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    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I replaced mine a few months back and it gave me plenty of notice. I think I got both a you should replace soon and a its bad some things wont work message before I did it. That said I couldnt get a replacement through normal auto shops and ended up having mobile service do it. I lost a day...
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    What was in the Charging bundle on 2018 Model 3?

    I just got my car back from a service and it was missing too. Very frustrating. No one at Tesla says they used it and I cant actually prove anything so Im out the 250 its going to cost to replace pending I can even get a mobile charger anytime soon from Tesla. Assuming Tesla is telling the...
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    FM Radio

    I sure hope this one isn't intentional. Its honestly horrible.
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    No CarPlay is a deal breaker. WTF?

    That's an interesting take because google supplies the map and direction data for Tesla. Google also owns Waze.
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    CO--> CA. Model 3 dual motor tire question

    I ride ps4s all year in Ventura county as well. That said I have the 20s and am sweating it because I need new ones but the ones I ordered from Tire Rack on Jan 3rd arent expected in till mid February. All the rain lately is sketching me out.
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    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    My battery went about a month ago and I couldnt find one anywhere. I eventually caved and had to have Tesla come out as they seemed to be the only source of them. I got lucky and they did it next day but it was an interesting call to work that I couldn't come in because my battery died and I...
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    I think the BSM cameras are probably the worst part. At night its functionally just an orange blinking box on your screen. Plus its a bit unintuitive for using on left hand signals (looking right to turn left). I shut that feature off. Otherwise Im in camp good update. They fixed my number...
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    Reversing screen juddering after UI update

    Mine is crappy since the last update as well. Ive tried waiting after putting into reverse in hopes it will catch up but as soon as I start moving it gets laggy. Im hoping it will be fixed on the next update.
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    No CarPlay is a deal breaker. WTF?

    Waze is trash. It makes so many unnecessary turns to save maybe a minute. I wish I could get a few more streaming services like iheartradio for more am radio options but otherwise I'm served fine without additional phone apps.
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    I think overall v11 is a great improvement. I do wish for a few small things like bringing back a larger AP icon and speedometer, bringing back the dashcam button from within the menu and maybe bringing back the heated seats from behind a menu but in general its cleaned everything up nicely and...
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    No Homelink, No Problem

    Yeah it kinda sucks that you cant add it at the factory now. I bit the bullet like a month after car purchase and I feel like its been totally worth it. I have a community gate and my garage door so its nice not having to use 2 remotes. I keep auto down off but it preemptively brings up the...
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    What would you add to your Tesla M3/MY screen?

    Please flip the audio source selection row to the top of the audio section so I can just have the audio source part showing with map up above it. I don't need to see the favorites because I can switch between them with the wheel controls. I have to press the screen for the audio source...
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    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I found a video online and some other threads. Seems it still works for now even with a covered camera. Hopefully it stays that way through the v11 update.
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    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    So my car officially started bugging me to upgrade to 2021.4.18.2 which adds the interior camera monitoring. I currently have my camera covered and dont really want to have to uncover it but fear doing so will stop AP from working. Has anyone with the update tried covering the camera to see if...
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    Be cautious on all future updates

    Its true. Fool me once on making the useful interface smallerm shame on Tesla. Fool me twice by making me get recorded to use AP, shame on me. I certainly will do my best to avoid shaming myself.
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    Be cautious on all future updates

    Yeah I switched the option to Normal and will hold out on future releases. I wish V11 would have happened before the in cabin camera monitoring but oh well. I don't intend on removing the tape from my camera and don't feel like losing AP either.
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    Why is GPS Lady Yelling at Me?

    My GPS always seems to start on mute which is fine if I'm going somewhere I know and just need an ETA but when Im going somewhere new I always have to go into settings and unmute it. Drives me nuts.
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    Blog SpaceX Crew Dragon Completes Safe Splashdown

    Anyone else surprised at how roomy that thing appears to be?
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    Model 3 Screen Corners Fading

    It looks more like the screen is peeling back from the glass at the corners. Id put the picture into a service request and see what they say.
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    Vendor We're the makers of 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats.

    I have the KAGU version and they work great. Like the other poster says they fit great and are super easy to hose down when they need to be cleaned.
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    How can I make a software update suggestion (blind spot camera with turn-signals)?

    My 2016 Chevy did it as well. Its a solid feature Im surprised Tesla hasn't picked up yet.
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    How can I make a software update suggestion (blind spot camera with turn-signals)?

