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  1. AustinP

    Superchargers in Belgium (B)

    Dat weet ik ook. Ik denk aan buitenlanders, onwetend , die blind de Nav laad stops volgen. Mijn vraag was of urban charger wel of niet (hopelijk de laatste) in aanmerking komen in de nav geplaneerd route.
  2. AustinP

    Superchargers in Belgium (B)

    Vraag is ook of de Nav deze urban chargers beschouwt als laad stops voor in de planner. Iemand weet dit?
  3. AustinP

    Tune-in Radio

    If the usual reboot did not work, maybe try this: change you wheel configuration. This will force a special reboot. You can switch back afterwards, to your wheels. I know it sounds odd, but worked to fix some weird software issues. Not 100% guaranteed though.
  4. AustinP

    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    You can also read what Tesla is explaining on their website. Much more reliable than the SeC. https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment
  5. AustinP

    Tune-in Radio

    You shouldn’t but it happens sometimes after an update that some switches are flipped.
  6. AustinP

    Tune-in Radio

    Check if it is not disabled in the audio settings menu to hide it
  7. AustinP

    Met de Tesla op vakantie in Europa

    We waren vorige zomer in de streek (St Paul Trois Château) en konden de publiek laders daar met onze TNM kaart activeren.
  8. AustinP

    Supercharging Speeds: Who, what, where, why, and when

    You are correct and I forgot about the first A packs. Thanks for correcting me. I guess you have an A pack ? Like more 2012/2013 cars right?
  9. AustinP

    S85 Supercharging calculator?- turning lemons into flavored water idea

    We're in the same boat. My charge curve looks more like %SoC+kW = 100->110. Meaning at 10%, the car allows 90kW. At 50%, 55kW and at 80 maybe 30kW. The time estimates in my experience are to be corrected by adding 33%. So if it announces 30min, it will be 40min. So when a road trip calculated 2h...
  10. AustinP

    2022 Apple CarPlay update vs Tesla UI

    I saw that post and my thought was that those 79% are not Tesla owners. I believe Apple CarPlay is a workaround for oem to provide a decent UI experience in their cars as they don’t focus on that (UI) and prefer to delegate to Apple or Google. I saw it for myself and read regular complains...
  11. AustinP

    Starting to not like this car

    85 from 2015 owner here. That won’t be much of comfort, but unless you did not update to v11 in your previous car, the issues with the interface you mention, which I completely agree with, are the same for any Tesla with v11. That being said, it does look like Tesla hears our complains, and...
  12. AustinP

    2013 S 85 Charge Port Replacement Tips?

    Can you tell how you put in service mode ?
  13. AustinP

    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    It’s indeed to see radars and sometimes, when the Tesla nav shows an odd routing, see if there is a good reason like closed roads or roadworks. That’s indeed funny story. Until a few updates back, the v11 version brought indeed a browser window limited to the bottom half of our screens. People...
  14. AustinP

    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    Good news is that the browser you now have is a newer version, quicker, and you can clear the cookies and ask to remember that you allow gps location. It loads quite fast too. Bad news is that TeslaWaze will still crash after a minute or 5 max on my car. Tell us how it works on yours.
  15. AustinP

    Navigation doesn't do warning anymore

    It's indeed odd, but worst is that you have the latest version, which is taking into account weather & more to be more accurate, and it did fail you. I heard about regression of the Nav estimate, resulting in experiences like yours, from a friend. Never happened to me so far, but my last road...
  16. AustinP

    Changing radio stations W/ steering wheel buttons

    I gave up. Upgraded to MCU2, without the fm module, so I can’t tell anymore.
  17. AustinP

    Songs that just hit hard...

    Reuben and the dark’s version of “it’s a wonderful world” Their version has that crescendo and deep pulse… amazing. This is the YouTube link but is also on Spotify.
  18. AustinP

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    Sorry to read this. Confirms a bit my theory. Hope it get fixed anytime soon for you too. See my signature for my car details.
  19. AustinP

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    that will all dramatically improve. I never reboot and it does not reboot on its own either. In daytime it will be better. At night cannot tell you. In my case, the image at night with MCU1 felt like some sort of night vision, slightly greenish. Always impressed me and very useful as I always...
  20. AustinP

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    My understanding from posts of MCU2 installed cars from 2018+ is that they also suffered that issue.
  21. AustinP

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    I believe yes and no: after doing our upgrade, I also noticed that. Later, some TMC members started saying it was solved for them. Still not on our S (same fw version). This changed a few months back. It’s all good now like MCU1. My conclusion is that there are more factors playing in fixing the...
  22. AustinP

    Superchargers in Nederland (NL)

    6 EVs of ICE?
  23. AustinP

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    😂 Are you actually reading this thread? See Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade
  24. AustinP

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    You probably made a wise choice. I was torn for a long time, as indeed MCU1 worked ok for me too. Aside from being slow and a useless browser: radio, streaming, nav worked. It was a difficult choice also because one year before, I had to pay for a new MCU1 (MCU2 upgrade was not an option yet)...
  25. AustinP

    Best wireless game controller for Tesla games

    😂 same here. After the MCU2 upgrade I was so eager to have controllers, spend too much money… and they have been used like twice. I have them in the trunk but always forget about them. And as a matter of fact, we rarely stay in the car when charging.
  26. AustinP

