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  1. danarcha

    Jeda charging pad for model 3 doesn't work

    Like others here, I had a Jeda and after a few months, it quit working. I switched to a Taptes charger and it has worked fine for me.
  2. danarcha

    Preconditioning question

    In my experience, preconditioning shuts off 20 minutes after the scheduled leave time. Also, there is a setting to precondition only on weekdays (M-F). So you can set it to precondition those days and not on weekends.
  3. danarcha

    Model 3 Windshield Replacement - Extra $600 charge to recalibrate?

    I'd avoid that place like the plague. Took my wife's Ford Explorer to "Safelite Repair, Safelite Replace" (God what a stupid jingle!) a couple years ago when it needed a windshield replacement. It took them three attempts to do it. The first time when the tech come to our house to do it...
  4. danarcha

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    2020 LR-AWD with 16,000 miles, I've had it 25 months and I drive in a climate where we have snow 4-5 months per year. Car was perfect when I picked it up. I have never had to get service for any reason. Car is still great. No creaks or rattles. Paint is still looking great. No complaints at...
  5. danarcha

    2021 Model 3 LR broke down and wouldn’t drive

    The dual motor cars can drive if the front motor fails. However the car cannot drive if the rear motor fails. For years the Tesla website stated that dual motor cars could drive with only one motor but didn’t mention that was only true if it was the front motor that failed.
  6. danarcha

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    The new Tesla Li-ion battery is not a straight swap. There are some hardware changes required, but the Ohmmu Li-ion battery will work in older Model 3s.
  7. danarcha

    Car handles like it's on rails!

    Here is a full discussion on it.. Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter
  8. danarcha

    Can you check the battery charge history?

    I ordered my car in May 2020 during COVID. This was right after the initial wave calmed down and the Fremont factory reopened after being closed for over a month. At the time of ordering, the approximate delivery date was listed as August 2020. Before COVID hit, a three month wait was typical...
  9. danarcha

    TPMS Reset Button Removed?

    It is on the main service screen under the image of the car with the tire pressures. It is one of about ten buttons there. If you are not in park, it is visible but greyed out.
  10. danarcha

    TPMS Reset Button Removed?

    From the screenshot, you have the post-2020 refresh model 3 with the blacked out door handles. Your car has the bluetooth TPMS and I don't believe there is a reset button for those TPMS sensors. It is supposed to reset on its own. Earlier cars with the chrome door handles like mine has...
  11. danarcha

    Model 3 concerns

    I have had my Model 3 for two years. The car has been perfect. No mechanical issues of any kind. It has never required service. No creaks or rattles. No paint defects or panel gaps. Maybe I have just been very lucky, but don’t let yourself believe that the issues people report here are common.
  12. danarcha

    Strange experience trying to drive today

    Interesting video especially the part showing the automatic parking garage. I didn't know those existed. Are these garages safe to use with a Tesla? We need to use the pucks on lifts to raise the car safely. How do these garages lift the car safely?
  13. danarcha

    My car lost its mind today [excessive push notifications]

    Exactly, he could have said he was "at work" and getting numerous push notifications. But that doesn't sound as impressive as pointing out he was "giving anesthesia". What kind of work he was doing is irrelevant to the Tesla issue he was having, but he wanted us to know he is a doctor.
  14. danarcha

    Powder Coating 19 inch sport wheels

    For my snow tires, I purchased 18" Tesla aero wheels that had been powered coated black by a company called Factory Wheel Republic. The wheels look great, I was very satisfied. It is a much better look than just the grey metal of the aero wheels with the hubcaps removed. They have a whole...
  15. danarcha

    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    If a Tesla salesman told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? Common sense should have told you to keep the key card in your wallet all times. Have you ever heard of a phone app working flawlessly 100% of the time? Even if it did, is it not possible to lose you phone or have its battery...
  16. danarcha

