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  1. Srad600Volt

    Tesla app not connecting after idle period

    I am having the same issue, 2020 MY and iPhone12. Oddly enough, this only just started happening for me, typically the phone has been able to connect very quickly. With the latest round of updates I received (both app update and car firmware update) the app no longer registers when it is...
  2. Srad600Volt

    Tinting Sunroof?

    Sure, I went with Xact Window Tinting in Ontario, CA. (909)605-0422.
  3. Srad600Volt

    App downloading 2022.12.3.2

    Got back to the car this week, and it turns out the 12V battery needs to be replaced (again...it was just replaced by tesla service three weeks ago), which is why the car will not update (no updates until the battery is replaced). The first battery lasted 1.5 years, second battery less than 3...
  4. Srad600Volt

    App downloading 2022.12.3.2

    You are probably right, once I’m back near the car I will do that. The app is still stuck saying the same thing.
  5. Srad600Volt

    App downloading 2022.12.3.2

    I’m having a similar issue where the app asks me to install 2022. When I click “yes” it goes to “preparing to update” and then stays there for some time, before reverting back to the “software Update Scheduled for [next day, next time]”. It’s been stuck in this loop for a few days now.
  6. Srad600Volt

    How do you get yourself out if you child lock yourself at the backseat??

    The app does open the trunk. Fold down a seat and climb through.
  7. Srad600Volt

    Can you turn the screen off?

    Just took the kiddos to the drive in this weekend, and this is still an issue. Aside from simply covering the screen, I guess there's no simple way to turn the screen off (yet). We used camp mode combined with "screen clean" mode. Kind of annoying...
  8. Srad600Volt

    Tesla Finance Re-registration

    This is just an FYI. CA DMV is months behind on titles. I bought out a lease in October of 2020. Sent in all the paperwork, and received (an incorrectly completed) title in the mail almost 4 months later. I asked the leasing company to fix the title, and received the corrected title another 3...
  9. Srad600Volt

    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    #1 Option: Rivian R1t #2 Option: VW ID Buzz
  10. Srad600Volt

    Model Y windshield washer no longer works

    I've seen some good replies above. I've had this issue before (with another car), and I checked: 1) Look for low fluid, and refill if low 2) If fluid is good, check for loose hoses/broken T's 3) If fluid and hoses are good, check for blockage at the nozzle/hose 4) If none of the above solves the...
  11. Srad600Volt

    Brand new model Y doors wont close due to window glass issue

    Glad you got it fixed!
  12. Srad600Volt

    Motorcycle high fives my passenger mirror...

    That is true…unfortunately.
  13. Srad600Volt

    Motorcycle high fives my passenger mirror...

    Also untrue (at least in CA). Lane splitting is legal by omission here (unless something changed since I last looked). Meaning, there is no speed limit to lane splitting (other than the road speed limit), only suggested limits relative to other traffic. It is up to the person on the bike to make...
  14. Srad600Volt

    Motorcycle high fives my passenger mirror...

    Untrue. Just like any other activity, you have people who are able to do it with no issue, and those whose temperament does not allow it. I've been riding motorcycles and lane splitting for over 25 years and I've never been in an accident while doing it. I've also never hit another persons...
  15. Srad600Volt

    Black Badge on Blue Color Request

    Yep, one of the first things I did. See this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/what-have-you-done-with-your-tesla-today.211551/#post-5149552
  16. Srad600Volt

    Brand new model Y doors wont close due to window glass issue

    My bet is that THIS is likely the issue, if the puddle lights go bad on the bottom of the doors, the windows will no longer close correctly. Since you car is new, you can have service replace the offending light, but if they are taking some time, it might be worth just doing it yourself. Easy to...
  17. Srad600Volt

    Model Y charging keeps stopping

    Having the same issue with my MY as of today. Never happened before, but it took me about seven attempts to get the car to charge for more than a few minutes at a time. My wall connector has worked perfectly for over a year, so I'm not sure where the issue lies. Maybe a software update is in...
  18. Srad600Volt

    Model Y suspension plate

    I agree with some of the others, let your insurance do the work, that's why you pay them the "big bucks" ..ha.
  19. Srad600Volt

    Will Tesla ever offer Lease buyout?

