the J1772 portion using the adapter and expect any magic juice to flow from the CCS1.
  19. outdoors

    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    @PMFTanx Since you have done from what I read a little research on the Lemon Law in Michigan. Make sure all your service invoices match up to the same (1) below. Different things that may seem similar may be looked as different items. Not from Tesla experience. So keep all the info, and if...
  20. outdoors

    Supercharger - Gaylord MI

    Plugshare is your friend. https://www.plugshare.com/location/157877 Someone checked in said "Charger is working after the Nader :)" I will check on Thursday.
  21. outdoors

    How long to charge at an 8kW Supercharger?

    I wish many people would first try the 120v plug so they get a baseline of the lowest charge rate. It can be very simple, and if time is not a constraint will allow decent travel with little effort. Get's one around town, and then back to the supercharger network. Sometimes the need for faster...
  22. outdoors

    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    Well to bring it up again. I caught it. Have a service ticket in. Will keep thread updated. I have a really good service manager. I gladly drive past another SC for this type of issue. Temp and other issues seem to be normal. I know and understand temp and driving. This car has 100k in miles.
  23. outdoors

    72A Charger Upgrade

    Interesting. I am first owner on mine, but was never asked any questions on ownership during my upgrade. I was given pushback on why I wanted it. They also had to ask for it. To make sure car could accept. So maybe that's when they checked that I was original owner. Mine charged at reduced, and...
  24. outdoors

    Disposing of a car with a dead battery

    You could reach out to @wk057 via a private message or 057 Technology. Very reputable Jason Hughes could give you some advice on what to do with the car. Is it worth fixing, or maybe a solution for the battery disposal. Best of luck in an unfortunate situation, and welcome to TMC. 057...
  25. outdoors

    72A Charger Upgrade

    Just like this. Had mine upgraded to a 72 amp.
  26. outdoors

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    In rare public criticism of the conduct of Russia's military operations in Ukraine, a former senior Russian officer has warned on state television that the situation will get worse. Col. Mikhail Khodarenok said on Monday’s edition of Rossiya One’s 60 Minutes show. "None of this is close to...
  27. outdoors

    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    Skip the letter. Ask for the service manager. If already dealing with ask via app that you would like engineering to look at the issue. If that is declined ask for the regional manager. They will hesitate. Say look it's a simple request. If they are confident on the firmware they will get a...
  28. outdoors

    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    Have encountered this situation here and there recently as in a month ago. Never more than once on a drive, and not enough to make me concerned. Big time miles in some great heat and some not so great. I did have a good amount (as in pounds) of mud and crud from the winter and early...
  29. outdoors

    Details of Bow and Stern Lines for Kayak, Canoe, etc on the roof: Tow eye? Attached Hood Loop? Quick Hood Loop? Hitch? Attaching some other way?

    Post in thread 'How to transport a Canoe with a Model 3' How to transport a Canoe with a Model 3 I haven't had any problems. Dozens and dozens of trips now since 2019. Many long ones up into Canada. Holds pretty good in the frunk. Most of the stuff I keep in there is for launch. Also a nice...
  30. outdoors

    Long term PPF?

    I have Xpel on a 2017 S with daily washes through a normal higher end car wash. Does just fine. My car looks like it is pretty darn new with over 200k on it. I did have hood and bumper re done as some type of acid hit it on the car and it was left that way for weeks at a service...
  31. outdoors

    Best speed for road trips?

    Circling back on this one. One person on this forum name escapes me said if I can average 55mph in a 24 hour period including sleeping I can cover about 1300 miles a day. This has held true since about 2017 for me. Allows me to cover about 1200 or so each day. 1300 is pushing the limits...
  32. outdoors

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is authorized under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (the Safety Act) to issue Federal motor vehicle safety standards that apply to the manufacture and sale of new motor vehicles and new items of motor vehicle equipment...
  33. outdoors

    Model S Service Experience

    As a 2017 S buyer the service experience has been in decline since I bought the car. The actual quality of the work for me has been good, it's the in between that gets me and most people I think. Went from pickups in my driveway on a flatbed with a loaner left. Now it's lobbies and Uber...
  34. outdoors

    CCS Adapter for North America

    That is not an EVgo station(Whitefish Town Pump). Just to clarify it is a Chargepoint. There is no adapter present. Don't want anyone headed to Glacier thinking there is one there. It would be a long drive down from Eureka to lend it out.;)
  35. outdoors

    Is there any benefit to charging at a lower amperage over night?

