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    WTB: Homelink for 2020 Model 3

    In Bay Area for pickup, will pay for shipping.
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    Model 3 / Y Homelink garage opener module

    Is this still available?
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    FS: Nikola Model 3 Chrome delete - Satin Black

    Got an extra set from the pair included in the box. Only comes with the wrap and no heatgun or other tools included. $50 Bay Area. I am in SF until 9/25 and in Sunnyvale after that.
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    Model 3 OEM 19" Sport wheels

    Is there a source on this? all i find on tirerack list them at 9/32. Silver. These are the original sport wheels pre 2020
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    Model 3 OEM 19" Sport wheels

    I'm in SF unfortunately.
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    Model 3 OEM 19" Sport wheels

    Cleaned them up and touched up the dip
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    Model 3 OEM 19" Sport wheels

    Update: Depth is at 7 all around. For reference these tires start at 9, so they are at 70%
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    Model 3 OEM 19" Sport wheels

    its hard to see with the plastidip on but only one wheel has bad rash, others are minor knicks. i will measure tread depth again since when the shop switched the wheels they said the depth was actually at 9.
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    WTS 19 inch Tesla Pre-refresh Sport Wheels

    I am selling a set of 19s with a bit of curb rash on 3 wheels for 1.1k. Driven for 10k miles and tires are in good condition.
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    Saw a mfg model 3 with wires running everywhere

    Anyone have an idea what those sensors on the windshield are?
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    Ceramic Pro - Very disappointed with performance and results

    I ceramic coated DIY and it took an hour and $100 in materials. The car was already clean so I didn't have to waste time with prep but it really shouldnt take more than an afternoon to do 2 layers. I still have half the bottle left.
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    Model 3 OEM 19" Sport wheels

    Sorry not shipping. Bump
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    Poll - how many charge at home?

    I have free chargepoint at work, and use 120v at home. On roadtrips exclusively superchargers. Now that im WFH, I find myself going on roadtrips more often. My overall Supercharge / slow charge is 60/40
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    WTB Model 3 aftermarket wheels

    ^title, any size, color
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    Dark Bronze TE37SL 18x9.5+40 w/ tires and tpms

    Selling Volk TE37SL in dark bronze 18x9.5 +40 square. Comes with Bridgestone Potenza s007a ultra performance summer tires (driven 600miles) with non bluetooth tpms. 245/40/18 Comes with 3mm spacers that will make front fitment perfect. Asking 3200 OBO.
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    Spoke to him and read some of the posts he made. Said that 80% of the diameter in turns is enough, so 14*.8/1.5 = 7.5. Also mentioned that a lot of oems dont follow this guideline either. Mercedes for example also uses 14x1.5 bolts and they only have around 6.5-7 turns, so if you can get...
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    To the TE37 owners here, is anyone using wheel locks? If so, which ones are you using?
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    I don't mind trading the TE's for something. Nothing in particular tho. Do you have anything in stock or accommodate a trade in?
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    Hi Danny, I have considered that as well, but I think the stance would be too aggressive. Since I have 9.5" wheels, it will more be like 8.5 +12, and this makes the front stick out much more than the rear. I think going with 19" wheels will solve all of this.
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    Recommendations in bay area for lowering car

