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    Singapore changes its mind about BEV's

    between their rising sea levels and bad air (contributed by fires from Indonesia), i hope they wake up sooner rather than later.
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    Singapore changes its mind about BEV's

    Once Criticized by Musk, Singapore Is Finally Welcoming Electric Cars "The government is planning to offer incentives to encourage the adoption of cleaner vehicles such as hybrids and electric cars, including rebates of up to S$20,000, and will invest to increase the number of electric charging...
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    Model 3 Deliveries to Hong Kong

    sweet. thanks for the headsup. i already count a handful whenever i'm out in the streets.
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    Rent a Tesla

    There are a handful of Model S for rent in Hong Kong on the Carousell app (Peer to peer bartering platform). Prices are pretty decent too.
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    P3D- is absolutely ridiculous!

    Rented one on Turo in SF recently. Was an absolute blast to drive (and this was before the recent performance tweak)
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    V10 in Hong Kong

    Even "dumb" summon would be pretty useful considering old parking space sizes are drawn to cater to car sizes of the 1970's in HK. iI smart summon and video streaming are off the table then V10 should be approved even faster, but i guess 1 month is pretty much lighting speed for TD. Perhaps HK...
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    Google Map update?

    Doubt it will be addressed soon but you can try to report it as a bug and request it to be updated (hold down the voice command button on steering wheel). Software features should be fairly easy to rollout for Tesla. This (along with a lot of other things) could be stuck in some regulatory limbo...
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    Normal for a 100D model X to have a range of 330km?

    Rapid acceleration will impact your range Rapid acceleration while going uphill will really hurt your range Use the accelerator accordingly
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    My Terrible Ordeal with AXA Insurance Renewal

    If they are able to bring this to HK, it will likely also be possible they will create and run their own repair garage as an additional profit center. Would also mean that authorized 3rd party garages would have a lower priority when it comes to parts.
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    Charging spaces are occupied leggally by non-electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    if time were not an constraint i'd park next to a pillar and block two cars in just to spite. typical hong kong behind on typical issues. there's the option to put up those ICE blocking metal rails but that's a pipe dream when the government is just shrugging their shoulders and saying "look we...
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    My Terrible Ordeal with AXA Insurance Renewal

    Liberty seems to be one of, if not the best deal in town.
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    Exciting new feature for anyone but HK...

    That's news to me. Good on them. But it sounds like a scenario ripe for malicious compliance abuse where certain spots could have the wiring built in but because of where its positioned or building management red tape, it's not allowed/ activated or purposely made impractical to hinder or...
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    Exciting new feature for anyone but HK...

    Wouldn't this be better for consumers in Hong Kong? It will be considerable time until TD announces a timeline to implement revisions that cater to the 21st century (fingers crossed for before the end of the next decade). For the meantime, consumers can opt to just buy EAP since FSD wouldn't be...
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    Google Maps - any way to get alternate route suggestions?

    When the big autos finally do it, it will somehow suddenly become kosher in the eyes of TD. or... despite big auto finally having it in their cars, they will just de-content it for HK market (of course our neighbors to the north will get it though, you know, to keep track of social brownie points)
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    Driving in China

    Can you get a HK SIM and tether? You couldn't manually override for a higher speed?
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    V9.0 update

    Strange that I got V9 for one X but not another (they are sequential VINs). V9 broke my Spotify though. No tesla account acknowledged. (anyone else experiencing this?). I got used to the new UX a lot quicker than I thought.
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    My Xmas wish - Augmented Reality Display and Maps

    My wish is for normal stuff that the rest of the world gets on their cars. Summon would be nice (thanks TD). But hey at least we got Spotify and (finally) V9.
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    Why I hate IKEA....

    funding secured Congrats on the TM3. where are the photos?
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    My Terrible Ordeal with AXA Insurance Renewal

    Sounds like a "perfect storm" scenario (excuse the pun). Super dodgy. So across the board the only big losers are the consumers.
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    My Terrible Ordeal with AXA Insurance Renewal

    Basically telling everyone in a very indirect (or direct) way that they can't afford your business. Killing FRT wavier probably contibuted to this as a lower volume of vehicles being sold in HK resulted in less or no economies of scale for the region (parts and labour got more expensive with...
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    My Terrible Ordeal with AXA Insurance Renewal

    I have to say, AXA really dropped the ball on this. Intially they were quite confident about their Tesla exclusive programs. Now they have to go back on their offers. Really bad PR but not quite highway robbery (just need to look for a better competitor). Someone better be getting repremanded...
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    Invitation to Tesla Hong Kong Special Event

    It's a sad state of affairs when this is actually a legitimate concern.
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    Invitation to Tesla Hong Kong Special Event

    But at ~60% of the price it wasn't meant to compete with the S though (at least not intentionally). Interesting thought about it being an upgrade for early S owners (i never thought of it that way). Personally I could forgive the lack of a power trunk if it was spring actuated (but it isn't and...
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    Sylvia Round Australia in Bluey !

