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    Gtr wheels for model y

    You will need to bore-out the lug holes to fit the wheels to the Y. Also, the rear offset may be too aggressive for a 10.5 wide wheel. You might see a slight poke.
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    Anyone using a QuickJack

    Did the same. Home Depot had the 6000ELX on sale + 18 mo. 0% offer for Fathers' Day. I figure $100 a month is a great deal as I love to tinker with cars all day long (brakes, suspension and etc). It will also give me better setup for when I detail my cars . Don't have to squat on the floor...
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    How to replace the frame of the side mirror

    That's a whole unit. You will need to remove the tweeter speaker cover to get access to the bolts and harness that are holding the frame.
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    Rear Tail Light Connector/Harness (3-Pin to 4-Pin)

    I am sure a lot of folks will be interested in this conversion harness. However, without someone with serious electrical engineering background, the harness will be rather difficult to produce. Here's why. The 3-pin setup has a positive, ground and signal wire connections. The signal wire...
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    Body line "Within Specs"?

    To each his/her own of course but the window is fixed within in the door. There was no adjustment needed on the window on mine. No wind noise, no gapping issues with the weather strip, etc.
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    Paint flaws in new model Y

    I should have been more clear. You have to add PPF to your policy as an extra non-factory equipment to have it covered (adding to the premium). Perhaps it's a bit different where you are but unless it's factory original equipment, the insurance companies do NOT cover add-on accessories. If...
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    Paint flaws in new model Y

    Here's my 2 cents. Seeing how an average car now costs over $35k, people are "running" to PPF shops thinking they're protecting their "investment". Finance 101 folks, cars are NOT assets unless you have a collectable that appreciates in value due its rarity. And as someone already mentioned...
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    Body line "Within Specs"?

    I wouldn't think so. It's just 4 bolts. Much like taking your wheels off and putting them back on again, yourself.
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    Body line "Within Specs"?

    I had the same issue but on my driver side door. Tesla called it good but being the OCD person I am, I couldn't stand looking at it. I took it upon myself to adjust it. You will need to loosen the bolts on the hinges (both top and bottom) and let it slide down a tad. I used a 2x4 the length...
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    Is FSD worth it $10k? ( Any insight from Beta users)

    IMO, it's easily the worst $10k I spent by a mile. I knew I had to wait but never occurred to me that EM would institute this stupid scoring system to buy time and put more locked doors to those who paid for this up front. Should have just taken the $10k to Vegas! LOL!
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    12V Power Source near front of car

    Never, ever, tap anything directly to the 12V battery without a fuse and/or a relay. Otherwise, you are just asking for a short/electrical fire in the car.
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    Can Tesla mobile service fix this panel gap?

    Doors and hatch are very heavy for a single mobile tech to manage. They'll need a door dolly to adjust the gaps and a hoist to hold the hatch in the open position to adjust hinges. I wouldn't hold my breath on some, if not all of these gap issues. They may very well be "within spec" as far as...
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    Interior trim panel misalignment

    I have a 2020 MYLR and the same exact issue exists with mine. I took it apart to see if I can make it fit better but the panels/clips are poorly designed in the first place to provide a clean fit. There's literally an empty bin space behind the panel. I almost thought about putting some sound...
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    Suspension Upgrades for 2022 model Y

    The ride discomfort in MYP vs a MYLR is contributed mostly by the lowered (by 1/2") suspension (stiffer springs/struts) plus the super low profile tires (thin side wall). Pure physics. That is also why you see a LOT of MYP owners ditching their 21" wheel/tire set up after purchase. :)
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    Suspension Upgrades for 2022 model Y

    Love my '20 MY with all its quirkiness. Next one is going to be a 2024 MYP when my current one is going to be handed-down to my son. Hopefully by then, it will come with new door trims and perhaps a few more goodies like a secondary screen in the rear and dare I say, an air suspension?
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    Optional tire size for my YLR.

