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  1. Ted H

    Screen Unresponsive Upon Waking Up

    I have had the exact issue you describe once (also with firmware 2022.12.3.2); got into the car to drive after it had been sleeping overnight and everything looked normal and the whole car was working _except_ the touch screen completely didn't respond to touch. Did the two-steering-wheel-button...
  2. Ted H

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    My car - 2021 Model 3 Long Range - was doing the same yesterday. I noticed the date/time of the check was stuck on 28 May 10:01. When I went to the software page it did the normal “checking for updates” placeholder text for a few seconds then came back with the up to date message BUT the...
  3. Ted H

    Flat Tyre

    My experience (in Sydney about 6 months ago) was: * They normally send a service guy to swap your wheel to a swap one, you then take the flat one to a tyre place and get it repaired and put back on your car, then you call them and they come and collect the swap one. * BUT when I called they...
  4. Ted H

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    It’s a software fix, included in firmware 2022.12.3.3 and later. Affects cars with the new Ryzen CPU for their infotainment system. See the source (US) recall and timeline information at https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2022/RCAK-22V296-6974.pdf and...
  5. Ted H

    Jolt EV charging network

    I charged at the Mona Vale Library carpark Jolt charger again this morning - cool morning (15C) and after 25 minutes driving from Palm Beach. Definitely the battery heating sucked in a fair few of the “free” first 7 kW, but it did get going (up to 21kW or so) later in the session. Something I...
  6. Ted H

    Jolt EV charging network

    I am charging at the new Mona Vale Jolt charger right now. It is in the library carpark (off Park St) and is is (IMHO) a very much better location than the other Mona Vale one. The charger is an interesting/clever design, being close to, but not part of, the substation box. I have added it to...
  7. Ted H

    Jolt EV charging network

    There were plans with council for one in the library carpark (about 50m from the current one, as you say basically straight across the roundabout). Will be a much less stressful location to use as - if it is where I think I remember from the plans - it is in an off street carpark, rather than a...
  8. Ted H

    How do I force download/clear downloads from Tidal?

    I had that exact issue a couple of months ago and still have an open ticket with Tidal (who did some testing and passed it on to Tesla). Seems to affect some specific albums (only) - I had one 100% case and another person on another forum I frequent had another. What you need to do is get...
  9. Ted H

    Are there forced software updates?

    In Australia (where I am), the model 3 definitely uses a SIM card - it’s on a board up behind the glove compartment. My car was delivered with a faulty SIM card installed and I watched the mobile service person change it.
  10. Ted H

    Teen hacker claims ability to control 25 Teslas worldwide

    Here is the commit to disable anonymous access to the dashboard in TeslaMate. https://github.com/adriankumpf/teslamate/commit/fff6915e7364f83b3030f980d5743299c4e5260d
  11. Ted H

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    When the player is in the full-height mode, tap the icon near the audio search with the horizontal lines and the small triangle “play” symbol on it. That will switch the player into the half-height mode. Tap it again to go back to full-height.
  12. Ted H

    Jolt EV charging network

    I forgot to mention earlier but you should see the Mona Vale Jolt charger on ABetterRoutePlanner now. I was hoping someone from Jolt would add it to Open Charge Map - The global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations so it would end up in ABRP but it didn’t happen so I added it...
  13. Ted H

    Evie EV charging networks

    I charged briefly last week at an Evie station in NW Sydney and also had an unexpected payment problem - on my iPhone I had selected Apple Pay as the payment method in the Evie app; I thought I had a different card set as default for Apple Pay but maybe it was my AmEx. Definitely used to work...
  14. Ted H

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    I found that the icon in the pop-up tray of apps labelled “Dashcam” is in fact the Dashcam VIEWER. Brings up the latest clip by default and has the icon at the top to display the list of Sentry mode and Dashcam clips.
  15. Ted H

    Supercharger - Tuggerah, NSW

    I have only charged there a couple of times (2021 Model 3 LR), most recently maybe 6 months ago. I definitely didn’t scrape on anything but I do remember the ramps being steep-ish.
  16. Ted H

    Supercharger - Tuggerah, NSW

    I just saw this Supercharger is marked as "Temporary Closure" in the phone app and showing the location pin with a white slash across it. I haven't been out to my car to see if there is any better detail there. In Plugshare someone charged there successfully yesterday, so whatever is happening...
  17. Ted H

    Holy crap Tidal makes the audio system come ALIVE.

    In firmware 2021.40.6 they added Tidal as an actual music source (like Spotify, etc). If you have a Tidal account (HiFi or higher tier) you can stream or download their lossless (“HiFi”) tracks while your car is connected to WiFi, and if you have downloaded them as lossless this way, you can...
  18. Ted H

    Holy crap Tidal makes the audio system come ALIVE.

    If you use your phone's wifi hotspot (so your car and the Tidal app see it as a Wifi connection) then you can stream as Wifi. What I have been doing though is downloading the playlist or album via my home WiFi before I leave on a drive. The downloading logic seems a little "new" currently...
  19. Ted H

    Tidal, y u no shuffle?

