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  1. Perscitus

    Older eyes need larger icons

    We've been asking for this since at least mid-2019 when it was still somewhat possible to happen and get the GUI teams' attention. Nowadays, with mass production in full swing, its next to impossible to get their attention. Long-gone are the days of Joe-mode like changes going from a request...
  2. Perscitus

    [FS: Tri-State NY NJ CT] Model 3 perforated leather steering wheel core, non-heated - new

    Independence Day weekend price-drop bump: $355 Grab it before it goes up on eBay motors and similar.
  3. Perscitus

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    Interesting, thx for sharing. Perhaps copying all the data including Tesla app related data brought over the phone key credentials, but if that's the case, its not a very safe implementation. Speaking of ... keycards...
  4. Perscitus

    [FS: Tri-State NY NJ CT] Model 3 perforated leather steering wheel core, non-heated - new

    Local pickup strongly preferred, will ship but buyer covers shipping costs. Brand new, never installed perforated leather steering wheel core for 2017-2021(?) non-heated Model 3. No blemishes or discoloration, mint condition. Selling because ended up getting a different design in place of this...
  5. Perscitus

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    PSA related to this topic for and for anyone who happens to find the thread when dealing with phone key issues at phone upgrade, swap or replacement time. Highly recommend bringing your key card along (especially if you never use it) when changing phones! Turns out the Tesla app requires the...
  6. Perscitus

    Longer term Ohmmu experiences?

    Sean stopped replying quickly a few years ago, maybe late 2019. There is a e-commerce service wall in place too which further delays communication. We used to be able to email directly, even reach him via text or a simple phone call - not anymore. Its too bad even a factory retrofit will never...
  7. Perscitus

    Master Brake Cylinder Brace from Mountain Pass Performance MPP

    Thanks. This makes a lot of sense.
  8. Perscitus

    Master Brake Cylinder Brace from Mountain Pass Performance MPP

    Installed the stealth black (optional MPP finish) part and very happy the results. Echoing what above posters have said, this is a must-have for all Model 3s. Any hard braking events are far more predictable. An added benefit I noticed – with regen on a higher setting and/or braking set to...
  9. Perscitus

    Seat creasing

    Sadly yes, all within spec since late 2017... Even professional automotive upholstery shops cant do much about the creases, folds, wrinkles, etc. Only thing that helps is weighing in at/below 120-150lbs, small frame build, below average height. Simply slows down, but will not stop the process.
  10. Perscitus

    i noticed some shiny stuff in the left tail light bottom.any body have idea what that could b. At first it was very tiny patch now got stretched out

    Hard to say from this one photo. Try to snap one outdoors in the daytime, without flash and with indirect sunlight. Based on the little we see here, it could be part of the inner assembly that is somehow coming apart, some of the housing chrome which flaked off or LED diffuser tubing that...
  11. Perscitus

    Tesla Charging Me For Front Aero Shield?

    Interesting, perhaps Tesla has realized their error and raised the price to match the fiber ones... I no longer have the part number, been a few years, cant imagine it changed aside from the suffix (to designate revision, source supplier, etc). With these prices, you might as well pickup one...
  12. Perscitus

    Model 3 Lower Control arms

    Still available?
  13. Perscitus

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    No, the built in BMS for example prevents over-charging, voltage spikes, shorts and limits cold temp charging in general... along the same lines as the far more sophiscitated BMS married to the car's main battery pack. These LiFePO4 chemistry batteries do just fine in sub-freezeing temps. Been...
  14. Perscitus

    Stiffer or solid rear subframe bushings

    Maybe yes, maybe no. This (part number syntax speculation) was discussed on and off here. It's common in the automotive industry (and ont only) to use similar/same part numbers with a different upticked suffix to not just differentiate between hardware revisions, but also for their own...
  15. Perscitus

    19” Sports wheels Model 3 LR UK

    Indeed. Both the wheels shown above are the OEM vanilla 19s (no aero covers on there) with the left being the early production pre-facelift design called 'Stiletto' (2017-2020), and the one on the right being the current production post-facelift (2021+ black window trim, new headlights, new...
  16. Perscitus

    Upgraded drive unit undertrays on newer M3P(maybe me on M3 as well)

    We have written about the injection molded front splash shield from the Y being interchangable with the 3.... since early 2020.... and the Monroe tear down videos of the early Y... whopping $12 from your local service center parts dept. Then came all the metal replacements for the front and...
  17. Perscitus

