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  1. Electric700

    Model S Plaid Delivered Early!

    Congrats :cool:! I hope everything is now in order with it.
  2. Electric700

    Polestar 2 Test Drive

    Thank you, good to know. It wasn't clear to me from Tesla's Model X page about that.
  3. Electric700

    Polestar 2 Test Drive

    Thanks for the write-up. I know that some (or all) Model X vehicles have air suspension. This will give you a more comfortable ride. Does anyone know if the 2022 Model X has air suspension standard?
  4. Electric700

    Battery Failures

    They are working on or have launched million+ mile next generation batteries. Given the volume of cars they are producing and the competition, longer lasting batteries are better for the business as well as customer satisfaction and the environment. In 2019 they said that for the Model 3, the...
  5. Electric700

    Is my P85D battery toast now?

    Is it covered under warranty? Did the car stay at 68 miles of range or fully charge (to 250+ miles of range)? If you need to get the main li-ion battery fixed, I recommend that you ask for a low cost Tesla repair option (or free if it's under warranty). These third-party companies can help also...
  6. Electric700

    Install Day!

    Congrats TBrownTX! I hope the system is working well. Solar and EVs go so well together :cool:. You can easily have consecutive weeks of $0 to run your EV when you charge from a wind or solar-enabled house! Thank you for posting.
  7. Electric700

    BMS error disappeared after update

    Is your car connected to WiFi (even through your phone)? If not, you can do that and get the latest update through the Software sub-menu. After trying those steps and if a software update isn't available, try doing a full restart by putting your foot on the brake and holding the left and right...
  8. Electric700

    FSD Road Hazard Alert and Avoidance

    I think it's a critical feature to have FSD alert and be able to slow down and avoid (when enabled in the settings): 1. Pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists 2. Small and large wildlife 3. Plants and trees 4. Poles 5. Construction equipment and the related signs 6. Any stopped vehicle 7...
  9. Electric700

    2021 Refreshed Model S - steering wheel yolk material peeling off?

    No! If you like gas-powered cars, there are other brands that still make those. I truly believe that EVs are the better choice as a daily driver though, for many reasons. Tesla did have a leather option but a few years back, switched away from that or to faux-leather surfaces. I do support that...
  10. Electric700

    Results from the "350 kW" / 500A DCFC session is finally here!

    Thank you, glad to see we have a CCS adapter now for our Tesla vehicles here in the USA. Also it's good that it supports a relatively fast charging speed!
  11. Electric700

    Model S 2014 battery cell failure

    Sorry to see that. I am curious to know, did you only charge to 90% maximum usually? I think you should ask for a low cost Tesla repair option. If you can ship it, then one of these third-party companies can help also: www.recell-ev.com www.057tech.com www.grubermotors.com...
  12. Electric700

    Satellite images display black boxes

    You can submit a request through the Tesla app for them to review. You should include some locations you are seeing those black boxes at.
  13. Electric700

    HV battery on older S gradual loss or unexpected failure

    Could something have happened at the Tesla Service Center? You said that you had a full 200 miles of range when you gave it to them. This looks like something they should fix for you for free. You can also ask for a low cost Tesla main battery repair option. These third-party companies can help...
  14. Electric700

    Model S Battery affected by collision

    OP, sorry that happened...definitely not fun to go through. Your Model S is probably worth at least $70,000 since it's a 2021 model. If the battery fully checks out then the repairs could come to a fraction of the $70k+ sale cost. The repair place / insurance needs to do the full analysis to see...
  15. Electric700

    Elon Musk

    On Elon's possible relationship with the flight attendant, may be the arrangement she got was stipulated in her contract. In his position though I think it's better to seek relationships outside of any of his companies or projects. In general, it's probably best to not mix business and...
  16. Electric700

    How are we supposed to get est range @ 90% 100% etc. now?

