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    Garage Flooring Tiles - Video + Photos

    Thanks for the reply. I have a 30 foot long 24 foot wide building and I'm thinking about doing this
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    F150 L truck 131kwh battery for $52k

    Ford CEO has stated the first generation of electric vehicles will not be profitable. Though Ford is currently embarking on a major electrification pivot, the automaker isn’t planning on ditching ICE-powered vehicles just yet. In fact, Ford’s EV plan is currently focused on its “icons” and...
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    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Are you planning on any wintertime towing? I'm curious about winter consumption while towing?
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    It will be really bad if this were to happen when there are thousands of these cars on the road
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    Do these vehicles have remote operators that can prevent this sort thing from happening?
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    F150 L truck 131kwh battery for $52k

    Ford is most likely going to sell the Fleet Truck at a loss. Then as they sell just as many as the ICE F150 versions to fleets the price may go up. Just my opinion
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    "Speed limited to 90mph" and other issues and Tesla keeps pushing back repair appointments

    How does the side repeater camera prevent the car from going faster when you push the throttle down?
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    A tax on Lithium

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    Cyber truck

    If Ford can build the lightening with 230 range for 39k Tesla should be able to build a 300 mile Cybertruck for 50K. The new batteries are supposed to be cheaper
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    Model S Plaid hits OVER 200mph for first time EVER

    Expensive car to void the warranty
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    Mobility Scooter Lift Electrical Hookup

    I think the Model Y can only support a vertical load of around 160 lb
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    Passenger vehicles Cars and Pickups towing trailers operating at level 4 autonomy. Right now GM claims level 2 hands free driving. They also state supercruise will also work while towing a trailer. So hands free while towing.
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    Is Wayfair going to use autonomous trucks to transport goods between warehouses? Maybe even customer deliveries. Would they travel from state to state?
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    Passenger vehicle L4 while towing a trailer
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    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Whether it's Lithium, precious metals or oil we have to mine for the stuff in this country. We can't rely on foreign countries for everything. Russia is selling it's oil to China and India. China dominates in materials refinement and battery production. “It refines 60% of the world's lithium...
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    Tesla Semi Delivers Pre-fab Superchargers to Latina Seca Raceway

    Drive there race your car. Then charge and drive home
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    So GM Supercruise is level 2 hands free https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/6/22712566/gm-ultra-cruise-adas-hands-free-driving
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    I would enjoy riding in a self driving car when I don't feel like driving. 99% of the time I enjoy driving. The cost would have to be well under a dollar per mile, I'm .not paying 70 dollars or more for a Home Depot round trip. Or 50 bucks for a round trip to Kroger.
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    GM Supercruise says it can operate on 200,000 miles of road. That only about 5% of roads SuperCruise mapped roads
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    Rooftop Tents

    You could get something like this and leave the hatch open with A/C https://www.campingworld.com/napier-sportz-suv-tent-model-82000-56490.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=%7bCampaign%7d&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvaTwpfLQ-AIVyhXUAR1tqwoZEAQYECABEgL42PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
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    Should battery packs be removed from Salvage Teslas

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    Would magnets in the road collect metal debris? So how long before urban areas in every state will have robotaxis? Will urban areas that have very little public transit or even no public transit get robotaxis?
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    So carports and driveways are out
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    Flat tire Nightmare

    Isn't Tesla building a service center in Louisville
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    Thoughts on Yoke from Plaid owner

    There is no steering shaft in the Lexus?
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    Not So Good Experience on S Plaid

    Are you getting reimbursed from Tesla for the rental? If so make them pay for your rental back to NYC, Keep it until your car is fixed.
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    So what happens when you need an extra 200,000 or more cars at once? Cat 4 Hurricane headed toward Louisiana and Mississippi. You need to evacuate 3 million people.
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    Garage Flooring Tiles - Video + Photos

    Does the flooring hold up well to floor jacks and jackstands? Is it solvent resistant? Is it as easy to roll stuff around the garage as a concrete floor is
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    Tesla Megachargers arrive at Frito-Lay facility ahead of January Semi deliveries

    Have these chargers been tested in extreme cold? Does it take longer to charge the semi in cold weather? Say the driver is getting back on the road and is going to charge up but it's 15 degrees below zero and the batteries are cold
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    Thoughts on Yoke from Plaid owner

    The car is just not for him. It happens.
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    What the heck is in my paint?

    Looks like some dirt got onto the seam sealer then the car was painted
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    European truck makers are getting infrastructure ready for long-distance electric trucking.

    Pretty cool Can It handle charging 4 to 5 trucks at a time? I just don't it would be practical to have to download a semi trailer to be able to charge the truck
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    Cybertruck - capacitive switches on yoke

    You can customize these other trucks to wants/needs. You put different wheels on a Tesla they won't even work on your brakes. Someone with a Cybertruck comes in with a winch and a camper in the bed. Sorry we won't work on it because you modified it,
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    You can still have small trailer with a heavy load and very poor aerodynamics
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    You don't transport water bladders half full. Either they are empty or full. One tie down holding that much weight
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    The Tesla Semi Order Books Are Finally Open

    When is Tesla going to deliver these trucks to customers?
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    Paint peeling in layers

    Pictures Tell them you want arbitration
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Do the drive through EA sites have enough room to maneuver a Truck towing a 24 to 38 foot trailer
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    More children have died from drug overdoses than Gun and car crashes g
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    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    My son got to drive a Lightning. He liked the interior and power. Said it is a nice truck.
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    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    Unfortunately some places that people travel through or to may never see an electric charging station
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    Elon Musk

    How many people won't buy his products anymore and sell all their stock? My bet is very few if any people will.
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    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    When I travel I see more electric vehicles in and around larger towns and cities. As I get further away from the larger towns and cities I see less of them. How long until semi rural and rural areas see just as many electric cars as people see in places like Nashville
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    European truck makers are getting infrastructure ready for long-distance electric trucking.

    What are driving rules for truck drivers in Europe? How many hours can they drive? Is it like the U S where instead or Truck drivers traveling through multiple States they travel through multiple countries?
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Doors Will Open Automatically

    Whether or not the setup on this Model Y could handle a lot snow and push snow over a berm is to be seen.
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Doors Will Open Automatically

    There is a guy who plows snow with a Model Y. He put a receiver blade on it and plows in reverse. You could always plow in reverse with the Rivian Can you plow with a Rivian Its front end will not sustain a snow plow; its 16-inch center touchscreen should not get wet and won't respond to...

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