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  1. J

    Reseal HV Battery?

    Might have, might not have. I have an April 13 and had the battery replaced about a month ago under warranty. Have kept software/firmware up-to-date. Hope you get a good pack!
  2. J

    Model S vs Model X

    Congrats on the new S. Hope it arrives soon.
  3. J

    Model S vs Audi TDIs vs 535d - looong commute

    I live the next town over from Ridgefield so familiar with the area. The only L2 charger I'm aware of that's publicly available is at town hall. Usually even a "private" L2 charger will appear on PlugShare. L1 is a different story but all that would give you is a warm battery rather than any...
  4. J

    Model S vs Audi TDIs vs 535d - looong commute

    Two questions: 1) do you have access to charging at your place of work? I'm assuming you don't since you're concerned about having range for the full 170 mile round trip. 2) How fast do you drive? I'm in SW CT and have a 2013 85kWh that I've owned since new. When it was new, I could make the...
  5. J

    RHD in USA

    Because you're asking for a hand built car. There's no way Tesla is going to pull the vehicle at various points to do the custom work and then re-introduce it into the line. You couldn't pay them enough money for that headache.
  6. J

    Will Tesla Warranty-Replace MCU1 when Failure Symptoms Start?

    Navigation is still onboard and will display on the IC as long as you have a GPS connection. Center screen navigation requires a network connection to update tiles. Eventually you drive off the cached map.
  7. J

    Who shouldn't buy a Tesla (or an MS)

    I've simply trained myself to never pull my foot off the accelerator completely in those conditions. It's easy to learn where the neutral point is and I've driven in plenty of snowstorms my last 8 years in the car. It does take some practice, though.
  8. J

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    I received "do not drive vehicle," "vehicle may not start" types of messages. Was traced back to an issue within the battery but I don't know the details, was simply happy to have it happen within the warranty period (barely) and receive a new battery. I did not find the range on the original...
  9. J

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    Must not have been clear. My 90% charge on my 7.5 year old original battery was 219; it was 245 when new. 90% on the new battery is 249.
  10. J

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    Late to the party ... April 2013 85kWh with 95k miles. 100% charge to 245 miles. Battery just replaced under warranty to the 350V pack now gives me 276 miles at 100%. Better than the original when new.
  11. J

    Model S gets $3K price drop then a $2570 drop to $69420!

    The only thing you're buying in the S is the drivetrain and more room than the 3. Either it's worth the premium or it's not. I'm spoiled by the instant torque in an EV and that makes it hard to make a change.
  12. J

    Model S must have accessories (for used 2017 75)?

    With 7.5 years in the S I have only a few accessories: Seat belt extenders: required for car seats and boosters, helpful generally All weather mats for frunk and trunk: a must have for carting around skis, muddy cleats, etc Upgraded interior floor mats: just thicker carpeted mats that look...
  13. J

    New 85kWH battery for my 2013 P85+

    Yup, I won the lottery and got the 350V pack for my replacement last month. 90% charge is 250 miles, slightly better than the original when new. 90% on the original was 219 miles at time of replacement at 92k miles. Haven't measured charge rate at a Supercharger.
  14. J

    2012 P85 what to do

    Just as a point of reference, April 2013 85 kWh with 95k miles ... Tesla offer was $20k (definitely can get more from another company). Keeping my car for now but thinking about getting a new one.
  15. J

    Model S gets $3K price drop then a $2570 drop to $69420!

    Hm, 2013 85kWh with pack just replaced under warranty. Brings me up to original range but entire car will out of warranty in 6 months. Worried about air suspension right now. Or, 72.4k + tax and tags (plus higher personal property tax) for a brand new car with much more range, autopilot, etc...
  16. J

    Precious Cargo: Securing bike inside vs. out

    My cargo isn't as precious, a '94 Cannondale T700 touring bike, and I just lay the bike on its side in the hatch. Haven't had any issue with it moving around. Sorry, no creative solutions here.
  17. J

    Not recognizing closed charge port door -- original manual door

    Thanks, all. I'll remove the disk tomorrow. I tried to clean off the corrosion while it was on the door but it ate away a good portion of the disk. Epoxy is my adhesive of choice in a situation like this.
  18. J

    Not recognizing closed charge port door -- original manual door

    The metal disk on the charge port door is corroded in the lower corner and the car is no longer recognizing a closed door. Normally I'd ignore this since the door still closes but it results in the alert appearing to the left of the instrument cluster instead of the navigation. I have a 2013 85D...
  19. J

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I don't know, my Breakout paddle and ball performance was poor yesterday ... maybe I should reset my stats? </sarcasm> Seriously, though, why in the world are developers replicating arcade games rather than improving the damn software? Oh, and GTFOML. :D
  20. J

    What Would it Take to Upgrade Your Current Tesla?

