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  1. Gizmo35

    Goodyear Comfortdrive for Model 3

    They were $219 a tire $876 before taxes, fees etc. The total was around $1200 but I also opted for the tire replacement certificates which was an additional $122. There was also a $75 mail in rebate.
  2. Gizmo35

    Goodyear Comfortdrive for Model 3

    I just had these tires installed. I also have the 19 inch wheels and got 48,000 on the original continentals. The tire rep at discount tire seemed surprised I got that much as he says he usually sees 20k or so miles on model 3 cars.
  3. Gizmo35

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    I will own mine post warranty. I have 46k miles right now. The thought has crossed my mind to get a Model Y Performance but after test driving, i feel i need more of a change to happen before I replace this car, like true range of 350 miles or so. I also have EAP and radar as well as homelink...
  4. Gizmo35

    Loose threads on the dashboard mesh

    I havent had that happen but last year chasing rattles i broke the clips on that panel removing it. The part cost me $44. $47 and change after taxes so no expensive at all.
  5. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    I now have a displayed range of 288 miles at 100%. Up from 256 from APR 2021. This proves to me that the BMS can be wild with what it displays based on charbing habits.
  6. Gizmo35

    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    I unfortunately didnt take any pictures. I was a little excited to get them fixed and put back in the car.
  7. Gizmo35

    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    I fixed them. I took a dremel to it with with very small cutting wheel and made a small rectangle instead of 2 holes. Gave me plenty of open room to work with and I applied tape over the holes and the mating surface glue on both cameras. I then sealed the cutout with silicone. No more glare. Im...
  8. Gizmo35

    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    Saw this as well. Im glad the reason has been properly identified. Now i just have to find a clever way to get access to the pcb without destroying the camera. I don’t want to drill a hole.
  9. Gizmo35

    Navigation map plus and minus buttons gone

    It seems to keep the zoom with the pinch method now. It will do autozoom out and in when on route guidance and go back to your pinched zoom once you cancel a route.
  10. Gizmo35

    Tesla inconsistency and timelines for PTO...

    Wow I wouldnt expect it to take too long after submission. My PTO was submitted by Tesla yesterday and this morning I received a confirmation email from SDGE acknowledging receipt. A couple hours later, I got another email saying PTO approved. I waited 4 hrs before calling Tesla. They updated my...
  11. Gizmo35

    Tesla inconsistency and timelines for PTO...

    I have received PTO and I am finally up and running.
  12. Gizmo35

    Tesla inconsistency and timelines for PTO...

    Finally got the automated email saying submission to my utility company and thr text as well. So Im confident PTO is finally submitted after passing inspection back on April 13th. I may give SDGE a call tomorrow just to verify they see it. Hang in there guys.
  13. Gizmo35

    Brake Dust Brand New Model 3 (Help)

    I have never had brake dust with this car. None. Mine is a 2019 though so im not sure if pad changed or something in later cars. Could be driving habits as well because I rarely use the friction brakes and when I do, it is light braking.
  14. Gizmo35

    Pushing Skip Homelink and backing out of garage - $1,400 dent

    I hit the “skip auto close” before leaving when I dont want the garage door to close when I leave. Thanks for the tip though.
  15. Gizmo35

    Tesla inconsistency and timelines for PTO...

    I received a call today from someone at Tesla apologizing for the delay and backlog and was given $70 store credit which i used to purchase 2 tesla t shirts. I appreciate the effort.
  16. Gizmo35

    Tesla: Please fix the stinky AC - here's how with an OTA update

    Unfortunate that this is the first car it has happened to you in. I have had it in past cars. A quick search on the web shows this is fairly common with most makes.
  17. Gizmo35

    Tesla: Please fix the stinky AC - here's how with an OTA update

    Mine does not stink after the OTA update and cleaning. My climate is on auto 72 degrees year round.
  18. Gizmo35

    San Diego to Phoenix Any Recommended Supercharger in AZ?

    I have done this trip. It was easy and a non issue. I let the car pick the stops. Superchargers are well placed along the 8 freeway so you have options.
  19. Gizmo35

    Tesla inconsistency and timelines for PTO...

    I feel the pain. I think I am going to call tesla after the holiday weekend and ask them to send. Me everything I need to submit PTO myself. At this point, it would be cheaper to eat the application cost rather than continue to pay my electricity bill every month. Insp has been complete since...
  20. Gizmo35

    EAP upgrade coming back

    Bought EAP last time around. Would buy it again. I still think it should be around $2500-$3000 in my mind. I use dumb summon alot, NOA with confirm lane changes i use on highway trips of 50 or more miles. Smart summon works well for me but I dont use it as frequent because I can walk to the car...
  21. Gizmo35

    Used M3 2019 Performance or new M3 2021 SR+?

    I echo this. Get a brand new long range awd.
  22. Gizmo35

    What should I do with my Model 3?

