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  1. LionXng

    Windshield and roof glass corner flexing

    Mine does not move at all.
  2. LionXng

    Windshield and roof glass corner flexing

    Take a video?
  3. LionXng

    Really tight garage entrance

    My door is 8 feet, and of the dozen or so times I tried to summon through it I think it failed 25% (it just stops moving). If you only have 1 garage door I wouldn't risk trying that because you won't be able to squeeze past to get in and move it. Also just considering how tight that fit is, I...
  4. LionXng

    Extension Cord Sidewalk Push Back

    Trip hazard is a pretty strong claim for a highly visible warning mat with a slight raise in the middle that is even easy to go over with a wheel chair. By that argument you DO NOT have the right to run a hose to wash your car? That's a little thicker than the charging cable after all. Hoses...
  5. LionXng

    Hansshow Electric Frunk

    I have it. I love it. I've read the forums enough to be afraid of problems popping up one day but decided I'll take the risk.
  6. LionXng

    Trunk overheating

    That pizza delivery job is you laughed at seems meant to be now doesn't it
  7. LionXng

    Extension Cord Sidewalk Push Back

    My neighbor runs his cord over the sidewalk with a mat like yours. Inelegant but I think that's the best solution available. If there is a law in MD that says you have a right to install a charger at home it is reasonable to argue that that same law implies you have a right to use that charger...
  8. LionXng

    Charging port door closes very quickly

    Some better advice for you; stick to the topic which is, "Charging port door closes very quickly". Your opinion on what software or hardware problems are minor are completely worthless to the conversation.
  9. LionXng

    Charging port door closes very quickly

    Holding waiting for the lock to disengage. Tapping doesn't wake up the car if it is asleep and the manual says to hold.
  10. LionXng

    Charging port door closes very quickly

    Thanks, that sucks to hear but good to know they weren't lying. I use a mobile connector with a 14-50 adapter mounted in my garage. I unlock with keycard, by opening a door(with my phone in my pocket), or by holding the button on the charger(with my phone in my pocket). Whichever method i use I...
  11. LionXng

    Charging port door closes very quickly

    And they called me cancelling it a few minutes ago saying they are passing it to engineering because it is a software issue. I said ok can you revert my software to before this then (and also solve the awful V11 problem) and he said no sir we cannot downgrade software. Can't downgrade software...
  12. LionXng

    Charging port door closes very quickly

    My 4th service appointment for this is next week. Started a few months back for me. It closes the instant I pull the charger out. If I try it again soon after it takes the normal amount of time (~5 seconds).
  13. LionXng

    Sleep Indicator Light?

    Yes, that will work. I have some of these that light up. Why do you want to know when your car is sleeping? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B094NKCRMK/
  14. LionXng

    Autopilot can be unreliable on winding roads

    If you are looking for a kink-free driving experience you are going to have to drive yourself. Tesla is working very hard at huge expense to improve and they are leading the world (in my opinion) but you can still get into dangerous situations if you choose to let the car do whatever it wants...
  15. LionXng

    Interesting alternative to the Quickjack

    The only thing I would trust less than that lift is the "lifebeautystore" website selling it.
  16. LionXng

    Why dont we have a “jeep wave?”

    I am going too fast to take my hand off the wheel to wave! Joking... kinda... I always wave but I wave with my left hand and I think the overly thick A pillar blocks people from seeing it a lot of times.
  17. LionXng

    Hit and run caught by sentry mode

    Sorry this happened to you! She definitely hit you. I don't think she knew about the impact/damage but if she did and didn't even bother to park somewhere else she would have to be the dumbest hit and runner ever. Like everyone says file a police report and talk to your insurance. Give them...
  18. LionXng

    Should I get PPF on my new midnight silver Model 3?

    I don't believe the paint is weaker but I believe Tesla owners love their cars more and care more about dings which all cars get, so yes.
  19. LionXng

    Music algorithm might need tweaking

    Is it slacker? I just hit the right scroll wheel and ask for a song but I have no idea what service actually plays it.
  20. LionXng

    Model 3 Crash. WHY is this NEWS?

    "The driver wasn't injured" Go team Tesla! Yeah baby!!!
  21. LionXng

    Music algorithm might need tweaking

    I always play, "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" for my 2 year old. The algorithm might need some tweaking for the follow ups.
  22. LionXng

    Blog Tesla Sales Drop in China

    32,968 is higher than 28,138. 17% higher.
  23. LionXng

    Alien Technoloy

    I think you misspelled "Tesla".
  24. LionXng

    Funny story re: red light racing

    I always do that when I am at a light next to cops(or anyone for that matter). What are they going to tell the judge? Cop: Your Honor he went kind of quick for a couple seconds when the light turned green. Judge: Oh no! How fast was he going? Cop: He topped out at 45. Judge: What was the...
  25. LionXng

    Sentry [mode blocked in my country - is there a work around?]