    You can open up a service request in the Tesla app and share your feedback, or add it to your next service visit as one of the items. Please mention also that it worked in a previous version of the app.
  17. Electric700

    Maximum battery charge level reduced

    I hope far more than 100k miles. They have been working on the million mile main battery, so may be some of those improvements are there for you. At least 500k miles would be much better.
  18. Electric700

    Car died and SC say must replace battery out of warranty

    These third-party companies can help and should be able to resolve main battery Tesla issues for close to or less than $5k: www.recell-ev.com www.057tech.com www.grubermotors.com Did you try any of these? I have seen Tesla offer refurbished main batteries for about $10k too. The other option...
  19. Electric700

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    Wow, that is excellent! If you were normally charging to 90% before, try charging to 80% now just in case. I think you should report the behavior to Tesla after a few days if the problem doesn't recur...it might just be software. If you have trouble again, these third-party companies can help...
  20. Electric700

    Keeping my Model S as she ages

    These third-party companies can help and should be able to resolve main battery Tesla issues for close to or less than $5k: www.recell-ev.com www.057tech.com www.grubermotors.com www.electrifiedgarage.com
  21. Electric700

    R&R air suspension, now light knocking/rattle from front on P85

    Did you try this? If not I recommend that you do. May be the new air suspension components are faulty somehow. Sorry you're going through all this but if they are faulty, you should get a refund on the new ones.
  22. Electric700

    MCU_w029 error - battery imbalance

    Oh no, that’s a pretty high cost! What about one of the options below? The first two offer warranties. www.recell-ev.com www.057tech.com www.grubermotors.com www.electrifiedgarage.com
  23. Electric700

    Contacting Tesla about my car's constant need for repairs

    I have had a good experience from Tesla customer service but remember, the Model S was only about two years into production back in 2014. So I expect the 2022 version to be much more reliable. There are third party companies that can help cover costs (see below). Endurance looks like a good...
  24. Electric700

    Model s 2019 LR battery failure

    Looks like a good business to get into outside of the USA. If no alternative is available there yet, I have seen remanufactured main packs offered by Tesla for approximately $10k USD with a warranty included.
  25. Electric700

    2018 Model S 100D High Voltage Battery Pack Replacement

    Sorry to see that happened. I've seen this come up though. Yours should be fully under warranty. Tesla frequently provides a free Tesla loaner for these situations. We Tesla owners should push for more reliable vehicles, and I'd like to see the million-mile main battery they talked about...
  26. Electric700

    Model s 2019 LR battery failure

    Don't be worried. By then Tesla will probably have a very low-cost repair option (hopefully less than $1,000). Tesla has or will launch their million-mile battery pack. Plus there are a growing number of alternatives for main battery repair, such as these: www.recell-ev.com www.057tech.com...
  27. Electric700

    MCU_w029 error - battery imbalance

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry to see that happened. We've been seeing a few people brand new to the forum and they post a similar issue, then are never heard from again / never post, which is really strange (not even a quick update, like their car is fixed). It makes me wonder if these cases are...
  28. Electric700

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    Just some additional information: I hydroplaned twice with my RWD Model S in the past two years. My tires were fine though because Tesla checked them after I let them know what happened. My car got some software updates since then and the hydroplaning issue had not occurred after that. I hope it...
  29. Electric700

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    Brett11, please report to Tesla at least the hydroplaning problem. I encountered a scary situation like that in my RWD Model S. Nothing like that thankfully in my AWD Model Y though. If Tesla has a problem with the vehicle stability control and traction control, they need to know about it...
  30. Electric700

    2nd HV battery replacement?

    Sorry to see that happened, but I think you should ask for a free replacement since you just had it replaced about three years ago. If not then you can request a low cost Tesla repair option. These third-party companies can help too: www.recell-ev.com www.057tech.com www.grubermotors.com...
  31. Electric700

    Zero battery indicated all of sudden

    It's interesting that the OP's account is new with exactly one post in almost a full month. I'm seeing other new threads like this here too. With a problem that severe, you'd think there would be more updates from the OP right? Which Tesla location are you working with Daybreaq?
  32. Electric700

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    Mora, which Tesla service center have you been communicating with on this?
  33. Electric700

    Hv battery replacement

    Hold off on the main battery replacement and see how everything works after the 12 V and pump replacement are done. Ask them to fully restart the car and see if any messages come up. If they do, can you ask them to send pictures and then post those along with a portion of your VIN (you don't...
  34. Electric700

    Zero battery indicated all of sudden

    I still haven't seen an update on the protection circuitry status from the OP. Is there an update on that (will they repair / replace it as part of the main battery replacement)? Also, any more information about what happened at the Supercharger?
  35. Electric700

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    Also if the error does disappear, try charging only to 80%. Tesla has a refurbished battery option that's close to $10k (unless they now hopefully have a newer option at a lower cost) but there are also these alternatives in the $5k range: www.recell-ev.com www.057tech.com...
  36. Electric700

    Thoughts after test driving Ioniq 5 from a Model 3 LR owner...

