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    Wall charger now shows in app

    Not for me. Maybe because I’m in the US?
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    Wall charger now shows in app

    Nope. I have a gen 3 HPWC purchased directly from Tesla, and have updated my mobile app to 4.10.0 and Wall connector doesn’t show under add product. I’m also in the USA though.
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    Wall charger now shows in app

    I have the update and a gen 3 charger, but I don’t have the option to add my Wall Connector. What is “the process” of which you speak?
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    Factory Reset Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    How exactly did you do that? I too have an Orbi mesh router that makes connecting to my HPWC a real PITA. With the newly released v.4.10.0 of the mobile app, it looks like you will eventually be able to add a Wall Connector to your account much like PowerWalls can be added. I want to be able...
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    Driver seat control panel loose

    And ask for them to use the screws like they used to instead of the pins again. The pin modification is the root cause of all these failures. Had mine fixed at the SC with the screws and it’s been good ever since.
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    Tesla is delivering cars to home illegally, I think....Watch out!

    Until the car is dropped off, you have not taken delivery. Therefore, any incident while Tesla was bringing you the vehicle (registered or not) would be a liability for them, not you.
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    New blended brake feature not present on 2018 Model 3

    Not sure what vehicles have the needed hardware. My August ‘21 build MY didn’t get blended braking in the 2022.16.2 update that I installed yesterday. Disappointing.
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    Update And Cellphone

    You can also try “forgetting” the phone and then repairing it with the car.
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    Tesla Charging in NYC

    You’ll definitely charge much faster at the Supercharger than the HPWC destination charger (which if connected to a 60 amp circuit will give you about 46 MPH of charge) on a MY.
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    Tesla Charging in NYC

    That’s not a Supercharger. It is a High Power Wall Connector (also known as a home charger or destination charger) I thought it tops out at 11kW, but the map of Tesla chargers shows the one on Atlantic Ave. as 72kW. You’d have to check your display or app while charging to see what that...
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    Tesla Charging in NYC

    Checking out NYC Tesla Superchargers online, it looks like they’re all 72kW. There is a Supercharger near Prospect Park at the Brooklyn Museum and another up in Williamsburg. Not sure if you need to pay to access those as well. For a speedier charge than 72kW, you can get 150mW at JFK, but...
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    Tesla Charging in NYC

    Tesla Superchargers are located in paid parking garages in Brooklyn?!? Wow. At that charging rate, it sounds like it‘s one of the older 72kW chargers.
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    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    Well, actually with regen, it kinda minimally does
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    Navigation volume

    I know that the nav volume mutes on a call, but I find I have to frequently go into the nav settings to unmute even when not on the phone. I can’t figure out if it’s something I’m doing (like raising nav volume with wheel control) or just a software bug that doesn’t seem to get much mention...
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    Navigation volume

    Has nobody else experienced this? I keep finding my Nav volume muted, but I can’t figure out what I’m doing that causes this.
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    How to type "|" on tesla?

    You can always simply update your WiFi password to use another symbol instead of the | (I think it’s called a pipe)
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    Glitch in Tesla Ap

    I too was wondering if it was the first example or the second. I really hadn’t considered that SC scenario. Sounds like based on what OP said, option A seems most probable. I may be wrong, But I doubt that free lifetime supercharging recipients are immune to idle fees but that would explain...
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    Help verifying my setup with Wall Charger

    Nope. Same way mine is wired, and I get a steady 48amps charging my Model Y with no issues.
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    2022 Apple CarPlay update vs Tesla UI

    Would be awesome, but Elon will never allow it. I think the best we can hope for is a Tesla App Store that will allow us to add Apple Music, Waze, XM/Sirius, etc.
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    Headlights on with Wipers

    I tweeted Elon for a simple setting. Doubt he’ll respond, but occasionally he does. Headlights are required with wipers on in 18 states, and it’s just safer to have headlights on in inclement weather.
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    Body shop said paints shouldn’t match??

    When I picked up my 08/21 build MY in 09/21, I noticed that my pearl while bumpers didn’t match the metal parts of the car. I looked at every single white Tesla (not just MY) I could spot, and every one of them had different shades of white on bumper vs. metal body parts. I thought it was...
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    Car handles like it's on rails!

    Just received this update last night and haven’t driven the car yet. In what way do you feel it was ruined? What are you experiencing differently?
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    Lower the temperature inside the car

    What shade? Please post a link.
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    Car handles like it's on rails!

