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  1. oreobbq

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    Glad you're enjoying your car! You can hunt down that one guy that was saying the premium ones are better and swap with him.
  2. oreobbq

    Spiders in car, Help! :(

    An ozone generator will eliminate smells and kill bugs. Follow precautions when using it of course. There are some decently priced units you can buy online. Much safer than chemicals in a small enclosed space.
  3. oreobbq

    Can I DIY install Matrix headlights since my new Model 3 didnt come with them?

    There's a large thread on these in the ordering section of the forum. I mean I wouldn't buy a new Tesla and perform eyeball surgery on it right away.
  4. oreobbq

    Windshield Cracked within 2 hours on Delivery Day

    Ouch. It's hard to see. They'll be looking for any impact points to determine if you're on the hook for a replacement. 40 C normally wouldn't cause any issues.
  5. oreobbq

    New Titan T-S5 purchase consideration

    Would you like some steak sauce to go with all that MEAT. Lol it looks pretty good to me. Helps that the PS4S is a great looking tire. I'm sticking with 20s for the look but 19s would be a nice compromise.
  6. oreobbq

    Can I drive to the airport and leave my car with some company for them to rent it out?

    Lol better enable sentry mode to keep one2many's randy Tesla away.
  7. oreobbq

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    Understood. Given that the NHTSA has approved the use of matrix headlights, Tesla could update the functionality any day now. Or maybe they'll keep it nerfed for the sake of not shafting those with premium lights. This entire thread..
  8. oreobbq

    Why does my traffic light visualization come and go?

    Not sure but try a reset. Most of the software bugs I've noticed will disappear for a while after a reset.
  9. oreobbq

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    I'd rather have the one with more capability but they both work great. The data from this thread is helpful. I can't think of another instance where Tesla switched between old/new parts like this. ie. Removing lumbar, removing radar, and not alternating parts due to supply/cost. Maybe they'll...
  10. oreobbq

    Anyone else’s headlight beams look like this?

    Not a solution but your headlights reminded me of this. 😄
  11. oreobbq

    Lug Nut Torque

    You'll be fine if you're off a little bit. 129 is the number that the engineers settled on but maybe you know better lol.
  12. oreobbq

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Pretty much. Save yourself some stress and switch to battery percentage instead of miles.
  13. oreobbq

    Moving to Denver- Looking for advice on about security for my car

    Yea pretty difficult to steal a tesla unless they just tow it and disable tracking. If you're really worried you can make sure theft is covered in the insurance you choose. In a parking garage full of easy targets, it's not likely they would choose the annoying car with computers and cameras...
  14. oreobbq

    Adding a feminine touch to my M3P

    Eye lashes, put a fuzzy pink steering wheel cover on, powder coat those wheels purple, stick on some pink underglow LEDs, and add a tramp stamp on the trunk. Coolest mom on the block. You're welcome.
  15. oreobbq

    lightweight wheels model 3 performance 0-60 testing

    Alright fellas, what's the answer? 14 pages later it seems like any performance gains from reducing rotating mass are very minimal but still there?
  16. oreobbq

    Another Tesla driver in San Diego, CA

    Welcome! Nowadays there's ADMs on any of the fun cars I'm interested in. You'll have a lot of fun with the M3P though.
  17. oreobbq

    2022 Prius Prime or another Model 3?

    Sounds like a great deal. Let her get what she wants and trade yours in for a new Tesla. :cool:
  18. oreobbq

    PSA about why you should NOT use auto lift trunk struts

    A moderator who moderates himself is next level. Thanks for the heads up OP. I've seen aftermarket struts on other vehicles bend the hood etc. I'd get a powered trunk in a heartbeat though it's too nice not to have. :cool:
  19. oreobbq

    New M3 with Matrix headlights a life saver last night

    At its basic level a car is a tool and it sounds like it did the job well in a stressful situation. If I were to compare both styles of headlights, they both work equally well in nighttime driving situations. If I had issues with night vision I'd probably get a truck/offroad vehicle outfitted...
  20. oreobbq

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    Reject it like the monkeypox! Or not. I'll trade your car's ryzen brain for my car's matrix eyes.
  21. oreobbq

    lightweight wheels model 3 performance 0-60 testing

    Physics has left my brain many years ago. But the perceived difference in wheel weight could also be affected by tire wear so I imagine the most accurate way to test is to swap old tires onto new wheels. Since you'd eliminate possible differences in rolling resistance between sets of tires.
  22. oreobbq

    Service Center won't/can't fix car [suspension - aftermarket suspension installed]

    This is a helpful info on what Tesla will/won't do around mods. I'm sure you'll be back on the track in no time. If you're ever in TX and need a torque wrench though I got you 😂
  23. oreobbq

    Car handles like it's on rails!

    Glad you love it! In this shot, the silver wheels almost look white which I like quite a bit. I'm curious what you'll think when it's not in chill mode. Keep us updated.
  24. oreobbq

    M3P - Who switched from a (true) sports car?

    But we're talking about sports cars, not heavy land yachts. ;)
  25. oreobbq

    Selling model 3 with FSD - any value in that?