    It has a different look and I could get used to it. The big points for me are that it's 100% electric, has AWD and a solar panel option in some markets. I hope they make the solar panel option available everywhere. For me there would regularly be opportunities for the car to be outside, exposed...
  37. Electric700

    Tesla model S 2016 battery doesn't heat error

    If it's under warranty, Tesla should be able to help you. If not, can you check the connections? Also I think there are fuses for different components, but I am not sure where the fuse access panel is. May be try reaching out to wk057 on here: wk057
  38. Electric700

    Recalled UMC Adapter

    If it's recalled, definitely I think they should help you with that for free...it's required for any company that has a recall. Just schedule an appointment with the Tesla app and mention the recalled part.
  39. Electric700

    2014 Model S won't charge

    It's out of warranty right? If it is covered, Tesla should be able to help you with the battery / charging components. Are you sure that the polarity is correct for the fuses? Make sure that there are good electrical connections and definitely recheck everything you touched. Try reseating the...
  40. Electric700

    Help please

    Register on the Tesla app as soon as you get the car. Once you do, you can associate a credit card. Using the center screen navigation, you can enter the destination...Superchargers should be automatically selected for your route. Congratulations, and safe travels!
  41. Electric700

    1 week review (M3LR).

    Please report to Tesla what happened on the curve along with the location and direction you were traveling. You can do this through the Tesla app. Glad you are all right though!
  42. Electric700

    MYLR vs Mach-e vs RAV4 Prime

    Keep your foot ready on the accelerator to override it just in case. I think Tesla will have the phantom braking problem solved soon (I hope). These systems on any car / brand may have issues. You are the backup and need to always be alert. Considering this, the Model Y to me is a smart...
  43. Electric700

    Sudden windshield fog up. Is there a fix?

    I think this should be reported to Tesla through the app. It happened to me once very quickly, probably in well under a minute. The window became very difficult to see through and thankfully turning on the front windshield defrost feature helped clear it back up. Something probably needs to be...
  44. Electric700

    Recell: certified replacement battery packs for low-range/bricked Model S

    This looks like a really good option, thanks for posting! I had not heard of them until I saw your post.
  45. Electric700

    MYLR vs Mach-e vs RAV4 Prime

    If I were you I'd get the Model Y instead of the Toyota Rav4 Prime. Tesla may be able to get your order delivered early. There are a lot of benefits going 100% EV, including not having to worry about gasoline engine maintenance.
  46. Electric700

    Car Unable to Charge

    Temour, you already have some responses in the other thread here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/onboard-charger%E2%80%99s-fuse-not-blown.258790/
  47. Electric700

    Onboard charger’s fuse NOT blown

    Here are some other options you can try first: 1. Clean the charging port and connector. Make sure there is a good electrical connection. 2. Try lowering the current by 5 - 10 A in the car. 3. Ask Tesla to investigate. 4. Replace the temperature sensor (for safety reasons, it is better to...
  48. Electric700

    2014 model s 60 vehicle shutdown

    Any update Keith? Was it hopefully a quick fix?
  49. Electric700

    Picked up my 2018 Tesla S last night

    Congratulations and enjoy!
  50. Electric700

    I need to replace my tires on my Model Y. I live in Florida and my main concern that the tires are quiet. Very little road noise. Any suggestions?

    You can also ask Tesla. If you go with a third party installer, check the reviews and ask to make sure they are familiar with Teslas and have rubber pads for the jack points. If they don't, you can get rubber hockey pucks (or similar). You'll want to do an alignment / balance after the...

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