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    How is your rear camera after MCU1 to MCU2 upgade (dark?)

    Everybody, PLEASE open this as a bug report. This will bump it up in their queue. I was told to just wait until it was fixed with software, or I could pay $550 to have my camera swapped out with a different one. This sucks.
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I had my car in to get the onboard charger replaced (ESA) and asked that they check out my range losses. My 100% dropped from ~240 to 209, just in the past few months, and I suspected it was software related. During service, I saw two software updates happen on the mobile app. The first one...
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    Using TM-Spy for iOS

    Ah, I think the phone must have been connected to the car at the same time. I'll check it out later.
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    Smart air suspension vs regular on buying used S?

    I have a 2013 Model S with air suspension, and love it. The loaners I get that don't have air suspension feel too stiff, and not in a sportscar way. The automatic lowering at highway speeds is good for range increases, and the GPS location suspension raises are great for lower grade pavement...
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    Using TM-Spy for iOS

    Is anyone having connection issues on Android 10? Updated my Pixel from 9.0 to 10 and now it doesn't pick up the LE-Link.
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    Supercharger - Giddings, TX

    Would the "TESLA" on the stanchions be lit during the day? Someone PLEASE plug into those to test!
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    Supercharger - Giddings, TX

    Temp fencing is still up, this evening.
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    Supercharger - Salina, KS

    It looks like some of the problems have been solved:
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    Griddy & Powerwall, HPWC etc

    Considering my Powerwall2s are My two Powerwalls aren't costing me anything, so hooray!
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    Griddy & Powerwall, HPWC etc

    Hey Pete, In order for IFTTT to be able to act upon the Griddy price changes, there needs to be an IFTTT enabled app that uses Tesla's API for Powerwall control. There are several 3rd party apps for controlling/monitoring the cars, but I haven't seen one yet that can control or monitor the...
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    Model 3 Cross (offroad light)

    Looks cool. I bet you could add some of the fender cladding from the Model Y, when it comes out.
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    WTB Powerwall

    I won two of them and tried gifting (not selling) to a good friend of mine. I even had my friend fill out his info for the second PW2 award. I was told several times that I couldn't gift, transfer, sell either one or both of them. I'm just going to end up buying a third PW2 just for my friend.
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    Founder's Powerwall Installed

    That's great to see one actually installed. I've been waiting on my two to be installed since '17, and they're finally getting them pushed through. We're looking to have them done this quarter. I'm looking forward to charging them up at night, when my power is free!
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    DFW Ecohitch Installer Recommendation/Experience

    Wherever you choose, make sure you check this out: Tesla Model S hitch by Torklift (3 year update): Eaten alive
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    New Model S roof rack from Tesla

    If someone is willing to let me borrow one of the mounts, I can design and print one out. And yes, I have the pano roof with the mount points, to test. PM me, if interested.
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    Texas Supercharger Locations

    No. All Texas Superchargers are functioning nominally.
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    Bitcoins, anyone?

    Direct BTC mining (sha256) isn't profitable unless you're solo mining with a few PHs worth of mining power. You'll get a block every month or so, that way. It's magic when it happens, but it's not stable enough to invest that much in the hardware and electricity (for most). The real money is...
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    PW2 Installation Guide?

    Yes. 9PM-6AM is free. I charge both my cars, turn on the washer/dishwasher, run the pool, and crank the AC down to 68F at 9PM. During the day, it's 12.9 cents per kWh. When I calculate in all the taxes and fees, I get ~5-6 cents per kWh, for the month. If I can offset the daytime load...
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    PW2 Installation Guide?

    Zero. The ToU benefit is great, though. I have free electricity from 9PM-6AM, which will charge the PW2. It will then discharge during the day.
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    PW2 Installation Guide?

    I have no solar. This will be a backup/ToU install, only. And yes, I'm looking to do the install, myself.
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    PW2 Installation Guide?

    I've got a PW2 coming and I would really like to see what kind of prep work I need to do. This will be the AC version, as well. I've seen the PW1 guides on the web, but nothing for the PW2. Surely, someone has a PW2 and has the install guide. Also, has anyone received their PW2 from the...
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    Has your car shut down before it hits zero?

    In a much earlier version of the software (maybe 5.xx) I was able to go 20 miles past the "Charge Now". That was driving at 45MPH with the HVAC off, the steering in Sport Mode, and we barely made it to the Supercharger. I don't want to see how much farther it will go, with the newer firmware...
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    Escort MAX 360 mount options and questions

    You just have to look for yourself. Go out in the sun and look closely at the edge of your windshield. You'll see a orange/red rainbow-type film with an edge. Follow that film's edge toward the rear view mirror and see if it dips down. If it doesn't dip down, and goes all across the top of...
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    DFW Window Tinting

    Are you wanting to add MORE coating to the windshield? It already has a fairly effective metallic coating, specifically for IR rejection.
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    Low SOC = Terrible Supercharging

    I've taken my S85 below "0 Miles" once or twice, rolling into a Supercharger. Immediately, the charge rate starts out ~5kW for maybe 5-10 minutes. This gets the battery up to a safer low SoC level so it can turn on the full ~120kW charging. Once it gets to 1-2 miles of range on the battery...
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    Possible reservation number hint on My Tesla

    No, it's still hidden in the source code. The sequence number has no correlation with the RN#.
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    Supercharger - Las Cruces, NM

    El Paso went live, today. It should show up on the Nav system, by tomorrow.
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    Who wants to race in the Dallas area?

