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    Horrible 2022 Model Y Tesla Experience

    OP reported spider webs in the car... does it sound like it was cleaned that day and the dash just got dusty in the few hours between detailing and pick up to you? Who is making the assumption here? Keith
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    Horrible 2022 Model Y Tesla Experience

    I'll grudgingly give you the dash board... but the dirty exterior and spider webs in the back? I wasn't joking when I said that I would find this delivery experience unacceptable in a brand new $20,000 economy car. Tesla delivery consultants or what ever the F they are called now are NOT...
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    Undercarriage plastic ripped off

    I had the aero undertray on my Bolt damaged by deep snow two winters ago... yours looks like the bolts vibrated loose. I am replacing my MYP front undertray with an aluminum skid plate, and I will be using locktight on the bolts when I install it. Keith
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    Green traffic light chime now available without FSD

    I had this for a while several months ago, it was a bug where they accidentally included the feature and with the next update it was gone. Keith
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    range anxiety

    I found that traveling in our Bolt is the most relaxing, each charging stop is at least a half hour, perhaps 45 min depending on distance to the next charger. You have time to relax, even take a nap if you want in addition to getting a bathroom break. I find that in the MYP, it seems that (if...
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    Tire Recommendations for 18inch Tsportline Wheels on Tesl Model Y LR

    You are in California, unless you go to the mountains regularly into the snow altitudes no need to get an all season tire. Also, do you want stock sized tires, or slightly over sized to compensate for the 2mph speedometer error? I went with a max performance summer tire (Continental...
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    range anxiety

    The Miata was the NC with retractable hard top, other than not having much room for my left foot it was surprisingly comfortable on road trips. Keith
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    No camping in your car.

    The guys that don't pass are not the ones I would be working with... thank all that is good in the universe for that one! It isn't like I work with rocket scientists right now... I have at least one flat earther in the group, but I am not 100% sure he isn't just f'ing with people. Keith
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    3 Car seats Model Y Performance 2022

    Seems like it would work better with the rear facing in the middle, that way the seats don't interfere with each other as much. Too bad they don't make the MYP with a 7 seater option. Keith
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    Horrible 2022 Model Y Tesla Experience

    I stopped reading about half way down page 1... the usual blend of "bend over and take it, if Elon says it is good then you are a troll for saying otherwise" mixed in with "delivery of a 60K+ car should be a pleasant experience" Wanting a brand new $20,000 shitbox car to be clean when I pick it...
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    No camping in your car.

    I just did some job testing for a new position I am trying to move up to... one of the other guys testing saw me getting out of the MYP and in the testing room asked how I liked my coal powered car... I burst his bubble real quick when I told him I currently (gasp of horror from the TMC crowd)...
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    No camping in your car.

    Like jwuwu, I have a tent that goes over the rear hatchback area of the car, we use the Tesla as the secure bedroom, and the tent portion as the living room / bathroom / relaxation area. Keith
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    Tinted the front headlights today…

    Personally, I like the dark tint windows / windshield and the dark headlights, but last winter I didn't realize my headlights had a thin layer of frost on them diffusing the light output a bit... I could see fine but auto pilot would not engage until the sun came up. Also looks like the OP has...
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    iPad Mini vs Center Console Display

    I do have an instrument cluster display that I run google maps on also for the turn by turn directions and traffic info. This was invaluable when the Tesla navigation wanted me to turn around and go back to the Supercharger I had just left and charge for another 10 min... it would NOT just...
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    range anxiety

    I just made a "short notice" 1,800 mile round trip. It was a pain in the butt to drive strait through 900 miles, do my business and drive right back 900 miles, and doing it in an ICE would have been more convenient at 14 hours on the road vs 16 hours each way in the MYP... but as is, it cost me...
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    It depends on where you live, some of the old V2 Superchargers are getting pretty bad... this last trip (6/28 and 6/30) I had to move stations three times, once because the pins were bent on the connector and I couldn't even attempt a charge, twice because I was getting ridiculously slow...
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    TeslaFi User Guide

    I would go to the "help" pull down menu, and click on "support forum" It may not be a user manual, but it has boat loads of information. Keith
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    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    I got a "charging, charge level is enough to continue trip" message... this appeared in the middle of my navigation screen 15 min after I left the Supercharger... First time that has happened! Keith
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    Tire pressure no longer displayed

    Are you sitting still? After being parked, the car must be driven to activate the tire pressure monitors. Keith
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    Model Y Perfomance rear-ended - is it fixable?

    Looks like the F-150 driver didn't want to share the road... Keith
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    Surprising solution to hot MY seats

    Interesting idea, is that an aftermarket headrest pillow in your picture, or does the seat cover have some accommodation for the head rest? Keith
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    T Sportline 18” overlander set

    Well, "reported" range suffers pretty bad because for every 100 miles the car thinks you have driven, you have actually covered 104 miles. For my car, adjusting for this difference and doing the calculations myself I still took a range hit... but part of that may be due to the tires being...
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    Martian Wheels order delay for 2 months?

