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  1. Vawlkus

    Bluetooth not pairing M3

    Checked for an OS update for your phone? Short of that, check the Bluetooth with other Bluetooth items if possible
  2. Vawlkus

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    While the transformer box has FINALLY arrived, we are still lacking a power meter last I heard.
  3. Vawlkus

    Camera Upgrade or Safety Score--which comes first

    I’ve been running the Safety Score in my car since the update came to Canada, even though I knew my 2017 X would not be eligible for FSD beta without the upgraded cameras. I’m not gonna change, but if you’ve made your local service people aware that you’re after the upgrade for FSD, then I’d...
  4. Vawlkus

    CHAdeMO adapter is missing from Tesla website.

    Depends. Most rebuilds have their DCFC capability removed by Tesla for safety reasons. Rich Rebuilds has done testing on several cars he and Electrified Garage have done work on.
  5. Vawlkus

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Some do, many do not. I would order ahead of time.
  6. Vawlkus

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    Uh, why the thumbs down @MarcoRP ? Just tryin’ to be honest that this info is second hand.
  7. Vawlkus

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    Point of clarity: I’m just relaying from my EV group info on FB. New Minas is about an hour or so travel, so I can’t get there often.
  8. Vawlkus

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    I stand corrected. It might be online by next week.
  9. Vawlkus

    Wiki Links to Canadian For Sale Threads

    There are two versions, so you might want to specify if you need the new one, or the old one.
  10. Vawlkus

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    Still no transformer on site, so no power.
  11. Vawlkus

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    The white SC cabinets. They’re still in a secured location since the Westville site will not start until the New Minas site is up and running.
  12. Vawlkus

    Canada - FSD rollout

    You get the camera upgrade?
  13. Vawlkus

    MAD at Tesla - Will have to bring them to court.

    As others said, you have zero case here. You’ve admitted you knew Tesla had a policy of not allowing DCFC on rebuilt vehicles, yet you bought a known rebuilt car anyway. You being mad changes none of the above facts. Tesla has good reason for their policy and there’s no sign of that...
  14. Vawlkus

    Supercharger - Ottawa, ON - Iris rd

    The new prefabs use a couple conduits, so it possible. Are there any concrete footings?
  15. Vawlkus

    Differences between US vs Canadian Model 3

    There’s a few safety stickers and seat belt receiver differences, but the bulk of the differences are software related.
  16. Vawlkus

    Does Tesla occasionally have used X for reasonable prices?

    Here’s a link from today. www.allev.ca/inventory?model=Model+X
  17. Vawlkus

    Best charger setup for Canadian winters (can't park in garage)

    I started with the UMC on a 120v until a poorly installed GFCI annoyed my landlord too much. Went to a 240 line with a NEMA 14-50 plug for about a year, until the UMC connector started freezing up and the button stopped working. After that, got a HPWC and had it wired in via the NEMA 14-50...
  18. Vawlkus

    Long shot...anyone have some PPSB touchup in the GTA?

    Use the app. That’s gets attention the quickest.
  19. Vawlkus

    Selling M3P stealth, what to expect

    Expect to get mobbed with offers, and be careful about dealers trying to scoop it up.
  20. Vawlkus

    Does Tesla occasionally have used X for reasonable prices?

    Oh, BTW, the X’s tow limit is 5k lbs as well, although I know that’s conservative through first hand experience 😜
  21. Vawlkus

    Does Tesla occasionally have used X for reasonable prices?

    X’s are just too expensive initially to go cheap, especially with demand so far ahead of supply. I say that as someone with an X here in NS. One option I don’t know if you’re aware of is AllEV on Kempt road in Halifax. They don’t get X’s that often, but I have seen them there. I don’t know...
  22. Vawlkus

    Anyone have Bedford / Halifax as their delivery location?

    Meh. The front lot is soooooo freakin’ cramped. Kinda surprised that’s where, but if that’s what works *shrug*
  23. Vawlkus

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    Word from FB is more wire was run, but still no transformer on site.
  24. Vawlkus

    Atlantic provinces

    There’s that, plus several FB groups. EVAAC being the largest, the the Atlantic club being the second. If you want to say hi, we’re doing a cleanup of the SC at Enfield on Saturday morning around 9am. We just had our monthly zoom meeting last night, and we usually have a few people roll out for...
  25. Vawlkus

    Anyone have Bedford / Halifax as their delivery location?

