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    Michelin CrossClimate 2 finally coming to Model Y size

    Great to hear that my recommendation worked out for you! I've let the BMS recalibrate, and I hover at 100% charge between 293 and 301, depending on time of year. I haven't seen 316 since the first three weeks of ownership. When the firmware update that reset the full charge to 326 came out, I...
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    Michelin CrossClimate 2 finally coming to Model Y size

    Almost 25K on my Quatrac Pros now. I'm lazy and rotated once, so shame on me. Mostly highway, and they still look relatively new. Lifetime Wh/Mi is around 270....need to look at the latest. FWIW, when I charge to 100% before a trip, the max range reported is 301 miles. Early vin 9XXX, June...
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Most likely have to get a mobile tech out for another reason...pretty sure they will deny this ask if I place it through the app. I can't seem to find the reddit post so I don't know how another owner was able to successfully do this.
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    Two small oil like patches 29 in apart at front about in line with the front wheels,thoughts

    I wouldn't even second guess this issue and make an appointment at your SC immediately.
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    Roof damaged during delivery

    I've had both my windshield and roof glass replaced at the Sterling SC in Virginia and they are actually better than they were from the factory (better alignments/gaps). Took a few weeks for the glass to come in, and once it was in, it was a 2-day repair. It may be quicker to get a new VIN...
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    All parts that arrived are correct! The updated part number 1499137-00-C is correct for the HEPA filter intake duct. I feel these parts were very inexpensive for what you get. Coming from decades of German car ownership, these same parts would have been 5 times the price, at least.
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Got notice my parts arrived. Headed to the SC to pickup soon.
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Great to hear! I'm still waiting due to backorder, but hopefully this means they have more inventory and I'll receive mine soon.
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    The market is so broken

    Here's another dealer in Virginia with a significant, and high-priced MY inventory. Many with less than 100 miles. I have to think these were purchased by the dealer for resale. With how little inventory is available of ICE cars (or ID.4 in this case) it is hard to believe these were all...
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    The market is so broken

    There are more Teslas at this one dealer than the entire mid-Atlantic Tesla locations combined. And at absurd prices. Also gotta love the $125K to $150K Lightnings and $250K Hummer EV. So many MYLRs with less than 75 miles on them at more than $75K each. Unreal. The market is so broken.
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    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    It depends on where charging options are headed, but at the current price point, I would not get another MY. I don't feel it is worth $12K for the same car, and can't justify paying more used than I did new. But also not looking to get rid of my MY, so my decision is about a 2nd car. I don't...
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    Another price increase

    This is unreal, but how market demand works. I would never buy by MYLR at this price. Happy with the car, but if this is where the price will remain for the next few years, my next EV will not be a Tesla, unfortunately. And if VW or GM can produce, they are going to dominate the less than $50K...
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Just heard back from my SC. They changed the part number to 1499137-00-C. They said it has not been possible for them to order 1499137-99-C, and the system won't let them enter that part number. They confirmed that 1499137-00-C is for the HEPA filter, and didn't mention it being on back...
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    I haven't heard back from my SC yet, but the woman I talked to said it may be Thursday, so I'll give them until tomorrow afternoon and try back. Interesting if they try 1499137-50-B vs. the original number I asked for, if things are any better in the system. Either way, sounds like we are all...
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    I talked to my SC (phone vs. app) and they said they have been unable to enter 1499137-99-C as the part number, which is why they updated the part number is 1509536-00-B. They are escalating the situation and will call me between now and Thursday to get to the bottom of why we can't move...
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Reached out to ask my SC to replace with the proper part number...awaiting reply. Not sure if the parts are already on their way or not, so I may have to pay for 2 intakes. Don't know yet. Still not sure why they are changing the part number?
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    My SC said the same thing about the part number now being 1509536-00-B. Guess I'll see when the part comes in. As in your picture, the original non-HEPA part number is 1509536-00-A. Maybe they consolidated part numbers now that all MYs have HEPA filters?
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    UPDATE - I received the invoice to approve today, and did so. No issues so far. States I'm picking up at the Sterling, VA SC location. Part numbers are same as others have stated, with the "FRESH INTAKE DUCT" as 1509536-00-B". Slightly different pricing than others ($23 for the duct, $26 for...
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    I haven't been told "no" yet from Tyco Rd in Virginia...but still awaiting a response. Guess because I had to schedule an appointment relatively far in the future they haven't reacted yet? I don't know how they can refuse parts purchases. That is ripe for a lawsuit, as these are not...
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Can you confirm the part number on the duct in your picture?
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    Tesla wants to replace my battery because jack points are damaged

    I would demand a new vs. refurbished battery pack, given your MYP is 2 weeks old.
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    Plain Model Y customers punished AGAIN June 2022

    Yet you can switch to earlier delivery for the same price - switch to a 4680 car with less range. Absurd pricing at $60K+ for 279 miles of range, IMO.
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    2022 Model Y Initial Impressions

    My steering is rock-solid, straight and not sensitive at all on the highway. I've had plenty of BMWs that tram and are require a huge amount of driver feedback to remain going straight. I also switched to Vredstein Quatrac Pros, and had a 4-wheel alignment and steering centered when new...
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    Model Y bumpy ride "Rear Spring replacement"

    Wow - this is amazing to hear. I have a very early VIN 9xxx, and if these are in fact softer springs, I'd purchase them in a second for any improvement, even marginal. To know you got them for free is great but 2 years into ownership, I can't see Tesla replacing them for free for me :-(
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Definitely looks like 00...just strange that EPC seems incorrect. Oh, well.
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    So odd. What part number is listed on the duct itself? I'm about to kick off the order, but just want to make sure. Thanks!
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Interesting...why is the Duct part not part number 1499137-99-C? Seems like 1499137-99-C is for the HEPA filter, and 1499137-00-C is for the non-HEPA system? At least when I look in EPC.
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    Service Manuals Now Free?