    I just read about this today. Amazing story. While she says she wouldn't do it again, Sylvia doesn't look anywhere near 70. She looks like she could do it another 2-3 times easy.
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    Invitation to Tesla Hong Kong Special Event

    How'd this end up going? Did no one else on here end up going?
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    Thanks for the follow up and good to hear that Tesla held up their end of the deal. Would be cool if you offered the below details as it might help others as their own RVG comes up. What was the final mileage when you returned it? Did you have all your minimum servicing all inline? Why did you...
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    360 camera view and hotspot

    This thing will save so many curbed turbines. who hacking the MCU in HK?
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    To each his/ her own i guess. but there's just too much at stake against the stance of not having a tesla serviced at the minimum suggested schedule. Somthing breaks on a normal ICE, parts and labor are usually a plenty. Something breaks on a tesla and you're likely waiting for parts or...
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    Placed deposit on solar roof and Powerwall

    Awesome to see someone here buying powerwall and solar roof. Please keep us posted with updates.
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Dang, China dropping the mic. Just read on wikipedia that it includes (PHEVs?) but there's gotta be an valid list of makers/ models/ price caps no? Porsche e-hybrid, Activehybrid, and even hyper cars come to mind.
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    Unauthorized use of my HPWC...

    Clearly i wasn't thinking (or was I over thinking it?). Yeaa just loop the cable and lock it. Wow. Clearly this is a much better execution if you've got the time to dress it up.
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    Unauthorized use of my HPWC...

    I'm assuming you own the HPWC and the accompanying electricity coming from there Step 1: Drill a 1cm hole in the plastic lip at the tip of the charging wand Step 2: Drill a 1cm hole in the corresponding place at the charging wand dock Step 3: Buy a nice thick padlock and lock the wand to the...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    I've come to terms that these backwater, money grubbing fuel pawns get to dictate policy for a while longer. If they won't play nice then fine, the market will eventually transition to EV (behind everyone else in the world) But don't try and come off as Asia's world city or whatever especially...
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    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Been there, done that Tesla loses EV subsidies in Germany after being accused of gaming the system
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    Automatic wipers on model x

    Has anyone in HK gotten this yet?
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    Will the crony HK Gov reverse idiotic FRT decision?

    Meanwhile in China... China extends tax rebate for electric cars, hybrids
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    Shocked by the new Roadster rolling out of the Tesla Semi!

    No kidding. 10+ times the amount of torque as a hellcat engine at 0 rpm. The tires need be glued to the wheel and inflused with unicorn horn dust. I spit out the coffee i was drinking when I heard that torque number. MP Cup 2's hardly seem adequate for the acceleration this thing is capable...
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    Shocked by the new Roadster rolling out of the Tesla Semi!

    unexpected but welcome surprise. but 10,000 nm torque? dafu.... ? how?
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    EV drivers protest

    A short slow drive protest will not have any affect. In fact, it could be seen as needlessly exacerbating the issue (crying about your first world problems etc). No one here acts until the problem comes right up to one's face. (insert Chinese proverb about not shedding tears until seeing the...
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    Front Trunk unable to open - Model X Safety concern

    you had to wait 6weeks to get it fixed? hope you didn't get water damage.
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    Solar roof tiles

    The latter. Meanwhile we're starting to hear there are european countries are generating enough electricity via wind to power their nation for >24hrs during particularly windy periods.
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    Solar roof tiles

    Not specifically P.Wall or S. Roof related, but it's quite sad that the government here isn't making this a priority. HK is a small place so change should be (relatively) easier but because solar and EV's are the scary new things on the block no one wants to touch them with a 60ft pole. So...
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    So glad RHD model 3 won't be until 2019

    I'm eager to see what pricing in other markets will be like. I hope they're able to undercut traditional ICE once again and shake up the local market like they did the pre-FRT days. Sadly i'm not optimistic. Think it'll start at around 400-450K and go to 600K for the P variant.
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    Relocating to UK - take Tesla with??

    if you actually took the process as far as relocating the car, the onboard SIM card would definitely need to be swapped (and maybe even the LTE anntena?)
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    21 Inch Turbines on other cars

    I've tried searching for this on TMC and elsewhere to no avail. Are there any pics of the 21/22 inch turbines (or any Tesla wheel) fitted to cars from other manufactures? Thanks in advance.
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    Wife's new car = ICE thanks to FRT

    more like, "Representatives for the ICE industry has told us to remind you to continue to buy ICE" "Oh smog, you say? We'll deal with that when it gets here"
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    Tesla Air Conditioning

    Do you have range mode on or off?
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    Wife's new car = ICE thanks to FRT

    If the model 3 is too long of a wait would they consider the new Nissan Leaf?
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    So glad RHD model 3 won't be until 2019

    ironic that air quality was so poor this weekend.
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    Will the crony HK Gov reverse idiotic FRT decision?

    In Hong Kong, leaded petrol is taxed at $6.82 per litre and unleaded petrol at $6.06 per litre Fuel tax - Wikipedia Annual Licesnse Fees from TD are also based on ICE engine displacement. Transport Department - Fees & Charges What really needs to happen is that the act and cost of registering...

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