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  1. thegruf

    Messed around by Octopus for 3 years - advice welcome

    here you go - it's even in the national press: Smart meter rollout plunged into crisis in fresh blow for net zero probably just a case of who has what stock and where, and some projects may be prioritized eg new housebuilds i guess
  2. thegruf

    Messed around by Octopus for 3 years - advice welcome

    More likely just electronics component supply problems causing meter delays Many Smart Meters afaik use Ti parts amongst others and these are a supply chain nightmare at the moment
  3. thegruf

    Plaid 21”rear tire woes - factory defect?

    agree with others 45psi (cold) is where you need to be. Seen exactly this on my cars in the past when I used to run 40-42, since I upped to 45psi problem went away. and please don't run them on the road like this with canvas showing as you cant easily get a blowout - i speak from experience!
  4. thegruf

    TESLAA - Android Auto for Tesla App

    came across this app a little while back. Absolutely excellent for me. Remarkably stable in v1.4, some crashes but Tesla browser does that anyway. I can't recommend Teslaa highly enough. I dont use it all the time, but as Tesla dont show the "green google road clear" lines any more (bloody...
  5. thegruf

    Tesla made my car slower after they repaired it

    if you use the toybox "easter egg" for Ludicrous and get the battery hot enough (~50C), when you Launch properly the left side of the instrument cluster will switch automatically to show power readings. If these are off then you have facts to put to the S/C which are easier to discuss than seat...
  6. thegruf

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    well i just got 2022.12.3 (MS Perf with portrait screen) and honestly I am gobsmacked at the unholy mess that v11 still is >3months later. I really dont know what is up with the UI team but honestly it feels like they totally lost the plot. Just as an example - "new feature" you can add...
  7. thegruf

    Third party garage to fix daylight running lights?

    see this thread HOWTO Model S DIY headlight replacement (no coding required)
  8. thegruf

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    anyhows back to the thread topic having just driven from Cambridge area to the north Lake District without needing to charge once and miles to spare, not sure I am that bothered about the SuC network being opened up (very close to rated wh/mi and suitably impressed at that) That will change in...
  9. thegruf

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    @ACarneiro - actually I would keep updating - history suggests Tesla make periodic major changes v9-v10-v11 and these are a bit of a mess intially but then subsequent iterations dial out most of the wrinkles. Better actually to anticipate the major changes and hold off on those for a few months...
  10. thegruf

    Third party garage to fix daylight running lights?

    or the intermediate days when you had to take the from bumper off just to change a cheap lamp?
  11. thegruf

    Third party garage to fix daylight running lights?

    talk to Rsymons - I believe they have got something set up to service the DRLs Anything earlier than Rev E is pretty much waiting to fail and I believe Tesla are on Rev G now!
  12. thegruf

    Inner wear on front tires

    usually I reckon to review tire pressures with wear comments like this. # Not sure what tires/wheels you are running but I keep the fronts on 21s and Mich PS4S at 45psi cold; any less and I get exactly the wear you describe.
  13. thegruf

    Calendar difference after holiday update

    2022.4.5 and still not back :( I really am not a fan of v11, usually I reckon to learn a new release before commenting but v11 has just been a mess from the getgo especially the new taskbar and HVAC controls. I'm pretty frustrated about it, all the more so as basic howlers are still yet to be fixed.
  14. thegruf

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    indeed you can, and you have to tap the screen once to bring up the icon, then again to tap the icon to set north, which is tedious. It is not possible to prevent inadvertant rotate when pinch zooming, the requested setting option is to allow the owner to prevent rotation on pinchzoom/aka fix...
  15. thegruf

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    option in map settings to fix north so the map does not accidentally rotate when you try to zoom. And allow the (Model S) instrument cluster to show the local map even when a route is not set. option is setttings for Higher contrast map/theme(s)
  16. thegruf

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    in dark mode change the darkest red very slow traffic colour to a brighter one as it can be almost impossible to see
  17. thegruf

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Notification from the app if the car has insufficent charge for the following day's trip (commute if set) in you forgot to put the car on charge of the charge failed for some reason.
  18. thegruf

    Safe use of 3rd party apps?

