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  1. Oceanwolf


    This ad gets my blood pressure up.
  2. Oceanwolf

    How long between inspection and PTO? [various areas]

    My problem is slightly different. Since Tesla refused to install Solar Panels due to tree shading (Last year's storm took that problem away), I used a local company to install the panels and I received my PTO in two weeks after installation (Oct 2020). I continued to pursue a powerwall...
  3. Oceanwolf

    [Cant] Request Service for Powerwall [in the app]

    I already had PTO since I got my solar panels installed before Powerwall. Tesla didn’t like my roof so they refused to install the panels, I went with a local installer. I have been using my Powerwall since May. The local inspection was done at the time. I wonder if I have PTO. My account does...
  4. Oceanwolf

    [Cant] Request Service for Powerwall [in the app]

    I wanted to change my Solar MicroInverter control frequency to 62.5Hz to fix my UPS issue. I have the latest Telsa App (4.4.4). but I don't have a Request Service option. I resolved my issue by calling the service, but it would be easier if I could just raise the ticket from the app. If I go to...
  5. Oceanwolf

    Email from Tesla - Powerwall uses 3G Cellular Please connect to Wifi or Ethernet

    :) We do care where I work. Like Tesla we have a lot of educated/engineer customers and they really tell us when we make mistake..
  6. Oceanwolf

    Connect to Wifi bothers me for the future of my system

    If I had a Gateway 1, a cell booster would not work since 3G cell service would not be available. A solution would be making the priority for Ethernet and Wi-Fi configurable.
  7. Oceanwolf

    Connect to Wifi bothers me for the future of my system

    Connect to Wi-Fi messages keep coming in for my system that was installed in May 2021. We have a cabin in the North Sierras close to Dodge Ridge area. We don’t live there the full time but spend a reasonable time when possible. Having so many trees around means the power is off sometimes 10 mins...
  8. Oceanwolf

    Oil leak after service visit

    I have a September 2016 Model X that I want to keep until cybertruck shows up, say another 3 years. Since I want to keep my car for while I decided to upgrade my MCU1 to MCU2. When I created the service appointment, service added “Reseal Area Around Both Front Upper Control Arm Ball Joints”...
  9. Oceanwolf

    Bring back SGIP discussion [ can I self apply for SGIP - Equity and Resiliency?]

    Most of the discussion about this topics belongs to 2020. I had to get my Solar System installed separately from Tesla (Tesla didn't like shading), Solar was installed in Dec 2020 and my 2 Powerwalls installed in May 2021. I was able to get my Solar installers Developer Key, but I think I need...
  10. Oceanwolf

    Discussion: Tesla Energy / Auto Customer Service

    " home may not be a good candidate for it (roof, main service panels, shading, etc)... but solar-sales-folks will push too hard on the sale" It is not always the case. Tesla Energy solar was the cheapest cost that I was able to find. When they did the shading analysis, they refused to install...
  11. Oceanwolf

    Question on layout of electrical boxes

    The first box from the left is the load panel. They pulled all of the load cables from my main panel to that panel. The middle one is the gateway, it also has the solar connection and the one on the right is the battery breakers. I think it is too big for just one breaker in it. It also houses...
  12. Oceanwolf

    Why even have batteries?

    We have the propane tank in the front yard at our cabin which became the main home during the pandemic. Other than the dryer we are all propane and no central AC. We have portable ACs for two rooms but since it is dry in the forest, the swamp cooler is magical. I don’t care about 2 powerwall’s...
  13. Oceanwolf

    Enphase Solar and Powerwall integration

    The production CTs are in the envoy box, so it is before the solar power goes to gateway. No issues with production information. My solution was to connect to the envoy using the installer app and disable the consumption CTs. I now use the enlighten app for production only to see the individual...
  14. Oceanwolf

    Enphase Solar and Powerwall integration

    I understand that the production CTs are comparing the consumption CTs on the Enphase side. Possibly I can move the consumption CTs to the cables that goes to Powerwall sub panel and make them act as grid, but the dryer was left out of the pw2 sub panel, so I will still have a issue. My current...
  15. Oceanwolf

    Enphase Solar and Powerwall integration

    Tesla refused to sell me a PV system due to the trees around my house (after the end of January storms, the trees fell all over the place including on my roof, so not an issue anymore), I had to use Enphase as my PV system. The good part, they installed my system within 3 weeks of ordering. With...
  16. Oceanwolf

    received EV -> EV2 transition letter [Discussion: CA Rate plans and PV or PV+Storage]

    True, if you are trying to get a ROI, go with a champion 3kW dual fuel inverter generator. Anyone wants mine? :) . It rans out of gas every 6 hours, can't use it at night.
  17. Oceanwolf

    received EV -> EV2 transition letter [Discussion: CA Rate plans and PV or PV+Storage]

    For me it wasn't even economics, the public safety power shutdowns are the reason. I use 13kw a day, my solar produce 26kw so I should be off the grid for a long time with my 2 PWs. Winter with snow, that is a different discussion, I can hold for a day or two after that the generator needs to...
  18. Oceanwolf

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    They did an installation today at my house. Just installed the equipment, they will do the load transfer tomorrow. It is a PW2. They told me the left-most is my new load center, middle is the GW and the right one is the Battery panel. I have 2 Powerwalls. Only the dryer will not be backed up. No...
  19. Oceanwolf

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    I have a May 12th installation, I didn't see any changes at all on my spec sheet. No communication either other than what it says on my page.
  20. Oceanwolf

    Driver seat back recalibrate

    They recalibrated my seat at the SC. It is fine now. I was not charged.
  21. Oceanwolf

    Driver seat back recalibrate

    Same here.... Following the thread.
  22. Oceanwolf

    Tire replacement time.