    Do you mean you want to trade in your current car to Tesla as part of a new lease? My short answer is I don't know, but I'd ask the SA, they can likely give you that information well ahead of time.
  20. Srad600Volt

    Tesla App car parked at home shows wrong number

    Ours did the same for a long while, eventually it began displaying the correct address though. I didn't do anything to "fix" it, as someone noted above, we have poor cell reception here so I figured that was the cause, and I didn't concern myself with it. I guess after repeated use/trips to/from...
  21. Srad600Volt

    Hansshow auto frunk warped my hood?

    First, I'm sorry this happened, I feel your pain. I'll preface my thoughts with the fact that I have the same hardware installed on mine, and it worked perfectly the first time, and has for about a year now but that doesn't mean there aren't bad units out there. OP, you said "Hi all, I tried to...
  22. Srad600Volt

    I test drove Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD (short review)

    There's an entire thread dedicated to people who bought Tesla's without driving one, in some cases without even being inside one. It is a thing... https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/who-ordered-a-tesla-model-y-with-test-driving-one-first.256364/
  23. Srad600Volt

    Who ordered a Tesla Model Y without test driving one first?

    Absolutely test drove it first. Twice actually, once for a 30 min ride, and a second time overnight. I have kids though, so we had to try it out with everyone in the car before purchasing.
  24. Srad600Volt

    Buying Michelin Pilot AS4

    I was able to order the tires from Tirerack.com and they came in a few days ago, had it installed yesterday at my local tire place. So far I am pretty happy with them. They seem to make a bit more tire noise than the Goodyear's they replaced but the trade off there is they seem to have a bit of...
  25. Srad600Volt

    I test drove Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD (short review)

    Same here. A few years back my wife and I were shopping for a Honda Pilot (I think) and the dealer wanted $5k over MSRP. I laughed and told him to call me when he was ready to sell at MSRP. He never did call, but I also got another SUV from the Mazda dealer on the same block for less than MSRP...
  26. Srad600Volt

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Not sure but Oh man, this thread took a dive real fast... Edit: removed my last statement 'cause it just doesn't really matter...
  27. Srad600Volt

    Will Tesla ever offer Lease buyout?

    Also bear in mind Tesla just added the "Buy Out Lease" button to the app (under financing), which was not available previously. I haven't touched it to see if the option is greyed out or not, but I agree with what is being said. At some point, Tesla will have too much inventory and not enough...
  28. Srad600Volt

    Will Tesla ever offer Lease buyout?

    I leased my car, in fact I've leased all of my cars for the past 10+ years or so. Its faulty to attempt to attach a certain buyer type, or fiscal responsibility level to folks who lease as we all have our own reasons for doing so. In my case, I own a company, and the company leases the vehicle...
  29. Srad600Volt

    Buying Michelin Pilot AS4

    Can you post up when you actually get it? I ordered the AS4 in December from Costco but Michelin cancelled the order (3 weeks later), the Costco rep said that the manufacturer was in production but didn't actually have stock to ship. So I'm curious if Tesla were able to order them AND they...
  30. Srad600Volt

    Southern CA Edison rates make it not worth charging at home

    Anyone in California who's using home solar should be aware that the CPUC is considering 1) adding additional taxes to homeowners who produce solar energy and 2) reducing the solar credits we receive from that home generated solar. If this bothers you, you should consider making public or...
  31. Srad600Volt

    Pics of Rally Armor Mud Flaps

    I believe it was 3M tape, but I didn't keep a record so I'm not 100% sure.
  32. Srad600Volt

    Pics of Rally Armor Mud Flaps

    It's hanging on there well enough. IMO the spoiler did not fit perfectly from the start (but neither does the OEM version), I posted in a thread here somewhere the issues I had during install. *EDIT - Found it here ( What have you done with your Tesla today? )* ended up using some additional...
  33. Srad600Volt

    Pics of Rally Armor Mud Flaps

    It's the Tesmanian spoiler. Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler
  34. Srad600Volt