    Worked for me - very cool. Downloaded the PDF circuit diagrams, too.
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    Model Y 2022 - Back right passenger side damage from hitting side of garage — has anyone had body work of this kind done in Austin? Cost? Experience?

    The more I look closely at your damage, that doesn't look like white paint transfer, that looks like deep gouging in the metal, and all of the light areas are bare aluminum and steel, is that correct? If so, you'll definitely need a professional body shop to fix this. Agree it is in the $3-4K...
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    88,888 mile update MY AWD

    I'm really surprised Tesla hasn't offered an extended warranty option yet on the M3/MY. They seem all about the cash grabs recently, and extended warranties are a solid revenue stream.
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    Best convex mirrors?

    Agree 100%
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    Beginning of the end - at least in my mind

    Tesla will add CCS connectors to Supercharger stations in the US, says Elon Musk Most of the superchargers I use on the East coast are already well-used by Tesla owners, and having non-Tesla use at these chargers and inevitable wait times will completely change my approach to road trips, which...
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    Model YP with disabled front motor - Still a great experience

    This is a known issue in firmware 2022.8.3.5, according to my chat with Tesla support, as well as my SC in Virginia. I got the same error 4 weeks ago (only once), had it monitored by Tesla support, had an appointment last week, and no issues found. I had my A/C pressure switches replaced and...
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    Model Y hit and run while parked - total loss or reparable?

    Seriously if this car is totaled, yours is totaled. Your insurance company is out of their mind if it isn't.
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    MYLR goes right on highway entrance lanes on Autopilot

    What software version are you on? Anecdotally, the latest update made serious AP improvements with phantom braking, so it may have helped this issue. I'm on 2022.8.3 and still have the issue.
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    Mobile Charger no longer included

    I'd love to see these "statistics" that prove the mobile connector is barely used. This is the primary way I charge at home. It does everything I want without having to purchase a full wall unit, as I don't see any advantage to buying the wall unit. I installed a 50A outlet, and it is easy to...
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    "I think I read recently the avg price of the new car was $47K. You combine that with taxes & titles and that means people are walking out of dealerships with $50K vehicles and most with probably 72-96 month loan rate terms." When you also look at average US income per household, according to...
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    I assume the MY LR jumps to $68,999, and the MYP to $74,999 as soon as the SR is officially released. I'm officially out of buying another MY for my wife. I'll be keeping my 2020 until it falls apart, and getting an ICE for her. I want to do better, but the current LR is already overpriced.
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    2022.12 looks promising!

    I am still holding out hope that a heated steering wheel can be retrofit. I have a new take-off from a 2021 MY that has the heating element and module, and the front, left and right computer/body modules are all the same part number from 20-21 model years. I haven't heard of anyone asking a SC...
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    Built in Austin? Look for the "A" in VIN digit 11

    I'm still not sure how the first Austin deliveries displayed at the launch party were full castings with structural pack without re-testing to comply with NHTSA crash standards? I have to think that was completed and will be posted in the near future.
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    Carvana just offered $68,300 for my 2021 MY LR!!!!!!

    Northern Virginia VW dealer pretty much is a used Tesla dealer now with insane prices. This can't last forever, so if you can wait to buy, I strongly recommend it. History continues to repeat itself.
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    Carvana just offered $68,300 for my 2021 MY LR!!!!!!

    This is all getting WAY out of hand. Just feels eerily like the housing market crash all over again...
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    Assume another MY price hike this week or next....M3 got its price hike today

    My other theory is that pushing the MY LR up in price opens up for the SR+ that can be seen in social media today from the Austin launch party. It will be a "bargain" to purchase a MY SR+ dual-motor with 279 miles of range starting at $52K (est.), right? I figure the SR+ will cost at least...
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    Assume another MY price hike this week or next....M3 got its price hike today

    We are simply in an absurd (and I argue fatal) market. I don't know if there is going to be a demand decrease, and I expect, as history suggests, a full market implosion similar to the last housing crisis. Remember how those prices went through the roof...and then fell through the floor? It...
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    Assume another MY price hike this week or next....M3 got its price hike today

    Link to article here. As long as demand doesn't wane, price hikes aren't going to end any time soon. IMO, the MY was overpriced a few thousands dollars ago. Still love mine, but pray I don't get in an accident and it gets totalled.
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    Front motor temporarily disabled?

    Update - I've driven about 150 miles and the issue has not returned. On 2022.8.2.
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    Front motor temporarily disabled?

    Update - remote diagnostics revealed nothing, and they said just keep an eye out for any other issues, and if another error appears, call my SC immediately and they will make room for my appointment. Otherwise, they can't do anything else but wait until the next appointment which isn't for 3...
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    Front motor temporarily disabled?

    Correction, 3 weeks to the next available appointment, and that is only if I travel further away. 8 week wait for service if I choose my closer SC location. I'm booked for a family trip of 400+ miles next week, so I'm going to hound support until I get an answer and see if they can give me a...
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    Front motor temporarily disabled?

    It just happened 15min ago luckily a block from my driveway. Opening a case now, and will also chat once open with support to see if they can perform a remote diagnostic, since I am booked to go out of town and don't want to road trip waiting 2+ weeks for an appointment.

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