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  1. JPP

    PPF installer recommendation in the Bay Area

    OC Detailing: www.bayareadetails.com
  2. JPP

    Car audio installation recommendation needed.

  3. JPP

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    Rumor has it that the latest firmware had a bug that messed up the heat pump and that a quick firmware update is rolling out soon to fix the bug.
  4. JPP

    App functionality during power outage

    BTW in early 2022, most cell carriers are turning off 3G connectivity. AFAIK all Powerwalls (?? up to recent units) are 3G, and thus will lose connectivity. Tesla just pushed out an e-mail reminding PW customers to be sure to connect their units to WiFi (...or you can hard wire to an Ethernet...
  5. JPP

    Supercharging now costs more than gas (one owner's experience)

    ...and as we all know it is not only the cost of 'fuel' but the lifetime cost of maintenance, repairs, etc to be factored in...
  6. JPP

    excessive tire replacement

    Just another vote for Discount Tire/Americas Tire and their warranty certificates. Even with a new Tesla, I drive it to them and they will sell me the certs. I have never lost $$ on a cert as I seem to always need 1 tire replaced over the treadwear life of Tesla rated tires. And AT/DT will price...
  7. JPP

    2013 Model S rear door opens by itself : I removed it and all cables/gear look fine. Need advice

    What year is your S? What vintage are your door handles? When the Model S handles extend, they are supposed to stop just before hitting a microswitch. When you reach into the handle & pull, you move the handle outwards a small distance and it closes the microswitch which opens the door. If the...
  8. JPP

    Front license plate holder

    The adhesive tape used is likely 3M VHB (very high bond) tape. It has been used for years in the automotive industry to apply trim, appliques, etc. It is VERY strong when applied correctly to a properly prepared (...very clean) surface. I keep a bunch of this stuff (rolls, pads) around as a...
  9. JPP

    Tesla Insurance - Glass Coverage

    FWIW I have been insured with AAA/CSAA for many years. I choose to pay the extra $10/year for zero deductible glass on both of our Teslas. Worth it IMHO.
  10. JPP

    540 Vehicle Server Error

    I am seeing this error on both my 2018 P3D+ and my wife's 2015 S70D. Reboot fixes it, but it is a PITA to lose connectivity.
  11. JPP

    Safety Score not showing up in app? It could be this.

    FWIW I had to deinstall and reinstall the app (New iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 15.0).
  12. JPP

    Powerwall 2 fans at high speed...why?

    Wow---coincidence. I have 2 PW2 in my garage (installed over a year ago) which seem to work fine. No errors, no issues. Was in the garage today around 1:00 pm (PWs fully charged from PV and theoretically should be idling). 1 of the 2 PWs was making gurgling noises and the fan was running full...
  13. JPP

    Storm Watch Sacramento Valley 9/9/21

    East Bay--Storm Watch went on yesterday. Red Flag warnings. Overnight we had lightning & thunder as close as 10 miles, plus brief intense downpours (we have a WeatherFlow Tempest weather station on site). So very appropriate. Storm Watch cancelled mid day and Tesla app shows it now OFF. All good.
  14. JPP

    Window Tint East Bay Area, CA

    If you don't mind going to Fremont, the top guru for all Tesla wraps, coatings, protection, etc is Joe at OCDetailing (www.bayareadetails.com). The most experience, really OCD. Not cheap, but IMHO worth it. Search these forums, go to You Tube and see his videos, etc. YMMV.
  15. JPP

    California HOV decal delays?

    I am making no assumptions. This is what I have been told. You don't have to believe it...it's your nickel & risk. Enjoy. Not sure how much commute driving you do (as you noted, infrequently), but I do see CHP enforcement especially on the Bay Bridge.
  16. JPP

    California HOV decal delays?

    So, indeed, the CHP knows what an EV is, and knows the rules for HOV lanes. The problem is when an ICE/non-carpool driver is stuck in traffic in lane #2, and a solo driver speeds by in the passing/HOV lane. The idea is that maybe the p*ssed off driver might see the stickers and regain composure...
  17. JPP

    Model Y windshield washer no longer works

    Hose from washer tank & pump popped off a fitting???
  18. JPP

    PPF - XPEL or STEK? (Bay Area recommendations?)