    Tesla loaner car supercharging

    Why is he not allowed to ask what he may (or may not) be financially responsible for? Most people are better off knowing what they need to pay. Seems like you are making a big deal out of a simple question.
  35. Srad600Volt

    Strange HVAC issue since windshield replacement

    ...and I was wrong, the system just reverted to Manual. The auto function still just directs air to the windshield. Time to request a software push.
  36. Srad600Volt

    Strange HVAC issue since windshield replacement

    I just had my windshield replaced last week Tuesday, and I had the same HVAC issue for a few days. The car went into a deep sleep on Friday (when I got in and tried to drive I got a message asking me to "wait for all systems to reboot"...or something to that effect) , and after that the system...
  37. Srad600Volt

    Tesla Insurance - vehicle monitoring data used to determine rates for California drivers?

    I saw that as well, and just like "Pied" I'm keeping an eye on the rate, and if it goes up I plan to switch to another provider. I'm really not a fan of these "monitored" insurance plans. I have no accidents, no tickets, no nothing. I feel like that is how my fees should be determined. I already...
  38. Srad600Volt

    Is the front plate required in California???

    I have one in the garage right now! I plan to install it...as soon as I get my first ticket for no front plate...;)
  39. Srad600Volt

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    Another option, just paint it (professional or DIY)?
  40. Srad600Volt

    Rough start with new Tesla.... need advice

    Ouf...this sucks, but unfortunately it's part of auto ownership. If you have a record of the accident on your dashcam, you may be able to go after the other driver for damages. That being said, if you have the cash and it's burning a hole in your pocket AND you have a spotty insurance record...
  41. Srad600Volt

    Help! Tesla added $9k to my Model Y order

    Fixed: "Not really. He reserved a trim level *tesla offered at the time and then withdrew without notice*. You cannot possibly blame him for ordering something that was listed on the website as a viable option at the time. It's a bit sad Tesla are taking orders on models they do not intend to...
  42. Srad600Volt

    App and phone key not working iPhone 13

    It is, yes. This is a recent issue, before now it has worked pretty flawlessly.
  43. Srad600Volt

    App and phone key not working iPhone 13

    As a data point. I have a MY running software v.2021.24.11, and an iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 15.0.2. starting with this current software iteration (on both devices), my phone will repeatedly fail to unlock the car door when I approach, and sometimes even after pulling on the handle several...
  44. Srad600Volt

    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    The only positives for me are: 1) The automatic function and 2) The ability to open my garage door from my phone when playing with my kids outside. That way all I have to carry is my phone. That being said, it's glitchy enough, and costly enough, that if I had to do it again, I would not...
  45. Srad600Volt

    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    Paying a deposit, having it cancelled (by someone other than the OP) and NOT refunded. Then having to pay another deposit for the vehicle order which the OP never actually cancelled.
  46. Srad600Volt

    Cruise control / Auto Pilot is Garbage

    Are school zone speed limits conditional in your area? They are here, so it makes sense here that the AP would maintain the normal speed limit and depend on the driver to modify that limit if the special condition is met (kids present).
  47. Srad600Volt

    Tire rotation

    I don't know if Tesla provides this service, but there are companies that provide on site mobile tire mounting/balancing/repair/etc. Depends on where you live and what is available nearby.
  48. Srad600Volt

    Blog Tesla Moving Headquarters to Austin, Texas

    I'd imagine that if this plan works out, they will implement it wherever they can.
  49. Srad600Volt

    Blog Tesla Moving Headquarters to Austin, Texas

    Yes, it is still illegal. They have circumvented the law by opening stores on Native American land where the law cannot be enforced. Texans can then purchase from the Native land (in New Mexico). https://indiancountrytoday.com/news/tesla-opens-store-on-native-land
  50. Srad600Volt

    Blog Tesla Moving Headquarters to Austin, Texas

    I cannot remember EVER caring where my car was made, maybe I should...but I don't. I like my Tesla, but will most likely go Rivian (or even Ford Lightning) as my next EV, for completely different reasons though. Like someone was saying earlier, (most) large corporations will beg for incentives...

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