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    FS: Brand New 2022 Model S 19" Tempest Wheels + Pirelli Tires (52 miles)

    I'm in Houston and if it was all 19"s I would love to take it off your hands
  2. S

    2022 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe

    So you bought this and you can & will claim a 7500$ fed rebate. IDK what NJ state rebate you get.
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    How big size can I go on a 19" slipstream?

    My ride: 2019 Model S - Long Range Raven Currently running 245/45/19 from the factory. It's time to change tires after 30k miles Looking for a bigger sidewall Can I run 245/50/19 or 255/50/19? Houston roads are filled with pot holes so looking for tires that gives me a more comfy ride
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    Model S massage module

    Has anyone here purchased/installed Model S massage module from EVoffer website. Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm on the fence as I'm not able to find much reviews on it
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    Unplugged front lip painted MSM pickup in DFW

    dang I wished it was for a S & I'm local in TX
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    FS: Tesla Model S all weather mats (WeatherTech)

    How much for the trunk alone?
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    Does the new Tesmanian floormats work on 19 Model S

    Apologies: If this has been answered Picking up my 2019 Model S-LR Raven. I really like the Tesmanian mats as it comes unbranded & no logos on it. The site shows that it only fits 2021 (LR & Plaid) I reached out to them via email but no response, wanted to check with others if they have ordered...
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    2019 MS with FSD & FUSC (primary owner) question

    There’s always a glitch in the Matrix
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    2019 MS with FSD & FUSC (primary owner) question

    Nope the original owner is very knowledgeable and was clear. He told me that he currently has the FUSC but it cannot be transferred to the 2nd owner. He has graciously agreed enough to let me have it from the time of possession till I drive to my home which is a 1200mile journey. His car has the...
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    2019 MS with FSD & FUSC (primary owner) question

    Apologies if this has been posted or asked before I'm in the process of buying a 2019 Model S from a private party. Car has unlimited super charging tied to the original owner (code: SC05) Car has Full Self Driving on it. I called Tesla SA and they said the FSD stays with the car and it will get...
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    Model S $80K LR Reservation for Trade (Model X Res)

    I don't have a X but I'm interested if you want to part your reservation. I can compensate you for it.
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    2022 - Model S LR Refresh (yoke), Red exterior, White interior, 19" rims (reservation)

    So you are asking 15K which is the exact price increase of a Model S from when you ordered, why would I pay you when I can pay TSLA
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    2018 Black MS 100D - PPF protected since new / near mint condition / 16k MI one owner

    What is the 90% & 100% range Does this have a FuSC and can it be transferred if it's a private party sale?
  14. S

    Blue Model Y with White Interior with upgrades, RN# for $58K

    I'm inter4ested if this can be moved to TX
  15. S

    Pre price hike model X LR reservation transfer

    @denru is it possible to transfer S reservation to a new person
  16. S

    2019 Model S Long Range Lease

    Original post was from 04/20
  17. S

    Possibly selling 2020 MX LR Plus FSD 7 seats

    Don’t have a build sheet but if u looking for MVPA it was 50,990 + 1125 doc fee + 100 order fee Mine is a 2020 LR- white on white with 19” gemini wheels. Basic AP & no FSD. Has tow hitch & garage home link
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    Possibly selling 2020 MX LR Plus FSD 7 seats

    I’ve a 2020 ModelY Would you be interested in trade plus diff from my end?
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    WTB: Model S Dual Motor

    What's the range on 90% and 100%? Price is tempting but I'm looking for long range coz of the upgraded suspension and raven platform
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    WTB: Model S Dual Motor

    WTB: Model S dual Motor car External color doesn't matter Internal color doesn't matter Accident free car: Yes Am I interested in performance: No FSD: Would be nice if it has, not a deal breaker if it doesn't I'm located in Houston, TX
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    Model S reservation made before refresh

    dollar and a day late. I'm looking for a Model Sm wish you hadn't cancelled it
  22. S

    2018 model S 100 D - Orlando FL. 28k miles. Asking 63k. EAP included. FUSC

    Sent you a text, wanting to know if this is still available?
  23. S


    Would you be interested in a trade for Model Y - 2020 year White exterior, white interior, No FSD, Vroom/carmax/carvana gave me 52,500 as trade in on them.
  24. S

