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  1. f205v

    Immersive Sound

    I do not have the premium sound, so this should be the reason why I can not find the "auto" button anywhere. This is the first time in 4 years that Tesla has sent out an updated with a release note that is showing something NOT for my car. in more than a hundred updates received so far release...
  2. f205v

    Immersive Sound

    With last update I got (2021.32.21) it says that now I should have a new setting in "Media > Audio Settings > Immersive Sound > AUTO" I checked in my car, but the option is not present. I already re-booted the car, to no avail. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  3. f205v

    My range increased!!

    Switch to percentage and stop worrying! ;)
  4. f205v

    Storing car in cold winter months

    Also, leave it plugged in, charge at 50%
  5. f205v

    Diagnostic Port Index

    that video is super cool!
  6. f205v

    How to tell if car has MCU1 or MCU2

    Yes, correct!
  7. f205v

    How to tell if car has MCU1 or MCU2

    Reboot the display using the control wheels on the steering wheel, hold both in for 10 or more seconds, if both displays reboot, then the vehicle is equipped with MCU2, if only one reboots then you have MCU1.
  8. f205v

    USB music showing up in search for ANYONE????

    artwork still missing for me.
  9. f205v

    Backup Camera Disappears when Touching UI on AP1 Cars

    @drklain mine is the same as yours. Only the "X" in the corner makes it go away.
  10. f205v

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    well, not easy to answer. For sure, during the first 15 or so launches they had to wait for final orbit before being operational. In the recent weeks, a few satellite that where already at their allotted altitude have started to slowly move. It is not clear if this slowly moving ones are...
  11. f205v

    [Advise needed] second Tesla in the family

    Thank you so much to you all for your kind and informative posts.
  12. f205v

    [Advise needed] second Tesla in the family

    Hello, my wife is now convinced to sell her Jeep Renegade and buy a Model 3 LR. My question is: is it better to buy it under my existing Tesla account or is it better to set up a different account with Tesla under her name? What are the pros and cons of the 2 possibilities? TIA
  13. f205v

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    They must be in final orbit to become operative.
  14. f205v

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    @iffatall Good suggestion. That's is entirely possible, even if it would make sense only for MCU1, not for MCU2.
  15. f205v

    Creep, Roll and Hold

    @ADEEL421 I have a 2017 Model S as well. We are stuck with a motor technology that doesn't allow for "hold", because we have electromagnetic motors on our cars (both front and rear). Model 3/Y and newer Model S/X have electromagnetic motor on the rear, and permanent magnets motor on the front...
  16. f205v

    About that "yoke" steering wheel

    The only question that matters to me is: will the yoke be heated? (cold winters here)
  17. f205v

    New S Plaid HP/trap/technical discussion

    As I understand it, already approved models without CCS can still be sold. Models that undergo a new approval MUST be CCS. It is not clear at this point if new Model S / X will need a separate approval or if they will fall under the already existing S / X approval.
  18. f205v

    Who ordered S Plaid/Plaid+

    semi-yoke steering wheels are already widely used on many performance cars. Tesla yoke is more extreme, but I don't think it will be illegal.
  19. f205v

    New S Plaid HP/trap/technical discussion

    I can answer only this one: YES! it's mandatory by law this side of the pond.
  20. f205v

    Honda blindspot camera

    You are right, because of US mirrors. With EU mirrors there are NO blind-spots at all on model S / X (don't know about 3 / Y, never tested them)
  21. f205v

    Ability to control of Regen...

    Regen on snow is highly dependent on motors technology. On older S / X it's perfect even on high, because of the induction motors. On 3 / Y and newer S / X it sometimes briefly locks wheels, because permanent magnets.
  22. f205v

    CCS Combo 2 retrofit

    Today I finally had the opportunity to test a new V3 SuperCharger (250kW) with my CCS II Combo retrofit. External temp was 7°Celsius, by I got there with a good internal battery temp. I started from 7% state of charge and terminated my session at 47%. It took 21 minutes, and I charged 36 kWh...
  23. f205v

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    @gsmith63 unfortunately not.
  24. f205v

    MCU2 worth it?

    same day for me. dropped car at 08.30, got it back at 14.00
  25. f205v

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    I'm on 2020.48.26 since a couple of days. Album artwork is not yet showing, BUT restarting from the same song/minute you left the car with is now ALWAYS working! At least it's working for USB playback, I never use streaming so have no idea if it works there as well.
  26. f205v

    Locked in Valet mode :-(

    well, bruteforce is time consuming, but 100% sure to get the right code ;)
  27. f205v

    Front USB, is it always on?

    CCS II Combo retrofit was 300CHF, performed by ranger. Due to Covid restriction I'm not travelling around Europe as I used to do in the past, so I had no chance to try it on a V3 supercharger yet. I just tested it on a V2 near my home, only to be sure that it worked. I got to the SC with 83% and...
  28. f205v

    Front USB, is it always on?

    @KArnold I already tested it, as per my previous post. 12V accessory outlet next to front USB ports is ON only when car is awake. It goes off the moment driver gets out and close the door.
  29. f205v

    Front USB, is it always on?

    Having some spare time on my hands, I set up a small testing rig and went down to the car for another round of experiments. Results are: car ACTIVE left USB right USB with other port empty 5,12V - 2,26A 5,12V - 2,25A with other port sentry/cam 5,10V -...
  30. Testrig


  31. f205v

    Front USB, is it always on?

