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  1. J

    SuperCharger - Tuscaloosa, AL

    I’m here, 6 of 8 stalls open. It does show on the in-car map. Turn into the Holiday Inn Express, past the entrance canopy in the back right corner. Don’t follow the in-car directions, take your first left behind Arby’s.
  2. J

    SuperCharger - Tuscaloosa, AL

    Heading to T-Town next weekend, I'll confirm it's up and running (plus that it's shown on the supercharger map).
  3. J

    Gen 1 Model S Seats

    interested in seeing pics of the new install
  4. J

    Whispbar Roof Rack for Sale Pano roof (DC area)

    Interested, just messaged you.
  5. J

    Nearly new Michelin X-Ice 275 45 19 tires (5)

    Note I only have one left and it may be cheaper to send it via UPS than Greyhound. DM me your city/state and I'll quote UPS vs. Greyhound. Greyhound has terminals in most cities, so I need your city/state to determine the terminal and shipping cost. If Greyhound has a better price and I ship it...
  6. J

    1 Michelin X-Ice Snow 245 45 R19 tire - nearly new - 9/32" left - $100

    I have one Michelin X-Ice Snow tire for sale. Will ship via UPS or via Greyhound terminal to terminal. Local pickup is free. DM me for payment and shipping.
  7. J

    Nearly new Michelin X-Ice 275 45 19 tires (5)

    SOLD 4 of 5. Relisting single tire
  8. J

    Nearly new Michelin X-Ice 275 45 19 tires (5)

    Apologies, 245 45 R19 - these fit a MS
  9. J

    Nearly new Michelin X-Ice 275 45 19 tires (5)

    Selling 5 Michelin X-Ice Snow tires. These have very low miles, like new. I will sell one of them separately ($100), but prefer a single buyer. I will post a tread depth measurement in a few days (once I get a gauge). Located in Atlanta, GA, happy to ship these via Greyhound or your preferred...
  10. J

    Tesla Model S 19 inch rims

    Did you sell these?
  11. J

    Tires, Wheels, Mats - 2013 P85+

    I'll buy the rear trunk mat set, I can pickup next week. Will DM to coordinate a meeting place/time
  12. J

    Interested in your rims and tires. Are they still available?

    Interested in your rims and tires. Are they still available?
  13. J

    Does Replacing 3G Modem with 4G/LTE Affect Radio?

    No it does not kill the radio. I had this done a few months ago for the cost of the parts while the eMMC was being repaired under warranty. Order your LTE modem prior to scheduling service, which should be about $109 with tax ($85 for card (1054968), $18 for the SIM card (1035347), $3.60 for a...
  14. J

    Parts list and instructions to add 2016+ center console into 2012-2016 MS

    All that time writing it up and I made a mistake. I originally put 1080669-00-A as the cables, but the embedded charger is 1047537-00-C. It's referred to as a "Dual Port Charger". Search eBay for 1080669 and you'll see what you are trying to find. IIRC, this was about $90 at the TSC. For the...
  15. J

    Remove center console on 2017 Model S

    After you pull the cubby, pop the sliding lid off. If it's not there, then it's probably behind the console and the chassis that holds the console. This install guide should be helpful, between steps 23 and step 35. I'd first start by popping off the 2 sides (parts 7 & 8 from the Tesla parts...
  16. J

    Parts list and instructions to add 2016+ center console into 2012-2016 MS

    Really nice work @Zuikkis ! I thought the same thing on the fan connector but could never find a part that would match up. Glad you worked around that one issue! I also forgot about modding the front part of the console to allow the sliding door to pass. I didn't cut mine enough and I'm...
  17. J

    eMMC recall replacement - had 3G to LTE modem replaced for parts cost

    @slainla once I got my letter, I messaged TSC using the app and scheduled an appointment. I told them I was scheduling my eMMC repair based on the recall letter I received from Tesla. Note that I had reported prior issues with a black screen, perhaps that helped. They rescheduled my appointment...
  18. J

