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    Old order coming off hold: sell or cancel?

    Protip: Don't talk to online chat. They kept telling me there was no refundable deposit. I called the Tesla local store number: They have no idea when the order was canceled, but claim I should receive the deposit in the mail 4 weeks after whenever it was canceled (which they don't know when...
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    Old order coming off hold: sell or cancel?

    I didn't take delivery. The order was back on hold for awhile (date went back to Jan 1) but seems to have been canceled without any notification (or at least it completely disappeared from the app/website). I'm trying to figure out where my deposit ($2500) went.
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    Old order coming off hold: sell or cancel?

    Well the reason would be if you have this configuration in WA it would cost ~77k after sales tax/destination fee, so they would be getting a 7k discounted new car immediately. But I see your point and that's why I'm leaning toward just canceling since everything else seems too complicated and risky.
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    To take or not to take delivery...

    I was told by Tesla your order will be canceled if you don't take delivery after 3 VINs. Therefore, IN THEORY, you should supposedly be able to reject once since you are on 2nd VIN.... but it sounds like they make up different rules for each person. For me personally, I'm in a similar situation...
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    Old order coming off hold: sell or cancel?

    Seems like I would need to do a private sale for it to be worth it? A 3P like carmax wouldn't be able to sell for 70k since they have to charge sales tax and whatnot. My price is ~65k so if I could sell to a private individual for 68-70k then maybe that could work out, then again if it gets...
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    Old order coming off hold: sell or cancel?

    Hey all, I am planning to cancel my order b/c it no longer makes sense for me at this time as they said I must take delivery in December or face cancellation (VIN assigned already). I have an old order with favorable pricing (white on white 51k base, 5k FSD), is there a way to sell it to...
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    Anyone else being forced to cancel long-pending MY reservation?

    I'm in the same boat, I'm a March 2019 order; gave them an interest-free 2500 loan when they needed it, but now I'm not able to take delivery until the 2nd half of this year. I think this is an unprecedented time and the optics of this are very poor: 1.) Still in global pandemic that changed the...
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    WA Sales Tax Rebate

    Does anyone in WA know if this is a thing now that the RWD SR is officially released?
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    Loud conch-blowing noise

    That's the pedestrian warning system. It makes that UFO like sound in reverse. I believe it became a requirement on all new cars starting September 2020 (wikipedia). The PWS is active in both forward/reverse under 20mph, although it plays different sounds for each direction. More info: Tesla...
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    WA Sales Tax Rebate

    I saw in a YouTube video that the window sticker claims the base price is $41,000. Does that mean it should qualify for the sales tax rebate in WA?
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    WA Sales Tax Rebate

    Since I delayed my Model Y delivery I am wondering if/when the Standard Range comes out and is $42k will I be able to qualify for the sales tax rebate on a LR AWD or Performance? I have heard people say the lowest MSRP is all that matters and the other options are considered upgrades so you can...
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    Best SC in Seattle area?

    Bellevue Lynnwood Renton Service vs Delivery, just wondering what experiences people have had. I could go to any of them for delivery and/or service. Have you found any of them have a higher level of service? Any that respond better to rectification? Is bigger better? Some people say it's best...
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    Delay to 2021 Support Group

    I was a bit too cavalier with my terminology. I would say more just disappointed since I was looking forward to the car. Although, to be honest, I originally didn't expect to get it until 2021 then deliveries got accelerated. It's good advice though and now I have something to look forward to...
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    Model Y - the dirty dozen

    How were you able to look at the interior and in the frunk? I was under the impression I would have to accept delivery to look at those things.
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    Refused Delivery Today

    I received a new VIN 3 days after rejecting the delivery (they had told me the August/September timeframe when I rejected). However, I released that to wait until 2021. I decided to give up on Q2 and all of 2020.
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    Delay to 2021 Support Group

    I delayed delivery to 2021 today (apparently they let you do this), I lost trust in the EoQ delivery rush. I have already rejected a VIN (14xxx) due to a litany of issues. I'm worried I'll be marked down for continually rejecting bad deliveries or that I'll encounter some undiscovered issues...
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    Refused Delivery Today

    I just rejected a White Model Y yesterday. I could see the alignment issues from 50 ft away. It had all the standard issues: hugely misaligned rear tail lights, both rear doors misaligned, trunk looked like it would scrape itself opening/closing due to alignment, crooked frunk, condensation in...

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