    I suggest selling it. Paying over $1000 a month on car payment for a car I really dont need would give me regrets too. There will most likely be better improvements on newer models in the future, so you can better plan your future purchase to avoid having such a high payment which should lead to...
  23. Gizmo35

    Location and fix of rattles in new m3p

    On the door, when you say clips, do you mean the ones that hold the door card on along with the 3 screws?
  24. Gizmo35

    Buy Homelink or wait for Wi-Fi?

    I love the homelink in this car. I paid the $300 and im happy with it. Never liked the visor remotes but i think that would be the easier and more convenient choice rather than an app.
  25. Gizmo35

    How long to get a design?

    My layout was complete 7 days after ordering online. This was Jan 7 and Jan 14. Install was done April 13th and inspection a day later. Still waiting on PTO. According to my power company, nothing has been submitted for that. Been dealing with Tesla over the last month trying to get them to...
  26. Gizmo35

    Bad dent quarter panel

    Wow $450 Very well spent!!
  27. Gizmo35

    Model 3 A/C not working

    Schedule service through the Tesla App.
  28. Gizmo35

    Just venting over “first scratch”

    I have had better repairs done but im satisfied with the fix.
  29. Gizmo35

    Just venting over “first scratch”

    Made this mistake about 2 weeks ago. It is already repaired. I couldnt stand the sight of it.
  30. Gizmo35

    Referral Program [tesla did not properly credit referral miles]

    They probably used someone elses referral code. My SA did give me a code to use when I bought mine and once I took delivery he asked for my code and next day I had a referral.
  31. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Update 2. Now 241 miles at 90%. After letting it drain down to below 10% and charged back to 90. It is slowy going up. I think i have peace of mind now that the range is ok. Dont know if I will continue not charging daily since its just an inaccurate display which i prefer to have than doing...
  32. Gizmo35

    Tesla Model 3 Is MotorTrend’s Best Compact Luxury Sedan Of 2021

    Title should just be “one of the best cars ever period”. When I’m annoyed at the things I dont like with this car, reality always hits me cause there isnt anything I can afford that I would want to replace it with at this point in time. I dont consider myself a Tesla loyalist, hell, I ended up...
  33. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Yes it did go to sleep for 4 different days at different levels.
  34. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Ok, so I let it drain down to 8% over a course of 4 days and then recharged to 100%. Displayed is now 263 miles at 100%, Up from 256 miles last week. Will keep the updates coming.
  35. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    I decided I will let it drain down to around 5% and sit for a couple hrs and recharge and let it drop to 20% a few times before recharging and see if anything changes.
  36. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Yes. I have charged to 100%. I did that before my trip last weekend. Car sat at 100% for about 3 hours before I departed on my trip.
  37. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Yes I will keep an eye on it and update the thread with any changes, good or bad.
  38. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    My car has 27,400 miles. I do go on road trips. As a matter of fact I came back from one yesteday. Arrived home with 14% and charged to 90% overnight. Range estimate still 230. My daily commute is around 36 miles round trip. My lifetime efficiency is 267 wh/mile.
  39. Gizmo35

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    My car shows 230 miles at 90% and around 256 at 100%. Tesla said over the app that my battery is fine and that the car is underestimating my range. If i wanted to fix it, they suggest letting battery go down to 5% and the. Charge to 100%. Then going forward, I should let battery drain to 15-20%...
  40. Gizmo35

    Enhanced summon failure warning

    I have used smart summon enough to have confidence in it. Thanks for sharing this as I will be mindful and not be as confident as I was.
  41. Gizmo35

    First look for V11!

    I think it is a step in the right direction. Will wait and see how it carries over to Model 3. Thanks for the pics!
  42. Gizmo35

    how often is mobile service ridiculously late?

    Mobile service has been spot on for me with regard to tining. They show up on time and even call when on the way with a time estimate. I have used them about 6 times now.
  43. Gizmo35

    No issues with my 2018 Model 3

    Nice, what are your charging habits?
  44. Gizmo35

    Nav on Mute

    Yes this has been a problem of mine as well
  45. Gizmo35

    My M3 victim of hit and run, replace whole bumper or?

    Have insurance take care of it.
  46. Gizmo35

    Pressure Stress Crack or Impact on Windshield?

    Appears to be damage from impact. I believe you can get it repaired using the app to schedule an appointment.
  47. Gizmo35

    Park animation. So dumb

    Lets just agree that you do not understand. It is not just the charge port door. Had this happen to me just yesterday waiting on the stupid animation so I can pop the trunk for someone. Is it the end of the world? Nope. It is just one of those things. The animation is unnecessary to me, others...
  48. Gizmo35

    Front Dash Grille - Fitting to Windscreen

    No, pressing down could break the tabs. That cover was $47 and change so not expensive but still. It would need to be removed and reinstalled properly.

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