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    New app shows charging stats

    c'mon Android developers.. Just once can you be faster than the Iphone Dev team?
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    California Timeline: Car Purchase, License & Registation, HOV Stickers, and FasTrak CAV Toll-Tag

    December 13th mailed in, cashed January 21st, no stickers as of today February 3rd
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    California Timeline: Car Purchase, License & Registation, HOV Stickers, and FasTrak CAV Toll-Tag

    HOV California Carpool Stickers, check was cashed.. What is the average time people get the stickers. Cashed on Jan 21. I'm going to put them on the PPF.
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    Silicone Tesla Ring

    I have one of the rings that is the black with a slight wood look.. It's my emergency backup since I always wear the ring. The only negative, which really isn't that negative since it's an emergency key, is that I basically need to slide it off and put it on the pillar of the car for the...
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    Is it okay to charge to 100% if I am immediately going to use it right away?

    I charge to 95-100% but immediately use it.. But I don't have it plugged in for a few days as my wife's car is a Honda Clarity and it hogs the cord. 2-3 days when it's down to under 15% I have it charge from midnight until the next morning work (220v 30A) to 90-100% again.
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    10.8 FSD

    Yes and. 2021.44.25 Official Tesla Release Notes - Software Updates
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    Stuck on 2021.36.8

    My two cents First I would tether the car to a cell phone if you have better service with a phone. Second turn on sentury mode, the car won't sleep in sentury. Then give it the old two finger salute to reboot it, I bet it will finish.
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    Stuck on 2021.36.8

    On average my updates come every 60 days sometimes sometimes it arrives 50 days in but not more than 70 days. One of them came back to back but I believe it's a bug fix. As for the performance you just got delivered, that's awesome. We were stuck on the factory version for quite some time last...
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    Stuck on 2021.36.8

    The live view and voice was available way back on 36.8.5.
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    10.8 FSD

    It is probably the base. Necessary underlying files.
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    10.8 FSD

    Elon: When are you going to be done? Dev: We'll have it done on by the the holiday.. Elon: Kewl. Elon -> Twitter : TUESDAY! WINTER SOLSTICE!
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    10.8 FSD

    It's more like the family that you give a different time to for events so they get there on time.. Because you know their average "lateness" .. "Two weeks" and it will be 🔥🔥🔥 .. It's either genius or unnecessary frustrations but Tesla doesn't do PR.
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    Best Online Aftermarket Tesla Store?

    It really comes down to, there are some very ingenious people and companies out there. Some of them are in China, with that is the simple problem of the quality of the customer service. The products are usually fine with people talking about them here. I have yet to find a one-stop-shop, or...
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    10.8 FSD

    Getting excited... 9,281 minutes 30 seconds until Tuesday when Elon said we'd get the Christmas Update! It will be 🔥🔥🔥 That implied "2 weeks" gets everyone.
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    Stuck on 2021.36.8

    In 2 weeks. It will be 🔥🔥🔥
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    Stuck on 2021.36.8

    Teslafi does not show any new versions today, I guess we can still hope.
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    Software updates

    34 days? You get them that fast.. Mine always are between 55 and 65 days so far. There was one time I got two back to back, but I start looking forward to an update every 60 days. Matter of fact just got one today . Came from 2021.36.8 .. I wish we'd get every update you see on TeslaFi...
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    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    I believe the second half of 21 they put the USB port in the glove box so that the sentry SSD did not get taken. (upper left of glove box) We do have data on at least one of the front USBC ports as we play games with those.
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    Latest Software Update?

    2021.36.8 I wonder if the Holiday "tuesday" update happens.
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    Clicking from accelerator in traffic and autopilot

    I agree with that observation... It looks like you're trying to get the car to get closer to the car in front of you than the TACC wants to... So you let off and it drops the brake. It would have stopped before that point.
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    TACC following distance is iliogical

    Bumper to bumper it will sit at 2.. If it speeds up or when traffic is light I will be at a higher number just so I don't get rear ended if it runs up on someone. It's also better about slowing down if a vehicle is stopped in front of you and you're still at 60. As soon as the traffic spacing...
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    TACC following distance is iliogical

    So many people think the number is "seconds" as in time between the next car. It is not 7 seconds back or even 7 cars back. (That's the other one people try to claim). If you look in the manual it states that it is "Time Based" but not seconds (or cars)..
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    Passenger windows won't go down.