    Out of curiosity, which parking lot was used for delivery in Bedford? The side lot, the front lot, or the lot across the street?
  26. Vawlkus

    Auto Insurance in Ontario

    Not until we get Tesla insurance up here. 😝
  27. Vawlkus

    Paint protection, how long should it last?

    I know Xpel has a ten year warranty on their PPF. I’m 5 years in on mine, and while it’s not pristine anymore, it’s definitely stood up to the abuse.
  28. Vawlkus

    Why isn't everyone as upset about the Supercharger increase as I am?

    It’s a start. Hopefully more happens soonish.
  29. Vawlkus

    experience expectation if buying from non-Tesla dealers (Canada)

    I recommend caution. Last time I saw a Tesla being sold at a dealership, it had had some body work done that was done very poorly, and lead to some serious problems very fast. Absolutely recommend taking it for a full evaluation by an experienced body shop and/or a Tesla service center.
  30. Vawlkus

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    They’re still there. They won’t be moving for a while IMHO.
  31. Vawlkus

    Static on phone calls - 2021 M3 LRAWD

    I’ll try to remember that solution.
  32. Vawlkus

    Static on phone calls - 2021 M3 LRAWD

    I know this has popped up before, but I’m blanking on the solution. I might suggest using the scroll wheels to adjust the volume during a call, and see if that helps any.
  33. Vawlkus

    Canadian Model 3 delivery estimates for new orders are already into June.

    Take that with a grain of salt.
  34. Vawlkus

    Any news about costing by kWh instead of by time to supercharge?

    They’ve SAID it. Our people still aren’t seeing too much actual movement yet. Hopefully sooner than later, but as yet there’s nothing to report.
  35. Vawlkus

    Why isn't everyone as upset about the Supercharger increase as I am?

    There’s also peak use surcharges, which one of the Big Stop managers locally told our local EV group about.
  36. Vawlkus

    Any news about costing by kWh instead of by time to supercharge?

    Musk isn’t the only one. There’s several other groups (mostly EV) lobbying for this to change as well. Since it’s government, it takes generations to get anything done. 😑
  37. Vawlkus

    Any news about costing by kWh instead of by time to supercharge?

    They’re called Standards Canada, and they decreed that only power utilities can bill per unit of power; everyone else must use units of time.
  38. Vawlkus

    Why isn't everyone as upset about the Supercharger increase as I am?

    These increases are throughout North America, not just Canada. I do not know if it’s worldwide, but it could be. The push for changes to the measurement standards was started by various EV clubs, Tesla is just in agreement with it as it’s a more accurate method of billing for power to charge...
  39. Vawlkus

    May the 4th be with you

  40. Vawlkus

    Canada - FSD rollout

    I’m leaving it on and just driving normally. Doubt I’ll ever get above 95, but since I gotta wait for the camera upgrade I’m not bothered by it.
  41. Vawlkus

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    It’s been “close to completion” since December. 😑 We only got the concrete pad for the transformer last month, so who knows when we’ll actually have the transformer installed so the power can be hooked up.
  42. Vawlkus

    Anyone have Bedford / Halifax as their delivery location?

    Honestly, I doubt the location is causing much, if any delays. Probably just more supply chain issues.
  43. Vawlkus

    Canada - FSD rollout

    That’s in the US, not Canada.
  44. Vawlkus

    Model Y LR delays?

    I would not take that as gospel.
  45. Vawlkus

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    It won’t be started until New Minas is completed. One crew, only one install gets worked on at a time.
  46. Vawlkus

    Canada - FSD rollout

    Great, I don’t have it. 😑 Probably won’t be available until winter out here on the East coast.
  47. Vawlkus

    Canada - FSD rollout

    I saw, but that appears to be active activities, not what was selected to action this. If I go to book service I have an option for cameras, but it makes no mention of FSD upgrades.
  48. Vawlkus

    Supercharger - Creston, BC

    As long as it’s not street races, but at an actual track, yes. 😜
  49. Vawlkus

    Canada - FSD rollout

    Where in the app did it show up? As an accessory, upgrade, or was it under service?
  50. Vawlkus

    Canada - FSD rollout

    My early 2017 does not show the camera upgrade yet (where was it located in the app?), but I do show FSD in my cars stats, both in the app and on the MCU.

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