    Maybe consult with Joe at OCDetailing (www.bayareadetails.com) and get his input on what material to use and what you wish to accomplish. He has the most experience (years and number of Teslas) protecting Teslas of anyone in NoCA.
  19. JPP

    Touch up paint for red multi coat?

    FWIW I have used Dr. Color Chip on my original 2013 Multi-coat red S85, and now on my 2018 P3D+. Works pretty good. Simple application method. I am told that the Tesla kit is just repackaging from DCC. YMMV.
  20. JPP

    Advice Needed - MY Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    Doctor Color Chip: http://drcolorchip.com
  21. JPP

    Replacing cabin air filters without using Evaporator coil cleaner spray

    FWIW it seems like Kool-it is out of stock nationwide. I contacted the manufacturer and got this reply: Thank you for contacting us! The Kool-It Evaporator Foam Cleaner should be available at the end of July or early August. Please let me know if I can do anything else. Best regards, Elise...
  22. JPP

    What would you add to your Tesla M3/MY screen?

    The ability to keep a small (and size/location adjustable) rear camera image up while driving.
  23. JPP

    PPF in SF Bay Area?

    Well, the best and most experienced is Joe @ OCDetailing (www.bayareadetails.com) in Fremont. He is not the cheapest, but it depends on your investment (vehicle), expectation (how long you plan to drive it), compulsiveness (how nice do you want your car to look), etc. What is the $$ vs. time...
  24. JPP

    Any recommendations for Clear Bra and Tint install in Nor Cal?

    If you want the absolute best, go see Joe at OC Detailing in Fremont (www.bayareadetails.com). He has been doing Teslas since 2012 and I have been going to him since 2013. He has done more Teslas (and other makes) than anyone in NoCA. He not the cheapest, but his quality is unmatched. No 2-piece...
  25. JPP

    Brakes stick when switching to reverse

    Get into the habit of 'scrubbing' the brakes after a car wash (or rain) with a few 'aggressive' stops on a safe side road with no traffic. Cleans the rotors of scale and dries them off. Works for me.
  26. JPP

    After market security camera for Model S

    I have used Blackvue cameras for years (since 2013). Currently have dual front-rear in our 2015 S70D (a model 750) and in our P3D+ (model 900). Work great. No issues.
  27. JPP

    Touch-up paint

  28. JPP

    Tesla Service Center Damaged my wheel while in service

    FWIW my local Dublin SC does a full walk around on any incoming vehicle and uses an iPad to take like 10+ photos from all angles including wheels. Reduces claims and conflicts.
  29. JPP

    No solar power (Solar City panels)

    ...and that's why I did a 64 panel 16kW Solar City install in 2013 under a PPA--I knew I would pay more in the end, but if the system did not produce power, that it would not be my nickel. A couple of years ago Tesla Energy replaced a SolaeEdge inverter that died (...and they figured out that...
  30. JPP

    14-50 Nema outlet /mobile connector wall mount

    I use this: https://builtinvacuum.com/product/pvc-hose-hanger/?c=accessories&s=storage-organization but I also have the Musk Black gen 2 HPWC with the heavy 24 foot cable.
  31. JPP

    Charging Flap interior 'rubber cover'

    Mine fell off and I just used Super Glue to reattach--it has held well for 2 years.
  32. JPP

    Scratch just below PPF

    ...and why was PPF not fully applied and wrapped???
  33. JPP

    Bay Area PPF/Ceramic coating recommendations

    Another issue is with 'pre-cut' PPF sheets vs hand laid and trimmed. Does the pre-cut sheet fit right? Is there enough excess to wrap the edges? How hard is it to wrap around all of the front cutouts, lights, bumper seams, etc? Are the seams visible or hidden? Do you remove objects like mirrors...
  34. JPP

    Bay Area PPF/Ceramic coating recommendations

    Yup--Joe is not the 'low price spread'. Vote with your wallet. Depends on your level of obsession with your car, how long you plan to keep it, how much abuse you expect the finish to be subject to, etc. YMMV. ...they charge what they can. It is a free market economy. There are enough consumers...
  35. JPP

