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  1. Kandiru

    hummer ev now!! best selling ev?

    Global lithium supply is the issue, it is far more profitable for all to make smaller EVs with large profit margins. This is why Cybertruck and Semi are on indefinite hold and all those nice stories about large contracts trickle out to play with the investors minds and pump up stocks.
  2. Kandiru

    Polestar 2 Test Drive

    Not when you walk into the stealership like a kid into the toystore, with the salesman working you over with county fair confidence trickster tactics.
  3. Kandiru

    Phantom Braking

    I am getting an M3LR in September and will never autopilot it until I get wind of improvement. Amazingly my one camera based 2015 MS never does this xxxx.
  4. Kandiru

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Had the R32 in blue also, oh boy the new R is like a mini Porsche anymore, still 6MT available.
  5. Kandiru

    Tire rotation best practices….?

    Been doing seasonal tire changes for closet to 20 years on Audis, WV, Volvo, SAAB, Honda, Subaru and Tesla. My tires were always like that.
  6. Kandiru

    Tire rotation best practices….?

    High perf summer and all season, CROSS. Winter front to back only, DO NOT CROSS, look at the arrows!
  7. Kandiru

    Quality difference between a 2018 and 2021 Model 3

    For a 3x3" piece of plastic and a mounting bracket inside a giant cardbord box ($300 right?) with black lettering on dark blue backgroup stating DO NOT OPEN. WTF, not even double boxed? Of course I opened it before realizing.
  8. Kandiru

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I did, at four years, now coming on 8 years on my MS. Also getting familiar with front 12v hookup opening procedure and carrying a 12v jump starter permanently plugged into an USB in car can only help things in case xxxx, as Chris Rock said.
  9. Kandiru

    Model Y - shipping from HK to London

    Sell it and flee before they transfer you to the mainland for reeducation.
  10. Kandiru

    Polestar 2 DM vs BMW i4 M50

    How can anyone think of putting giant black quad tailpipe placemarkers (literally, there is even a splitter on each side) on the bumper? Add this on a while car to the hideous enormous kidney grille and the entire look of the car is ruined. IMHO the old gen leaders will have to die off before...
  11. Kandiru

    Should I sell my 2015 Tesla Model S?

  12. Kandiru

    Should I sell my 2015 Tesla Model S?

    Selling trading my 2015 for a M3LR. 1. Battery warranty expires, 20k replacement. 2. Tired of sitting 45min at superchargers. 3. I drive her like I stole her, 8 years of stress on the chassis and suspension, don't want to lose my life in the next turn on the road. 4. This thing is friggin huge...
  13. Kandiru

    Ordered M3P coming from FBO E85 Golf R...hope the Model 3 can check the same boxes

    6MT AWD R32>S60R>TurboX>S4. Make sure you get adult incontinence diapers from your local pharmacy before you floor it. Nothing like the crummy ICE roaring lag, just instant takeoff.
  14. Kandiru

    Anyone using a QuickJack

    Sounds like air in the lines or bad pump. I would definitely call them, moving these around is quite a hassle.
  15. Kandiru

    Vestigial Nose Cone

    Parting with the MS soon, nostalgia and need to fill up the big empthy beluga whale front, found this very low profile gadget and ordered it will apply over the DYI Scotchguard Pro partial front PPF. I am going all matte black, Space X and F9 logos included each side of rear license plate...
  16. Kandiru

    Best Practices for Wired Phone Charging in 2021 Model 3/Y?