    We are here: Texas And here: Tesla Owners Club of North Texas | @NTXTeslaOwners Welcome!
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    Water in rear storage area

    It's probably going to be the rear applique. It was replaced on mine for the same issue. The problem is the seal shrinks a little bit, with age and can let water in, if it's coming at just the right angle. As for the remark of "Guarantee Porsche, Mercedes and BMW don't treat their customers...
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    Using TM-Spy for iOS

    You've got a PM.
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    DIY NEMA 14-50 Install

    You're linking pictures that are being hosted by the Model 3 Owners Club, and you have to join it to view them. Try re-hosting on something like Imgur.
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    Using TM-Spy for iOS

    If it's getting power and you're seeing the bus communication light blinking, the device and cable should be fine. Can you see it when you scan for Bluetooth devices within iOS? Have you rebooted the phone, or maybe tried unpairing the phone from the car's telephony function?
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    Using TM-Spy for iOS

    Do you have an Android device that can talk to it? Is the LELink showing bus communication lights?
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    Vendor EVS Motors is your exclusive Authorized PhotoSync Window Film Installer & Dealer

    For everyone else that isn't seeing the Private Message, was the answer "yes" or "no" ?
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    My Model X is SMOKING???

    I would have the Service Center pull the frunk tub and remove the front underbody plastics, to give it a thorough once over. The compressor does get very hot, and if something plastic or rubber touches it, and it's not supposed to, it could be melting.
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    Texas Supercharger Locations

    False alarm, that is for Arlington.
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    Texas Supercharger Locations

    Did anyone else notice that Wichita Falls is showing up as "Under Construction" on the latest Supercharger map?
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    Model 3 to have <60kW Supercharging?

    Why on EARTH would Tesla or anyone else think it's a good idea to slow down a vehicle's rate of charge? The goal is to get the cars charged as quickly as possible, and safe. Are you saying it's unfair that it takes less time to charge a 60kWh battery than a 100kWh battery? Are you saying that...
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    Converting to Powerwall 2 off grid

    Sodamo, I understand that you have a 48VDC PV system with 48V battery storage. You're wondering if PW2 would be a good replacement for your aging 48V storage. Right now, the DC version of PW2 expects HVDC input. The only way you could use the DC PW2 is to reconfigure your PV array to be HVDC...
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    Converting to Powerwall 2 off grid

    I'm saying you can have grid connect 240VAC or PV connect for DC input, or both. I do not have a PV setup, but have a PW2 coming in a few months (referral program) and will use it as a backup and to augment daytime power use, since my 9PM-6AM power is free. The PW2 will be taken with me to my...
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    Converting to Powerwall 2 off grid

    PW2 has built in invertor and can be used without solar as a power backup system. This means 120/240VAC in and 120/240VAC out. There should also be taps for DC input from solar or wind, as well. If you're wanting to use a PW2 for off-grid storage, just fill it with PV DC or some other source...
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    Supercharger - Texarkana, TX

    Usually, when they are at that point, they are waiting for the power company or for it to just be commissioned. A Supercharger tech will come to Dallas and grab a loaner, then drive out there to turn it on. They like to make it to where they can do more than one, per trip. Since we haven't...
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    North Texas Toll Tags

    The best thing to do, to see where that metallic film stops is to get a bright light or the sun, and look at it closely and at an angle. Start looking at the edge of the glass and you'll see a slight pink film inside the glass. You'll be able to spot where the edge of this film is. Then, look...
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    Supercharger - Texarkana, TX

    The manager said specifically it was "Tesla chargers." I have no reason to believe she was lying to me.
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    Control arm corrosion

    In case you didn't know how this works, there are two very large/thick radiators below the headlights and the fan exhaust is blasted into the front wheel wells. These help to extract heat from the motor(s) and battery. If you're driving for any amount of time, these are active. If you're...
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    Supercharger - Texarkana, TX

    Spoke to the Olive Garden manager 1 minute ago. They are under construction NOW and should be done in 2 weeks, weather permitting: Olive Garden 3101 Mall Dr Texarkana, TX 75503 WOOHOO!!!!
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    Hope over to the Texas forums. I think we've got a bunch of info, there in regards to getting off the "Great Texas Supercharger Island" Texarkana should start construction soon, and Little Rock isn't far behind.
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    Control arm corrosion

    Looks like someone didn't wash the salt out from under their car, soon enough. As other have said, this will be no different than any other vehicle with steel parts.
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    Wife just said she's never driving the Tesla again......

    My wife isn't a tech or car person, and she knows when the car is charging slower than expected. She'll do the obvious thing and move over one space. We aren't OCD about this, but don't want to waste time with a slow charge. Saying the general population is going to have a hissy fit in this...
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    Wife just said she's never driving the Tesla again......

    It takes less than a minute to see how fast the car is charging, identify it's to slow, then move to another spot. Sounds like you have a proper diva on your hands, if she can't do that. She'd rather wait for a slow charge than spend a minute moving the car over one spot?

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