    with the recent so-called "hack" of Tesla accounts supposedly via compromising user passwords and maybe less well designed apps, what is the best practice (other than don't!) for using 3rd party apps. What should you look for in the way the app is designed, and what is the safest method to...
  19. thegruf

    Downgrading headlights (how do I read LIN signals)?

    echo others comments- I received my car with both headlights set too low, in fact the nearside one was so low it was more like it had had a stroke, setting them right made a world of difference simple LIN USB adapter if you want to have a go at a project yourself, mostly LIN is fairly basic...
  20. thegruf

    Model S Plaid - 6 Months Later

    this effect you mean?
  21. thegruf

    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    @ericwol - can we dare to hope, or is it doomed? Thanks
  22. thegruf

    What are the chances of Matrix Led headlights to Model S in an order placed 1 days ago?

    Just on the self-levelling - I believe this is not required with air suspension which auto-levels
  23. thegruf

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    actually a setting option for font size across the entire UI is desirable Standard/large/largest as per other OS would be an excellent feature. Irrespective of putting that one on the wish list, stupidly small fonts are unacceptable on a car's UI.
  24. thegruf

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    @Peter 224 hi, intrigued to discuss what you disagree with as usually we are on the same page? (do consider your experience may be different if you have a M3 with landscape display, mine is MS with portrait display) the MCU crashing on a regular basis is acceptable? Miniscule icons right in...
  25. thegruf

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    i just wrote a long post about my experiences with v11 but edited as I thought you would all get bored reading it. in summary <rant> It is a complete cluster **ck of bugs, inconsistencies and outright stupid UI design that has no place in the car. Whoever released this would be safer painting...
  26. thegruf

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    came across this thread - "Comprehensive USB bug list" and found 112 pages! probably enough to cover most of them by now. My only wish now is the Tesla would stop breaking more stuff than they fix.
  27. thegruf

    Integration with Google Home / Google Assistant - Now available for general use

    @Gol4 - hope you enjoying a great festive break - I feel bit self-concious to ask as you haven't charged for your work (donation?) - but did you manage to make time to get the Google skills working again? Please know your work is much appreciated. Maybe you can let us know if the project is in...
  28. thegruf

    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    I got the v11 update yesterday - and my first drive was to unexpectedly go pick up my daughter which involved a 1.5 hour trek across Norfolk, in the dark, in the rain, in the mist and murk. I have been a tesla owner for 7 years and for sure have had my frustrations in that time, but jumping in...
  29. thegruf

    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    @ericwol - I hope you have some success with Tesla. Teslawaze (when it works in the car) is an invaluable resource, and like many I am very grateful to you for your work. Especially as Teslawaze shows traffic incidents so you can tell if the road ahead may be closed. The map is also well...
  30. thegruf

    Is the Web browser supposed to suck?

    Complained to my S/C about MCU1 issues and they told me to upgrade to MCU2 as the browser worked fine on that. Well I paid a lot of money and the browser still doesn't work in any usable sense, crashes on almost everything and restarts to the Tesla homepage. Upgrade was a complete waste of...
  31. thegruf

    what happened to Tidal and options for alternate streaming providers?

    Electrek 11/2: Tesla has started to push a new software update that adds an in-car app for Tidal, the music-streaming service, cold weather improvements, and more. Today, Tesla started pushing its 2021.40 software update. It includes several new features, but the most significant addition is...
  32. thegruf

    what happened to Tidal and options for alternate streaming providers?

    If you have MCU2 + premium or included subscription you should get 320K imho; actually 192K would probably be enough that you would never notice the difference given the quality of the audio components, lower bitrates are just not acceptable these days. I just wish they would focus a dev team...
  33. thegruf

    what happened to Tidal and options for alternate streaming providers?

    maybe Elon just put the competitors in the code just to leverage a better deal with Spotify.
  34. thegruf

    2021 Model S Plaid/LR Fire

    Yeah loads, but everyone is keeping it to themselves
  35. thegruf

    what happened to Tidal and options for alternate streaming providers?