    What exactly does this dumb law say? Get it changed.
  26. LionXng

    Passenger side post peeling [protective film not removed by tesla before delivery]

    It took you 3 months to notice that?
  27. LionXng

    Brake failed and almost crashed

    You can't push for free stuff unless you know who is to blame. I still haven't heard anything that leads away from the attempted murder theory.
  28. LionXng

    3 Rear Facing Car Seats

    Thanks for the information. According to your link seat belt extenders are not safe to use because: -"Extenders are not generic" The site I linked agrees and gives you a completely specific extender. -"In a crash everything becomes much heavier due to the G-forces (force of gravity). You'll...
  29. LionXng

    3 Rear Facing Car Seats

  30. LionXng

    Rotate Tires Early

    Aren't all the OEM tires directional? I think the diagonal pattern rotation was a mistake.
  31. LionXng

    Vendor New SunTek Ceramic-Style PPF is 2-in-1 Protection

    Does that generally include paint correction beforehand?
  32. LionXng

    Air intake filter - yes or no?

    I use one and when I see it dirty I know that is less dirt on the cabin filter so more time before that has to be changed. The downside is restriction of airflow for AC. The first filter I bought I had to up my AC fan for the same result so I didn't like it. I found another that didn't restrict...
  33. LionXng

    Tesla cam captures road rage

    Or I'm just not pretending that she attacked the car out of nowhere. You believe it was a random event with no cause? Ridiculous. One look at the video and we know why she was mad. There was a reason for her anger even if her actions were not justified.
  34. LionXng

    Tesla cam captures road rage

    I was just asking for clarity but I do 100% believe cutting someone off, forcing them into a curb, risking their safety, their vehicle, and the people around them absolutely gives someone a reason to get out and beat on someone else's car. Legal right? No. Reason? Abso-frigin-lutely!
  35. LionXng

    USB Music - cover art

    I think the Tesla software crew is doing a great job. Cover art is trivial. Tesla cars are still the best on the road by far despite not seeing an album cover from your usb stick.
  36. LionXng

    M3 LR AWD Totaled?

    IMO they will take it apart and keep adding to the bill until your insurance declares it a loss. I would expect to be buying a new car.
  37. LionXng

    Tesla-recommended repair shop increased parts price 20% after estimate, same parts, 80% more total cost

    Body shops ALWAYS under estimate and then up-charge insurance. Insurance companies actually like that because they get some people dumb enough to take the money up front which is way less than the actual cost to repair. You are paying out of pocket so it is different, but generally there is a...
  38. LionXng

    Just got my 14-50 plug installed

    Charger Holder (since my 14-50 isn't flush I added some spacer wood behind the holder to keep the cable straight): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079RL6XL4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Cable/Plug holder...
  39. LionXng

    Peeling Paint on Rocker Panel Trim [driving on gravel driveway]

    Mine most certainly was not. That would be an awesome feature though!
  40. LionXng

    14 day old m3 hit while parked total loss?

    Yes, I think it is a total loss. Sorry this happened to you!
  41. LionXng

    My Model 3 Died - Full Shutdown

    My first thought is, "I'm not towing $#%&! you get out here and tow it!"... but then again I don't know how old your car is.
  42. LionXng

    Geico = gouge-co

    Yeah I've heard living there is quite a... gamble.
  43. LionXng

    Geico = gouge-co

    Yeah, nah. I'm not paying quadrouple for Geico even if they make it easier for the body shop to charge them in the case of an accident.
  44. LionXng

    Quick Homelink question

    Yes, if homelink worked for you in another car your same garage door opener will work with homelink in your Tesla. Homelink was easy for me to setup with the instructions on-screen and works well. I use it for auto-open and I close manually. I like having my car/app as a backup key incase I...
  45. LionXng

    Pushing Skip Homelink and backing out of garage - $1,400 dent

    You mean you hit the button at the wrong time and then crashed your car into your garage door. You didn't check/ignored: #1. Transparent roof #2. Left side camera #3. Right side camera #4. Rear view mirror #5. Garage door noise
  46. LionXng

    Closing frunk problem - fix (learn from my stupidity)

    I don't understand the left side/right side stuff. There is a center latch and a secondary center latch. If there was any latching going on and one side was down while the other wasn't, you bent your hood.
  47. LionXng

    Just brought her home - 21' M3P

    Hard to believe that M3P is 21 feet long! :p
  48. LionXng

    Please help read license plate from Sentry Clip

    There is a camera mounted on the pole in the middle of your video with 2 spot lights on top. Ask the business to try to get video from that? I think it looks like LMR-7265 but you were clearly very unlucky with the video glitch timing... and the jerk parking next to you. edit: From the google...
  49. LionXng

    Any suggestions on debris flying from another vehicle and damaging my parking sensors

    A video with a license plate is enough for your insurance to find theirs (if they have any).
  50. LionXng

    Any suggestions on debris flying from another vehicle and damaging my parking sensors

    My advice is go through your insurance. Send them the video and hope they stick it to the other driver's insurance (as they should) instead of you. If your rates go up, change insurance companies. Also can you post the video?

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