    Anywhere but on the wireless charging pad. My wife ruined a phone by using wired Android Auto while resting it on the Honda pad, battery bloated up and popped back cover off.
  17. Kandiru

    L1 charging at a hotel

    Look around when picking a hotel, more and more start having L2 charging on premises.
  18. Kandiru

    Has anyone gone from a Model Y to a M3P

    Bro in HU has the Ioniq5 dual motor, real game changer, think about an overblown VW Golf with huge carrying capacity. With the EV6 you lose quite a bit of cargo volume. Platform cousin Genesis GV60 should also haul a lot but pricier and not half as cute as the pixelated Ioniq 5, imagine if the...
  19. Kandiru

    Locking wheel nut

    Sorry about bad info above, canceling Ebay order, the above will stick out terribly and likely prevent both OEM Aero wheel covers and wheel cap kits from fitting. Better solution for users of both the OEM covers/wheel-cap-kit is this low profile one: 78641N The flipside is that the criminals...
  20. Kandiru

    Aero wheels without wheel caps, without lug nut caps and center cap

    These will clear the OEM center cap kit and the Aero covers also: 78641N
  21. Kandiru

    Locking wheel nut

    Walmart had a McGard external sleeve grab kit on sale not so long ago, everyone in the ghetto knows how to get around a McGard. Gorilla Guard on the on other hand has false rotating sleeves making them very safe, correct me if kit #61641 is not the right one. I ordered the 61641-2K two key...
  22. Kandiru

    Ford no longer allows purchase at end of lease for EVs

    Another GM EV1 repeat, let's destroy the evidence.
  23. Kandiru

    Cheated on Tesla for 10 minutes

    Bolt is a lovely little long range EV, with the 2023 discounts it will become many folks first EV. On the other hand us spoiled rich people....
  24. Kandiru

    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    Bad Adaś! That's what my Polish wife shouts at our son Adam. Now seriously, after 8 great years in an MS, the things I dread most in my new M3LR due December are: 1. Quality control lottery. 2. Phantom braking, I guess what OP said can be part of the same flawed system.
  25. Kandiru

    Anyone using a QuickJack

    Here is the setup tutorial, also helps understand the system better: Just two things to do a bit differently: 1. STP AW-32 hydraulic oil, stays fluid at lower temps than the 46, and unlike automatic tranny fluid they recommend is free of ingredients that could cause corrosion in a hydraulic...
  26. Kandiru

    I am new here and also with my Tesla model 3

    Felicitaciones camarada.
  27. Kandiru

    Model 3 Instrument Cluster - Tsportline

    That's a humble markup, thank God (or Mao) M3 is also made in China, unlike with the Model S, accessories abound.
  28. Kandiru

    DYI Rear Fender PPF - Scotchguard

    I am doing the entire front with a highly rated 3M Scotchguard Pro precut kit for $340. Xxxx custom installer, wanted $3000. I debadge and then rebabdge with nice matte black one off Etsy. I chickened out and ordered the 3M gel, this way using a pump sprayer (Hozelock Polyspray 2) and a 24/8oz...
  29. Kandiru

    Anyone using a QuickJack

    The 6000ELX designed for EVs is now available on sale at Home Depot, I grabbed wall hangers and pinch weld adapters also (Subies and Hondas seasonal tire swaps), still below MSRP of main item even with taxes and shipping. Oh boy, that $340 partial front Ebay Scotchguard PPF install will look...
  30. Kandiru

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    EDD now updated Oct. 26-Dec. 21 in app.
  31. Kandiru

    Ford recalls over 50,000 Mach-e's

    There is a problem with high voltage connectors overheating with fire hazard under high load, there is no hardware available in Chihuahuapocalito or whichever gang controlled area they make them now, so they are going to detune and neuter the car's performance with a software update. Bad...
  32. Kandiru

    AliExpress Screen Swivel Kit

    Unfortunately close analysis of the Hannshow and many other kits reveals they are identical, so I will be robbed by Alibaba, IMHO the nontilt side to side swivel one would be better, Murphy's laws apply. I will also make sure to add an extra split lock washer to make it more durable. $80 but...
  33. Kandiru

    1.5 week old M3LR hood scrapes

    In the Marcellus Shelf frac zone I even had a rock chip through the PPF on the hood (that and on my third windshield in 8 years), beware of the mudflapless oil co. bare bones white pickup trucks.
  34. Kandiru