    I am running 265/40/20 without any issues. I am even contemplating going to 275/35/20 for my next set for even greater contact with pavement.
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    Rear ended with less than 100miles. Help?

    Once the insurance adjuster comes out again and agrees with the new assessment of needed repairs at $36k, your car has a very good chance of being totaled. Just be patient and think about your new car.
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    Beta FSD - Still waiting in Ohio

    FSD is THE ultimate "dangling carrot"! I said it before but will say it again. The worst $10k I spent by a galaxy.
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    Austin Texas MY Headlights

    I have a feeling that the "upgrades" y'all are looking for are going to come with another "inflationary adjustment". It boggles the mind how there has been a $12k price increase (if you count FSD) since I took delivery of my LR with FSD. AFAIK, I am missed out on the heated steering wheel and...
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    Austin Texas MY Headlights

    If those are indeed production/ready-for-delivery unit, the build quality doesn't seem that much better. Check out that gap on the trunk lid and the frunk lid gap on them. :oops:
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    Rear ended with less than 100miles. Help?

    Not to mention a very high likelihood of damage in the rear subframe that caused the right rear axle to shift. And hopefully, the rear quarter panels didn't get pushed forward. That door gap on the right side seems a bit too tight from the picture tho... With that said, hope everyone is safe...
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    Beta FSD - Still waiting in Ohio

    I have pretty much written-off getting FSD in the near term. My thought is, the whole safety score system is a way for Tesla to buy time so that they don't get sued from customers who bought FSD for delivering vaporware. With install base of < 10% that of the entire 250k+ units sold, I...
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    KW V3 coilovers for Tesla Model Y

    Is that a quick jack lift? Love seeing folks who still wrench on weekends!
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    Suspension Upgrades for 2022 model Y

    Wouldn't surprise me at all. According to the parts catalog, looks like they're already on E and F iterations of the strut and coil spring assembly. I am willing to bet that's not what's installed on my 2020 LR. :)
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    2021 vs 2022 Improvements worth it?

    You would be "saving" $6k upfront but will loose that much + more possibly once the used car market corrects itself in depreciation with the 2021. If it were me, I'd buy the new one, in a heartbeat! Perhaps even delay it once or twice in hopes to get an Austin-built one with the new battery...
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    Induction wheel strange damage

    Hate to see this happen. The OEM wheels seem to be powder coated for durability rather than being painted. For proper repair, they will need to be blasted to bare metal and powder coated with the matching color. Seeing how Tesla doesn't make the color code known to the common folks, you will...
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    FS: 21” Uberturbines and Michelin All Seasons

    I would venture to guess no less than $2500. :)
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    2020 Model Y Performance - Deal Review

    I would go for the new one in a heartbeat. Slew of new options and upgrades plus possibly being able to get one built in Austin. I have a LR with FSD which I love but itching for a new MY 2025 P, at the end of 2024, when this one is paid in full. Hopefully, by then, FSD will actually have...
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    Model Y Hansshow V5 Frunk opener help

    Perhaps the new fuse block has a different amperage fuse or some sort of voltage regulator built-in. Good luck with the install. As many have said, once you get the driver-side strut installed, it's all downhill from there!
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    Model Y Hansshow V5 Frunk opener help

    I wouldn't install it until I hear back from them. 3v variance is platy enough to fry the control module the moment your power it up.
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    Induction wheel cleaner - recommendation

    You do NOT want anything as strong as Dawn or Simple Green. They are way too acidic and will leave residue and/or damage the finish. I, too, highly recommend Sonax.
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    Aeroguard damage?

    Aero-guard is up front just before the main battery pack. That undercarriage piece is in the rear. It's definitely out of place as the holes don't line up with the wheel-well liner. Almost looks like it got caught on something on the road and was pulled down. I would try to pop it back into...
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    pics of uberturbines on long range Y?