    I find it handles just as well with AB in Sport Mode. Lots of fun!!
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    Resolved: Tesla Wall Connector Overheat Issue - In case it helps anyone

    Same here. Took about 11 business days from call to delivery. I told them I read the manual and performed all troubleshooting steps and verified I had the latest firmware. They connected to it remotely and then approved the warranty replacement. No photos, no disassembly, easy peasy. I did...
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    Bubble like issue on dashboard

    I have this same problem, but on the steering wheel instead of the dash. Thinking of using a very fine needle syringe to inject a tiny drop of glue into the bubble and pressing down to adhere. Of course, I’d rather bring it to Tesla, but they’d probably tell me it’s normal wear and refuse to...
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    Hey Tesla, we need android auto and car play

    In order to implement CarPlay, it would require collaboration between Tesla and Apple, and I just don’t think the two companies see eye to eye. Elon wants total control of the software and hardware (ironically the same as Apple feels) and likely doesn’t want Apple’s software integrated into a...
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    Driver seat plastic lower trim keeps popping off

    I had the same issue on my 08/21 build MY. Brought it to the service center and they fixed it under warranty. They also accommodated my request to make the repair with a self tapping screw (which was used on earlier MY builds) instead of the currently used pin. That part of the seat has been...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    What sucks is your inability to allow another forum user to ask a question to TMC members without telling them their question is irrelevant to you and therefore everyone else. Why should you require anyone to have to justify a simple question?? I personally haven’t noticed this myself in the...
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    Tesla Destination Charging program.....is it still even a thing?

    And I believe when done through Tesla, the charger(s) can be set up where the user has to pay for charging. So while the wall connector(s) and installation would be the responsibility of the owner of the property, the actual energy usage would be paid for by the person hooking up to their Tesla.
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    Driver seat control panel loose

    Mine was covered and when I asked nicely if they would, they used the screw instead of the pin for the fix, so I won’t have to go back for the same thing.
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    Model Y 21” Uberturbine Wheels - New York City Conditions

    That sucks! So sorry this happend to you.
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    What the?

    Thanks for the tip; much appreciated!! That did the trick 😀
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    What the?

    Looks like that no longer works on 2022.8.3 😢
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    What the?

    We know that We know that. What @Hickster asked was how the OP customized the icons to display five instead of four choices. When I attempt to customize my Tesla app icons, I can only replace any of the four for something else. We want to know how the OP added a fifth (in their case, the...
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    Where can I buy a Twitter badge that matches the Tesla font?

    Not really; unless I worked for SpaceX or Twitter, I don’t need to advertise Elon’s other companies on my Tesla. I’m perfectly happy with only my aftermarket matte black MY ‘T’ and Dual Motor badges. …but that’s just me.
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    Supercharger - Mahwah, NJ

    I swung by yesterday and there is still no sign of any work starting yet. They’re way passed the Q4 2021 estimated completion target. Maybe the permit paperwork had a typo and instead meant Q4 2022? LOL JK. But I would be curious how often Tesla is “late” in completing these SC locations.
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    No post delivery collision repair?

    I’d be more comfortable with an established collision repair and body shop than the relatively recently trained Tesla techs. Approved body shops use only OEM Tesla parts and certified equipment.
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    Tesla Body Work / Paint in Westchester, NY

    I had a really great experience with J&B Bodyworks in Mt. Vernon, which I found as an authorized shop on Tesla’s website. They did a fantastic job on a minor fender bender, and from what was in the shop, they pretty much only work on high end sports and luxury cars. I have no affiliation with...
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    Mach E Weirdness

    I’m guessing it’s an active or retired law enforcement officer (or supporter) who feels they needed to make the jump to an EV due to current gas prices, which (s)he believes Biden should go f*ck himself for. I’ll bet that even with the stickers, they’re loving the new EV more than their ICE...
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    Model Y 21” Uberturbine Wheels - New York City Conditions

    Very low profile tires take a beating on NYC streets. You’ll spend a fortune replacing tires with bubbles on the sidewalls and repairs/replacement of the wheels. I’d go with 19”
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    charging rate set at 30 amp but switches back to 48 and blows the circuit breaker????

    Set it to 30 amps on the Wall Connector rather than via the car/app.
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    Exactly that. And all the wiring can be tucked into the now hidden charger space behind the unit.
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    Two questions for anyone who uses this device and has a good understanding of the wiring connections: Is it possible to mount this under my center display (over the MY refresh charging pads) instead of behind the steering wheel? Hoping to get it as close to the center console without any...
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    Tow Hitch Bike Rack For Ebike

    Nice bike! However, on a MY the tongue weight of the hitch is only 160 pounds and your setup is 183. Not over by much, but make sure the weight isn’t causing sagging — or worse, a cracked receiver.
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    My PSI Gauge is Missing

    Is it possible the new tires don’t have TPMS sensors?
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    Fire Extinguisher Mount - How to, parts, prices and pics

    Who ever said I’m traveling with Halon? I’m an IT tech, and I’ve come across a few server closets that still have halon extinguishers. I was only making a comparison of the Element extinguisher to Halon because they are both free of residue and liquid. Sensitive electronics/computer equipment...
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    Supercharger - Mahwah, NJ

    Just curious - did you happen to have time and remember?
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    Fire Extinguisher Mount - How to, parts, prices and pics

    A flare projects its “flame” maybe 6-8 inches. The Element may be shaped like a flare and ignited like one, but that’s where the similarities end. Like I said, I’ve actually USED the Element and have also used a few different sized Kidde ABC rechargeable extinguishers in my day, and the reach...

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