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    2016 Model S 75 SC01

    Location and photos would be nice
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    Snippiness 2.0

    You’d be surprised
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    2021 Tesla Model S Plaid for sale AZ

    https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/phoenix-tesla-model-plaid-fsd-21/7478834635.html Guy has 20K in MSRP options on top of yours with 4K less miles. Not the same for folks working on a budget but more competitive offering in my opinion
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    2022 Model X Plaid. $160,000. Black/Black, 6 seater, 22” wheels. Bay Area.

    Does this have FSD or you looking to pocket some after the price increase?
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    2022 Model X Plaid Midnight Silver Black 22" 2/28 delivery

    Price for your build and price for the rez?
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    2022 Model X Plaid Midnight Silver Black 22" 2/28 delivery

    What’s your pricing and are you trying to sell the rez or take delivery then sell? I’m local
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    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD

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    2022 Model X LR Reservation

    Is this rez linked to your Tesla account with your plaid or are you able to give up the entire account until delivery?
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    2022 Model S LR - White on white - ready to delivery

    Are you forfeiting the entire Tesla account or trying to transfer the rez ?
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    2022 Model S LR For Sale

    So no title yet?
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    2022 Model S Plaid

    Will give you your order fee back so you don’t lose it when you cancel
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    2022 Brand New Model X for Sale (Marin County, CA)

    He’s including his taxes paid. CA buyers get to pay them twice buying this one. Folks from AZ, NV etc don’t have to pay sales tax on used but would need physical title to register and title in home state. Takes 2-4 weeks for Tesla and state MVD to process new title from my experience
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    2022 Brand New Model X for Sale (Marin County, CA)

    Assuming this has FSD if you paid 127OTD? Unless you are using the monroney to show the current pricing rather than actual paid?
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    Blue Model Y with White Interior with upgrades, RN# for $58K

    Has your info/registration been added to the Tesla account (I.e are you looking to give the buyer the Tesla account /email or try to transfer the RN via Tesla)?
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    2021 Model S Plaid for Sale

    Do you have the IL title yet?
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    Brand new Base Plaid Available right now

    funny that these are hitting new inventory and there’s still folks with may and June orders before price increases waiting with late September delivery dates 🤣
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    2018 model 3 stealth performance FSD

    Just curious, did that offer end up changing from your original valuation you received/confirmed online? We have a 52,900 offer that will likely expire before delivery on new one is ready. Curious if it’ll drop significantly
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    Only Used Tesla site issues

    I paid him $300 to list a MS and his leads / emails never came thru to my email. Ended up selling thru another channel by the time he manually delivered the leads but complete waste of money. Guy is responsive but terrible experience
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    FS: 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid

    California taxes 😂
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    FS: New 2021 M3P 20" Uberturbine Wheels & Tires

    If you decide to ship (to AZ) let me know! Nice set of wheels
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    WTB 2021 OEM Model 3 Performance 20” Uberturbines [AZ]

    Looking to buy a set (4) of 20” uberturbines from a 2021 Tesla Model 3 performance Don’t need TPMS as they’ll be going on a ‘19 that doesn’t support Bluetooth sensors located in AZ. Would prefer to pickup local. Can arrange truck shipment if in NorCal or SoCal. Willing to pay freight if you...
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    2018 Model S 100D with EAP/Free supercharging. $65K

    FYI - FUSC will not transfer to any buyer. EAP will transfer
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    2017 Model S75 Blue/White Unlimited Supercharging but higher mileage - will sell when new MS Refresh is delivered

    Slightly high on price given mileage but with the used market being at all-time highs, you may get it I wouldn't waste your time until you are ready to sell.
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    FS: 2020 Model Y FSD Performance. Florida.

    What’s depreciation?
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    WTS: 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD PERFORMANCE.

    Sounds like you should brush up on the trim options offered by Tesla ...LRAWDP
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    2020 Model Y Long Range for sale

    Hope it has FSD for this price?
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    Tesla Model X 2020 - For Sale

    He’s asking 88,999 on FBM
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    FS: 2018 Model 3 RWD Long Range - Blue/Black 34K Miles (Seattle)

    Did Tesla offer you more than 30 on trade towards your P3D?
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    2018 Tesla 3 AWD Long Range 24K miles 19''/Blue/White

    I just got one off a TMC member on here last month for 39. Had FSD, 19K mi , sport wheels, white interior, painted red calipers, full tint etc
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    2017 Model S 90D for sale

    Do you know the build date? EAP or FSD? Where in Texas ?
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    55K for 100D Model X from Tesla??

    Doesn’t have Summon (EAP does) or auto lane change/park. FSD has traffic light and stop sign control + EAP features
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    For Sale 2016.5 Model S 90d 28,000 Miles

    Several members browse this sub forum with the intent to purchase a vehicle. When they come across a grossly overpriced ad (more than Tesla used inventory or similarly optioned private party comps) it’s hard not to mention something to the seller.
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    Why are these used Teslas as much as new ones?

    Lotta folks get loans on their new Tesla and have terms that do not reduce their principal/loan amount quicker than depreciation
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    FS: 2017 Tesla Model X 100D Silver

    Car location?
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    2017 Tesla Model X FSD Black/White SO CAL

    Used inventory from Tesla nearly 10k cheaper than you... 2017 Model X | Tesla There’s also one in Cali with 22 onyx and 40k mi for 57,000.
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    2020 Model Y Performance w/FSD

    If they’re truly offering 60,300 you should take that if youre pulling trigger on MX. Less hassle from private sale. Tesla selling MYP with 5k miles and FSD for 62k https://www.tesla.com/used/5YJYGDEF7LF003406?token=$2y$10$C21rFWUrseVjBDLHZ0y78eATmFHipYfgv9QzgANJ4J0qtNC6pyUOS
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    2018 Model X 75D Obsidian Black/White Interior/22" Wheels

    Used inventory direct from Tesla has same build w/ 22k mi for $59K as of this morning...
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    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Performance $43.5k

    I am not the seller. Was a prospective buyer but saved me some time going back and forth with seller as running the VIN is one of the last things I do
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    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Performance $43.5k

    Thanks! This was nice to see. Saved me time and a few bucks on running a check myself.
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    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Performance $43.5k

    Any lien? Cars location?
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    2018 Red Model 3 Long Range w FSD - $39,900

    I already tried that too. Seller claims he has trade in offers at 36 and private party at 38 yet his price has dropped to 38 where he has it cross listed
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    FS: 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

    You should include cars mileage and whether it has FSD at this price...
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    Not Available 2018 Model S 75D For Sale, 17k miles, $52,000

    Tesla has available used inventory ‘18 MS 75D with only 8K miles for 54K. Going to be hard to get a private buyer for 52 on your spec. I’d take the current trade offer and run.

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