    Bay Area PPF/Ceramic coating recommendations

    Yup--Joe is not the 'low price spread'. Vote with your wallet. Depends on your level of obsession with your car, how long you plan to keep it, how much abuse you expect the finish to be subject to, etc. YMMV.
  36. JPP

    Abstract Ocean - Cease & Desist From Tesla - Litigation Sale

    Pete was early to the game with Tesla accessories back in 2013. Nice guy--small family owned business. Great products and service. Too bad he has to shed this book of business.
  37. JPP

    Bay Area PPF/Ceramic coating recommendations

    Joe at OC detailing. I went to him in 2013 with my 1st S. He has done 2 more Teslas for me. He has more experience with Teslas than anyone else in NoCA. And he and his crew are really obsessive-compulsive. Not the cheapest but absolutely no compromise.
  38. JPP

    4.12 only for colder climes?

    Just downloaded--SF Bay Area. And notes refer to cold weather optimization.
  39. JPP

    What is this?

    Kinda looks like a temporary 'palletized' 3 stall urban Supercharger---can't see the bottom.
  40. JPP


    As per my post, my cell service is bad, so not a good backup solution. Hot-spots? 'Not-spots'. And, yes, even if cell towers have batteries/UPS/generators, with a 3 or 4 day PG&E PSPS they eventually go off line too.
  41. JPP

    Odd tire wear on M3 Performance

    I have an early build P3D+ from September 2018. Stock 21" wheels and Michelin PS4S. I just had to replace the set at 16,000 miles as 1 tire got a sidewall puncture. New, the tires have 9/32 tread depth. I was at between 4/32 and 5/32 all around (I do check tire pressures regularly and rotate...
  42. JPP


    If you live in NoCA with PG&E and the frequent Public Safety Power Shutoffs (at every possible wildfire or storm), then you experience outages with your ISP. Mine is Comcast. The Gigabit speed is great when up, but when down, I am dead in the water with no internet access (...very bad cell...
  43. JPP

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Thanks for the head's up. I had previously signed up for the beta, but now have my $99 deposit in place. I see that for my area (SF Bay Area/NoCA) they are estimating mid-to-late 2021.
  44. JPP

    Distances Within Installation?

    Better be sure that your local building codes approve of your choice of location of the Powerwalls (like a basement), and if they are easily accessible to your Fire Department to reach a hose to extinguish a fire. Also need to know if they will require additional disconnects if the Powerwalls...
  45. JPP

    Anyone considering Sliplo skid plate/protector?

    ...because the PDC does not see parking stops or steep curb cuts, and you won't know you are scraping the nose on them until it's too late.
  46. JPP

    Supercharger - Concord, CA - Diamond Blvd. (LIVE 15 Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    Stopped by at about 12 noon today--only 3 cars there. No MegaPack on the empty slab yet. Nice small charging cables on the V3 pedestals. Plugged in a 2015 S70D--still throttled at about 50 kW or so. FWIW if you use MCU navigation to navigate to this charger, don't try to select the red pin on...
  47. JPP

    Ceramic Coating - Vendor recommendations in East Bay?

    The question is whether you want to have the job done down to a price or up to a well known level of quality. It's your car, and 'your nickel'. but you seem to care about your car and I assume plan to keep it for a while. Me, I have been going to Joe @ OCD since 2013 and he is reliable...
  48. JPP

    Supercharger - Concord, CA - Diamond Blvd. (LIVE 15 Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    I was here at the Willows today (Saturday 1/2/2021) and the site is still coned off and not up. The rear pad (?Megapack) is still empty. The old Concord site was/is up and running.
  49. JPP

    Supercharger - Concord, CA (LIVE 2 Mar 2018, 19 V2 stalls)

    I was at Concord today (old Supercharger) at 12 noon--site open and working. The new Willows site is still coned off and not up yet.
  50. JPP

    Bay Area PGE rate plan for EV + Solar panel

    A lot depends on whether you have Powerwalls. Without Powerwalls you need to try to optimize your solar production and match to PG&E's peak rate time. But because it is shifted into evening hours, you get punished with any of these TOU plans (5-8 pm vs 4-9 pm). Powerwalls make it possible to...

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