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    Supercharger - Jonesboro, AR

    The one on the other end of the state, Van Buren, is also a six stall. It's very limited for space.
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    First Road Trip

    There are a few people on this forum and other places I go to talk about EVs that profess it isn't worthwhile to recharge the car at overnight stops when there are Superchargers available. I find it HIGHLY beneficial. It often eliminates two Supercharger stops which could be as much as an hour...
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    Is my P85D battery toast now?

    What percentage was the battery when it showed 66 miles of range? What kw rate of charge was it getting? Was the air-conditioner running? We are missing a lot of information. It very easily could have been on a low power outlet while also running a lot of accessories. That would make the...
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    Level three charging?

    In North America an adapter is required. "30 mile round trip out of the way both going and coming" -- this doesn't make sense. Are you saying it's 30 miles for the entire trip, or 30 miles one way? A level two charger in the park would be preferred. Charging the vehicle overnight at your...
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    We've been waiting over a year for Tesla to sell it in the US. What makes you think it'll be available in the next few months? I have no need for it but I still want one. I'm waiting for it to be sold here before I purchase.
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    EV Charging Signage @ Interstate Exits

    You don't need a smartphone - the car has its own map and GPS.
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    EV Charging Signage @ Interstate Exits

    I've already seen them in some places. The ones I've seen look like a fuel pump with "EV" written on them.
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    Sentry Mode Overloaded?

    The sentry software is notoriously bad. Your experiences are not unique and your solution is probably the best for now. I don't understand why they can't make it better it's just a video player.
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I have a model Y long range and I have charged it to 100% probably a dozen times in 45,000 miles. I don't think any of those were ever even necessary. It just psychologically felt good to have that extra little bit of range.
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    L1 charging at a hotel

    It seems like there was a big push for installation in 2021, but maybe tapering off now - at least in the areas I was looking. It's great there are so many options though.
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    L1 charging at a hotel

    At a minimum it allows you to run Sentry mode which can be nice in a public area.
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    L1 charging at a hotel

    I've used a few. Usually in parking garages. Be careful to not create a tripping hazard with your cord.
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    Kilowatts hour?

    Should it be RPMs or RsPM ?
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    Supercharger - Jonesboro, AR

  15. L

    No sound from turn signal

    Interesting story.
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    Supercharger - Jonesboro, AR

    That seems like a super weird location to put a Supercharger site. It's pretty far from restaurants or even primary routes through town. Regardless of geographic positioning, they've definitely done a lot of Supercharger sites at gas stations, some of which really seem like they had to be...
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    Craters of the Moon, ID in a Model 3 Performance

    The car knows about elevation, too, and the weight is less of an issue than most think. I've found that for my MYLR, the car is always closer to accurate than ABRP. That could be my ABRP settings. But if your spread is 9 to 27, you'd have to abuse the throttle to end up short. It's really a...
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    Ohio model y range

    Is there some kind of energy vortex in Ohio that makes it different from other regions? I've put nearly 44K miles on my 2020 Model Y LR that I took ownership of at the beginning of August 2020. We've done a LOT of high speed interstate miles, and now I am doing more medium speed highway and low...
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    Regenerative Braking, How Much Does it Actually Do?

    I've put 150,000 miles on a non-ev car and didn't need to replace the brakes. Just don't drive like a dumbass and everything will be fine.
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    Regenerative Braking, How Much Does it Actually Do?

    My argument on that is, I don't necessarily want regen anyway when I can't coast. Driving around town, using brakes to stop, I'm never far from home. Who cares how efficient it is. But on the highway where I'm trying to cover many miles I want no regen so that I can coast at slowdowns and...
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    ICE-er at Biltmore Park, Asheville SC

    https://www.plugshare.com/location/344911 According to these pictures you are correct. But if there are charging stalls available I wouldn't worry about it too much. No sense picking fights until you've got the numbers to win the battle.
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    ICE-er at Biltmore Park, Asheville SC

    The most common one I see is 30 minute general parking.
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    ICE-er at Biltmore Park, Asheville SC

    It's not like disabled parking. Not all Supercharger locations have exclusive rights to the parking spaces. What do the signs at that location say? Were there additional spaces available?
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    Door bottle pockets - Needs holders

    I think so. And I drive like a hooligan when I'm not road tripping.
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    Can you drive I80 all the way across the US with a M3P with tesla chargers?