    Poll on V11 interface

    It must be hard to include because we never had it before, right??
  17. danarcha

    3 days in the Tesla world: Questions

    Yes, they do. The lights come on when a certain amount of deceleration occurs. You can see the brake lights illuminate on the car visualization on the left side of the display screen.
  18. danarcha

    Regeneration Meter

    Also, in cold weather when regeneration is not as available, dots will appear on the extreme left side of the line as a warning that you won't have full regeneration. This line has always been there. Prior to the v10 "upgrade" in December of 2020, the line was much more noticeable. After...
  19. danarcha

    Having second thoughts

    The problem is, he is renting and doesn't own the property. He shouldn't be investing all this money in someone else's property. His landlord should be offering to split the cost or something since he is the one who will be benefiting in the long run.
  20. danarcha

    WARNING! Jeda USB Hub Failure

    My 2020 model 3 only has 2 USB drives and no wireless charger. Installing a wireless phone charger takes 2 USBs leaving none for the sentry mode/dashcam USB drive. That's why I have a hub. It's not an issue with the newer cars that have built in wireless charging and the dashcam drive in the...
  21. danarcha

    Scheduled Charging/Preconditioning Exact Timing

    Precondition always starts the climate control 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time you set.
  22. danarcha

    Tesla recalls the boom box feature

    I like how we all refer to the backup sound as a UFO sound even though none of us have ever heard a sound from a UFO. Why then do we always call it the UFO sound? I can only assume we all saw the Brady Bunch as kids! Brady Bunch UFO sound
  23. danarcha

    Tesla recalls the boom box feature

    Not sure why you think that isn't allowed. My wife has a Jeep Cherokee and the backup camera can be turned on and remain on while it's being driven forward.
  24. danarcha

    V11 quick controls toggle?

    *facepalm* Thanks for the info. Boy Tesla can't get this right can they? What the hell is their problem?? I don't understand why they want to hide these status indicators. What's next, "Let's hide the speedometer unless the car is traveling over the speed limit"?
  25. danarcha

    V11 quick controls toggle?

    Maybe because they don't intend to fix the V11 mess? Actually I read here on one of the forums that in China a recent update returned the driver profile, cell connectivity indicator, dashcam and sentry mode icons to the top of the map. So that would be a small improvement if true.
  26. danarcha

    Aftermarket yoke steering wheel in Model 3

    80 Newton meters is equivalent to 59 foot pounds.
  27. danarcha

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    What type of battery did you purchase from AutoZone. Was it a deep-cycle battery or just any 51R type?
  28. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    I read about the earnings call. The headline for the story on CNN.com was... "Elon Musk just took the entire EV sector down with these comments"
  29. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    That's at least 10 years away probably 20. Actually, probably never with existing hardware. Why can't Tesla be content with selling and promoting the current cars as the best EVs on the market that are also exceptionally fun to drive? Because that's what these cars are. Maybe someday, they...
  30. danarcha

    receive and end calls

    I've had my Model 3 for two years. I have never been able to answer phone calls or hang up using the steering wheel buttons. Is that supposed to be a feature? I have always had to touch the buttons on the screen to answer and end calls.
  31. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Good. Now all they need to do is make all the buttons that used to be on the bottom row available as "apps" that can be placed in the customized area. Then those of us who want seat warmers, defrost, or wipers to be available as before can add those back.
  32. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    The BMW iX looks incredible too. The interior is much more luxurious than any Tesla. The dashboard display is a single curved screen that starts to the left of the steering wheel and extends to the glove box area. There are other buttons and dial controls on the center console where a gear...
  33. danarcha

    Model 3 12v battery dead

    I'm wondering the same thing. I have seen photos online of the new Lithium 12V batteries in model 3s and it looks like the cables that connect to the positive and negative posts are completely different so it would probably require some sort of hardware upgrade to be compatible with the new...
  34. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Did you notice that the "quick nav" as you call it has been moved? It's not at the top below the speedometer anymore, it is now moved to the bottom edge of the screen. It is not as easily visible as it used to be, and if you have the blindspot camera function turned on, the navigation...
  35. danarcha

    12V battery replacement: Tesla Li-ion

    How old was your 12V battery when it needed replacement? My car is almost two years old and I'm thinking about having it replaced preventatively. I'm two hours from the nearest service center and don't want it to die on me unexpectedly.
  36. danarcha

    Anyone tried the "Active Exhaust" systems?