    Agreed completely. If how it looks to me when I am in a no-cell-service area - and to the other poster without premium connectivity - is correct, I can only guess that (1) it is a version 1.0.0 problem that needs fixing, and (2) the developers and beta testers all have premium connectivity so...
  20. Ted H

    Tidal, y u no shuffle?

    I do have premium connectivity. I found when driving a couple of days ago that Tidal wouldn’t play back previously-downloaded (HiFi) tracks when I was in an area that I didn’t have LTE connectivity at all for a while. So what I think is Tidal is using the premium connectivity to check your...
  21. Ted H

    Holy crap Tidal makes the audio system come ALIVE.

    When viewing an album or playlist in the Tidal app in the car, there is a download button near the top of the screen (next to the play and heart ones). If you click on that, it will add the album/playlist to a download queue. When the car is connected to WiFi the queued downloads get downloaded...
  22. Ted H

    Holy crap Tidal makes the audio system come ALIVE.

    How it works currently in my car with Tidal is that what bit rate you get depends on how the car is connected to the internet (LTE or WiFi) and whether you are downloading or streaming the track. You get lossless (downloading or streaming) when connected to WiFi and lossy when using the car’s...
  23. Ted H

    Best NSW e-tag mounting location for Model 3

    I have mine (the RTA one) mounted vertically just to the left of the camera assembly at top centre of the windscreen. Works perfectly and I can’t see it while driving. Actually you can just see it if you zoom up my car in my profile picture that accompanies this post. if you don’t like the look...
  24. Ted H

    Tidal, y u no shuffle?

    What cleared the “load error” - in Tidal and TuneIn (and seemingly caused by the downloading function in Tidal going wrong and getting “stuck” on a track) - for me was rebooting the infotainment system by holding the two steering wheel buttons. Changing to a different wifi network or changing to...
  25. Ted H

    Where to hide or stash a key card on the outside of the vehicle.

    What I do (Model 3 but same situation) is I have a spare RFID card with me when I am surfing - around my neck in a silicone lanyard inside my wetsuit in winter, and zippered in my boardshorts pocket in the summer. I have my phone locked inside the car with its Bluetooth turned off, AND I also...
  26. Ted H

    Tidal, y u no shuffle?

    I set Tidal up yesterday - created a new HiFi tier account (they had a 3 month trial offer for $A1/month so hard to refuse) then logged in to it from my car (2021 LR). My car is running 2021.40.6 firmware. When the car is connected to wifi - either home wifi in the garage or tethering to my 5G...
  27. Ted H

    What does the LR Acceleration Boost cost in Australia?

    If it doesn’t show there, is it possible that the owner isn’t yet known “everywhere” in Tesla’s system as being the owner of the car., since they just collected it today? I haven’t looked for a while but it used to be the case that a “driver” didn’t get access to the Upgrades, only the “owner”...
  28. Ted H

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Something I saw in one of Bjorn’s videos was that a BMW EV with a similar remote-viewing feature has a limit on the number of minutes and/or sessions of remote viewing from a car per day. I would like the feature mainly so I could do remote deletion of all the sentry events I end up with when...
  29. Ted H

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Something that is boggling my mind a little is how many firmware versions are “live” (ie actively being deployed at the same time to different parts of the fleet) as far as those cars hooked up to TeslaFi. I mean: * 2021.36.5.5 - still going out steadily worldwide * 2021.36.5.6 - going out...
  30. Ted H

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    To clarify, they have 2021.40.5 in an Australian Model S and they have remote viewing of the sentry mode cameras? I’ll make more use of waypoints but I’d like remote camera viewing - even if they limit it for non-US people to some number of views/minutes per day as BMW have done with the same...
  31. Ted H

    HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 versus TESLA MODEL 3 | Wheels Australia

    My guess is that the OP has auto high beams enabled. I find that - as well as making high beams unavailable at all below (I think) 30km/h - on occasions when travelling above that minimum speed there is significant lag between hitting the stalk forward for high beam and the high beam actually...
  32. Ted H

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    What if (random thought) your car is sleeping and when the app is on the same LAN as the car it tries to use Wake-on-LAN to wake the car - but this doesn’t work for whatever reason? * Sitting in the car (while on the LAN) will have woken the car up when you opened the door so wouldn’t need WoL...
  33. Ted H

    NRMA fast charging network

    I charged at the Jindabyne NRMA charger on Tuesday (2-Nov) about lunchtime (2021 MiC Model 3 LR - same firmware as you 2021.36.5.5). Charged from 41-66% in 25 minutes on the charger nearer to the lake. I have heard from lots of people about problems charging Teslas from Tritium chargers with...
  34. Ted H

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Small world! I did a (1100km) day trip Sydney-Snowies-Sydney on Tuesday too. Firmware 2021.36.5.5 also (2021 MiC Model 3 LR, non-FSD, done about 16000km). I had a few “lift off the throttle” sort of slowdowns on TACC but no actual hard braking kind of phantom braking events. On the...
  35. Ted H