    Yesterday we drove 157 miles to get to our cabin with our new Nokian WR G4’s. Very quiet and amazingly great mileage. We are expecting snow next weekend, I am planning to test them in the snow going up to Dodge Ridge ski resort.
  23. Oceanwolf

    Tire replacement time.

    I have air suspension, I think it auto levels the car.
  24. Oceanwolf

    Tire replacement time.

    The tires have arrived and installed. The next day I was admiring my new tires and noticed that the rear tire had 265 on the tire wall. My first reaction was damn a...holes they ordered all of them 265. Walking around the car, I had 275s on one side and 265s on the other. The rims seem to be in...
  25. Oceanwolf

    Emporia Vue is an Interesting Companion to Solar and Powerwalls

    The major problem for me was the mess in my panel. It gets very crowded very quickly..
  26. Oceanwolf

    Broken trunk lock hook cover

    The flap that covers the hole which houses the locking mechanism’s hook has been broken. It is spring operated on plastic pins. It is still in the hole and does not block the operation of the trunk. Did you encounter this? I have extended warranty, I wonder if they will cover it or say it is...
  27. Oceanwolf

    Tire replacement time.

    I received a call from the Discount Tires, they are just ordering my tires. The manager asked if I know these are snow tires. I assured him that they have better traction on snow, but they are not snow tires. I need to make sure they install them correctly, it seems they have not seen them...
  28. Oceanwolf

    Is it possible I could find a powerwall 2 for sale?

    Sold for $6,500. I don’t understand the price if Tesla is selling them for $7,000
  29. Oceanwolf

    Is it possible I could find a powerwall 2 for sale?

    They were big installers once. I remember their sales pitch to me in the past.
  30. Oceanwolf

    Model X 12 Volt battery exploded

    It is interesting that with so many messages under your belt, you would not recognize a signature serial number. It looks like the original Tesla fans who have waited for their beloved car to arrive and follow the serial number trackers will become an endangered species at one point.
  31. Oceanwolf

    Is it possible I could find a powerwall 2 for sale?

    Not anymore.....
  32. Oceanwolf

    2016 Drivers Seat

    My driver’s seat seems to not be able to sit up more. The controls work fine to make it more lay back, but not able to sit up. Have you guys experienced it?
  33. Oceanwolf

    Is it possible I could find a powerwall 2 for sale?

    I was also looking for Powerwalls. It looks like Petersen Dean went under. There was an auction with 3 Powerwalls, I thought if I could by them for 4K then I would be in good shape. Some one bought them for 6k each. For me it was not a good deal since the new ones are 7k. Possibly it was a good...
  34. Oceanwolf

    Tire replacement time.

    I was also tempted by Nankang Cross Sport SP-9 due to their price level. I was not that adventurous but I would like to hear if people like them or not. Maybe next time?
  35. Oceanwolf

    Tire replacement time.

    As the original post owner, it is funny that 3 years past and the thread is still going. Well, now I am at 67K. The COVID-19 pushed us to live in our cabin and we get snow here and there. The last time it snowed, we got around 2 inches (not complaining compared to rest of the country), I was...
  36. Oceanwolf

    Enphase Generator Injector

    I would like to use my Powerwall at night and don’t worry about cloudy days during PSPS
  37. Oceanwolf

    Powerwalls not connected to grid?

    Wow... my off-peak is 14 cents and Peak is 40 cents. I thought my off-peak was great.
  38. Oceanwolf

    How close was your Tesla Energy quote to actual cost?

    I keep hearing Tesla's Quote would not be what I would be paying since they use a standard cost structure. I was told (by other companies of course) they may look cheaper, but actually they are not. I received the 2 Powerwall quote as below, should I expect a different number in the future?
  39. Oceanwolf

    Powerwall or something else?

    I found this for Enphase. It actually may address generator problem.
  40. Oceanwolf

    Powerwall or something else?

    We have an MX and M3 in our stable so I automatically thought Tesla Energy would be the place to buy my Solar and Battery. I already received some quotes from Solar Installation companies and when I checked the prices at Tesla Energy I was pleasantly surprised that Tesla prices were...
  41. Oceanwolf

    Using a Generator along with PV + PW with Grid

    I am in Mi-Wuk Village
  42. Oceanwolf

    Using a Generator along with PV + PW with Grid

    I think my first question was answered very clearly. I need to turn off the solar breakers in the main panel to be able to use the generator with the interlock. The second question seems to be more complicated since a proper gateway can manage power from grid, solar, battery and generator. Of...
  43. Oceanwolf

    Using a Generator along with PV + PW with Grid

    I agree on the flipping the solar breakers off when using generator. I'll add a note to my panel. I'll check the gateway 2 specs, good leads for me to search. Thank you
  44. Oceanwolf

    Using a Generator along with PV + PW with Grid

    Let me try to explain what I am trying to do. I have a cabin close to Yosemite that we are sheltering during the Covid. This area is pretty prone to PSPS and the last one was 3 days long. As long as I don't charge the car or don't use dryer or dishwasher, my load is around 500W-800Wh (I have an...
  45. Oceanwolf

    Terminal block melted on HPWC Gen 2

    I did my own installation. When the inspector came, he asked if I used a torque screwdriver, I said what is it? I bought one and used the torque instructions. In his next visit he asked did you use one, I showed him the torque driver and received my permit. I didn't know how important it is...
  46. Oceanwolf

    Tesla Semi Competition

    It is. You put gas in it and it turns into electricity.
  47. Oceanwolf

    Did I find a unicorn (2016 MX 75D, EAP+FSD, supercharging)

    Just curious, how would FSD work on a 2016 MX, if it is not after October 2016. Tesla sold the option, but I am not sure if it technically possible since it is missing all the cameras and has not been getting the updates.

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