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  1. pilotSteve

    Supercharger Shock!

    … or buy a 2017 S/X that came with free, unlimited supercharging that transfers to the next owner when I sell. Sweet!!!
  2. pilotSteve

    60k miles, heat pump failure 2020 MYP - Tesla wants $4500

    That is always replaced at each blinker fluid change…. Duh!
  3. pilotSteve

    HV Battery replaced and now the Drive Unit! (out of warranty)

    Slightly off main topic, but my 12/2016 S90D gave me “replace battery” proactive warning on my app on 11/2021 (5 years of service) so I scheduled amd drove to the Service Center where they replaced it. No problems since then as expected. For me, just waiting for the alert then promptly getting...
  4. pilotSteve

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Yeah…. Purchased FSD in late 2016. Paid for MCU2 update over a year ago. Keep requesting camera upgrades im the app, then service center cancels. WTF Tesla???????
  5. pilotSteve

    Have you received FSD you paid for?

    Wait…..you can’t even get the beta unless you purchased FSD! What do you mean “not sold”?? Are you claiming some people get to test FSD without having purchased it???
  6. pilotSteve

    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    Yeah, that why he named it “Fool Self Driving”
  7. pilotSteve

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Tesla.... Tesla.... Tesla! Shame on you for such short sighted business practices. (Speaking as a customer since 2012). I highly doubt I will EVER buy another vehicle from you due to the multiple years of broken promises. Yes I like the vehicles (2012 Sig85 and 2016 S90D) but you have...
  8. pilotSteve

    How to charge friends / family / roommates for EV home charger?

    Uhhhh…. Me too. and yes and I am type rated in DA50!
  9. pilotSteve

    Mobile Connector no longer included with new cars [posted 04/16/2022 - Tesla confirms adapter included with cars ordered before 04/17/22]

    Hey Elon, it’s used rarely but is VITAL when you are low on energy with an overnight near a 120V outlet, like at a vacation cabin or visiting a friend overnight. This just seems cheap and the inconvenience will bite sooner or later.
  10. pilotSteve

    Homelink module: garage door closed on the car

    Wow, if only the car had cameras that could see forward and rearward to use AI to verify the garage door was closed or open before triggering it…. Tesla, do this and go ahead and patent the idea. I give it to you. Just please STOP trying to close my door on the car while backing out!
  11. pilotSteve

    The catastrophe of FSD and erosion of trust in Tesla

    We get by the end of 2017! That’s what I was promised when I bought In 2016.
  12. pilotSteve

    Why electric vehicles are a bad investment

    I remember so fondly that speedometer from my 2012 Sig85. Would LOVE to have that classic interface again as an option today! Please Elon, I would gladly pay $69 for it……
  13. pilotSteve

    What does FSD Beta Onboarding look like?

    That would suck! Call Progressive, Safeco, Chubb, State Farm asap 😎
  14. pilotSteve

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Yeah.... it will probably finally happen when the Model 69 is released in 2069.
  15. pilotSteve


    Installing today on my 2016 S90D
  16. pilotSteve

    At Home Charging costs vs. Superchargers

    If you charge at home (at all) the TOU schedule will let you set your car to only charge if 1) it’s plugged in and 2) it waits until the schedule you program is at the lowest cost. Once setup it’s a great cost reducer without having to overthink when you plug in. I think it’s brilliant.
  17. pilotSteve

    FSD in older models

    I’m that year range, only late 2016 forward can, and with several caveats. It will need the MCU2 update and all cameras all replaced, at minimum.
  18. pilotSteve

    FSD opt-in... now what?

    You would not be completely wrong to say this. For example I have a 2016 with FSD and safety score in the high 90's...... BUT my cameras need updating and that only happens when you get "invited" to have it done. WTF else am I supposed to do?????? Very frustrating! Early customers (hey I...
  19. pilotSteve

    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    HW3 upgrade has been easy to get for the past year (IMO) *but* camera upgrades (the missing piece to be able to activate FSD) are in short supply (or some similar excuse they give me) and I have to be "invited" for the upgrade.
  20. pilotSteve

    Streaming News Headlines (ABC Changed?)

    Thanks, at least there is one choice.
  21. pilotSteve

    2016 Model S purchased with FSD get free camera upgrades?

    Update: NOPE the “recall” service consisted of opening then slamming the fronk closed and verifying it latched. THAT WAS IT! No tire pressure check, etc. I asked if he was going to replace cameras as I requested, he said “no you have to be invited first” and left.
  22. pilotSteve

    Complimentary camera upgrade

    Did you do anything to ”request” the camera update? Seriously, I don’t get the process service expects us to follow. Scheduling mobile service for a recall item, and adding ”replace cameras for FSD” got me “you need to be invited first”. Do you first request FSD beta, then wait to get...
  23. pilotSteve

    Camera upgrades

    Des anyone know if you must maintain the stupid score… oops safety score until you magically get invited for camera updates? I had a mobile service visit recently for the hood latch recall, and had added “update cameras for FSD” but they deleted that item and said “yu have to be invited for new...
  24. pilotSteve