    I have checked my WiFi hot-spot and it's working fine! It only depletes battery and turns off when connected to my Tesla front USB and the car is parked. So I went a little further in the rabbit hole, downloaded the phone app to remotely check the hot-spot status and gave it a go. Results are...
  32. f205v

    Front USB, is it always on?

    @KArnold I just checked as you asked, but unfortunately the LED lamp has a sort of slow fading when power goes off; so I can not really notice if there is a short off/on cycle. Sorry for not being helpful.
  33. f205v

    Front USB, is it always on?

    I just found a small USB powered LED lamp, and used it to test my car. Results are: front USBs (2 sockets): always ON (they turn off only when car goes to sleep mode) rear USBs (2 sockets) + 12V auxiliary: ON only when car is ON and ready to drive. When driver exit the car and close the door...
  34. f205v

    Front USB, is it always on?

    Thank you for your answer, but I'm getting different results. E.G. I have a small USB converter plugged into the 12V socket, and it has a red LED showing when power is available. As soon as I exit the car and close the door, the LED goes off, meaning that power is cut to the 12V auxiliary...
  35. f205v

    Front USB, is it always on?

    I recently updated my 2017 Model S 100D from MCU1+HW2 to MUC2+HW3. Since the upgrade I noticed that the front USB seem to NOT be always on anymore. I have a small WiFi hot-spot connected to one of the front USB and with MCU1 it was running 24/7 with very minimal battery consumption. It was very...
  36. f205v

    WiFi turning off by itself

    Got my car back from the bodyshop. Haven't tried @jjrandorin method yet, but found something odd: when I switch WiFi back ON, while driving, it auto-reconnects to my hot-spot! So I do not have to force re-connection, just switch the WiFi ON and it does it by itself, even while in drive.
  37. f205v

    WiFi turning off by itself

    @jjrandorin good suggestion! My car will be back from the bodyshop next Friday (1) and I will immediately give a try to your suggested method! (1) Someone left a scratch on passenger side doors and rear quarter panel, it happened the day BEFORE I upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2, so no sentry...
  38. f205v

    WiFi turning off by itself

    @jjrandorin and @zanary thank you for the informative posts, but you are making the same confusion as @Chaserr Disconnecting Vs turning off They are 2 different things, as explained above.
  39. f205v

    WiFi turning off by itself

    @Chaserr Thank you, but that is not the issue I'm experiencing! What you are describing is the auto-disconnect when shifting into gear. It was a security feature introduced in v8 to prevent a possible man-in-the-middle attack when leaving your garage wifi. I'm aware of it, and I had the same...
  40. f205v

    WiFi turning off by itself

    Thank you @DerbyDave for your suggestion, but it doesn't work. Whatever profile I create, it always turns OFF by itself when shifting into gear. It's driving me mad.....
  41. f205v

    WiFi turning off by itself

    When I upgraded from MCU1+HW2 to MCU2+HW3 I lost all of my configurations. So I set up again my driver profile and "easy entry" profile. Both of them were set up while parked and with the car WiFi connected to my phone hot-spot. Now, whenever I get into the car and profile goes from "easy entry"...
  42. f205v

    Upgrade to MCU2 and AP HW3.0 [Europe]

    @fetzu I did the CCS 2 combo retrofit a few weeks ago. They charged me CHF 300,00 VAT included. more info here: CCS Combo 2 retrofit
  43. f205v

    Upgrade to MCU2 and AP HW3.0 [Europe]

    @caligula666 Thank, I'm in Switzerland as well, so CHF is perfect! @fetzu Service Center in Cham told me they can only do MUC2+HW3 at the same time. Also, you can not keep your old screen and get a discount, they will install a new screen (which was good for me, as I had the dreaded yellow bands...
  44. f205v

    Upgrade to MCU2 and AP HW3.0 [Europe]

    @caligula666 how much did they charge you for the radio module? you say no FM, only DAB; what about AM?
  45. f205v

    website suggestion

    So, finally I got my HW3 + MCU2 upgrade, and after 3+ years of car ownership I have a working web-browser. What are the must-have sites in my bookmarks? I already set up ABPR, but I'm sure many of you have some hidden gems to share... TIA
  46. f205v

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    @d.c.palmer @sduck My car just updated to 2020.44.15 I went down in the garage with a freshly formatted USB drive and various music files (MP3s and FLACs) at different bit rates and sampling. Everything plays perfectly, up to 24bit and 192kHz. Cover art is completely missing. So basically it's...
  47. f205v

    Model S 100D, September 2017, AP3.0 MCU2

    Model S 100D, September 2017, AP3.0 MCU2
  48. f205v

    High-Resolution USB Audio Broken?

    Yes, known issue. Comprehensive USB Bug List
  49. f205v

    Upgrade to MCU2 and AP HW3.0 [Europe]

    Today was the day! 8.30 left my car at Cham Service Center. Contactless. No loaner available (my fault, I forgot to specifically ask for it when I booked appointment). Manager was super-helpful and offered to bring me and my wife with his car to Zug train station where I had a meeting with some...
  50. f205v

    Is two months too long to wait for update?

    looks like MCU1 cars are still in the 2020.36 cycle.

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