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    V10 in Hong Kong

    Mark, yeah thanks for the great effort. Shall we also try ITB and the related legco member, such as the one from IT field. Understand the chance is low but seems they are also relevant to the issue. Apparently, it is common sense the rules are outdated and far from the reality today.
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    V10 in Hong Kong

    Can we propose against the TD for their outdated regulatory?! theatre is only work in parked mode and I have NO idea how it induce any hazard. I think it is legal to use our phone when we seated in a parked car
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    Tesla Sales Lie

    NoA and auto lane change are features of FSD. It is shown on order page. EAP, or the now included autopilot essentially had TAAC to auto steering and keep vehicle in lane. So key point is what feature he got? If he got TAAC, that is align.
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    If you leave your phone inside your car, your car never locks

    I like to leave my bulky phone in the car when I go for a jogging (just bring along the very light keyfob) So.....I can never lock the model 3 in this scenario?
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    That’s similar to mine. With the delay of model 3, I guess I will have 8-10 months without a Tesla, which is a hard time to justify
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    Petition: Demand for Amending the "1-for-1 Replacement" Scheme for private electric vehicles

    FRT in HK is super very extremely high (~100% or more) in any measurement on earth. Personally I don’t think it should further increased as it will just push the right to buy a new car to the wealthy, and less-wealthy people who need a car can only turn to the used car market, where net-net, the...
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    Placed deposit on solar roof and Powerwall

    That’s great! I wish to do the same, if I’m living in a house
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    That is a joke. If the gov think a 6 years old car should be scraped and to be replace by an EV. And if the gov really want to promote EV. Should they scrape all the FS, CEO governor cars .....etc today and replace by EV? Make sense, right?
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    This guy is misleading or he is living in future. Can he provide a model that is in this segment besides model 3 (which is not available in HK in 2018) 他續指,現時從外國進口的電動私家車續航力已比過往好,一般車價約30-40萬元或以下的電動車,其續航力已約達300-400公里 【預算案】電動車「一換一」計劃 黃錦星:冀改善路邊空氣質素
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Mark, well said and that’s really frustrating to talk to this guy. He simply selectively denying the fact, the actual stat. In Chinese, it is telling lie with eye wide opening. His motivation? Very obvious and not to discuss here. I’d written to the ombudsman, Carrie Lam to challenge that the...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    I know this is useless, but had still sent this to the gov........what else can we do? 你好, 本人這封投訴email 同時send 給申訴專員公署,特首, 財政司, 環保署,希望貴署認真回應。別再一味例牌回應。另外,這封信亦會發給媒體。 本人對於今年2018財政預算提出以一換一的電動車‘計劃’感到無比憤怒,因為明顯地,這計劃只是美其名鼓勵市民換電動車,但實際郤起不到任何作用。情況有如2017 年取消電動車稅全免一樣,根本在一開始已經可以預計新增電動車會大減,反而汽油車將會大升。...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Tesla marketing and legal should make a plan to match this demand (buyer) and supply (ppl who got a old car to scrape, but not interested to buy a new car). With the Tesla as middleman platform, buyer can still build to order their dream car, and sellers can take advantage of any financial...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Mark, agreed. I understand the tax-incentive is not transferred. However, the purchased new EV is certainly transferrable. Anyone who don’t mind to be the ‘2nd hand owner’ for a brand new vehicle would greatly be interested. It seems a matching for scraper and buyer is legit. Controversially...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Can gov provide stat for how many people who just destroyed their car (ppl usually re-sell it until the car cant run), would then buy a brand new car that worth more than 200K? (Above $200K price will then exceed the current tax-credit $95k) I suspect this segment of people virtually not exist...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Sorry I’m a nay sayers on HK gov, I think they are playing the number game. Offering an incentive plan man, but disconnect the demand and supply. For people who got a 6 years old car, it is economically nonsense to destroy the car. For people who got a really old car for more than 3 years...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    6 years old car + 3 years ownership Car must going to be destroyed. Does it make sense? Selling a 6 years old mid level car can still get $100k+ , how much can one get if they destroy the car?
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Such disappointed and hopeless on the new policy just announced. I’m gonna buy whatever the car that they approved and destroy it. And to get a model 3. (Who in HK will buy a 2nd car if they are geneielly owning a car going to be destroy?) And if I really own a car that going to be destroy...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    In additional, a border view on FRT would find it ridiculous. Gov claimed that the tax is a ‘birth control’ to limit the growth of cars. However, the FRT is charged based on vehicle price. Does a $2M car contributed more to traffic jam than a $200K car? Obviously no....but the tax charged for...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Totally support! I also submitted several letters to the gov to offer my support on EV. Meanwhile, a point that I can’t support, which is the 1 ICE for 1 EV plan. Buying an old ICE car is so easy, and this plan will just encourage many unnecessary trade of cars. Precisely, someone can just buy...
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    I'm getting this response from the CE candidate Wu Kwok Hing. Let's try out best to raise the voice in the society! Mille你好。你的意見我非常認同。我當選的話,會推動延續電動車豁免首次登記稅。 我亦在2.1更新版政綱加設了以下段落, "政府在2017-18財政預算案中,撤銷了免除電動私家車首次登記稅的措施,把免稅額設在$97,500的低水平,勢必窒礙電能車取代燃油汽車的速度。我認為應該要延續原來推動電能車發展的稅務政策" 。
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    Can we make a campaign to object and persuade?
  22. M