    ABRP: Or if you prefer: Go to your car. Enter the destination. Watch it draw a pretty map. There is no discussion. The car figures it out for you. Asking on the internet doesn't change the answer.
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    Door bottle pockets - Needs holders

    Have you seen these? https://shop.teslarati.com/products/tesla-model-y-door-storage-organizers?_pos=2&_sid=0a124a85d&_ss=r I have them in all my Model Y doors and they're pretty good.
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    Supercharger - Jonesboro, AR

    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for the recon work.
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    Better resale value: Model 3 LR or Performance?

    I believe the delivery time on Performance models is quicker so people are probably less likely to pay more for a used one of those if they can get it delivered new in a reasonable amount of time. The Long Range and Standard Range models have longer delivery times and people are probably willing...
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    2022- Adjust Charge port door

    It's somewhat difficult to tell from just one picture but it appears the top corner is lower than the tail light housing. Is that correct? You could try putting some thin rubber sticky bumpers in there. It might trigger an interference sensor when trying to close, though. Might be worth a shot...
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    I don't care about non-EVs anymore

    I believe I've discovered your problem. ;)
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    I don't care about non-EVs anymore

    I don't understand why no one has made a minivan EV. It seems like an ideal platform.
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    Charging Cable Temperature

    I used my questionably accurate infrared laser thermometer today to check temperatures on my mobile connector plugged into a 240V 50A circuit with the car drawing 32A for a little over two hours. Cable: apx 97 Mobile Connector Box: apx 102 Outlet: apx 97 Conduit: apx 95 Circuit Breaker: apx 95...
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    Hello from South Florida

    Is that so you can outrun the gators?
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    I don't care about non-EVs anymore

    In 2008 I owned a Honda S2000 and purchased a new Jeep Wrangler. At that moment I said to my wife, "This is the last internal combustion vehicle I intend to buy." And I held to it. We sold the S2000 and Wrangler and in 2020 bought a Model Y (turns out in the interim I bought a sailboat with...
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    Supercharger - Jonesboro, AR

    There isn't a permit on the April permit list for Jonesboro. Where did you get this info? https://www.jonesboro.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/320
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    Charging question...

    Are you unable to plug it in where you will be leaving it?
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    Supercharger - Jonesboro, AR

    I do but not that I'm comfortable asking to go look at an empty parking lot :D
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    Hanging supercharger cable when supercharger still working

    They could make the data only become present when you are within a couple minutes of completing a route to the location using in-car navigation. A perk of owning a Tesla and using Superchargers which non-Teslas wouldn't get, and which Teslas wouldn't get using non-Supercharger DC fast charging.
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    Supercharger - Jonesboro, AR

    I'd love to! Except I'd need a supercharger in Jonesboro to make the trip ;) Joking - I'll see what I can come up with. No promises.
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    Hanging supercharger cable when supercharger still working

    And it would be so easy to add that status indicator on the car's screen.
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    Supercharger - Jonesboro, AR

    Well I'm freaking excited. I'M FREAKING EXCITED. Location seems odd, but most of them in Arkansas are pretty odd.
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    Hanging supercharger cable when supercharger still working

    People are selfish buttheads. I think your suspicions are bang-on. I actually had the exact opposite experience a while back. I was at a V2 location by myself and I parked in 1B, hoping to visibly encourage people to not park in 1A but rather further down and not share power. A guy rolls up and...
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    California Supercharging cost goes up by 20%

    They have enabled and disabled features before. Radar is an example. Different levels of regen is another. They could disabled CCS charging whenever they want to in order to force millions of customers to use their charging locations. I'm not saying they would, but they most certainly could...
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    Model Y Long Distance uphill driving

    ABRP has a pretty big buffer and says if you leave with 100% you'll arrive with 15%. I think you're good to go. But it's definitely worth putting in the destination while you're sitting at home and seeing what it estimates. Bear in mind all these calculations are based on zero wind and...
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    Load fan at end of charge

    That's normal - the system is managing its temperature. And the word is spelled "loud". :)
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    Home made jack stands

    Simple and efficient. I like it.
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    Beginning of the end - at least in my mind

    If charging stations were like gas stations instead of parking lots it wouldn't matter where the charge port was on the car and the cable wouldn't need to be any longer than Supercharger cables. There's just this mindset that EV charging is to be done in parking spaces. There are a lot of...
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    At Home Charging costs vs. Superchargers

    I thought I was doing well with $0.065/kWh!
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    ABRP Crapping Out on Trip

    That's how long it takes to load a route, so he's waiting one way or another.

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