    Speaking for myself, not a chance. You're reducing mileage on the car by 14k and getting AP. Is that work $18,000? Plus the uncertainty of a used vehicle. I have 75k on my early 2013 that had none of the later bells and whistles (ACC, folding mirrors) and still would not trade. I've worked...
  21. J

    Danbury, CT Supercharger

    This is one time this supercharger would come in handy. Power outage at home and won't be back up until sometime tomorrow; two days back and forth to the ski mountain and no superchargers between the two. Guess I'll have to shoot down to Darien to charge up tonight.
  22. J

    Danbury, CT Supercharger

    Isn't that the area where the carnival sets up each year? That would be a kick in the teeth for people traveling that week.
  23. J

    Tesla Phantom Battery Losses of 20%

    This is silliness. Some people get rated miles because they drive conservatively in a mild climate. Some don't even come close because of speed and weather. I'm one of the latter. I've averaged 326 Wh/mi the past 3 months. That's about average for me based on my last 4 years of ownership. Most...
  24. J

    Danbury, CT Supercharger

    Makes a good safety valve for me when I'm driving back from Boston in the winter ... though if I can't make it the last 12 miles home I'm probably cutting it a bit too tight.
  25. J

    Four Years, 107K Miles, Still Grinning

    Love hearing about an uneventful 100k miles. I'm at 4.25 years with only 62k miles ... need to up my road trip activity to catch up :)
  26. J

    Opinion: Is this a good deal? 2012 P85

    Not sure that will be the case. The S is a significantly bigger vehicle with much better range and amenities compared to an entry level 3. If vehicle size were important to me then a used S would be an option ... though I'd go for a more recent vintage that had longer warranty left on battery...
  27. J

    The Cost of Super-Charging

    And that's exactly the point. If my uplift in cost is $480/yr on a ~$100k vehicle then It's not that big a deal. If it were, I'd be driving the aforementioned VW/Honda. I've already made the decision that driving a Model S is worth more to me than quite a number of things ...
  28. J

    The Cost of Super-Charging

    I drive about 6,000 miles per year where I rely on superchargers. Assume it's 333 Wh/mi so that's 2,000 kWh per year in supercharging. Less the 400 kWh free, and assuming $0.30 per kWh (a complete guess), it's $480 per year. My purchase decision would not be changed by that extra cost.
  29. J


    It's a clever quip but I've ben satisfied with my Goodyear RSA Eagles. They're certainly not the best tires out there but I have about 30k on them without issues. I'll replace them in the spring when I switch back from snows. And the price is generally very good. I have another set of 4...
  30. J

    Status of my Model S P85 after 3-plus years and 55,000 miles

    Take another look at your 90% range at new ... I think you mean 245 rather than 225. Mine is an Apr 2013 and that's about where I am. 245 new and 226-227 with 51k miles. Good update on how things are going.
  31. J

    ChargePoint - Do you have an account?

    I've used mine every month for the past 3.5 years. I drive 170 mi to Boston and there's a free Chargepoint station in the parking lot. Plugging in for the 10 hours I'm at work saves me from having to stop at a supercharger on the way home. I've used elsewhere before the supercharging network got...
  32. J

    Alloy Wheel Repair

    I used the Alloy Wheel Repair in Danbury, CT 2 years ago to repair a bent rim and they did a fine job at a very reasonable price. Can't speak for any of their other locations.
  33. J

    Both Cars Teslas? New England Winter?

    I've made the drive to Mohawk every Sat/Sun for the past 3 winters with RWD and Michelin X-Ice 3 tires. Never an issue with traction even when 5" of unplowed snow on the ground. Could get out my level driveway with 8" unplowed even with insufficient clearance. Several trips to Vermont in...
  34. J

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Yeah, this is really painful. With 250GB of music on a hard drive it's brutal to scroll down to "S." And with the lag on the touchscreen it will often perceive a swipe as a press, and select the wrong artist. The worst part is that when you back out, it starts back up at "A" again. Frankly, it's...
  35. J

    ChargePoint membership?

