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    3 months unplugged & unused - minimal battery loss!

    Being in a slightly unique situation where I regularly have to go away for a few months at a time (at least now covid has passed) I was concerned about leaving the car for so long unplugged but I’m happy to report that in 3 months unplugged the car only lost 18 percent charge and other than...
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    Wireless charging in M3 makes phone very hot

    It doesn’t help that the vibration of the car causes it to constantly stop and start charging (you’ll hear your phone constantly beep if you have the charging notification sounds on) - mine seems to charge faster screen down on the pad - especially when it’s in its case if you try that you might...
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    Winter Range

    Had a similar experience at end of September last year - driving down to Folkstone from Glasgow... All was fine until I left Grantham Supercharger and hit really bad weather (torrential rain, temperature dropped to around 6 degrees) - my range was obliterated and to make it worse supercharging...
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    Making Payments to Tesla

    Sadly no - only for the deposit - actual car purchase only via bank transfer. Although you can use AMEX to purchase FSD / subscriptions after delivery if you so wish.
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    Stated Range vs Real World

    As the others have said - a series of short journeys will obliterate your range (even in summer - although less so)… Air temperature is meaningless with regards to battery (to an extent) other than you might decide you don’t need to use the AC / heating when driving! Your 5 minute drive will...
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    Help needed with damaged model 3

    Is the car showing any registered key cards in the list on the screen?
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    Autopilot - do you use in frequent lane change conditions?

    Personally I would see how you get on with the standard autopilot - I had a brief free trial of FSD and the navigate on autopilot / auto lane change didn’t sell it for me. If your driving what I would call fairly normally - set your cruise control to whatever, engage autosteer and leave it to...
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    No drive and blank screen on entry

    If you're already driving and the MCU fails / decides to reboot, you can continue driving, everything else seems to continue to function (you can even go into reverse and park)... But I have no idea if you would be able to start driving with it down - with pin to drive I guess probably not -...
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    No drive and blank screen on entry

    If its only occured once (or even a 2-3 times in a year) I wouldn't worry about it - any more frequently and definitley report it to Tesla. I've had it occur maybe 3 times in year and half of ownership - first time was within first week of ownership, the other times were not immediately after a...
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    Car Wash

    I wouldn't put it through a machine!! Although I have gone from weekly hand washing to pressure washing it once a month over the past year :)
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    Email from TAPTES really promoting a weighted ring to fool AP ???

    I found that wedging (more placing against) your thigh against the bottom of the wheel provides just enough resistance for it to stop nagging you (I have long legs) most of the time.
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    First bit of snow this morning...

    Might be obvious but did you enable “slip start” in settings before attempting to drive (this option resets to off every time you get out the car); without this option enabled you’ll struggle to get the car to move as the ABS kicks in instantly. Surprised you struggled on a slight incline -...
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    Cold weather warning

    I particularly love the video digaram on the in car display under "cold weather" :)
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    Cold weather warning

    FYI: defrost doesn’t always work depending how much ice is there - if you open the door and the window doesn’t move you can carefully close the door from the outside by pushing the glass in as it passes the trim… If your inside the car though your screwed. On a side note if you open the door...
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    They should make roll back to V10 an option for everyone including model 3! Point 2 - its equally as pants on m3 - it's so tiny you have a slim chance of hitting the exact right spot of the screen while driving!
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    Learning to drive in a Tesla….

    This is the only real issue to be aware of (other than cost of a Tesla / insurance) - but its down to the individual - plenty of persons pass their tests in automatics and have this restriction which doesn't really affect them. In the future if we continue down the electric vehicle route then...
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Definitely prefer the original size - it’s such a pointless waste of space, but alas it’s cool for YouTube videos so I doubht they’ll shrink it.
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    So tyre pressure warning icon popped up this morning - seems a bit daft that in order to view what the problem is you need to go into the service menu while driving - OR remember to look at the service menu as soon as you stop driving and lift your arse off the seat before the numbers disappear...
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    Can’t book in a service centre appt

    You will still be issued an invoice for warranty repairs - I assume it's been delayed due to the holidays.
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    USB Front socket detached

    Not got a clue but if its like apple products - take a hair dryer to it to melt the glue that's probably holding it in place and then carefully prise it off? Although I would suggest it's probably a single unit so unless you mean the connection for the USB seems to have broken off, I don't...
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    M3 autosteer glitches, what fun (not!)

    You’ll note they have a sneakily worded paragraph under Full Self Driving (at the end of the section after telling you about FSD); “Every new Model 3 comes standard with advanced hardware capable of providing Autopilot features today, and full self-driving capabilities in the future—through...
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    M3 autosteer glitches, what fun (not!)

    I think the problem your describing is due to the car clearly not realising where the lanes are due to water / spray obstructing the cameras forward visibility - in which case it tries to keep to what it can see on the left of the car - where this is a junction and your in the far left lane it...
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    Sat nav upgrade

    Waypoints are part of the V11 software update - once your car receives it, you should also have way points.
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    The blind spot alerts do work, I had it trigger a few months ago when I tried to move to lane 2 as someone else tried to move from 3 to 2... The only issue with it is it sounds the generic "somethings wrong" beep / flashes a message that you never see since you're probably not looking at the...
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    My first trip of any real distance, few thoughts....

