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  1. BoerumHill

    Summary of Tampa to Spokane Trip - Success!

    We live in interesting times, don’t we. Mask usage is virtually 100% in Brooklyn & Manhattan. Occasionally I see young males without a mask. What you are describing is similar to Staten Island, but the norms & mores there are markedly different from the other boroughs. Binary thinking is the...
  2. BoerumHill

    Summary of Tampa to Spokane Trip - Success!

    Yeah, I guess I should have clarified “whilst checking into hotels, dining, et al.” Here in NYC you cannot enter any place of business without a mask. But it seems most of the rest of the country is having a different experience with the pandemic.
  3. BoerumHill

    Summary of Tampa to Spokane Trip - Success!

    @ScottFLA - thanks for sharing! Sounds like an amazing trip. Curious...how often did you wear a mask?
  4. BoerumHill

    For Sale: 2017 Model X 100D

    Best priced low mileage MX 100 I’ve ever seen. Congrats to the buyer!
  5. BoerumHill

    Free Unlimited Supercharging back?

    It’s unsustainable. - Elon Musk Just kidding! - also Elon Musk
  6. BoerumHill

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Next time hold out for the coffee mug! ☕️
  7. BoerumHill

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ (Midwest)

    Beautiful machine! Every available option at the time, 10k /yr mileage & two sets of wheels, very fairly priced IMO. GLWS
  8. BoerumHill

    P911DL Over $300,000 Invested

    Would buy but my liquidity is currently being held in escrow by a Nigerian Prince. PM me if it’s still available in ten days as I’m expecting a handsome ROI on the transaction.
  9. BoerumHill

    P911DL Over $300,000 Invested

    This one goes to 11
  10. BoerumHill

    P911DL Over $300,000 Invested

    You like fishin’?
  11. BoerumHill

    2015 Model S P85D Loaded 20k Miles!

    Beautiful car! What is last 5 digits of the VIN? Build date (on the door sill sticker)? TIA & GLWS
  12. BoerumHill

    Supercharger - Clare, Michigan

    Sorry you had this experience.
  13. BoerumHill

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Whom I wonder who #2 might be? They’ve “scrubbed the name” so we couldn’t possibly guess. This analyst is using discounted cash flow—the math behind it isn’t detailed in th research report—to set a price target of $230. He values Tesla’s car business at $185 a share and a new business known as...
  14. BoerumHill

    P85DL+ Loaded Pristine

    Cold weather package? That is one beautiful unicorn!
  15. BoerumHill

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    This thread is disturbing. I hope some of the affected owners will try arbitration. Owners have to take action...or accept this as the new normal. GLA
  16. BoerumHill

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I was thinking more in terms of battery production than vehicle assembly.
  17. BoerumHill

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Possible. Something tells me building codes and safety requirements in China may not be on par with the EU. GF4 will take a LOT longer & cost more. But GF5, GF6, OTOH...
  18. BoerumHill

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    It’s not completely insane argument, given that right now a single factory supplies all the cars delivered to the U.S., Canada, U.K, 16 EU nations, Australia, China, and Hong Kong. But GF3 will be operational by YE and could produce 250K cars next year (with a ramp to 500K.) Hopefully GF4 will...
  19. BoerumHill

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    Here in the city, I used to see 1-2 Tesla’s. Per week. Now, it’s more like 10-15. Per day. I commute back and forth from Williamsburg to Midtown. I notice a new Tesla around my neighborhood every week or two. Mostly Model 3s, but the X is very popular as well. At least 4 people in the vicinity...
  20. BoerumHill

    What does driving a P+L actually feel like?

    I will let the Ludi owners answer more fully, but having rented (Turo) both a Ludicrous S and a non-Performance X, I don't think I would ever buy a P Tesla. But I'm 56 and don't really worry too much about what other people think. I've been lurking around here long enough to remember when there...
  21. BoerumHill

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    The company that is #1 in luxury car sales is poised for growth, has yet to begin production of its small SUV or pickup (BY FAR the largest segment in the industry is light trucks & SUVs), and they're projecting they'll be a niche player. That's some amazing logic right there.
  22. BoerumHill

    2016 AP2 & FSD Tesla Model X 90D 13k miles 6 Seats and Free SC for Life

    Series A 90 battery pack? What is your 90%? GLWS
  23. BoerumHill

    For sale section moderation.

    It is my sincere hope the car sells.
  24. BoerumHill

    Not Available P85DL Loaded

  25. BoerumHill

    For sale section moderation.

    GLWS Maybe month four will be the charm for you.
  26. BoerumHill

    TMC has a VERY real problem with the Marketplace!