    Regarding the one-time $20-25 top up, when I got my card they were running a "get a card for free" type of promotion so there were no initial costs. I don't know if they still do those promotions or not.
  36. J

    ChargePoint membership?

    I view it as a "should have." Do you travel places where you spend 1/2 a day or more parked in one spot? Do those places have a ChargePoint charger? If so, get the card. I charge at the parking lot for our Boston offices when I drive up there every month and it's far more convenient than...
  37. J

    My friend's model X crashed using AP yesterday

    Without quibbling about number of trials, what is the validity when the probability of "success" in each test varies? Apologies to others regarding this statistics digression ... er, deviation :)
  38. J

    My friend's model X crashed using AP yesterday

    Don't understand your point here. One single fatality out of 130 million miles driven in AP mode is meaningless. Watch as I take my coin out of my pocket and flip it ... oh, heads, looks like there's a 100% chance of heads every time I flip a coin. If it's the 1.1 fatalities for every 100...
  39. J

    Consumer Reports recommends Tesla disable Autosteer and make changes to AutoPilot

    Consumer Reports does have a bias ... toward safety, reliability and value. That, along with independence and trust is their entire brand. That, in turn, makes them a very conservative organization and their recommendation is quite conservative as well. To me, that's perfectly acceptable. They...
  40. J

    My friend's model X crashed using AP yesterday

    You're kidding, right? The number of autopilot fatalities (one) is so small that there's no way to draw statistical conclusions. In addition, the fatality rate, in the United States, is 1.1 deaths per 100 million miles (2013 data), not two billion.
  41. J

    Don't skip Superchargers on long trips

    Yup, the key is riding the bottom of the pack as much as possible. Most of my road trips are south through Newark, DE which is 185 miles from my house. I arrive there with 20 miles left and then charge enough to have 20 miles at the next charger. Rinse and repeat. The problem is always locations...
  42. J

    Tire Burn

    I'm going to stretch my Goodyears through the end of the summer though they really should be replaced. Enough tread on the rears but light on the front. 3 years now but snows in the winter. Total mileage on the Goodyears at 27k miles. I have a set of four more Goodyears in my basement that were...
  43. J

    Summer road trip

    Just did a round trip from CT to Hilton Head. Your key to drive time is DC traffic. You can get hammered from White Marsh, MD all the way south of Fredericksburg, VA if your timing is off. We leave CT at about 5am on Friday, missing GW bridge traffic, but hitting post rush hour in B'more and DC...
  44. J

    How do I arrive faster on a long trip?

    Assuming you don't have to make additional stops by doing so, drive faster and ride the bottom of the pack so you get the fastest charge times.
  45. J

    Has anyone charged up at a gas station?

    Your qualifying statement ... "lacks EV chargers" ... disqualifies my experience I suppose. I charged at a Shell station in LaFollette, TN that installed a Level 2 charger. There was no charge for the electrons but I did buy a drink at the mini-mart.
  46. J

    Drive unit replacement - getting better?

    VIN 08xxx from April 2013 at 48k miles. Just had the original replaced last week at service. Was making both the whine and milling sound. Probably was ready about 6k miles ago but just decided to wait until my annual. Wasn't a safety issues just irritating.
  47. J

    TACC drafting?

    This is a common misunderstanding. It actually improves the aerodynamics of the lead vehicle as well ... though not very much. For cyclists it's about 2-3% less energy when you have drafters than when you're riding solo.
  48. J

    Problem at Newark Supercharger?

    Would be helpful to know your battery % at the start and end of the charging period along with whether you have a 60, 70, 85 or 90 kWh battery. I can't parse it out from your data. I'm presuming 3:10 to 3:40 is the 30 minute period where you recorded the data. I was at Newark on Friday and...
  49. J

    Nashville to Hilton Head

    A note to folks staying in the S. Forest Beach area, there are two destination chargers at Bomboras Grille. They allowed my to charge overnight both on my arrival and before my departure last week.
  50. J

    Fairfield County, CT body shop recommendation?

    Hey, Mike. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I used J&B in Mt. Vernon after a close encounter with a deer and was happy with their work.

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