    Every time Kyle mentions them in a video, I comment on the fact that the only people on the planet able to get Martian wheels for their cars are Drew (the owner of Martian wheels) and YouTube influencers. Keith
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    S3XY buttons at Abstract Ocean

    I just noticed something with the cabin light control. When I am driving around, I can turn on or off all the cabin lights just fine... but when I stop and put the car in Park, the cabin lights all come on, and I am not able to turn them off with the s3xy button. Keith
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    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    Just did the 222.16.2 this morning, so far so good! Keith
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    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    I wonder if the M3 got suspension changes before the MY? My MYP (2021) has pretty rough handling. Keith
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    Reduced Regen Symbology?

    The standard range has a smaller battery pack than your M3P or MYLR, so the same amount of heavy regen on down hill driving puts more stress on the MYSR's battery than it does on the other cars, that is why you get the limited regen in the MYSR but not in the other cars. Of all the Tesla's you...
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    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    Kyle Conner says that the difference in the 2022 M3 performance is huge over the prior suspension... but he also said that the new comfort level comes at the price of handling. Not sure if that applies to us in our Model Y variants. Keith
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    max charge unavailable cant charge this bad boy

    They should at least get the diagnosis done right away so if it is a battery replacement situation they can get the new one ordered. Keith
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    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    I sold the 21's as soon as I could find a buyer, and put on a good set of used Gemini's. That reminds me, now that I have the Tsportline 18's I need to find a buyer for my Gemini's. Keith
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    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    I figured it was a typo, so I just let it pass without bringing it up :) Keith
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    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    Ride is pretty good, I have them at 44 psi though to try and get better efficiency. I ran them at 42 for a while and they were even nicer. Main thing I like is not going 2 mph under what the speedometer shows like you do on stock size tires :) Keith
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    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    I just had the AP freakout where it is available, then not available, then is, then isn't, etc in a rapid cycle for about 10 miles for the first time this morning. Prior to this I had a few drives where AP and TACC were not available for no reason (clear weather, camera's not blocked, same well...
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    What’s your longest drive without charging?

    My longest drive was 228.7 miles at an average speed of 74 mph and a 259 foot elevation gain. Obviously I was not driving to set any records with that high speed of travel, going up hill... it just happened to be the longest leg of that particular journey. Keith
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    The cost in Korea for the adapter is around 240 USD at the last exchange rate I checked (back when I purchased mine), so I expect the US version to sell for $250 USD when it comes out (if it comes out soon... more due to inflation if it comes out next year)... so you can pay an extra $50 and...
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    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    The main advantage of the MYP is the delivery time. This is why I switched from the MYLR to the MYP when I purchased mine a year ago. Keith
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    Found a 10mm ball bearing - Seat Belt Related

    Am I reading the picture wrong? Looks like 4 mm to me. Keith
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    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    I guess that is why a single press of the s3xy button cancels the turn signal. Thanks for the info :) Keith
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    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    For the rear drive unit, this is the first problem I have heard of, from the description I think this is a hose connection on the drive unit, not on the battery... so if the nipple is damaged they may want to replace the drive unit. The battery hose nipple is a red herring in this conversation...
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    Is this worth requesting service

    Just to be clear, I don't think you broke it trying to install rear mud flaps, I was just saying that the Service Center may try to claim this since it is a common occurrence. Keith
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    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    I do the turn signal, change lanes, and hit the s3xy button I have mounted on the back left spoke of my steering wheel. It turns off the turn signal and re-engages AP... hell of a lot cheaper than $6000 and virtually as functional. Keith
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    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    Yeah, it is called one month rental of FSD for $200 plus tax. Keith
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    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    Fixed that for you. Tesla is assuming that the factory always does things perfect, and that is their "reasoning" that it was touched by someone else. Raise your hand if you think the Tesla factory always gets it right every time. Keith
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    Is this worth requesting service

    Service center may claim that you broke the captive nut loose when you tried to install rear mud flaps. Keith
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    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    Also, there is no reason the damn thing can't be a 1/4 inch wide or more and display the KW usage. On the Bolt the Power meter is a strip on the right hand side of the instrument cluster that is about an inch wide and has the number of KW of power use or regen in the center. I don't have a...
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    Charge Question

    As jjrandorin pointed out, the mobile connector itself is not weather proof, so it needs to be protected from the rain... but the connector that plugs into the cars charge port is not a problem and when plugged in it forms a tight seal not susceptible to rainwater ingress. Keith
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    False Positive Automatic Emergency Braking at 80mph

    You pulled over due to heart attack after the EB event? That looked intense. Keith
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    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    My next EV will be a truck, and it will not look like a stainless steel wedge drawn by a 6 year old, so it will not be a Tesla :) As far as range and charging infrastructure, nobody matches Tesla's "on paper" range, but many match or exceed Tesla range in the real world, and I purchased a CCS...
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    L1 charging at a hotel

    If I did this (couple times with the Bolt) I always got permission from the staff. They don't care and it covers your ass. Keith
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    Ran over something now $17k bill

    Thank you for reminding me! I realized I would need a roller after watching some installation video's but I forgot to order one. I went with 8 mil kilmat instead of dynamat since I am not an audio aficionado trying to make things perfect... 36 square feet of kilmat is less cost than 12...

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