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/optimal-charging-amperage.250653/ Thoughts from a good thread. Mine are that the lower the amps overhead will depending on your car, can reduce your efficiency of your charging session. The car will consume a basic overhead amount of energy because it...
  36. outdoors

    Looking to possibly sell my 2016 Model X with Unlimited Supercharging for life.

    Are you the original owner? If not when was the car purchased, and did it move through an auction? Edit add: It seems like it was purchased in 2020 from a Toyota dealership in Oxnard according to Free Vin Check. Can Tesla remove FUSC from dealer cars that moved via auction or is that only FSD?
  37. outdoors

    2021 Model Y: Turtle Mode

    Many times for me at least. The appointment is scheduled, and the car is dropped off. Can sit there for a day or so. One time mine sat there for a week, I wasn't too happy. Sometimes they put the car in service mode so one cannot see status or movement of car. I put an airtag in the car...
  38. outdoors

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes. This one is very unique. https://www.npr.org/2022/03/31/1089308679/ukraine-ukrainian-refugees-lego-zelenskyy-collectible
  39. outdoors

    I am so mad! Home delivery cancelled!

    I can say from my delivery in 2017, and the dozens and dozens of people I have assisted from order to delivery it has been different almost each and every time for customers. To me I like a constant repeatable process. Beat it like a drum. One that provides consistent outcomes for customers...
  40. outdoors

    Sol Ark 12 inverter in off grid situation without batteries?

    That is the one I am thinking of getting. @nwdiver paging you for some insight. Thanks in advance.
  41. outdoors

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Very moving. Have tears in my eyes. We hosted Cambodian refugee family that stayed with us while I growing up. I was young. Reading that series reminds me of how kids just play. No language barrier. Just happy to be safe and have fun. Parents were always wondering why we would help them...
  42. outdoors

    Tesla Canceled my Order

    Yeah, but we ain't in those good old days anymore. Create a time machine, and let me know when you make it. Till then you buy what you want with your money, and someone else buys what they want with theirs.
  43. outdoors


    I think people should continue. The market does. Can summarize real quick Rivian: 1. Raised a whole bunch of money with cool design, and add on deals with others to become in the game of EV's. 2. Got some of the brightest minds at the time I guess to design and build a Truck, SUV, and a...
  44. outdoors

    FSD Beta 10.11

    Teslafi can be spoofed by changing the location. I once changed mine to Greenland for fun by GPS coordinates.
  45. outdoors

    Bad XPEL Installation?

    Can't second the above post enough. From a two car full XPEL owner. Talk to the installer, then circle back with us on the response and outcome.
  46. outdoors

    Out of warranty repair price list?

    I mean I am headed your way with miles towards 400k. Or that's where I will be when my warranty expires. It's the little things that break that if you want fixed can be annoying and sometimes costly. Yet my batteries have less than 10% degradation with hundreds of thousands of miles. Same...
  47. outdoors

    Bad Service Center Experience

    I drive past a service center (Clarkston MI) to Toledo, Ohio because the service is super and investigative for issues. Dismissive service center employees don't belong in the service industry. It is hard I get it, but as employees of Tesla, they are the last line of defense between a current...
  48. outdoors

    Out of warranty repair price list?

    Interesting recent post from @kevroc. Both my cars are 2017 S & 3. I have an early build on 3. VIN's in 2000's. Car has never failed me. Like left me on the side of the road. I like to go lot's of crazy places. For me cars are cars. I drive 50k plus a year. As long as they don't leave...
  49. outdoors

    MYLR vs Subaru Outback: Outback better AP and reliability?

    Sure with the 18.5 gallon gas tank @$4.50. A costly $83 bucks a tank. 500 mile range is nice if you assume 27 mpg. The turbo is very thirsty. The thing is the Subaru. (Feel free to look up my past history), was the one that took the biggest hit in the winter on the MPG for ICE. So one would...
  50. outdoors

    MYLR vs Subaru Outback: Outback better AP and reliability?

    Went from a Subaru 4 banger to a Model S. Then got a 3. Put 200k something like that on the Subaru. Good car, and understand the Subaru love in all the areas that love them. I just wouldn't buy another one. Subaru didn't install half of my under rocker led lights, horn didn't work, and...

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