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  1. ACarneiro

    Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    Interesting. This screenshot from their FAQs seems to suggest that you can’t have more than 1 EV, hence my earlier interpretation. Anyway, it’s a very interesting tariff and I’ll definitely consider it if they fix the car-awake bug thing…
  2. ACarneiro

    Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    I’m not sure the FAQ is correct with regards to a second car. IO expressly stops you from signing up if you state that you have second electric vehicle, so I believe charging a second EV at cheap rate is against their T&Cs. You may want to double check that, but I think I’m not wrong.
  3. ACarneiro

    Octopus intelligent tariff

    Not sure I understand the question. If you join Go or Intelligent they won’t change your tariff for the 12 month contract.
  4. ACarneiro

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    What is it about camp mode that you don’t like? Seems pretty decent for what it’s meant to do. :)
  5. ACarneiro

    Intelligent Octopus

    That is correct. From 23:30 to 05:30, to be precise.
  6. ACarneiro

    Track day in in a P-?

    I suppose anything is good enough for “a bit of fun”? :)
  7. ACarneiro

    Intelligent Octopus

    EDF Go electric is, I believe, cheaper (and 2 years fixed) but it’s a dual fuel tariff with shocking gas rates and carries a hefty early exit fee.
  8. ACarneiro

    Overstaying at a charger

    I wouldn’t want someone to unplug my car mid-charge but I don’t think any reasonable person would object to you doing it after their charge is complete…
  9. ACarneiro

    Random delay when charging - New 2022 charge point regs now in force

    Another options is to stagger “cheap o’clock” as per Go Faster. Everyone doesn’t have to start charging their cars at 00:30.
  10. ACarneiro

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    Interesting. I have a 2019, pre heat pump model so I suspect my car is a lot quieter. I agree on the HVAC settings: I always set my fan speed to 1 and temperature to 18 and that seems to keep the car at a reasonable sleeping temperature except for the far end of the boot where my feet are. So...
  11. ACarneiro

    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    I have better things to do with my life, if I’m honest. That’s for Tesla to figure out. If other want to investigate, more power to them.
  12. ACarneiro

    Messed around by Octopus for 3 years - advice welcome

    Completely managed to miss any of that… :)
  13. ACarneiro

    Messed around by Octopus for 3 years - advice welcome

    There's something fishy going on with Smart meters at the moment, I think. My gas is with EDF (got moved to them when my previous supplier went bust). They were offering to install a Gas Smart meter, but now their website says "We'll let you know as soon as the energy industry has managed to...
  14. ACarneiro

    Battery to charge the battery

    Make sure it's parked outside the Officers Mess and then it might have an effect ;)
  15. ACarneiro

    Battery to charge the battery

    If you ever worked for the MOD you’d find out what a bunch of reactionary morons they can be. They do sometimes make bafflingly stupid decisions, many times out of ignorance, many times out of laziness. Change is hard. Makes you wonder sometimes who managed to persuade them to use these...
  16. ACarneiro

    Smart meter how long without electricity

    Ah, good point. I assumed most people would be able to just pull a circuit from their board as luckily was the case with me (my house being a new build). I do now remember many posts on here where that was not the case. Thank you for reminding me and welcome back, I’ve missed your superbly...
  17. ACarneiro

    Smart meter how long without electricity

    So a pretty niche gain, then. Thank you, was wondering if I’d missed something :)
  18. ACarneiro

    Smart meter how long without electricity

    I could never quite get the point of the isolation switch. Does it not just simply do what the master breaker does in your consumer board? What actually do you gain by having one fitted?
  19. ACarneiro

    Navigation caused me to get a fine

    Same thing happened to me. Ultimately, it’s my responsibility to ensure that I am driving where I’m allowed to. Granted I have been misled by Navigation whilst driving in an unknown area but I felt that I had no grounds to appeal the fine and just paid up. Served as a reminder to me to pay more...
  20. ACarneiro

    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    You’re a lucky one. In my experience, phantom braking has indeed decreased over the last couple of years but it is still very much “a thing”. Also, it’s “a thing” that I never ever experienced in my previous VW group cars. I am also unimpressed with AP, although I still think my M3 is by far the...
  21. ACarneiro

    Shockingly Reasonable EV article

    Seems like an overly simplistic and barely researched article. Any school child could have written that.
  22. ACarneiro

    Unpaid supercharging session

    They might do some sort of housekeeping overnight but all my charges were settled pretty much instantly whenever I’ve Supercharged…
  23. ACarneiro

    Unpaid supercharging session

    They only restrict supercharger access if there are unpaid fees. I have never noticed or heard of TACC or AP being restricted due to unpaid supercharger fees.
  24. ACarneiro

    Auto recirculation mode (Pollution control?)