    Thinking of installing tsportline lowering springs for my sr+. Any recommendations for shops in the bay area?
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    Does anyone know what a safe thread engagement actually is? I've heard 7, I've heard its diameter / thread pitch, but interestingly enough the OEM lug nuts only have a maximum of 8 rotations (rough count with my eye), which is below the recommended 14/1.5=9.33.
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    I agree. I may have rushed a bit since it's my first time doing any of this. Learned a lot in the process though. I think the easiest solution may have been to go with 19x9.5 with correct offsets. That way I can avoid lowering and all this spacer stuff. The previous owner did have his stealth 3...
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    I will probably look into lowering by an inch, and getting larger tires.
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    I ended up getting these: 3MM WHEEL SPACERS FOR TESLA MODEL 3 (2017-2020) 5X114.3 CB 64.1 BLACK ANODIZED. | eBay Did some rough math... lug nuts are 19mm, so 19/1.5 = 12.66 turns. Counted by eye around 12 turns as well. My wheels are tightened with 8 or 9 of the 12. With the 3mm spacer, that...
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    Ran an allen key through the gap to get a measurement. Could pass 1.5mm, and probably a bit more.
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    Ah ok. I didn't know that it made such a difference. The previous owner had no issues with this. I looked more into this and it just seems like I got the wrong offset. I think the issue is that the studs are not long enough to fit aftermarket wheels with spacers without studs. The ones with...
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    i dont think i quite understand. the stock tires for oem 18s are 235/45/18 which should be of very similar size. are 18 aero wheel suspension settings different? i have the wheel configuration chnaged to aeros, so odometer and such should be adjusted for accordingly
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    Got new wheels. Only a credit card width between control arm and rims. Is it safe?

    I got TE37s SLs with hubcentric rings installed on it 18x9.5+40. The tires are 245x40/18 bridgestone s007a. I have 5mm spacers for the front that came with the wheels. My car is not lowered, at OEM height, and was running OEM 19" sport wheels. When I went to get the wheels installed, the...
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    I'm looking at a set of TE37s 19x9.5+40. I was wondering if it would stick out too much that it would greatly affect efficiency.
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    FS: VS Forged VS19 Wheels / PS4S tires + TPMS

    Are you willing to ship?
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    WTB 18" Tsportline TSS or TS5 wheels

    sorry not interested in 20s. 18 is a hard requirement
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    WTB 18" Tsportline TSS or TS5 wheels

    For Model 3 Black preferred. Tire preferred.
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    interesting.. its only been a year and so months so i dont expect the battery to have died already. error code dir_a062
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Has anyone encountered turtle mode? Had it happen to me once last weekend. 40% soc and temps were comfy. Exiting and re entering fixed it but in some other threads I've read it was caused by drive train damage.
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    When is 2022 Model 3 releasing?

    Would you like to donate 10k so I can upgrade 😂 The long trip stems from multiple issues, namely due to lack of infra: 1. I'd like to have enough charge at the destination so I can drive around the city, or so I have enough for the plans I have the next day, plus sentry for overnight. Charging...
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    When is 2022 Model 3 releasing?

    Range very much does matter. I make the SF to LA trip twice a year, and before I got my SR+ it took around 6.5 hours, and with charging it takes 8 hours. On ICE we make one stop which is 3 hours in, spend 30min for food, and continue all the way to the destination. With the SR+ I find myself...
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I ran 0-60 again at 84 and 78 soc, got 4.58 and 4.64 respectively. The first result may not have been on flat ground. The second result should be accurate. Turns out SoC affects performance a lot.
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    Color Confusion [what color car should I buy]

    Black is a great base color if you intend to wrap the car since the paint will show through when you open doors.
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    Buying 18" or 19" Tsportline TSS wheels any color except silver

    Model 3 With or without wheels
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    FS - TSportline - Model S 19" TSS Flow Forged Wheels (Set of 4) - [NorCal or SoCal Area]

    Could these fit on a Model 3? nvm, seems like bolt dimensions are different
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Satin black wrap. First time DIY. Ended up decently, though some edges arent great. Yellow calipers Plastidipped 19" sport wheels
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I have a 2020 delivered in feb. Not sure when it was built tho. The Ingenext module configuration page has a 0-60 recording. I suspect this is done by recording the timestamp of when you last hit 0 and 60 and calculating the delta. Maybe a dragy that uses GPS could be more accurate? Errors could...
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Installed it in my SR+. At around 60 SoC out of 3 runs I could only manage to get my 0-60 to 4.84s. I'd imagine it could be slightly higher at around 80-90% SoC.

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