    Don't give them any ideas! Can't we just get something useful like the seat warmer and defrost buttons back on the screen?
  37. danarcha

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    So what is different about the Atlas battery that it requires the vent hose? I assume most 51R batteries from an auto parts store don’t require a vent hose?
  38. danarcha

    Tesla MP3 delivered without brake pad on drivers side

    Man, I just have to ask…. Is your car that unreliable that you have been to service centers in three different states within the past month? My model 3 is almost two years old and luckily has never seen the inside of a service center. I hope my luck holds out!
  39. danarcha

    Tesla MP3 delivered without brake pad on drivers side

    The typical brake warning light that cars have (red circle with an exclamation point inside) indicates a problem with the hydraulic system such as low brake fluid. Some luxury cars have a brake pad warning (red circle with some dashed arcs on the side). Not all cars have that and that is not...
  40. danarcha

    Tesla Orlando claiming front license plate mounts can no longer be removed?!?

    They are claiming that because the car was crash tested with the front plate holder, they must deliver the cars with it installed. But when I received my Model 3 in May of 2020, the front plate holder was in the trunk and not installed. Is this only a Model S issue?
  41. danarcha

    Acceleration Boost Per Sales Representative

    That's odd it says you have all the software upgrades. I see you are in London. Maybe acceleration boost is not available in the UK for some reason??
  42. danarcha

    Acceleration Boost Per Sales Representative

    It’s on the app. Go to upgrades and then software upgrades. It currently shows as an available purchase on my app.
  43. danarcha

    Tesla showroom & service center possibly coming to South Bend, IN area

    Bad news. It's not happening now. Tesla pulls back: Plan for electric car showroom in Mishawaka appears to be dead
  44. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    But in the tweet that was posted in this thread, he made that statement in reference to a mock up someone made with climate controls placed back on the bottom of the main screen. That seems to indicate that the car should know better than us how warm or cool we prefer our bodies to be. I have...
  45. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Agreed. I think it would be better at the top left of the screen just below the speedometer. I'm used to glancing over there to check my speed and it would be a more natural place to quickly check for someone in my blindspot.
  46. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    I don't think it is more cramped than after the December 2020 update but you are correct the version before December 2020 had more room for the map and the backup cameras showed a wider view. That was much more helpful than increasing the size of the display that shows my car driving. If I want...
  47. danarcha

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Found another one today. I touched the temperature to open the climate control screen. I turned on the rear defrost and adjusted the temperature. When that happens, a slider bar opens above the temperature that covers up the seat warmer button. I had to wait a few seconds for the bar to go...
  48. danarcha

    V11 quick controls toggle?

    Yeah it sucks that Ford doesn’t sneak into our garage from time to time and remove buttons and controls from my wife’s Explorer and rearrange her dashboard. The darn speedometer and fuel gauge are always the same size and right where they were last time we drove it! I will admit it’s great...
  49. danarcha

    V11 quick controls toggle?

    I agree, I always press the stalk button when it starts raining and I need the wipers. Pressing the button gives you one wipe and then the wiper menu appears just like it always did. I would never try to press a button on the screen when my windshield was getting covered with water. The only...
  50. danarcha

    V11 quick controls toggle?

    Here is what you saw. It was displayed on the screen right after the update. People (myself included) thought this was a new quick menu, but it was just an indication that these five functions have been moved to the control menu and you would have to press the car icon to find these functions...

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