    At South Mimms definitley not that end bay!
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    Walk up unlocking/phone start - all gone since app update

    As others have said, make sure; + You have the latest version of iOS installed and the latest version of the Tesla App + Don't force close the Tesla App or phone key will randomly cease functioning + Make sure "Background app refresh" is enabled for the phone and also specifically for the Tesla...
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    Door Handle Scratch

    Some t-cut fixed a small scratch I obtained on the chrome ones - not sure if it'll work for you though?
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    It was previously subtle and blended in well with the rest of the UI - now as you say; it's more notable and annoying!
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    I believe there’s now an app for that - you also need to be in park as before.
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    Moral Maze

    Run the software update - that'll really piss em off :)
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    That aside, I am willing to bet a considerable sum of cash that FSD will not be available in this country within the lifetime of any Tesla currently on the road... It's all well and good having an interface that's usable in a FSD situation / parked - but until we reach that stage it's pointless...
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Can always hope someone gets arrested for using it to turn on their window demisters and the press pick it up :) sure Tesla will do something about it then!
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Remove that split climate control that someone decided was more important than being able to one click the controls to the actual climate screen and you get the entire left side of the screen back :)
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    I stand corrected on the phone thing - although if you have an active warning message (such as put on seatbelts) the “card” is displayed behind it so you can’t actually see it - I hope it’s not the same with the lights but I didn’t test that while driving! I was playing with the phone while...
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    So having played with it today while driving as far as I can tell these are the features which now require you to go into menus to actually use; + Dashcam - no longer at top of the screen - if you want to save manually you either have to hit the horn or click car icon - dashcam on the controls...
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    I think the only way to get anyone at Tesla to notice would be if they suddenly started receiving thousands of service requests for "fix the bloody UI".
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    If you find a way to go back to previous version - do let me know. I really hate this new UI - why the hell would you take away basic controls you use regularly and hide them in other menus! Also hate the new icons but could live with that if at least the controls were still there!
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Not when your Scottish 😂
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    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    I was so pissed off this morning when I went out and found it had updated - I can live with most of the changes but surely I’m not the only one that’s pissed off with the removal of the controls - so much for the clean minimalistic look Tesla has always had; let’s hide all the controls behind...
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    Headlamps not working.

    Did you try switching them on manually from the touch screen? Might have found that toggling them on/off manually from the screen, then putting them back to automatic may have fixed it.
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    Indicator question on Model 3

    Mine continue to be random wether they cancel themselves or not - I’ve gotten used to it - more annoying is when it decides to ignore you - usually on roundabouts where your flicking from indicating right to left.
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    Powering down the car

    The headlights go off after around a minute IF you manually put the car into park (and don't rely on auto park on exit), but the "running lights" / "daylight lights" / whatever you want to call them tend to stay on much much longer (until you get out the car and it locks in some cases) and if...
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    Model 3 ground clearance - should I be worried?

    Forgot about this thread - but to update - no my Model 3 SR+ does not go up the ramp and into my garage - it doesn't even get close to getting over the top of the ramp - I tried various configurations of slabs to try and lift it but couldn't get it high enough to clear. My car now sits on the...
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    Can you relocate the vent button on the app?

    It took me way longer than it should have to realise where the damn defrost button had gone too in the new app!! Why did they have to hide it off the bottom of the screen!
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    My Model 3 didn’t charge last night

    To add to this cloud theory; on Saturday night (well Sunday morning technically) between midnight and 2 am the majority of the BT broadband network went down for what BT called "scheduled maintenance" (although as far as I can tell they didn't tell anyone) - I only became aware cause all my home...
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    Best Stopping Mode for Motorway Driving?

    I prefer hold mode - as others say you get used to it and can eventually judge the stopping perfectly (until regain decides to be unavailable in the cold :)) Whatever mode you prefer - I would really recommend you stick to just using the one mode - and don't change between them - all it takes...
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    sometimes the range sucks

    I'm slightly intrigued why you doubled back on yourself to go back out of Edinburgh and round the bypass, instead of just going straight through :) That pre-heating thing for Supercharging confuses me as well, I've had it kick in with "pre-conditioning battery" for Gretna when I'm at Motherwell...
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    Torque Alliance, NL Online Order - UK customs charge

    That sounds about right - usually, you get hit with 2 fees if your items get selected by customs in the UK (although your courier will normally just present this to you as a single charge - but the receipt they provide will break it down - if it's Royal Mail they'll be an import charge sticker...
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    Making Payments to Tesla

    It is likely you'll have to wait till Monday for the transaction to show.
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    Main battery voltage too low, will not charge

    Complete guess here, but is it possible if the battery pack is totally empty there is not enough power to engage the main breaker (assuming that the system that engages it cant be powered from the 12v/charge port connection)

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