    eMMC recall replacement - had 3G to LTE modem replaced for parts cost

    I had the same result as you @slainla until I received the Tesla recall letter for the repair. Have you checked your VIN for the recall? By the way, the MCU upgrade is now $1,500. I don't know if the TSC will replace the modem as part of that service.
  19. J

    eMMC recall replacement - had 3G to LTE modem replaced for parts cost

    Good advice. There's a great place in Atlanta called Sublime Donuts, I'm bringing over a box next week!
  20. J

    eMMC recall replacement - had 3G to LTE modem replaced for parts cost

    I had my 2013 Model S in for the eMMC recall/replacement. While I was waiting on the eMMC part to arrive, I messaged the TSC asking what the cost would be to replace my 3G modem with the 4G/LTE board. TSC in Decatur, GA quoted me the parts-only cost for the replacement ($118.21). Plus they fixed...
  21. J

    Model S all weather floor mats (used) - FREE - Atlanta area

    I'm in Atlanta and will take them.
  22. J

    Remove center console on 2017 Model S

    Unsure of the different configurations, but Tesla's EPC shows this illustrated with 4 clips. I've seen several with 2 clips and tabs on eBay. Although there are 2 part numbers, this site shows the 1018893 part as having 4 clips. Perhaps 1018893 is for RHD and 1045057 is for LHD?
  23. J

    Remove center console on 2017 Model S

    @John41, I installed the full sides, center console et al in my 2013. Start at the front top of the panel and work back toward the armrest. There are no screws holding these panels into the sides. Once you get the left and right panel pulled away the cubby has 4 u-clips that just snap under the...
  24. J

    Help identifying cable on left/driver side left panel

    I finished installing power-folding mirrors this weekend and found a missing connection in the driver side instrument panel cover on the dash. This wire/adapter is velcroed inside the dash and I haven't found the connector. I've looked through the service manual and haven't identified how this...
  25. J

    WTB - 200mm tesla UHFS front speakers (or LH/BA Design Works)

    Anyone have the 200mm Tesla MS UHFS front door speakers for sale? Would also consider LH/BA Design Works speakers,
  26. J

    Part numbers for power folding mirrors (for retrofit)

    I've been looking into retrofitting the power folding mirrors on my March 2013 MS P85. Tesla's EPC lists a basic and premium part number, but a member posted different parts numbers when he had his mirrors upgraded. I realize I need the adapter harness (1025215-00-A) and power folding switch...
  27. J

    Parts list and instructions to add 2016+ center console into 2012-2016 MS

    Thanks, all depends on what you call a lot of work. Hour or so running through the diagrams to match up parts that existed on both pre-2016 and post-2016 parts, double checking against the Model X parts, then 2-3 hours doing the work. I enjoy doing projects like this one, and I hope that others...
  28. J

    Parts list and instructions to add 2016+ center console into 2012-2016 MS

    Unfortunately, I didn't take pics during the assembly. The PDF link I posted above covers all the step with better pictures, other than the missing screw removals for the plate above the 12V and USB outlets. Nothing surprising, looks just like the Tesla photos. And I missed some spots while...
  29. J

    Parts list and instructions to add 2016+ center console into 2012-2016 MS

    I sourced all of the parts to retrofit the 2016 Model S (or X) center console into a 2012 or later Model S. I wanted to have the factory look and primarily wanted the 2nd row cupholders and USB ports. I also wanted the full side panels that covered the entire console (1055163-03 and 1055164-03)...
  30. J

    [!= Ludicrous Mode, MVPA generated] - Should I walk away?

    My apologies, I meant that the 2014 P90D that @Fragger is planning to buy may have had the ludicrous upgrade completed in 2015. He mentioned that they car was badged P90DL in his first post. If Tesla did perform the upgrade, it's possible the ludicrous hardware upgrades are still on the car. Or...
  31. J

    [!= Ludicrous Mode, MVPA generated] - Should I walk away?

    Per this post, it is possible to upgrade a P85D to have Ludicrous mode, and that upgrade would have a couple of hardware changes (quoted from Motor Trend): The upgrade adds a couple of pieces of hardware to the P90D, including main battery pack contacts made of Inconel (a "space-grade super...
  32. J

    Ordered a Tesla!!! Need your advice on moving forward OR NOT?

