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  1. X.l.r.8

    Screw in tire

    If you pull it out, yes it will go flat. its in a place that's totally repairable. ask the tire shop to jack the car up as most tire places use 2 post lifts and while its unlikely it will drop off the rear it could happen. personally i would remove the wheel, take it to a tire place to get...
  2. X.l.r.8

    1086 "Charging Problem" error. Car stuck at 99% cooled. (R80)

    I keep this chart handy I found in another thread, so I can look up how bad I made things. I’m going to see what current my pump is drawing at rest. I would rather see the diagnostic screen when the AC is running. And the pressure at rest or before the AC turns on.
  3. X.l.r.8

    Brake Pads

    I have EBC’s there good enough to keep TiDaves on the shelf. The stock rotors are a poor alchemy and rust during a car wash, and the pads provided are terrible. Changing one of these will help tremendously. If you are removing those calipers to swap the pads, I would recondition them anyhow. Or...
  4. X.l.r.8

    1086 "Charging Problem" error. Car stuck at 99% cooled. (R80)

    Are you in range mode to deliberately kick on the battery cooling? What are your AC pressures reading? Cooling the reservoir seems futile to me compared to the surface area. I would put an extra fan aiming at the radiator blowing all the time. If you pump is running then it will be a higher...
  5. X.l.r.8

    What's gone wrong with your Roadster?

    What I know of. 1. Rivet on ESS, rectified in first year 2. AC condenser leak. Repaired at SC with aftermarket part 3. Heater plug blocked filling heater causing a fault to stop charging. Paid for part but labor free, except for case of beer and gourmet muffins for staff. 4. Blew inlet fuse at...
  6. X.l.r.8

    Pics of people taking pics of Roadsters

    @OakvilleMYP I know you are trying not to focus on the rarri!
  7. X.l.r.8

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Best colour, or so I’ve heard.
  8. X.l.r.8

    Custom Roadster Paint Destroyed... What To Do Next?

    I know its expensive but even a wrap will need the scratch repaired so I say paint it and then PPF it afterwards. As for colour you could always opt for another custom colour
  9. X.l.r.8

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Plus the blue one had an amazing battery, hard top, the nice interior and a HPWC. All of which add much more value in my eyes.
  10. X.l.r.8

    Best charger setup for Canadian winters (can't park in garage)

    Why 14-50? I don’t get it. You only need 240v which is 6-50. 14-50 was used 14 years ago so teslas could charge when there were no charging stations. Not because it’s a good standard. We no longer need 14-50 at home, unless you like buying extra cable.
  11. X.l.r.8

    Best charger setup for Canadian winters (can't park in garage)

    Another vote for 6-50, absolutely no reason for a 14-50 https://evcarchargers.ca/product/nema-6-50r-outdoor-welding-outlet/ If you want weather proof. But a HPWC is not only weather proof but you can move it indoors later if you are able. the cost has dropped on both the UMC and HPWC the...
  12. X.l.r.8

    Any reason not to leave roadster plugged into 120v outlet?

    The work around is to use OVMS to swap to range charging and it will kick in the cooling
  13. X.l.r.8

    Ball joint

  14. X.l.r.8

    Ball joint

    I would be floored if the elise one was different. part # B111C6012F
  15. X.l.r.8

    Roadster Charger not working - how to take it apart?

    I would go straight to plan B, then work back to fixing the original if possible.
  16. X.l.r.8

    Car Camping in RV sites?

    The only thing you have to remember is times, they don’t want you rolling up at 9pm to ask for a spot, just book ahead of time, I drove my roadster across country doing exactly this. Campgrounds we’re amazing at accommodating me.
  17. X.l.r.8

    Wheel Center Cap Options For Roadster

    It does. But you will obviously need a set of 4, however there are people printing 3d copies in all colors so you have lots of options.
  18. X.l.r.8

    White seats after 6 months

    Not had those issues on my roadster seats. Do you have it sitting in the sun with the roof off.
  19. X.l.r.8

    Help with TPMS Sensor programing on 2010 Roadster

    I would possibly speak to the person you got them from. As of right now the only 2 ways I know of is pop into a SC and they usually do it for free. Or use the OVMS (not sure how that little magic box does it). But if a company sold you a product they should at least tell you how to make them...
  20. X.l.r.8

    Roadster J1772 and Tesla 2 Henry Sharp adapters for sale

    No, but they are in use daily. Sorry, they sold within minutes.
  21. X.l.r.8

    Help With Dead Tesla Roadster 3.0

    I’m going to echo the above post, once you get to the position you are in you need to be smart and fast. Pull the orange plug. You have done what you can and the 12v does nothing to help you charge the battery and at this point you have crossed the threshold of recovery by yourself. It needs to...
  22. X.l.r.8

    Easiest way to access "Service Plug"

    Check both sides of the fuse under the hood. it allows charging one way and 12v the other. You can run a roadster without the 12v battery so I suspect either the fuse of the switch pack. I know some people are having trouble with headlights remaining on after a 3.0 which suggests the...
  23. X.l.r.8

    Console/IPod connector

    You can but not all charge, some only allow data transfer.
  24. X.l.r.8

    Epic Road Trip

    Glad everything went without any issues, I had to disconnect a few times binging a car back from Quebec and its not fun. I like night driving so most of the times the chargers were empty, it seems you are always pulling over to charge when towing. Just to correct, the u-haul car trailer does...
  25. X.l.r.8

    HPWC question

    When they disappear the clipper creek ones will still going. Like they have been for the past 12 years.
  26. X.l.r.8

    Help with manual release of brake pawl via release the of drivetrain in 1.5 bricked roadster.

