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  1. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Salton Sea Calif? Lithium is supposed to save it
  2. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    That's cause she's not getting screwed this time.
  3. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    That was helpful.
  4. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Really? I'm sure that is new information for everyone on this thread! You may read it in HanYu, or, if not, I'm sure you prefer the translation by the general of the pla.
  5. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Pretty disappointed in him. Maybe I just had the wrong image all along
  6. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    True twice. The Shia Saudis are the indigenous clans that were displaced. They are mostly poor and powerless like the Shia majority in Iraq.
  7. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    Shia are a minority and while Iran and Iraq have both oil and Shia, Indonesia and the rest of the middle East are mostly Sunni work oil
  8. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    They were fortunate to get any back. Remember what happened to German POW's - slave labor for years. Oh, an earlier comment about the Russians defeating Napoleon, I'd put it at 1% Russian army and the rest to Russian winter and starvation. I think most casualties were on the way home after...
  9. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    If only one in a hundred of the Russian nukes worked lots of people are screwed. Make that one in five hundred.
  10. bobby g

    Tire and wheel replacement

    If you have money and space, is even do forged 18's and real fat tires for winter when you can't see the huge potholes until too late
  11. bobby g

    Owner Survey

    I got one from GM when I bought a 2017 volt. I ripped the dealership over almost every aspect of the sale - never heard a word. One just had to live the legacy dealership system.
  12. bobby g

    Tire and wheel replacement

    I'd look for 19" rims with tires that have a higher aspect ratio.
  13. bobby g

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Staying with my chademo for the foreseeable future. Just used in Phoenix low soc to full $7
  14. bobby g

    Map turns black

    Screen has been turning into checker board
  15. bobby g

    Public Charging Etiquette - blocking public chargers

    I've seen this at the Metrolink station where there are 60 stations. Not a big deal there but I just saw it at the senior living place where my mom is going. There are I think it's rude and perhaps theft. They are for residents, employees and guests, not some one who burns gas to save pennies on...
  16. bobby g

    Public Charging Etiquette - blocking public chargers

    I see people pull up in two vehicles, plug one in and drive away in the other. That I find really rude
  17. bobby g

    Upper Control Arm Sealing DIY?

    Pickle fork
  18. bobby g

    Brand New 19” M3LR wheels/tires for sale: $3250

    Been going to discount for years before Tesla. When the Tesla was taken I took pucks 2 different locations, not needed, it's all good
  19. bobby g

    Abandoned Model S at Huebner Oaks San Antonio, TX Supercharger

    Crap, like Dune, have to wait for another movie to finish it
  20. bobby g

    Brand New 19” M3LR wheels/tires for sale: $3250

    Wondering what a set costs. You had to pay to unmount the tires to retrieve the sensors and any buyer will have to purchase sensors and then reverse that process...
  21. bobby g

    My first accident

    That's still much lower than I'd have thought. Some carriers work with shops that are more to their liking in price. Some of those give a lifetime warranty on the work. I knew the $5k was not even close. Sorry about your car.
  22. bobby g

    Help me decide: Model Y or Mach-E

    Make that a raised F150 with big wheels and tires - they all know what that relates to.
  23. bobby g

    Help me decide: Model Y or Mach-E

    I saw a Honda plug-in use it at a destination charger. I don't believe they work at SC's nothing to handshake with, no payment system... Total sales bs
  24. bobby g

    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    Looked at several with no decision made. I was stunned that some have drum brakes in back. It's been over 40 years since I had such a vehicle. That alone is a deal breaker for me. I'll probably keep my M3 till I die.
  25. bobby g

    FSD Beta 10.11.1 (2022.4.5.20) - Limited or Mass Release?

    Same for me, won't pay. 2018 M3 LR RWD got the update, it's buggy, not so much phantom braking but it stutters where it did it before.
  26. bobby g

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Both suck. Fsd is way better but the current one is worse that the last for me. Even TACC sucks right now.
  27. bobby g

    Electrify America general discussion

    How many here can remember full service gas stations? That Beverly Hills place, wow. I don't like the history of EA's being but VW shows great business sense in using a punishment to start a new business. They've had free days around a few holidays which is nice. I've never used one and...
  28. bobby g

    High mileage check-in

    Almost the same, Mar 18 Model 3 LR RWD 50k miles, bought used with about 24k, no problems at all. I too leave it plugged-in and only super charge on trips. I'm not sure of range at full charge, it's been six months and I don't remember
  29. bobby g

    Waterproof KeyFob?