    @Ostrichsak - I do agree with your general point it's poor form to complain in someone's TFS thread. It's unnecessary. Anyone about to drop $35-60K on a used car is aware of the market value. EV-CPO.com is not a secret, I don't know why people feel compelled to use it for comps between Used...
  27. BoerumHill

    TMC has a VERY real problem with the Marketplace!

    IME the thread you linked is the exception, not the rule. However, that particular poster and his multiple threads *(for the same car) should have been deleted due to excessive bumping. If folks want to overprice their vehicles, that's their prerogative. But excessive bumps are unnecessary - the...
  28. BoerumHill

    SpaceX Prepared for 'Most Difficult Launch Ever' - STP-2 FH launch

    24 different payloads into three different orbits, resulting in multiple re-lights of the Merlin 1D engine powering the rocket's second stage.
  29. BoerumHill

    Here She Is Raven Models Performance +l Ppf

    Noice! Thanks for sharing.
  30. BoerumHill

    Any Way To Play Beach Buggy 2 With A Game Controller (afraid For Tire Wear)

    You can connect PS4 or Xbox controllers to the car for better gameplay.
  31. BoerumHill

    Not Available P85DL Loaded

    Which is why it’s especially egregious you left out the GREATER THAN sign from his user name.
  32. BoerumHill

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    For which his route planning took all of 5 seconds plus loading time. Punched in his Santa Monica address & left TriBeCa, Supercharger route was completed before he reached the West Side highway.
  33. BoerumHill

    Elon: "Already testing traffic lights, stop signs & roundabouts"

    Expect to be asked if you’re a short ;)
  34. BoerumHill

    Any 2017 Owners Think The New Fsd Pricing Is Unfair?

    Likely no. But if you lacked the foreknowledge in 2017 to predict what might happen, not sure why you feel Tesla should be expected to be clairvoyant. In your post you said “I understand that prices change.” As others have noted, you had an opportunity to buy it for $2K earlier this year...
  35. BoerumHill

    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    I don’t want to clutter up for sale threads, but WOW! are we seeing a lot of overpriced used Tesla’s of late. Just me?
  36. BoerumHill

    Study: Tesla Model S Holds Value Over 2x Better Than Average Gas Car

    3.6 not great not terrible
  37. BoerumHill

    Will The 2020 Roadster Have Some Form Of Sound?

    I don’t understand the poll. Do I want Tesla to comply with the federal mandate? Yes. Is it a good idea? Opinions vary.
  38. BoerumHill

    New Tesla Owner

    Congrats! & welcome aboard. You’ll have plenty of options for the trip home. Enjoy the drive! Be sure to check out the Midwest/Great Lakes forum. Lots of good info & fellow Michiganders.
  39. BoerumHill

    Please Tell Me This Isn’t Normal

    Don’t be afraid to reboot while you’re driving down the road. Won’t affect anything other than the binnacle and the center screen will go dark momentarily. No need to wait until you’ve stopped if you’ve got a half dozen gremlins you’re trying to contend with. I’ll let a Raven owner judge...
  40. BoerumHill

    How Can I Politely Decline Speaking To Strangers About My Car?

    Are you trying to manipulate me by complimenting my car? Did you just objectify my EV? Dude, it’s two thousand nineteen. <struts away defiantly>
  41. BoerumHill

    I3 Road Rage.

    ETA: post #11 I intended to type & did [not] cut him off - oops!
  42. BoerumHill

    Service in Michigan

    Thanks - I’ve been in NYC since 1999 but from Grand Haven; may move back in 2021-22, so was just curious how folks in the mitten are making ir work.
  43. BoerumHill

    Service in Michigan

    Any west Michigan owners? Do you call Highland Park or another Chicago area SC?
  44. BoerumHill

    I3 Road Rage.

    Depth perception is difficult to judge on the side cam but it sure looked like you signaled for several seconds & did cut him off (though he might have had to come off his set cruise speed briefly...not totally clear.) REGARDLESS, his actions were pretty extra, break checking you twice and THEN...
  45. BoerumHill

    Yeah, I Bought A Digital License Plate.....sigh.....

    Step 2 after theft = jailbreak the iPhone (or more likely sell then JB becomes Step 3.) At least that’s what NYPD informed me after mine was stolen. This digital license plate actually seems like it will be a good idea at some point, they accomplish several things through it - but it’s not...
  46. BoerumHill

    Yeah, I Bought A Digital License Plate.....sigh.....

    So kind of like findmyiPhone - Step 1 after theft = turn off phone.

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