    There are plenty of people willing to pay to make the same mistake you did. 😂
  26. oreobbq

    My Delivery Checklist - Feedback Requested

    I'd suggest thinking of maybe the top 3 things that you'd reject a car over and checking the rest at home at your leisure. In general, your ownership experience will be less stressful without obsessing over every detail.. Ah screw it, don't forget to bring your gap measurement tool and paint...
  27. oreobbq

    Both the key card and APP are disabled!?

    Lol that'll be the robo fleet's first task. No need for repo services, it'll drive back to Fremont on its own.
  28. oreobbq

    Write off [in the UK]

    No it sounds like they misled you. :confused: Unless Tesla somehow misses the fact that it’s a salvage title, you’re out of luck with warranty coverage. It just wouldn’t make any sense for any manufacturer to cover a car that’s been titled that way (no matter if it’s easily repairable). If...
  29. oreobbq

    Write off [in the UK]

    No salvage vehicle is going to retain its warranty.
  30. oreobbq

    Car color survey

    I identify as a black and white cookie but I didn't see an option for that?
  31. oreobbq

    Vendor M14x1.5 grade 5 titanium lug nuts set of 20 that fit Tesla model S 3 X Y

    I'm interested in seeing more photos of these installed (various lengths and with and without matching caps). Maybe put them on the same wheel for comparison. ^ kinda like how they have their titanium on their website. Not saying you should copy em but just a comparison would be helpful. Is...
  32. oreobbq

    My way of lifting my Model 3… (custom lifting rig)

    Neat! Let's see it in action. The only thing I don't like are the window louvres haha.
  33. oreobbq

    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    Ah here we go, our weekly thread on which interior to choose. It's a fun question and I spend too much time on here so I don't mind. The conclusion to all of these threads: White seats are 44 billion times better. But black is okay too.
  34. oreobbq

    Speed Bump Hit

    Instructions unclear, phone is destroyed now. Lol this is great idea if you can't easily jack it up.
  35. oreobbq

    5 miles per hour on 120V 15amp outlet?

    You calling my Tesla fat? 😂 When visiting friends I've seen it range from 3-5.
  36. oreobbq

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    With the updated intel that the old headlights were used for only a brief stint in production, personally I'd wait for a car with the new lights.
  37. oreobbq

    2200 mile round trip drive: M3LR or ICE?

    Hope OP knows not to take this literally lol. No problem, if you get stranded @XPsionic will come tow you in his cyber truck. 😂
  38. oreobbq

    2200 mile round trip drive: M3LR or ICE?

    Might as well enjoy the new car with the fam and you'll find out all about the pros and limitations of a tesla. Keep in mind if a cement truck flings a rock at you, in the truck it might just bounce off the grille vs the much lower riding Tesla and all its juicy glass surfaces.
  39. oreobbq

    Is PPF or ceramic coating necessary?

    IMHO scratch and swirl protection from a ceramic coating is so minimal that it's not even worth mentioning. What company/installer covers blemishes and chips? This is normal wear and tear that I can't imagine any shop covering. Lastly, most paint protection films offer the option of...
  40. oreobbq

    Will the TPMS sensors work in a 2021-2022 Model 3?

    It looks like those are Tsportline branded ones instead of the official Tesla ones. Try em out and report back.
  41. oreobbq

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    If you look directly at the headlight while it's on, eventually you should be able to see a silhouette of Keanu Reeves. Lol jp, the matrix ones have a round projector shape in the corner and appear darker at the bottom.
  42. oreobbq

    Model 3 completely dead this morning. What an experience. [dead 12v]

    Would be nice but giving us easy access would probably just be another headache for Tesla. I'm reminded of that instance where the guy kept checking sentry mode while his car was in the shop and getting frustrated when the shop wasn't actively working on the car.
  43. oreobbq

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Sounds like your vision car needs glasses haha. An increase in max AP speed is a welcome update.
  44. oreobbq

    Difference in acceleration between Model 3 LR w/boost and Model 3P?

    But in Tokyo drift the police don't go after you if you go fast enough. Movies never lie. It's noticeable but the LR is plenty quick. Just don't drive an M3P again.
  45. oreobbq

    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    You madman. What are you doing with all of these wheels? All told, it's still cheaper than FSD lol.
  46. oreobbq

    Would you take a demo with 67 miles?

    Haha, dude. That's what you were talking about? You can touch it up and polish it smooth if you really want to fix it properly before PPF goes over it.
  47. oreobbq

    Improving the Model 3 Aerodynamics (for range)?

    You don't need fancy equipment. Just do this test a thousand times for robust data. Satisfying your own curiosity is payment enough, let's go!
  48. oreobbq

    R1234yf or r134a

    I guess life goes on there huh. Send this man a CT. I was curious about this, here's a tmc thread that may be helpful.
  49. oreobbq

    M3P VS BMW I4 M50

    75%?? Nah give me a model 3 plaid! As the driver you're controlling the action so your head should either be back or your muscles are prepared for the acceleration so your head isn't flopping around like a newborn.
  50. oreobbq

    Caliper covers and wh/mi

    Hm that’s strange. You can keep them off and either use caliper paint or sprayable vinyl wrap if you want to change the look temporarily. Mods are great since the car only comes in a handful of colors and limited configurations. At the same time, if I swap out the entire suspension I’m not...

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