    I recall this from some time back TIDAL music streaming service coming soon to your Tesla anyone heard anything more? We're more Tidal and Amazon and dont really use Spotify elsewhere, so would be great to get our playlists in the car
  36. thegruf

    2021 Model S Plaid/LR Fire

    thought low regen was provided in part as it can be beneficial in snow/ice?
  37. thegruf

    Excessive Rear Tire Inside Edge Wear

    check your tire pressures - yeah I know it's stating the blindingly obvious, but I have learnt to run mine at 45psi and the problem largely goes away, run them at 40-42 and this is exactly what you get (in as little as 12K miles)
  38. thegruf

    Tesla charge taper vs others - is there trouble ahead?

    More and more articles are showing that Tesla has a more agreesive taper than other manufacturers and this is starting to reduce Tesla's 5-7 year claimed lead. Bjorn Nyland recently placed the Audi ETron GT at the top of his 1000Km challenge for example. Essentially the Audi claimed the win due...
  39. thegruf

    Email from TAPTES really promoting a weighted ring to fool AP ???

    Haha - If i had spotted that I would have repiled with username DeadPedestrianHitByTeslaWithTaptesDefeatDevice
  40. thegruf

    Email from TAPTES really promoting a weighted ring to fool AP ???

    not capacitive - relies on the torque sensor detecting rotational torque input. simple way to defect these idiot devices would be to require torque input in both/random directions. Imagine getting caught using one in an accident - that is immediately dangerous driving and quite likely a prison...
  41. thegruf

    Tesla increase MCU2 Upgrade price to £1700

    That's good to know - thankyou. It must have been added in a software update at some point as I remember there were complaints initially that this was not possible. If you want the DAB radio that's another £470 though so still £2170 to fix something that shouldnt be broken in the first place...
  42. thegruf

    Autopilot — left bias

    MS AP2.0 - have the same complaint from the passenger. If you looking the side mirrors actually the car seems (mostly) in the centre of the lane, although very difficult to judge, so one answer is that the car is correctly centred but naturally the driver moves slightly to one side when...
  43. thegruf

    Tesla increase MCU2 Upgrade price to £1700

    well that stinks - my MCU1 has got the the point of crashing so often I am fed up with it and have contacted Tesla to get my £1400 repair aka MCU2 ,,, which appears to now be £1700 I hadnt bothered to date as I think you lose the DAB radio in the UK and with AP2.0 you dont even get Sentry...
  44. thegruf

    P100d (2016/2017) Range experience

    another data point for you 2017 P100D 37K miles 90% is 258; therefore presumably 100% is 286 miles; 9% degradation avg 400wh/mi ; used in Ludicrous mode (occasional L+) tires staggered 21s Mich PSS - appx 20K miles per change - yeah i know :) btw - as confirmed to me by a tech at an SC, I dont...
  45. thegruf

    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    This sounds like you are on AP1 - which was indeed much better in this respect and auto wipers too. This is where mobileye had the basics sorted, but Tesla with AP2 are pushing ahead with cutting edge technology but not paying sufficient attention imho to these basics.
  46. thegruf

    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    Worth double checking they are aimed correctly. I had the same concern with my current car (going from Halogen ->LED) and found that Tesla had never adjusted them before delivery. The nearside one took 6 full turns of the adjuster to put it right! Was like it had had a stroke. Light output...
  47. thegruf

    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    Need another option - Tesla: how NOT to do a trial Bought my 2017 MS New Inventory Dec 2019 Checked it had Enhanced autopilot and this was confirmed on more than one occasion. Arrived (whole other hideous saga there) and only had basic autopilot - Tesla had stripped the original spec of the...
  48. thegruf

    Anyone comparing the e-tron GT to the Model S

    but it's not a 55 inch screen - it is 3 separate screens behind a big glass panel No doubt it is beautifully executed but just too much bling which is MBs interior styling these days. Seems that Tesla did a big (practical) screen as a USP now everyone seems to be trying to outdo them with more...
  49. thegruf

    Be aware that Tesla SC don't supply any cables with loaners

    Interesting that some get cables, some don't. So no Tesla policy being played out here, just a lottery if you get a cable or not. Not sure which is worse really, but sure you want to check your loaner if there is any chance you might need one.

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