    Ive got a few suggestions: - How about scheduled HVAC. For example heat in the morning to 72. Cool in the afternoon to 69. - Automatically lower the HVAC force when placing or receiving a phone call.
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    Model 3 totaled! please advise

    You will get what anyone gets in this scenario. They are going to pay you for the current value of the car. Your best best right now is to find comps in your area of used cars around the same mileage and features. That way you are ready for the lowball and can counter with more realistic...
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    No longer sleeping after 2021.4.11

    Mine did okay yesterday without Sentry. I'm going to park in a less traveled area for a week and see if it stays okay.
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    No longer sleeping after 2021.4.11

    Yeah my car is doing this now too. When parked at work I'm losing 6%. I shut off sentry mode today to test if thats it. I dont seem to be driving harder as my percent drop going to and from work are the same.
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    Left Rear Door will not open

    Nice. Good to hear it was a quick fix.
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    Chill Mode Extending Range?

    Yeah back when I first got it I tried chill vs sport to see if it made a difference and it wasn't any better in chill mode.
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    Left Rear Door will not open

    I had a bad module that stopped my door from working. Mine was a little different though. The rear driver door wouldn't do anything from either the inside or outside and then sometimes randomly would pop open. The window would act funny too. I have a video where pressing the window switch...
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    USB C with Tesla 3 (2019)?

    Your best bet is to run to the cigarette lighter in the armrest. That's what I do for charging. You can route the cable out of the armrest and then down along the trim on either side of the center tunnel part. I really wish Tesla would have just put a cigarette lighter in that front storage...
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    Vendor Paid Research Study LA/OC Area Model 3 Owners $125

    Buggers. I only have weekends free and fly out of town on the 12th.
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    Model 3 Tan Interior

    Im all for tan interiors. I would have ordered my car with one if it was available but the OP photo is a bit wonk. Its not the best shade for the seats and the wood is not the right tone either. I also dont think additional wood look on the center console is needed.
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    Model 3/Y MCU Performance

    All this is true.
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    Model 3 Performance: time for Ludicrous?

    The plaid name comes from Spaceballs. Its the same place they got Ludicrous mode from. Theres a chase scene were the space balls take their ship to maximum speed and pass the protaganists so fast that instead of light streaks they get a plaid pattern. Its followed by Barf (John Candy) saying...
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    Would you pay $90-100K for a Plaid Model 3?

    I'm not at the point where I would spend that kind of money for any daily driver. That much money requires a lot more effort into the car than I can afford one that I have to drive every day. Id rather keep my current Performance 3 and get a second car for the weekends.
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    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    That would be neat. I liked the Volt dual horn.
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    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    Wait is he indicating that the car will assume whether you want to go in forward or reverse? I figured they were just moving PRND to the screen as that would be fine but I wouldn't want my car guessing which direction I want to be in.
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    What are you guys using your 12 volt socket for?

    I keep my phone on a wount in front of the steering wheel. I have a charger set up in the port to keep it topped off.
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    Model S interior refresh features that will make it into 3/Y

    Fingers crossed for ANC to be added to a future update.
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    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    That horn is a wasted space when it could be the center pad like normal. Where is the AP control? On the stalk system its easy to transition into and out of AP.
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    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    10-2 isnt taught anymore as it increases injury risk with airbag deployment. they teach 9-3 now.
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Im not worried about the signals. press to activate is easy enough. I do wonder about transitioning between AP and manual though. with the stalks its so easy and fluid. I fear they will push towards it always being on and make manual mode harder to transition to.
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    the rate at which this car chews thru tires is insane

    I was just checking my tires thinking I was doing great still on the original at 22k. My last car was using them about every 15 to 20k.
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    Chrome Add Thread for 2021 M3

    Hey fellow Kappa owner. I have an Envious GXP at home.
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    Chrome Add Thread for 2021 M3

    You're thinking of a landau top.
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    This doesn't make sense [complaint about inability to keep HW2.5 computer on upgrade]

    This is a gray area because they are upgrading your computer so in a sense they have baked keeping it into the FSD price similar to a core charge. Tesla cant come to your house and take the computer any more than they can take the car itself. They sold it to you so it is yours but in order to...
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    Deep Blue Metallic Help

    In my experience its dark most of the time. In direct sunlight you'll get some nice sparkle but it never looks like it does on the display and the slightest amount of dust and it wont brighten up as well.
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    I got my first rock chip :'(

    get some touchup paint on there and leave it alone.
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    Did the 2021 M3 LR PARK feature change?

    Yeah mine is still the same as it ever was. Quick press gives you park and long makes the icon pop up.
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    Did the 2021 M3 LR PARK feature change?

    Well hell now I have to try this out. I bought mine in the days of hold to engage parking brake and that's what I've always done since I always use the parking brake but maybe I dont have to hold anymore. I definitely hear when the brake is actuated so if I remember Ill test it out before...
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    Anyone try the new Turtle Wax Pro Graphene Wax Yet?

    I got a bottle of this delivered over the holidays. I figure I need to do a proper detail before first application though so it may be another few weeks before I give it a whirl. Ive been doing Zaino multicoats for a long time and its getting tedious. Looking for something a bit easier.

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