    Console with rear USB ports/rear cup holders can be purchased for ~$700, if you're a DIYer and semi-capable with a soldering iron. DM me and I'll send you the part numbers of what you need to get. Have to agree, for an extra 6K doesn't seem like it's worth it for the seats. Good luck and let us...
  33. J

    Ordered a Tesla!!! Need your advice on moving forward OR NOT?

    Next gen seats should be the 3rd generation seats, they were built by Recaro and are supposedly more comfortable than 2nd generation seats. Since these seats were introduced in Aug 2016, I am fairly sure the 2014 has the 2nd gen seats. Watch this video to hear about gen 2 seats, jump to 2:15 to...
  34. J

    Ordered a Tesla!!! Need your advice on moving forward OR NOT?

    Some things to think about: Does the 2016 have AP1 or AP2 hardware? - 8 cameras were introduced in Oct 2016 Are seats 2nd or 3rd generation? Watch Tesla Model S Seats Evolve Over Time Does the 2016 have the newer front end? Does the 2016 have the center console (and collapsible rear cup holder...
  35. J

    Roadside Assistance - First Experience

    It will cost about $100-$150 to get your rims refinished. There's a franchise called Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists that offers mobile service to pickup your wheel the morning before and have it to you the next day. They will also fixed cracked rims. I do not know if they have jacks for Teslas...
  36. J

    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    Does anyone have the new part number?
  37. J

    Opinions on Center Console Wrap Design

    I was able to email my service center and it took about a month for the part to come in. Since you are in CA, it might take less time. I was able to email them by the "city name" underscore "service" at telsa dot com. Or just call the service center number and ask them to order the part for you...
  38. J

    Opinions on Center Console Wrap Design

    Carbon fiber really looks great, because it picks up the grey in the seats and the black of the side panels (and also goes well with my Lacewood dash trim). Why don't you get a new lid in Obeche Matte (PN 1058088-07-A) and wrap the flip panel in carbon fiber? The lids are $75 plus tax direct...
  39. J

    Tesla model S 2013 for part out 26 june 2019

    How much for interior driver side lower B panel (floor to top of door)?
  40. J

    Cooler for Model S Trunk Well or Frunk

    My brother in law has the AO Cooler, which is a great collapsible cooler. They have a specific low height model ("stow-n-go") that may fit in the well in the trunk. Amazon.com: collapsible cooler bag - AO Coolers
  41. J

    Cooler for Model S Trunk Well or Frunk

    I love my soft-sided RTIC 30 can cooler. It fits PERFECTLY in the frunk, but is just a bit too tall (12.75") for the frunk's small tunnel (for RWD models). It will be difficult to find an ice chest that will fit in the trunk well due to the short height, other than a bag type cooler (search...
  42. J

    Help locating an adapter that fits rear USB ports - 2017+ cupholder retrofit

    I'm looking for a specific 4 pin adapter to power the rear usb ports for the MS. Based on this post, I am just missing the adapter that runs from the Tesla USB module (PN 1080669-00-A) to the center console wiring harness. I'd like to avoid buying the 2017+ harness just to get this one adapter...
  43. J

    Help, One Electrician Wanted To Charge $1500

    I just finished having an electrician install my HPWC, and I did all the prep work and picked up materials (50A breaker, $10 at Home Depot). Took him about 2 hours, but I already had service to my garage. Some notes: My electrician said 80A charging should use a 2-2-2-4 cable with copper, rated...
  44. J

    Model S floor mats (2 of 3 great) - $40

    I just replaced my Model S black floor mats. The rear and passenger side have some good life left in them. Will include all 8 Mat-Loc discs. The driver side is fairly worn and has several wrinkles in it, but I'll include it as well. Local pickup in Atlanta is free, I'll ship at cost (~6-7lbs).
  45. J

    Walked in for a new shirt at the mall and left with this...

    More importantly, did you forget about the shirt after getting that deal?

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