    Not sure if anyone responded but, if the window doesn't come down slightly when you open the door, and then close the door you could damage the trim or break the glass. Which is also why you don't use the manual release for the door. We have a condition that because they switched to dual pane...
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    What's the wattage for the 2 rear USB-C ports?

    Just avoid Apple products. I have 0. Beside Apple doesn't want to play nicely with USBC in Europe.
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    I can’t believe that I rely on 360 camera views this much!

    The Chevy bolt had a great 360 top down view. But Tesla may have a blind spot around the front wheel.
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    Stuck on 2021.36.8

    I'm looking for the second part of the Christmas update from early 2021 and a two-part update for late 21 Christmas season and early 22. Lol
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    Double pane rear windows coming to USA, anyone else excited?

    Noise in the back isn't bad. Benefits might include: Better heat when in Camp mode ( but the rest of the car is still glass) Noise reductions will be slight. Most of the noise is tire. Not so good: Windows are tight if they don't adjust their MFG. In our Model Y the windows will sometimes...
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    Stuck on 2021.36.8

    Noticed on TeslaFi that there are people still getting that version..
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    Model Y caliper cover

    Just personal preferences I guess.. Open wheels look more finished with the paint. The unpainted calipers look/get dirty ugly and unfinished. So I would either keep the hubs I have now that are pretty closed up, or I'd entertain a caliper cover as the one above (maybe yellow or green)..
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    Model Y caliper cover

    But an open wheel without the color on the Caliper looks like something is missing. Maybe a steampunk look..
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    Most people are on 36.8, I'll be happy with the android update for the Sentry, and the defrost that doesn't roast the car.
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    Alternate to a usb drive for music

    I use the samsung drive.. I'm using an SSD drive if that is different. I had to many problems with FLASH drives. I actually partitioned the drive so part of it is for Sentry and the other is for Music or Boombox..
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    FSD beta safety score on Android???

    Do you have FSD?
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    Firmware 2021.40.x

    You could have an Android phone? No Sentry video .
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    No remote camera option in app

    Ah you've been drinking the kool-aid..
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    High cost of charging according to TeslaFi?

    @101dals how can you downvote me for a factual statement.. It wasn't an opinion. Sheesh
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    High cost of charging according to TeslaFi?

    Pacific Gas & Electric in California
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    High cost of charging according to TeslaFi?

    Our off peak is $0.20, I wish our peak was that..
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    2021.36.8 and lack of support for Android Users

    Not just Tesla... You will find any cross brand apps will come out for IOS first for the reasons posted above this. I have always had Android and IOS and IOS cross platform apps almost always come out IOS first. Never seen Android get something before IOS.
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    Model Y cracked rear reflector.

    And that's the side that is harder to pop out the reflector. Having it broken makes it easy to remove to replace with the lights (or another reflector)
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    Model Y cracked rear reflector.

    I'm thinking of replacing that reflector with the lights.
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    Software Update Index

    59 days in the "factory version" after delivery was my first and only update so far was to 2021.32.21
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    Using speed limit mode to get around TACC flaws.

    I've not had that happen on the freeways.. Only if I try taking in city streets or 2 lane roadways, that it changes speeds a lot, but TACC is more intended for freeways, not complicated roads. Even FSD is never going to be hands off autonomous, even on freeways in its current design. But close..
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    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    always makes me nervous on a 100F day when cold water from a hose hits the roof.. but never cracked.
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    Would you charge off-peak hours if Tesla offered a discounted rate?

    We have solar and we used to charge it home all the time but now I just charge when I'm at work because there's an outlet in the work garage. I don't think I could live in stack and pack conditions in a city where you have no yard no driveway no nothing.
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    Would you charge off-peak hours if Tesla offered a discounted rate?

    IF Tesla would give us a discount when the utility price is low then that would be great. IF they are planning on raising the prices then off peak being cheaper to increase profit, I am against. IF they charge NON-TESLA's the going rate to make money but Tesla's get just above the going...
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    Wanting SiriusXM on the Model 3/Y

    I also use the Android App, works fine except in places with limited cellular service.
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    Autopilot lane position

    Elon We need a center +1 right or+1L. Whatever your margin of safety is 1cm? 1in?. Use it in automatic for Lane splitting motorcycles.

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