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  1. Mattopotamus

    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    I very much agree with this and thinks it's worth the $250 gamble.
  2. Mattopotamus

    Recent Accident- Sentry/Dashcam did not record the Accident!!

    Well my post was 18 months ago, so yeah :)
  3. Mattopotamus

    Is it still recommended to use seat heaters instead of heat in 2021+ Model 3s?

    likewise, and preheating goes a long way.
  4. Mattopotamus

    Has anyone sold their car through Driveway?

    indrive is another company to look into. While I ended up keeping my car, they were $4k higher than vroom/carvana.
  5. Mattopotamus

    2nd phone app user: Same Tesla account or separate?

    I have my account marked at primary, but the car always seems to pick up my wife's phone first. I get in, press the brake, and start getting smashed into the steering wheel haha.
  6. Mattopotamus

    Out of warranty repair price list?

    They can only, legally, invalidate a warranty if what you changed caused the issue. For example, If your control arm breaks, they couldn't say....well you added chrome delete so no warranty for you.
  7. Mattopotamus

    Just reserved a M3 from Hertz

    I'm sure you will be able to login under any app with your information. It is probably like doing a test drive on the model 3. You will have to use the key card.
  8. Mattopotamus

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    Something's definitely wrong. That is the most insane Wh/mi I have ever seen. Most people with performance models hover between 300 - 380 wh/mi
  9. Mattopotamus

    Car Scent/Air Freshener ?

    I have been using it for a few months now. They come with 4 pieces, or a month's supply, and that seems to be how long they last. The scents are not strong, and are more noticeable when you have the AC/Heat on like Pat67 mentioned. I like the clean look, and haven't experienced the stinky AC...
  10. Mattopotamus

    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    exactly this. I see no reason why someone would not want the new chip in their vehicle. I would be very curious to know if the backup camera lag/UI lag with V11 is present on these new chips. I believe it was speculated, maybe confirmed?, to be a memory leak, but I would love to know.
  11. Mattopotamus

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    That sounds like an issue with V11. Lots of complaints with the backup camera stuttering.
  12. Mattopotamus

    Tesla wont accept proof of insurance for car pickup if Policy expires within 30 days

    interesting. I just uploaded a photo of my current insurance cards.
  13. Mattopotamus

    how much mileage do you lose if you remove the aero wheel cover?

    They replaced the original Aero kit with a single piece that is easy to remove. I actually like the look better too. https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-3-aero-wheel-cap-kit edit: look like you can still get the OG ones, but they are way more expensive than they used to be...
  14. Mattopotamus

    Turn signal screen

    This is my take. It's a good idea on paper, but I still check my mirrors and blind spot so it actually is an added step.
  15. Mattopotamus

    Which SR 3 would you pick?

    Let's not get carried away. Lots of data on this. Staying under 95% is key, not below 80%. Tesloop has a lot of data on this with some of the highest mileage teslas. OP, really depends on your driving habits and what you value more, speed/agility or battery. As someone else mentioned the...
  16. Mattopotamus

    iPhone 12 mini won't charge wirelessly or with the four USB-C ports in brand new SR+.

    The mini is actually too small to hit the changing coil in the correct location. Bought this and it fixed all of my issues. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1032027305/tesla-model-y-iphone-mini-wireless
  17. Mattopotamus

    Is LR worth an extra 6k?

    Let range be the only factor when considering the SR+ and LR. When it was an $8K difference it was an easier decision if you did not need the range. As that gap closes, things like premium audio and AWD start to creep into play.
  18. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    You sir, are a unique breed. That is the complete opposite of what I want in a driving experience. As others have suggested, I find it far more stressful that just driving myself. While AP actually reduces the stress of driving the FSD beta is a complete 180. Never been on such high alert or...
  19. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    You have nothing else on the screen right? Music has to be completely hidden.
  20. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    I will be turning off FCW and AEB with each drive. Who knows, maybe they will make it a permanent off switch with this update.
  21. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    That is very good.
  22. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    Likewise. They must have sent it to everyone that had 10.3 at 99+. I downgraded and just got it pushed after dropping to 96 on 10.3. My understanding is that the safety score goes away once you are on the beta.
  23. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    Well I thought I was clear of the beta, but it got pushed to my car now LTE.
  24. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    I will say. I drove from A to B without issues. It was B back to A when *sugar* (just gonna leave that hilarious auto correct there) hit the fan.
  25. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    I know it sounds naive given it's a beta software, but I just didn't expect that level on danger. I mean it is a moving vehicle after all, but in all of the videos and feedback I have seen/read about this is totally new. Tesla definitely rushed this software to appeal to a wider audience and...
  26. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    When I got home, the "downgraded" software was available so I downloaded it right away. I was not in the beta prior to 10.3, so the "button" was back and I did not press it. My FSD subscription ends in a few days, and I cancelled the subscription. I believe if you still have the beta, there...
  27. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    while I think we all understand it is a beta, it should never cause your emergency brakes to lock up at highways speeds nearly causing a fish tail. That is like saying, well you are using a beta on your phone...you should expect it to explode. I have been so excited to get in the beta. As you...
  28. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    I highly suggest going into your settings and turning off emergency auto braking as a temporary solution.
  29. Mattopotamus

