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    My Model X May Have Saved My Life

    So glad you are safe, and can order another! Best wishes on getting it early!
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    Greetings from SLC

    I mostly charge at home. Occasionally need to charge in SLC and seems they are always busy. Traveling north from SLC I am rarely the only Tesla there, but don’t have to wait for a charger.
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    Greetings from SLC

    Welcome and congrats!
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    Tesla Offer electric frunk

    Did anyone have any problems figuring it out from the install video? It seemed a bit dark, but I haven’t tried the install yet.
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    M3 Supercharging unavailable, 2 cards on account

    I don’t know how to fix this, but roadside assistance should be open to call.
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    Supercharger - Yakima, WA

    My parents just went down and checked it out, charging right now without issue!
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    Configure my tight garage for autopark/summon?

    I also get nervous in my X if there is another car in the garage. I seem to do much better if I back into the garage and then pull out. I have my space marked on the ground.
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    What Paint Color Should I Get?

    Seems like a lot of white out there. I chose blue and love it. The only other color that tempts me is red (parents have that one) and it still looks great! I would not worry about fading with it.
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    FS: Signature High Power Wall Connector (Gen 2)

    Is this sold, or available?
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    Service Centers and Customer Service

    Utah service center is amazing!
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    Who has ordered?

    Tri-motor! Took the night to adjust and place an order
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    Model 3 red vs white, if red is free

    I like the red better, but white isn’t bad.
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    Did Model X Windshield Save My Life?

    Wow! Glad you are ok.
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    Tesla car window break-ins

    I’m so sorry that your beautiful new car was broken into, and that you are having to deal with this theft!
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    My 2016 T-Boned and Totaled

    Wow! So glad you are ok!
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    TMC Connect 2018

    Is TMC connect ever coming back?
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    Bluetooth problems on phone calls only

    I can’t look right now, as it is in for some other service as of a couple minutes ago, and access has been disabled. My guess it that it is as you are speculating. All I noticed is it first update lately didn’t list any fixes. The one last night showed dog mode as a change.
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    Bluetooth problems on phone calls only

    Got the new update last night and everything is fixed!
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    Bluetooth problems on phone calls only

    I am now finding this today with my iPhone. Have rebooted, re-paired, etc.
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    Model 3 rear-ended 1 day from 1 year old... still unresolved 4 week mark

    So sorry you are going through this! Best of luck!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Model 3 Air Conditioning Not responding

    My friend had the same thing happen this weekend. Hers is scheduled to be seen tomorrow, I think.
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    My center console

    My friend just picked up her three today and says she really needs a stable larger drink holder. Are the kids looking at this?
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    Enabling "Biohazard Defense Mode" by default

    It would be very nice! I just made a trip up there and had to remember to enable biohazard every time I left the car. We have also had prolonged bad air here, and I have been using it consistently for ~ 5 weeks. I will mention it Thursday when I go in to see if my filter needs to be replaced.
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    Model X First Reviews

    It is a beast in the snow! Can go anywhere, but huge hit in range. I didn’t pay attention on the electric bill. Sorry.
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    Model X Auto Pilot reminder

    So sorry to see and hear it! Glad everyone is ok!
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    Utah Tesla Owners

    My friends have an AWD being delivered in 2 weeks, that is why I was wondering about protective wraps.
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    Utah Tesla Owners

    I am also looking for a recommend for someone for a wrap on a model 3, preferably Utah county. I was not as pleased with Luxe as I had hoped with my X.
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    Taking delivery of a Tesla in Utah?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for protective film in Utah? Preferably Utah county?
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    How many people actually test drove before buying?

    I had reserved years before, but was lucky enough to go to the reveal. I was able to ride in the X there, but not drive. Very short ride, but that made me comfortable in ordering before test drives were available.
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    New Happy Tesla S Owner Happy to join TMC

    Congrats and welcome! You have a beautiful car!
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    Late delivery of base Model 3 (out of Market Action)

    I think the SR is important, but just not yet. I agree they must get to a 35K base-as they said they would.
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    Model X: Used versus New

    I have the older X and nothing is even slightly compelling to change cars, love it! However, I purchased when it was open box ordering and I got everything exactly the way I like it!
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    My Model X "BESS" Build Thread

    How was the iPad mount during the trip? Any issues?
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    My Tesla burns in house fire. Sad.

    Sorry to hear of your loss.
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    Hold Steering Wheel every 20-25 seconds?

    I say definite improvement with the latest update!
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    My Tesla burns in house fire. Sad.

    So sad that this happened! I’m glad you were safely away and safe. Best of luck!
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    Cubby Drawer

    I love the one from Norm.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Would not update car if you have a road trip coming soon

    TikiNiki, I also have found that this new update seems to have problems noticing my hands on the wheel. I drive with them on the wheel all the time, and had gotten to a place I rarely have experienced nags. Now it is very annoying, and I twice had to apply so much torque that autopilot disengaged.
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    Model 3 Rear Ended

    Glad you are ok! Sorry about your beautiful car!
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    FOR Sale: Model X Factory 20" Slipstream Wheels brand new $2000 OBO

    This is a great deal! Just spent 1600 for these tires and Tesla was installing them on my own wheels.
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    TMC Connect 2018

    A bump up again. Need dates for my work schedule.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Vendor We designed a better phone dock for the Model S & X. Here's how, and why.

    Mine is now installed without issue! Love it!
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    Vendor We designed a better phone dock for the Model S & X. Here's how, and why.

    Super excited to get mine! I ordered the wrong one first, busy week at work, and the company was great! They immediately refunded my money, sent me a mailing label for the wrong one, and double checked to make sure I now had the right one on order! All without making me feel like an idiot! I’m...
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    TMC Connect 2018

    Me too!
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Wow! So sorry to hear this!

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