    Stamp Duty rebate in NSW & Road User Charges

    Unless I am mistaken, One Nation's proposed amendments look to bake in a significant acceleration in the rate per km of the RUC, to 4c/km in 2025-26 and to 6c/km in 2030-31. Also seems to want to limit the stamp duty rebate to only those earning under $105k/year (and I think for vehicles under...
  36. Ted H

    New Model 3 - Delivered with faulty sim card

    I don’t know how you can “tell”, that is somehow via the onscreen display in the car. For Australian-delivered Model 3s, a physical SIM is used and it is up behind the glovebox. I don’t know if you can see up in there from the footwell and I didn’t watch to see how the Mobile Service person took...
  37. Ted H

    NSW EV charging master plan

    I just had a chance to have a look at the map, thanks @moa999 for linking to it. Found for Jindabyne that they have the two 50kW NRMA chargers shown twice - once in the correct location (with full information) and again (same address, but shown wrongly on the map) with partial and incorrect...
  38. Ted H

    Jolt EV charging network

    Could it be that they want to give 15 minutes and ~50km of free parking/charging (ie not too much, not too little) and it just happens that the 25kW rate achieves that, rather than the charging speed being driven from what is available in the big green transformer box. The numbers probably...
  39. Ted H

    Model 3 Auto Pilot kick in

    Hmmm…. When I picked mine up from Chatswood in March this year I reckon it had calibrated and everything was available by the time I was on Wakehurst Parkway (less than 20km anyway). Is the autopilot cruise control working (one click downwards when driving)? If not do you get a warning message...
  40. Ted H

    Jolt EV charging network

    Thanks. After I posted I had a chance to look at the DA information you linked on the council website and saw the intended signage; hopefully it has the desired effect. That station opening hasn’t been announced in the weekly council email newsletter yet has it, maybe next week? Soul Surf (about...
  41. Ted H

    Jolt EV charging network

    Thanks. I just installed the app and set it up. It is a “skin” of the Evie app and looks to use evconnect.com as the backend (ie same as Evie) BUT your user setup information seemingly isn’t shared between Evie and Jolt. Wonder how they will go with policing it being ICEd. That’s a pretty busy...
  42. Ted H

    New Model 3 - Delivered with faulty sim card

    For mine (2021 MiC LR) when it was delivered in March and had the same issue as the @Mcs3 decribes, the mobile service guy _did_ just replace the SIM card in it. He told me there were quite a few cars in that batch that had non-functioning SIM cards put in them at the factory and it wasn’t...
  43. Ted H

    What's going on at the Canberra Superchargers

    Just as a heads-up, it looks to me that currently if you have been (anywhere) in greater Sydney in the last 14 days you cannot exit your car in the ACT without having a completed declaration form or an exemption. Meaning you cannot stop at the Canberra Supercharger. See Standing Exemptions...
  44. Ted H

    What's going on at the Canberra Superchargers

    That’s not a crowd… THIS is a crowd (also from Perisher on the weekend): I think this season (far more than any previous year) is going to be a real test for the EV charging infrastructure between Sydney and the snowfields. My Goulburn charge yesterday evening was the only charger I saw that...
  45. Ted H

    What's going on at the Canberra Superchargers

    Every other time I have been there it has been either only me or one other car. Last night (6:30pm on a Tuesday) I think I was car #6 in the 8 possible bays. Startled me when I turned into the carpark. Most of the cars unattended, so the cars were either having a big drink or some idle charges...
  46. Ted H

    What's going on at the Canberra Superchargers

    I like it. I use its Apple Watch extension to lock/unlock my car for surfing most days (carry an RFID card on me as a backup just in case too) and the drive and charge history is good. Also doesn’t wake the car up as soon as you open the phone app to check something (as the official app does)...
  47. Ted H

    What's going on at the Canberra Superchargers

    Ok, I charged this morning at the Canberra Supercharger (second bay from the north). My car (2021 MiC LR) started pre-heating the battery 40 minutes out from the charger. Air temperature was about 6C. Peak charge rate was 129kW. Charging curve below (from the Nikola app): I noticed when I was...
  48. Ted H

    Autosteer indicating incorrectly

    Agreed. I have a Model 3 without FSD and I have never had the car indicate when I have been driving with Autosteer - I have even used it going through several of the same on/offramps that @QBN_PC has so excellently described the repeatable issues with his car at.
  49. Ted H

    What's going on at the Canberra Superchargers

    What if they didn't navigate to the Supercharger (so the battery didn't pre-heat), or didn't have a long enough drive for the battery to pre-heat? I am supposed to be doing a day-trip to Cooma (ie Sydney-Cooma-Sydney) this coming Tuesday so I will be charging at the Canberra supercharger in at...
  50. Ted H

    Thredbo/ Snowy Mountains in 2021

    I don’t have a photo of the signs (explicitly permitting any cars to park in the Cooma Supercharger bays for up to an hour) but they were definitely there as recently as 3 weeks ago when I last charged there. I may be in Cooma briefly in the next couple of days (and if so will be charging there)...

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