    To pull the shafts you have to undo the hub nut, and then pull the hub. The shaft is splined both sides rather than one that bolts to stub axles. I can pull the diagrams but it will be in the parts manuals.
  27. X.l.r.8

    Help with manual release of brake pawl via release the of drivetrain in 1.5 bricked roadster.

    Or put the rear on some dolly’s, I can drop you some off on the 23rd April I have 2 spare ones. I’ll be driving through after my shift on the 22nd.
  28. X.l.r.8

    Help with manual release of brake pawl via release the of drivetrain in 1.5 bricked roadster.

    Remove the drive shafts! That’s about 1 hrs work. It would solve a lot of problems
  29. X.l.r.8

    Help with manual release of brake pawl via release the of drivetrain in 1.5 bricked roadster.

    I would assume the solenoid would need a decent amount of power to engage/disengage. As its locked on a bricked roadster I would think it need a big amp 12v applied when you disengage, also I assume there is a redundant system build it so you would have to isolate the solenoid but wiring...
  30. X.l.r.8

    Made a carbon fiber hard top

    OMG that was my first thought. but then I thought that would show my age I really like it but if I didn't know it was carbon, I would have guessed it was a wrap.
  31. X.l.r.8

    HPWC question

    Clipper creek supplied the original Tesla HPWC and they still make the version with a J1772 plug. Near if not all the original ones are still working. Great support and they have an adjuster for a deporsit that you can change the pilot signal to reduce the Amps. They are a bit more expensive though.
  32. X.l.r.8

    Coolant Reservoir Empty

    Peak/Sierra Propylene Glycol
  33. X.l.r.8

    Both HID low beam lights failed at the same time...

    I’ll take some fuses over a switch pack any day of the week.
  34. X.l.r.8

    Newbie winter tire question

    Viking Contact 7 for the win, I have them on my roadster and they are fantastic, Biggest problem is almost ripping the chin spoiler off driving through deep snow, traction and breaking have not been a problem.
  35. X.l.r.8

    Both HID low beam lights failed at the same time...

    The ballasts are separate for each side, the high beams are a seperate lamp. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/headlight-weirdness-and-opinions-advice-needed.216000/#post-5223330 The control goes through the switch pack and the only people that recently had issues were the 3.0 upgrades...
  36. X.l.r.8

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Thomas likes yellow the best, but he identifies as Blue.
  37. X.l.r.8

    Roadsters and Fires

    Possibly Gruber is doing the valuations as well. Seeing as he has 1.5 mil cars on his site!
  38. X.l.r.8

    tjllew Roadster Roadtrips

    All my long distance drives I try and beat the clock, usually I look for all the destination chargers on my route and where possible I call and ask if I can use them if it’s a hotel. A lot of them on plugshare are happy to let you use them. My get out of jail free is campgrounds, sometimes they...
  39. X.l.r.8

    Tesla Roadster Speedometer Reading Incorrectly

    You can only go this far removing the rear, the needles would pop off or break given the required force as the back panel is moulded into the main body. The screen is bonded in place. if you can remove that bonding you can get to the needles. If you could get the screen off you could then...
  40. X.l.r.8

    Tesla Roadster Speedometer Reading Incorrectly

    No, the needles are pressed on. The only way around that is to surgically remove the screen
  41. X.l.r.8

    Wheel Center Cap Options For Roadster

    Model S ones for for a flush look and come in many colors. allows you to remove yours and see what can be done with them.
  42. X.l.r.8

    Any recommendations for a reputable tire installer in the Kitchener-Waterloo area?

    Cambridge tire is a family run place, I have them do all my tires now.
  43. X.l.r.8

    How to convince landlord to install NEMA 14-50?

    In my building its around 4k for installation, you provide the hardware, then they have a hefty deposit that pays the monthly fees and the power consumed, you then pay the bill essentially topping up the deposit. When you leave you have to pay to have it all removed. TipTop lofts is similar...
  44. X.l.r.8

    Questions on my, new to me 2011 Tesla Roadster || Signature 250 Support (153) || Utah

    If you own the car for I think it’s 12 months and it was registered in your name at that time it’s possible to import a personal vehicle if it can meet the safety spec. So Porsche is easy, MB is not a problem. TVR speed 6, not so much.
  45. X.l.r.8

    Short/long hard top

    http://www.lotushardtops.com/lotus-elise-v6-exige-big-vent-hardtop.html My personal favorite, yes Thomas, I’m looking at you
  46. X.l.r.8

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    ?? What am I missing, why no adaptor.

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