    We had a big rain and while cleaning up debris I found a Tesla fob. There are about 7 on my block. I opened it, pulled the battery and dried it out. After reassembly I started knocking on doors. First said he'd lost one. He opened his garage, I pushed a button, the car smiled and I handed it...
  30. bobby g

    Retractable Sunshade Review

    I live in SoCal and visit my mother in Palm Springs regularly. I have tint and the snap on sunshades for my M3. I don't happen to like a big temperature change when I get out of my car (may not have windows explode because of it) so I set the ac to 80-85 when going out when it's 100+. I would...
  31. bobby g

    Nephew's FB comment

    There is something about rumpa rumpa cams. I will not miss my 55 Chevy as much as my 65 midengine Corvair (nice cam), 3000gt vr4, 05 sti, 70 2002ti, and C4 with 6spd My M3 may be even slower than your MY as it's rwd lr but I still love it
  32. bobby g

    Should I sell my refreshed model S to a dealer?

    Seeing as how you qualified for the loan (you're not broke), didn't buy a 3, the demand and the rising gas prices, the question is lame.
  33. bobby g

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    His conscripts and their families are getting some of the reality of this back home, could cause problems for him.
  34. bobby g

    Thinking about model 3 coming from a 392 hemi

    You may have to adapt to the level of acceleration, start with "chill mode" MO cold is not cold, MN, ND cold is cold (didn't know Alaska and Montana abbreviations) those places have issues but you'll make it. It takes a while to realize that the acceleration doesn't come at the expense of...
  35. bobby g

    Got my financed M3P without bank check...

    Unjust enrichment comes to mind. Do they disable or summon the vehicle back to the mother ship?
  36. bobby g

    FSD Transfer - NO - but Tesla says it's really OK

    My name is Phan and I'm a boy and now my bubble is burst 😦
  37. bobby g

    Condensation in rear lights

    There's a vent, it happens. Mine gets it after washing sometimes. It should be fine
  38. bobby g

    Have you seen the price of petrol lately?

    Your title sounded like the start of a Dad Joke but it is crazy. Some places in Calif it is near $7/gal ouch
  39. bobby g

    chademo new in box

    Didn't know there was a special S and X version. Mine works on my 2018 M3
  40. bobby g

    Florida Light and Power Moves Against Net Metering

    What would happen if in the middle of a hot summer day all shut down their systems?
  41. bobby g

    2022 Calif. Clean Air Sticker

    Do you really need to drive around with a reason to be stopped? Not worth the potential hassle.
  42. bobby g

    Tesla App connection down (California)

    Same here, also SoCal
  43. bobby g

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Can that be worked around with a phone hour spot?
  44. bobby g

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    But of you do, don't file an insurance claim on the loss. I know, one would expect that one in your world would know better but the news says otherwise. Guess there's a reason that it came from California.
  45. bobby g

    Home Charging and Preconditioning Questions

    So you're picking up your completely full (set amount) glass of water. From the table to your mouth some of it is spilled. It's no longer 75% but now 74% full. Electrons are so like water! Sorry, couldn't resist. You're doing it right and it often seems weird - enjoy your car.
  46. bobby g

    Can I buy FSD after delivery? [yes]

    They're all fsd ready, order your car and not to worry
  47. bobby g

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Not sure if a PR dept is required. It could just be a change in employee, all levels, attitude. I've sent texts to two managers, one divisional director and applied for a position. I've never received never received anything back at all. Come on, a lol or an FU, something. That and the incentive...
  48. bobby g

    Where to charge in/near Cooperstown, NY?

    The politics and ignorance are annoying but getting better
  49. bobby g

    The public does not understand EV range

    Agree with OP that for most people, smaller battery and price tag make lots of sense. Two hundred miles works for most people most of the time. I have several longer drives I take regularly 100, 250 and 350. All are one way numbers. The only one that doesn't require a charge is the 100 and now...
  50. bobby g

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    Wondering if the oem Li will work for us. I have an 2018 model 3 as well. I am going to need some 12 volt replacement pretty soon. Thanks to all of you for doing the field testing on the Ohmuu

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