    Tesla Waze no longer works in browser

    Since the post you quoted I received 2022.12.3.2 It’s a new browser which finally remembers that I agreed to share the location with that site. Brilliant. However, now Waze crashed almost immediately… within a minute or two. I’m happy to see Tesla is still trying to make the browser work but...
  27. AustinP

    Best wireless game controller for Tesla games

    I gave up on the so called « magic » Ns and bought 2 wireless controllers with usb dongle. https://www.amazon.fr/gp/aw/d/B08QD7SZM1?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title&th=1 Works perfectly
  28. AustinP

    Ervaringen met/van niet-Tesla laders bij een Supercharger

    Als ik de nieuwe SuC foto's van Beaune (dank aan @pvkeep - #3,902) vergelijk met deze van de nieuwe SuCs in Roncq & Chartres, merk ik dat de oude opstelling (achter de parkeer plaats) is nu vervangen met een zijdelings opstelling, met aansluitpunt van het kabel aan de voorkant van het parkeer...
  29. AustinP

    Tesla Supercharger netwerk

    Met onze traag ladende 85 konden we laden terwijl we te voet in het centrum effe ging wandelen. Dit was toch een plus punt (voor reizigers zoals wij, niet gehaast). Maar ja, dit nieuwe locatie, met een Tesla dat snel kan laden is zeker welkom.
  30. AustinP

    Phone Connectivity

    When this happens, it’s either because the car has no connectivity or my mobile. For home, I now am on my third AP for outside close to the car, because the signal was too weak. Just saying: ensure your car has wifi or cellular.
  31. AustinP

    trunk closes but wont latch that extra latch so car says trunk open

    Does it still open? It could be you actuator acting up See this thread: #1
  32. AustinP

    Phone Connectivity

    Hello and Welcome to the forum. Maybe provide some more details: is it on the app, on the car's screen? Maybe some picture could help too?
  33. AustinP

    Comments after 1000 miles of driving

    Did you know: when selecting a SuC on your map, it will show the type of amenities available (toilets, hotels, restaurants... pictograms highlighted in blue below)... you can actually "touch" each pictogram and the nav will list you all the amenity you chose around the Suc by distance to the...
  34. AustinP

    MS 2014 panoramic sunroof wind noise

    Mine don’t move up. I only watched on my small phone’s screen, but looks like the glass is not glued to the frame anymore ?
  35. AustinP

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    To complete the answers already provided - From the app, open the windows to vent the car. I don't need it, as I prefer to open the pano, but not every one has one. - Caraoke (yeah, love it or hate it. Used once with my wife, it was fun) - Voice command is the same, except is it fast and works...
  36. AustinP

    Should I sell my Model S?

    So true. Plan for retirement indeed, but also enjoy today. Find balance.
  37. AustinP

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    Thanks for you feedback. Got to read your story ( #786 ), glad to read how much it improved your car. Yes, it's not like the new batteries are unheard of in europe (read @rns-e's story), but indeed you have a point. Anyway, time will tell.
  38. AustinP

    Leather Seat Cleaning - Need Help!

    Thanks for your feedback @BrianS85. Next time I'll clean them, I won't condition them to see how it goes. I definitely prefer the original matte look too.
  39. AustinP

    Yet another 85kWh supercharging thread

    Ok, interesting. Last Sunday, we only had a short 30' drive (no high way, 70km/h max) to the SuC. Night was cold (not freezing, but below 10°C), so probably that the battery was not as toasty. I don't have SMT, so cannot tell. Not that I have high hopes, but your experience gives some hope that...
  40. AustinP

    Yet another 85kWh supercharging thread

    What was the outsider temperature? Warm day?
  41. AustinP

    Yet another 85kWh supercharging thread

    @kirkusss , what version of software is your car running currently? My car is at 2022.12.3.2 Anyone else noticed better SuC speed ?
  42. AustinP

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    According to other posts, this 1088792-00-A is an "old" 90 v3. Someone on the BeNe forum was only proposed a reman 85 for an out of warranty replacement, with Tesla claiming there is no new battery available. I'm puzzled. I thought those new 1014116-00-C batteries were Tesla's solution for out...
  43. AustinP

    Yet another 85kWh supercharging thread

    This is a curve like the pre-nerf (mid-2019). What did you do or what has changed on your car? We had a 30' drive sunday and needed a short charge at the SuC. I saw the car preconditioned the battery all the time. At arrival, at 30%, the car got around 70kW, then going down following basically...
  44. AustinP

    Ervaringen met/van niet-Tesla laders bij een Supercharger

    We waren in Remouchamp gisteren. Drukke Suc: 2 plaatsen vrij toen we aankwamen, met een andere Tesla achter ons -> ineens alles bezet. Ja, na 5 minuten ging eentje weg, enzovoort. Maar dus steeds regelmatig enkel 1 plaats vrij. Dit was geen drukke vakantie week-end, maar dit gebeurt nu al met...
  45. AustinP

    MS 2014 panoramic sunroof wind noise

    Sorry nothing obvious seems wrong from the outside from what I can see.
  46. AustinP

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Did you contact Tesla on this topic prior to this letter or did it come “out of the blue”?
  47. AustinP

    Leather Seat Cleaning - Need Help!

    Slightly off topic if I may: I use on our Next Gen (2015) seats Lexol (cleaner and conditioner). Why ? Because it looked like it was quite popular, and I did not have personal preference with any brand. Quite happy with the result, but I wonder if it's really worth all the work: can someone...

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