    I wish I could think you’re joking…
  25. ACarneiro

    first time at an campsite electric pitch

    Perhaps, although even a “entry level” three phase supply should cope with 20+ cars charging simultaneously on a granny charger. Maybe it won’t be as much of a problem if the site operators stipulate, for instance, charging only after something like 22:00 or something like that?
  26. ACarneiro

    Octopus Tesla Energy Plan

    Intelligent Octopus is very interesting indeed but I’m holding off until they fix the bugs with the App.
  27. ACarneiro

    When to renew Octopus Go

    It seems very inconsistent who gets the lucky renewal…. Wish I’d been one of the lucky ones, but 8.25p is still a VERY good deal and as I have Powerwalls I can shift over 95% of my usage to that rate. I certainly can’t complain.
  28. ACarneiro

    When to renew Octopus Go

    No, it was the 7th. 6th of May is the last day I have any data…
  29. ACarneiro

    When to renew Octopus Go

    My electricity smart meter just stopped sending data a few weeks ago. Out of the blue. Lost its WAN connection, apparently. I am not impressed.
  30. ACarneiro

    prevent access to wall charger

    They paid you? How much, if I may ask?
  31. ACarneiro

    When to renew Octopus Go

    I had the dreaded email saying my tariff was coming to an end and I could continue on Go Faster…. at the new rate of 8.25/35.05 with 47.86 (!) standing charge. It would seem that they’ve unfortunately fixed their backend systems and I got landed with a 50% increase in my cheap rate. Oh, well 🤷🏻‍♂️
  32. ACarneiro

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Hmmmm….. maybe I should start expecting my MYP in 2023, then…
  33. ACarneiro

    Berlin made cars

    Is rather avoid buying a car made in China for many reasons. Hoping for a MIG MYP later in the year… 🤞🏻
  34. ACarneiro

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Taylor Wimpey wouldn’t let me touch the house or make any changes during the build (even though I bought it off plan) so it will always have to be a retrofit even though it’s a new home. Very frustrating.
  35. ACarneiro

    Model 3 inductive charging.......

    Seems like a lot of effort, cost and potential risk for a modest level of convenience. I tend to be an early adopter but this one is filed under the “meh” category for me…
  36. ACarneiro

    Flashing red light on charger

    Can you have access to a volt meter and check your voltage at any plug socket in your home?
  37. ACarneiro

    Electric car rapid charging costs soar, says RAC

    We did fall for the clickbait, didn't we? ;)
  38. ACarneiro

    Salary sacrifice Advice Appreciated

    It's not just that there is no upside for pension, it's that it becomes punitive from a taxation point of view and many people are either cutting hours down or downright retiring to avoid being stung by huge tax bills. It all seems a tad bonkers, but nothing surprises me anymore.
  39. ACarneiro

    Electric car rapid charging costs soar, says RAC

    Yes, it may be that the others have hedged better on the energy markets. But the point is that Instavolt's higher prices are unlikely to represent a large markup. More likely to be, as you alluded, worse deals being struck with energy providers.
  40. ACarneiro

    Electric car rapid charging costs soar, says RAC

    I wouldn't be so sure. As I understand it, commercial supplies are not subject to the energy price cap so it wouldn't surprise me if they were paying not much less than that per kWh (bearing in mind how high domestic prices are now and still likely to increase further in October).
  41. ACarneiro

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Ah, yes. The Lesser Spotted Powerwall 3…. Mythical creature, that one. ;)
  42. ACarneiro

    What car awards: Model 3 #1 but model Y #10

    Whilst I agree with your general sentiment and am relieved to hear of your good experience…. surely a drag race in an unmodified EV is not overly taxing on the structure and power train, and is unlikely to account for squeals and rattles?
  43. ACarneiro

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    It seems incredibly stupid and shortsighted that the DNO can decide what you do in your own home. Fair enough to set export limits and ensure the equipment installed will stick to them but surely what happens from the meter onwards is none of their business?
  44. ACarneiro

    MYP UK Waiting Room

    Well, the website does say “late 2022”… Im Betting (hoping) on MIB.
  45. ACarneiro

    Energy Tariff - change or hold?

    Intelligent is indeed an option but my perception is that it’s currently a VERY beta product with quite a few quirks and there are some issues with the cars going to “sleep” when it’s enabled. I’m watching developments with great interest but sticking with Go Faster for the time being.
  46. ACarneiro

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    Oooh, did not know that! Thank you! 🙂
  47. ACarneiro

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    Paywall, unfortunately…
  48. ACarneiro

    Changing electricity supplier

    What the hell is “Alimunium”?
  49. ACarneiro

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    That’s interesting, I never got anything…
  50. ACarneiro

    PCN in electric car bay

    Hahahaha! Must have missed that gem. I believe my point stands that if you finish your charge and overstay a while then it’s just a feature of the way the system works and you had the intended benefit. If you plugged in and eventually prevented someone else from doing so and you never charged...

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