    POLL: FSD Camera Retrofit Status

    Does anyone have any knowledge if we must maintain high SS while waiting to be invited for camera updates?
  25. pilotSteve

    $12K for FSD is insane

    FWIW my wife has a 2015 Lexus RX350 with Mobileye (probably version 1) and in 50k miles of driving has NEVER given a false FCW (and it has given a few genuine warnings). So MobilEye has something going for them!
  26. pilotSteve

    2016 Model S purchased with FSD get free camera upgrades?

    You can start by initiating a mobile service request for camera replacements. I was able to add that to my upcoming warranty recall (hood latch) and they added it (after two rounds of back and forth). Hopefully they actually DO it on Tuesday!!
  27. pilotSteve

    PWS - why not model s?

    PWS? WTF is that?
  28. pilotSteve


    Uhhhhhhh… what the #$&? I think I’ll hold off updating my 2016 S for a while…..
  29. pilotSteve

    Can't change my order to an existing inventory car?

    WTF? Why, they are only buying ONE vehicle……
  30. pilotSteve

    Tesla Solar vs ....[third party competitors]

    I used Rooftop Solar in Flagstaff and they did a great job on a quite custom installation for us in Chino Valley.
  31. pilotSteve

    Radar Removed from Model S now too...

    Exactly. CAT II ILS minimums
  32. pilotSteve

    Radar Removed from Model S now too...

    It was not zero viability but maybe 50 feet ahead. IDK. “lighten up Francis” 😎
  33. pilotSteve

    Radar Removed from Model S now too...

    I fondly recall driving I5 from CA northern border to Portland when about half way there encountered truly thick dense fog that brought visibility to about 1/8 mile or even less, and I had recently received the update where radar first ”showed” the car in front of the car in front of me. I was...
  34. pilotSteve

    Radar Removed from Model S now too...

    Wait a minute! I remember receiving this update that used radar to see vehicles ahead of the one immediately in front of me by bouncing radar under the first vehicle. It was AMAZING to see good depictions of multiple cars in front of mine. Is this going way with vision only...
  35. pilotSteve

    New UI question: viewing sentry videos

    Latest update is such a clean, usable improvement to the user interface…. NOT!
  36. pilotSteve

    Model Y rolling / being pushed off assembly line

    “Who forgot to put in that missing chip??”
  37. pilotSteve

    Charge Stats in phone app -- does the car use anything from there to determine off-peak hours for scheduled charging?

    Took a while (maybe even waited for a new month). Now my app now reports correct stats (with nice details shown) that subtotals off peak and on peak energy used for charging, and correctly accounts for on peak/off peak/weekend rates. Nice job Tesla!!!
  38. pilotSteve

    FSD AP improvements in upcoming v11 from Lex Fridman interview

    So… any updates on how well or poorly this works?
  39. pilotSteve

    Streaming News Headlines (ABC Changed?)

    And…. Here we are in early 2022 now with NO NEWS content available AT ALL it seems. First they dropped CBS, then ABC and now nothing available! Asking for ”news” gives total non sequitor results…. NO NEWS from any network or publishers. Even worse, using voice command ”play news” offers trash...
  40. pilotSteve

    I Ordered a Taycan

    Wow, this (regen behavior on Taycan) sounds like a major “deal breaker” for me. I love the feel of Tesla’s regen simply by feathering (or lifting off) the accelerator.
  41. pilotSteve

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Of course…l we are just “legacy”, aka long time, early supporters of Tesla.
  42. pilotSteve

    Future Autopilot Hardware Rumors and Speculation

    LIDAR for baseline perception, plus other possible new production sensors (cameras) being evaluated or benchmarked?
  43. pilotSteve

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    I too am awaiting camera update for my late 2016 S. Finally when the SvC scheduled me for the mobile hood latch recall, I went back and forth three times via the mobile app, adding “replace cameras for FSD”. Finally they added it to the service ticket! But now it’s not scheduled to be done...
  44. pilotSteve

    How to route ethernet along the outside wall to gateway

    Yes, and I have found following wwhitney’s advice is the proper respect for high voltage.
  45. pilotSteve

    10.9 FSD

    I would open a NHTSA complaint….. or mybe EPA?
  46. pilotSteve

    The unofficial "when do I get my FSD beta update" FAQ

    Hahahahahana…. NOPE. -signed- paid in full for FSD in 2016 and not even invited for camera upgrade, with 98 safety score.
  47. pilotSteve

    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    Please clarify: do you need safety score of 99/100 in order to get the invite to have cameras upgraded, or can you just schedule it with a service center ?
  48. pilotSteve

    Those who reset score - how soon after reaching 99/100 (100+ miles) did you receive FSD Beta?

    We live in a town with traffic circles (roundabouts) every few miles, so all my drives pretty much require driving through them. Posted speed is 45mph which is always exceeded. So there is no way to stay safe and keep the daily driving score game above 85. Beyond frustrating!
  49. pilotSteve

    FSD vs FSD beta

    …. Which year? Asking since 2016!

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