    10.3.1 rolling out

    If you are still running 10.3 or not "downgrading" so you do not lose the early access beta, PLEASE GET OFF. Outside of the false FCWs, I had it engage my emergency brakes going 80mph on a six lane highway. Fortunately, the car behind me was not close, and I was able to take over before the...
  30. Mattopotamus

    Safety Score

    I believe AP shows the % change on the main screen, but it doesn't count against the score. For example, you might have a 20% following too close, but because you were on AP It did not impact the safety score.
  31. Mattopotamus

    Safety Score

    I believe AP shows the % change on the main screen, but it doesn't count against the score. For example, you might have a 20% following too close, but because you were on AP It did not impact the safety score.
  32. Mattopotamus

    Safety Score

    As the above user said, your safety score is not reduced when using AP. I don't even attempt to use FSD on city streets until I get the beta. It just feels like way too much babysitting, and it actually makes for a more stressful drive. I am really hoping the FSD early access beta fixes it...
  33. Mattopotamus

    Safety Score

    As the above user said, your safety score is not reduced when using AP. I don't even attempt to use FSD on city streets until I get the beta. It just feels like way too much babysitting, and it actually makes for a more stressful drive. I am really hoping the FSD early access beta fixes it...
  34. Mattopotamus

    Enhanced autopilot US

    No one can answer this for you. I believe the last time they offered it was around this same time last year for $4K. Now with subscription FSD, I think it is unlikely unless it appeared in subscription form. Last year they sent out an email when it was offered.
  35. Mattopotamus

    Notification when charging to 100%

    It's not suggested to hold a charge at 100% for extended periods of time. That is probably the reason for the message, just a warning. With that said, I have never personally seen it, and I do charge to 100% a few times a month.
  36. Mattopotamus

    Tesla: Please fix the stinky AC - here's how with an OTA update

    I will have to give this a try. I had my filter replaced ~2 months ago because of the funky smell, and I noticed it again this week.
  37. Mattopotamus

    Is there a limit to how many times I can use roadside assistance?

    No limit, but as you said, you pay for the service.
  38. Mattopotamus

    End of warranty checks

    Also curious. I just started hearing a similar noise in the vent in the last two days. It is to the left side of the steering wheel.
  39. Mattopotamus

    Off-peak Hours confusion…

    I made a post earlier about how if you start your charging time at the start of your off-peak pricing you will probably finish charging during that window. If you plug your car in at any other time before that start time, the car does not automatically charge unless you launch the app and...
  40. Mattopotamus

    Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Yeah, I think I paid $50 for the official ones from Tesla. IIRC, the new single piece version was the same cost. I switch back and forth between the two.
  41. Mattopotamus

    Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Those look identical to the ones Tesla use to sell. I have those too, and they have not faded (the Tesla ones).
  42. Mattopotamus

    Regenerative Braking Optimization

    The closer you can stay to 50% the better for the battery, so definitely play around with your commute and charge %.
  43. Mattopotamus

    Waze [is waze available through native tesla interface?]

    Maybe I am in the minority here, but I really like the clean design of Tesla maps. It was actually a selling point.
  44. Mattopotamus

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    This, getting a refund for insurance is probably the easy part. Hopefully they can still match you with a car in these next few weeks.
  45. Mattopotamus

    Tesla service is aweful

    Honestly, they don't want your trade-in, which is why they low ball. I've been lucky, knock on wood, with really solid customer service. SA to mobile service, has been great all around.
  46. Mattopotamus

    When you sell a Tesla does FSD stay with the car?

    This chat log seems to align with what I have read across various forums/threads. If you are a new owner and can provide proof of purchase, they generally add it back if it was accidentally removed. Eg, you buy a Tesla from a 3rd party dealership that is advertised has having FSD you need to...
  47. Mattopotamus

    Quick Homelink question

    You shouldn't have issues. When you order, that includes the set up/install from Tesla.
  48. Mattopotamus

    Flat tire on road trip

    When I do a tire rotation they come out to my work and are finished within 20 minutes. Pretty cool compared to waiting at a dealership or dropping the car off.
  49. Mattopotamus

    FSD [computer upgrade]

    Easiest way to tell is with visuals. Do you see cones and stop signs? If so, you have HW3.
  50. Mattopotamus

    FSD [computer upgrade]

    Nice to see someone who actually understand where FSD is really at, at the moment. With that said, I am still very interested in the subscription because of the auto lane change and NOA.

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