    OE Non-P Brake Caliper Piston IDs ODs

    Wondering if anyone happened to already take the dimensions of or perhaps has the OE calipers off the car handy to grab the OD and ID as well as piston hole count off the non-P front and rear calipers? Looking for inner and outer dimensions of the pistons and the number of piston holes. This...
  18. Perscitus

    Sound Coming From Wheel Well Area

    Interesting. Given this Im surprised the SCs and MS cant at least locate the source. Have you checked your lug nuts and studs and wheel/lug nut mating surfaces for odd wear, any cracks, other damage?
  19. Perscitus

    Sound Coming From Wheel Well Area

    Do you by any chance get this sound while the chassis is in a state of flex or when one wheel is lifted and replaced on the ground? How about just at slow (below 10-15mph) speed and while turning or switching driving direction? Moving through the steeringrack from near end to end or switching...
  20. Perscitus

    Broken Vent at Ottosteer front plate mount point

    Sorry to hear, sadly replacing the piece you need to now is going to be not as easy as it should and hence, on the expensive side. Search for related threads on and off here. There are many options out there for you across Etsy, eBay Motors, Amazon, eCommerce vendors, MiC item...
  21. Perscitus

    Safety Score

    Tesla app 4.1 (build v4.1.0-663) for Android has been out since Friday... sadly needs to be side-loaded for now for most end users given the push/pull geo-fenced Play store shenanigans (same old for years now).
  22. Perscitus

    Model 3 Long Range is VERY Slow

    Alternative explanation - the LR AWD, AWD Acceleration Boost and all flavors of P are indeed slow.... just ask that tri-motor rehash of a decade old EV tagged 'Plaid' and found in other sub-sections of this and other fora.
  23. Perscitus

    Rear Wheel Well Liner

    Looks within spec.
  24. Perscitus

    Maxton Design Canada (now also US)

    All a personal choice and a matter of individual taste (or lack thereof). Although I am biased toward Maxton Design, I tend to agree this kit (or any piece of it) is by far the most subtle/understated, decently manufactured, relatively inexpensive, pleasing to the eye. And this is despite...
  25. Perscitus

    Front License Plate Options

    None, had mine on for a year plus now maybe more. If anything the bolts used can be shorter so as to prevent bumping into the back of the license plate as you tighten things down.
  26. Perscitus

    Michelin Pilot Sport EV [tires]

    These tires were DoA even before they showed up across EMEA. 7 sizes there thus far, all useless for 3 fleet but appear to target Model Ys a bit: 255/45 R19 104W XL (Model Y) 235/45 R20 100V XL 255/40 R20 101V XL (Model Y) 255/45 R20 105W XL GOE 255/35 R21 98W XL (Model Y P) 275/35 R21 103W XL...
  27. Perscitus

    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    Coming back to the OP and thread topic.... this abomination from Manhart has an aftermarket power upgrade for Performance cars: The MHTronik Powerbox extracts more juice from the dual motors of the already quite powerful Tesla Model 3 Performance. As a result, the electric powertrain produces a...
  28. Perscitus

    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Yes, for the all-weather/snow-peak Quatrac pros, the road noise will go up with higher inflation pressures, especially as you approach 50-51 psi cold.
  29. Perscitus

    Only Tesla can do the alignment??

    If you want to make the alignment rack operators life easier, once on the rack, put the car either in a. towing or b. car wash mode, leaving the driver's side window open and car alarm disabled. The OE 'within spec' range for the 3s are fairly wide and very little can be easily adjusted (front...
  30. Perscitus

    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I vote 48psi cold (make sure your alignment is good too), although note that with the efficiency gain, you might not only sacrafice ride quality (ok, expected) but also road noise (it will increase). As an extremely happy Quatrac Pro owner on two family ICE cars and Hypertrac recently put on...
  31. Perscitus

    Hearing a "tink" noise on and off the accelerator

    'Rear drive unit''is the rear motor assembly. Really? Is that what it took to eliminate a very subtle almost silent metalic 'tink' sound that sounds as much as its coming from the DBW pedal assembly or brake booster diaphram, as it would from someone clicking an Altoid can hidden in their...
  32. Perscitus

    Fog light for 2021 SR+?

    Great post and useful info for all those new to these cars and accent/position/ fog light assembly swaps.
  33. Perscitus

    Tesla hoist pads???