    2017 FRT Renewal

    That isn't a logical policy, and I'm sadly disappointed. anything we can do? We should promote the fact about EV, with stat, to address the fault image of ppl: EV create even more pollution using electricity EV growth cause traffic Buy Tesla not caring taxes EV is just a gimmick Battery create...
  23. M

    2017 FRT Renewal

    When there are no supply on EV, they waived for tax for N years. When supply just started, they cut the waiver...... What's the logic to promote EV ?
  24. M

    Mobile app update is coming but I am not impressed with the rumored features

    The car icon shown in my app is different from screenshot, it's showing the head of the car, LHD and RHD differences? Literally I cannot see if the right rear door closed now, lol
  25. M

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    To be precise, complications can be found using the Watch directly, but it cannot be found on the Watch app in iPhone. Allen, what is the large complications for? So far it displays dotted line.
  26. M

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Allen, great work!!!! Just updated to 3.3.4 and the Watch app run smoothly. However, I'm not able to find the complication icon is the list. Running ios10.1 and watchOS 3.1 beta 3
  27. M

    Restrictions on Hong Kong Model S spec

    Updated this morning....wtf TD!:mad:
  28. M

    Free TACC

    Same question, I'm just waiting it to popup
  29. M

    Free TACC

    Wow wow wow I'm excited to get the trail
  30. M


    Wrong title My Q is X and 3 without nose, and how should HK owner place the autotoll? :cool:
  31. M


    Autotoll on X and 3
  32. M

    Let's Not Make Paying for Software Features a Precedent As Tesla Sets the Standard for the Future

    I would suggest the autopilot feature, once enabled, is transferable when user switch to a new Tesla vehicle. Say, if user purchased madel S with AP now, he/she can transfer this feature to their new Tesla later, given that 1AP purchase can only apply to 1 vehicle at any given time
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    Display ; is it possible to turn it off?

    On S, The display dim itself at dark environment. I never feel distracted by it.
  34. M

    Anyone else wonder if other car makers' staff are ordering?

    Why not and why surprise? Microsoft staff use iPhone and android as well
  35. M

    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    Agree. That is mainly because Europe and Asia people usually live in apartment and have only 1 car in each family. So we prefer the car to be all rounded and rooms for luggage is essential.
  36. M

    Model 3 reservations in store in HK on 31 March?

    Deposit paid. Wait and see if worth to switch from S to 3 after 2 years.
  37. M

    Glass roof

    I lov the glass roof for sure! While my main concern is the relatively small trunk opening as I get used to the S. But can't complaint as it is similar to the cars in same size like bmw3 and a4
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    Model 3 reservations in store in HK on 31 March?

    Reserved online just at its started. Just received email for payment. But Blank page on the payment page, and thus can't pay yet.
  39. M

    Door Handles, 2 different styles?

    It looks like the door opened once push the fatter, the other side just use to pull the door if u wish to (can also pull the edge of the door)
  40. M

    Door Handles, 2 different styles?

    Ryan, the new style handle is also retractable like the S? Or work in other way?
  41. M

    creak on passenger side

    There are some creaking noise (sounds like a 'click') from the passenger side b-pillar, or roof (can't identify clearly). The noise is not that big but annoying when driving in the silent space. And it also happens even on low speed or turning right. Checking with CS but still yet to get the...
  42. M

    news on re-release of autopilot in HK?

    Nice! Actually I'm interested in what technology is used to detect user is touching the leather wrapped wheel ?
  43. M

    Inside Temperature

    Any ways that I can view the inside temperature in the car? this info is available on app but hardly find in the car displays...wired thanks in advance
  44. M

    For Sales: Tesla Wall Connector for sale

    Still on sale
  45. M

    Superchargers in Hong Kong are not for long distance travel

    It is a compromise and discourage the adoption of EV imo. currently, the problem of charging is purely political issue due to the mindset of avoiding change risks (not technical issue). So what tesla should do is trying to break this mindset instead of compromising it. The difficulty in charging...
  46. M

    For sale: AG wheels M621 20" wheels

    Hi folk, May I have the info of the red clipper as well? Many thanks
  47. M

    Made in China Tesla

    If there are no choices on earth, say, iPhone are all MIC, then fine. but Tesla will still have made in USA or even made in Europe, and why as a customer would like to have MIC? factory at China to serve China market, ok (to mitigate the import tax), just like other automakers such as BMW. But...
  48. M

    Made in China Tesla

    In a recent interview, Musk once revealed that the planning China factory would be manufacture for EVs selling in 'Greater China Area', by this, it is likely HK would be impacted. i believe most of us, if not all, would dislike a MIC Tesla for purchase......how can we express it clearly before...
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    Tesla's Software To-Do List

    What about adding recording function to the cam, so that it acts like dash cam?
  50. M

    Systems are powering up

    Btw, my experienc on energy saving mode not really safe a lot juice. The daily drain is around 6km no matter energy saving is on or off. are you sharing the same?

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