    2018 Model S 100D - 23,400 miles - Selling for $68,800 in Menlo Park, Bay Area, CA

    What’s the point in providing a number but don’t respond back
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    2017 Model S 100D Trade or Sell?

    current automotive gave me 49,500 for my trade in value on my Y whereas carmax/vroom/autonation gave me 52,500. I'm in Texas area
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    WTT: My Sep 2020 Model Y to a '19 Model X

    I've a September 2020 Model Y which has close to 10100 miles on it. First Owner. Have the MVPA that I can share. No battery degradation. 90% I get 285miles, 100% 317miles. Long Range, White exterior, white interior. Comes with Hitch mount. Tinted windows in the front. Homelink added upon...
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    Help needed on buying used 2019 S

    I'm in TX and car is in west coast. Have asked the dealer to send me pic of the auto pilot screen to see if it has FSD or not. I'm fine with pay as you go SC & premium connectivity. Car being a 2019 and it shows as long range (does it automatically imply that this is a raven?) Does this have the...
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    Help needed on buying used 2019 S

    I'm a current tesla owner of model Y and wanted to buy a model S (2019) used from a 3rd party dealership. I called Tesla 888 number to enquire specific questions and they said they won't give out any info coz i'm not the current owner. They asked me to talk to service who said the same thing...
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    2020 Model S Long Range Plus, delivered new in 2021

    Do you have a MVPA for this?
  30. S

    Trade in values are getting really high

    LR white extr white interior
  31. S

    Trade in values are getting really high

    Pleasantly surprised when I got a trade in offer on my Y for 49,100 7 days to decide. Surprised to see my same config of model Y which I paid 50,990 is now 53,490 a 2500$ increase. Everything is expensive in 2021
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    WTT: 2020 LR-Model Y to Model X

    I'm located in Houston, TX Have a 2020 Model Y (Dual Motor/Long Range) that I picked up 1st week of September. Daily Driver so has a lil shy of 9K miles. White exterior, White interior, 19" wheels, Tesmnian Spoiler. If someone wants to downgrade to a Y from their X pls PM me. Looking for a...
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    149$ for real CF would be a steal. These would be injected molded ABS so it can bend and easy to install. I'm more worried about the paint finish than anything
  34. S

    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    I've put a preorder, hoping it will get shipped and also there was a 10% code. I damaged that tail end of the trunk when accidentally wife opened it and it hit the garage door top
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    Model Y Induction Wheels and Tires

    When you build them from ground up these are 2K. Am I missing something?
  36. S

    Model Y carbon fiber spoiler for sale $400

    What's the shipping price to 77433
  37. S

    Dallas/Frisco, TX: MODEL Y/LR/New 20" Induction OEM Wheels(Black) for sale mid-December

    What setup are you moving to? From H-town, I'm interested with tires
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    OEM Tesla Model Y Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    your link points to M3, your title says as MY What spoiler is this?
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    326 mile range - Tesla.com updated

    My Y is less than 1000miles and I’m at 40.3 software. I get only 312miles to 100% charge LR-AWD gemini wheels.
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    Model S gets $3K price drop then a $2570 drop to $69420!

    Take out the FSD and it drops further down to 66,300 which is a good price if it is a Raven.
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    WTB: Model Y Induction wheels with or without tires (Texas state)

    Looking for induction wheels in the state of TX. I can drive by and pick up. Would also consider a swap for my Gemini 19" wheels that has less than 100 miles as I took delivery and rode from showroom to home
  42. S

    2019 Model S Raven Long Range, FSD, BBS Wheels

    GLWS. Would have loved to get this, had I not recently purchased my perf Y
  43. S

    FS: Tesla Model Y OEM carpet mats - $60 (new)

    how much to ship to 77433
  44. S

    Tesmanian Model Y Floor Mats

    getting mine tomorrow. Waiting to put It on my Y
  45. S

    Model Y Dreamcase - Double Mattress Sleeping Solution

    Has anyone tried this mattress on their Y.

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