    You can find then all over the internet since early 2018 (all different shapes sizes materials and hence prices). Tesla SCs use their own special hoist/lift pads and/or opt to damage the life point and batteries, place extra stress on peoples undercarriage and battery. If Costco knew what...
  34. Perscitus

    Hearing a "tink" noise on and off the accelerator

    I've heard this, and its persistent, in at least four Model 3s (including mine) and two Model Ys. Using Tesla QA standards - operating within spec. Is there some root cause waiting to be found? I bet. Can the 'tink' be remedied? Likely. Will service break 10 other things trying to do as...
  35. Perscitus

    Sound Deadening Model 3

    This part naming convention has been the norm in this industry for at least a decade plus. Sadly its officially confusing as [choose your explative] since the upticks in alpha numeric suffixes do NOT always represent ANY revision. Upticks in part numbers happen for at least two other common...
  36. Perscitus

    New Taillights coming?

    Alles klar. Sadly the global design tails as seen on these MiC Model 3s and the MiC 'Not a Model Y' destined for Europe and Middle East are still exhibiting the meh single intensity inner assembly position plasmas. What a missed opportunity to now allow them to continue the brake function.
  37. Perscitus

    13,000 Miles and First Screw Job!

    Ouch. Aside from the fact that this is indeed close to the sidewall.... a decent shop should be able to fix it, easy. No need to do it by the book either, even with the meh acoustic foam inside. Been there done that with construction bolts and nails in tires on three Teslas. They can do the...
  38. Perscitus

    Long trip - optimate charging and a 250kw question

    You don't need to overthink any of this. Plenty of superchargers around across New England, with the exception of far North-eastern VT, NH, ME. But even there just point and drive. No need to fixate on V3s either, V2s will do just fine too and you will not see 200-250kW for long while charging...
  39. Perscitus

    Steering wheel scroll wheels get really hot?

    Both 'within spec'. This is a trade-off for having the metal scroll wheels on the newer 3/Ys. Hot in summer, cold in winter. The Center screen getting excessively hot has been an issue since 2017, some have failed (potentially as a result) and needed to be replaced, others continue to work...
  40. Perscitus

    Supercharger - Brattleboro, VT

    Yes days of suggesting anything are long gone. Re above at Brattleboro, Putney area... makes sense I guess and glad to see something/anything happen. Passing thorugh there in all seasons over the last few years I have seen a steady uptick of stall use to a point where often all were occupied...
  41. Perscitus

    Motor noise/whistle at specific speed

    Check the threads re front and rear motor grounding straps. C'est ca.
  42. Perscitus

    Where Do Rock Chips Impact the M3 the Most?

    PPF, ceramic or not - no getting away from chips, nicks, scrapes, scuffs. Unless you are either a. super lucky b. vision-impaired c. garage queen focused. At best, these solutions can only lessen the damage or take the brunt of it, only to be damaged themselves (which can either be easily...
  43. Perscitus

    Where Do Rock Chips Impact the M3 the Most?

    Windshield is a prime target - chips, nicks, etc. and headlights can be impacted too - all a question of luck (or lack thereof), geo location, and the typical variables associated with this type of wear and tear damage.
  44. Perscitus

    FS: Tri-State New England - Maxton Design Front Splitter v1

    SOLD. Moderator/s please close.
  45. Perscitus

    Model 3 Pulling to Right (FW Bug!)

    Thanks for sharing, this appears to be their new official lin, but I doubt it is the actual root cause, else many many more people would be reporting this. There is something else going on since SCs and aftermarket shops cant seem to center the steering wheel or align these cars well or often...
  46. Perscitus

    Good shop in NYC for Tesla modifications

    In that case, you are out of options other than SCs outside of Boston MA and Southern NH area.
  47. Perscitus

    Good shop in NYC for Tesla modifications

    This should probably move to the regional subforum. Depends on what people want to have done. For almost everything, best to stick with specialist shops that do that particular thing irrespective of brand. By now, give the mainstream reach of 3/Ys, they have either dealt with their fare of...
  48. Perscitus

    Importance of rear camber arms after lowering?

    All depends on how low the Eibachs settle, how far out of spec the alignment will go with this drop. Unless you are young and suspension mods are still something that excites you, I would actually recommend avoiding any drop and any aftermarket suspension components. Once you start, the rabbit...

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