    For some reason, the 21" tires seems really stretched. Take caution while parallel parking now that your rims are more exposed!
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    MYP 21” Uberturbine and Michelin All Seasons

    Yikes! Is it just me or has the sidewall height gotten even shorter with the A/S tires? Hopefully it's just the angle of the camera.
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    KW V3 coilovers for Tesla Model Y

    Wow! You have to applaud the German-efficiency. When they say 10 weeks for delivery, it's friggin' 10 weeks for delivery! 👍 Can't wait to hear about the ride.:D
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    Model 3 & Y New Display

    Absolutely, I whole-hearted agree that everyone can do whatever the heck they want to their cars. That's not what I am trying to say. I am actually expressing a concern because this was in another thread. Folks should, at least, know what they're getting into by doing the needed...
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    Safety Score affected while parking?

    Thanks all for empathizing with my heated frustration. First it was the signing my life away to enroll in "Safety Score" hoop to jump through. Then dealing with an incompetent AI algorithm that is not able of taking real-life scenarios into account which then just prolongs the receipt of...
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    Will Tesla ever offer Lease buyout?

    Exactly this. With folks wanting to get into the EV market with a Y at around $40-45k, they're just chomping at the bit for Ys to come off leases. It's a good feeling to own an automobile that actually holds a decent resale value after 3 years.
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    Model 3 & Y New Display

    Not this again... 🥴 If you"must" have a dashboard, Model Y or 3 should not have been on your shopping list to begin with.
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    Safety Score affected while parking?

    So if a truck darts in front of me suddenly while I am moving between 15-50 mph, thus closing the safe distance I had with the car in front of me, I should be the one to get f'd over? This is exactly why I am calling BS on the Safety Score algorithm. 😫
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    Safety Score affected while parking?

    That's a good point and that's the sort of thing I want to voice here. There are so many unforeseen events on the city streets and on the highway. Someone darting in front of you, someone cutting you off suddenly causing you to react accordingly. Just because you have been traveling at some...
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    Safety Score affected while parking?

    Not sure if that is true. It happened on more than one occasion and only recently. How can I have 102 FCWs during a 35 min drive without being in a crash?!? Notice the Unsafe Following is a bit fat ZERO! How is it possible to get 102 FCW without following something closely?? Perhaps the due...
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    pics of uberturbines on long range Y?

    Since Tesla repairs are expensive, they don't want the liability. They're just scared that they would do something wrong to the car and giving you some BS reason for it. If you look at the curb weight specs of the two models, you will find that both of them weigh-in at 4555 lbs. If you have...
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    Is this a good deal?

    You have me there. That should have said $75k not 71. 👍
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    Is this a good deal?

    The new MYP is $68k + tax + lic. which puts you around $71k which is a far cry from $60k + tax + lic of $66k - $4k ($62k effective cost) for the used one. That's a good chunk of change in savings. However, against the new comparable MYLR at $64k OTD, not so much. Unless you are prepared to...
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    FS: Model Y Uberturbine Wheels, Tires TPMS

    Folks on this forum are pretty particular when it comes to non-original finish OEM wheels. Not to insinuate anything, however, typically, "refinished/painted" brings up a question whether or not there was curb-rash damage.
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    Model Y now unaffordable for most of us

    This was almost the exact same thought process I had when I got mine in June 2020 when the starting price was $48990. I ended up buying it with FSD. Coming off of a lease on an Audi A5 Sportback (which I loved!), I thought the value proposition was excellent because my commute was 80 miles...
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    Model Y now unaffordable for most of us

    Every car manufacturer on the planet is milking the cows, pandemic, chip shortage and inflation to the last drop. Capitalism is brutal at times. Put yourself in the CEOs shoes. Even if you "could" produce the cars at the rate to fill demand, why do it if you can make 20-30% on the cars as it...
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    Safety Score affected while parking?

    Has anyone else here got their score jacked-up while parking (receiving "Stop" warnings but you know you have at least a foot of clearance)? I got deducted heavily for forward collision warnings while parking in my garage. I had to park really closely to one side to work on something but...

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