    Model 3 headlight tint

    Similar to the the ones filling their lungs and interiors with dirt they grind up on the all weather mats.
  35. Kandiru

    Looking for Wood Dash Alternatives

    Love that material, my teen daughter's clunker shifter trim looked terrible, so I wrapped it, I xxxxed it up x2 but the end result was gorgeous and is still looking great two years later. FYI the 3M also comes in any color you can imagine, I used Ferrrari red to wrap my espresso machine.
  36. Kandiru

    DIY tire rotation

    Just ordered and getting my M3LR next June if I am lucky, but have been lifting my MS for 7 years now. Learned that the rubber jack pads for M3s squish, ordered these, they also stack firmly together and will not be left behind as they shine: Reno jack pads.
  37. Kandiru

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    We have another one, W/B LR 18" ETA Feb 2023. Figured out I should lock in the price before bread becomes $20 a loaf. Thank you all for the detailed updates, lurking here for a long time I have no illusions or high expectations about the process. Good news is my MS battery warranty expires past...
  38. Kandiru

    Broken model S

    While I am very sorry for you, a huge blessing for you is that you live in a civilized part of the country with many indie repair shops. I have heard some can even identify faulty units in the battery pack and replace individually.
  39. Kandiru

    1 click away from ordering model Y

    Drop the cartoon bloater car, get the M3 LR with performance unlock, the real deal.
  40. Kandiru

    Automatically unlock charging port after charging complete

    This is why I put a sticker with my Google phone number on the port door, "Need to charge? Call xxx-xxx-xxxx". I was called x2, every time I unlocked the port from phone app.
  41. Kandiru

    A Must Have Detailing Accessory

    I have EGO everything short of the riding mower, the blower is great but I do much better with old 100% cotton towels, wife is a snob so plenty coming down my way.
  42. Kandiru

    What will Tesla do, when FSD has serious accident?

    Both hands on wheel, look forward scanning the road, there should never be any other type of autopilot unless creeping in a traffic jam. Twice I saved my bacon, both times at night approaching hilltops on interstates, AP wanted to suddenly swerve over the edge marker.
  43. Kandiru


    A potential issue from what the preliminary photos show is the lack of multijointed gullwing doors, without these and infrasonic sensors like on the MX, parking anywhere without a vacant spot on each side would be a nightmare.
  44. Kandiru

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Oh yeah baby, I remember doing this to my leased 6MT S60R, so cool, the loader allowed me to detune the car before service, tons of fun at expense of engine life.
  45. Kandiru

    Acceleration boost upgrade, no software update needed?

    I can confirm Tesla can push updates OTA via LTE. I was on the road after recent service and car was acting out, tech had the update loaded while I drove to the next truck stop, there I installed it and rebooted.
  46. Kandiru

    Sentry missed M3 trunk vandalism event

    1935 on a farm in America, husband lucky enough to find a job two states away, wife home on farm with five kids, hobos on the road stop by all day long asking "Maam, do you have anything to spare?" Yes or no, they thanked and continued past the unlocked barn halfway to the road. They never had...
  47. Kandiru

    Model Y shipped without charging port

    So service centers will take techs away from repairs to play assembly line catchup. Everything for profits, pleasing the Board and investors. Xxxx the suckers who wait six months for a car. I have pretty much made up my mind that each one of my Teslas will continue to be a used one, and I am...
  48. Kandiru

    Semi-new 22 LR owner questions

    I like road feedback and greatly appreciate the spring suspension on my legacy MS. This, the non-proportional steering yoke, and the hovercraft suspension are the main reasons why my next Tesla will be a M3LR with performance unlock, second hand of course after WW3 is over.
  49. Kandiru

    Honest review of BMW IX M50

    The hideous quad exhaust faux cutouts on the i4 M50 sedan also shows how stuck in the past BMW is.
  50. Kandiru

    Customer Service destroys loyalty

    Hope you have the paperwork to prove it. Contact a lawyer, nothing like court papers to get the gears working at a company that does not know their axx from the mouth anymore.

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