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  1. racevpr

    Replacing HV Battery

    Gruber Motor Company
  2. racevpr

    Replacing HV Battery

    The major difference between us and other shops is we do not need to replace modules in the HV battery pack. We actually repair them by isolating the parasitic cell, and neutralizing it, which costs less than a module swap. This has become the preferred way of repairing Roadster packs since...
  3. racevpr

    How to prep the car and remove a 2.X Roadster PEM

    In this video, we provide a detailed, step by step method, of removing the Power Electronics Module (PEM) from a 2.x Tesla Roadster, to prepare it for shipping to a PEM rebuild facility, and preparing the Roadster during the downtime.
  4. racevpr

    Tesla Roadsters are becoming collectible

    Tesla Roadsters are climbing in value. Are they becoming collectible? What does this mean for other Tesla models? In this video, we explore the fundamental requirements of what makes a car collectible, and how and why the Tesla Roadster, although relatively new to the scene, is on an...
  5. racevpr

    High Performance Brakes

    Some of the specs are listed in the web link: High Performance Brake Kit | Gruber Motors
  6. racevpr

    Charging the Roadster

    This particular Roadster had one of 6,831 cells starting to die and typical symptoms are a gradual range decline as the offending cell drags down the rest of the cells in a brick. As with all Roadster battery issues, time is of the essence and if caught early, the Roadster battery pack can be...
  7. racevpr

    Is it possible to dismiss the "Service Maintenance Required" message

    Our GMC website is under re-construction and the Newsletters will be back up soon. The one dealing with this issue is:
  8. racevpr

    Roadster takes on Ford

    A Cybertruck is not the only Tesla vehicle that can beat Ford in a pull. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeWKp3ro2zY&t=17s
  9. racevpr

    Tech Tip - Roadster PEM Motor Connecting Block Failure

  10. racevpr

    Carbon Fiber Roadster 3.0 Battery Pack Recovery

    The 3.0 packs do not respond as well to recovery efforts compared to legacy Roadster packs. With a 6 month brick, we usually find 1 or 2 sheets that need to be replaced. The 3.0 pack has 10 out of 11 bricked sheets. Oddly, some bricks within a sheet are healthy, and one right next to it may...
  11. racevpr

    Reverse Back Up Lights Not Working - Blown Fuse?

    Gruber Motor Company (GMC) is fortunate to have extensive background in servicing complex electronics, often without the support of OEMs which ends up making us even more skilled since without schematics and documentation support, we have to reverse engineer and develop our own. The seemingly...
  12. racevpr

    Auction houses kill Roadsters

    This morning, a 2010 Roadster will be crossing the auction block in PA. The car actually belongs to Tesla (trade-in?), most belong to insurance companies who have settled with the original owners. It came in November of last year showing 71 miles range, alive and runs and drives status. It...
  13. racevpr

    Proactive PEM Maintenance

  14. racevpr

    AC Propulsion

    We are repairing and rebuilding a 1.5 PEM in a 2008 Roadster. The sticker highlighted, is a nostalgic testament to the influence AC Propulsion had on early Roadster design and development. Arguably, without this small company's influence, and the Tzero proof of concept vehicle, Tesla Motors...
  15. racevpr

    Can the Roadster output electricity from the battery?

    Considering the AC Propulsion Tzero was the design template for the Roadster, and the beta Roadsters used this inverter technology, at some point the Roadsters might have included V2G since the Tzero was V2G capable. Fortunately, the Tzero documentation, including schematics and operations...
  16. racevpr

    Salvage Roadster Sport in IL -- any interest?

    We intend to put this car back on the road so all the pieces, some of which will have to be replaced out of our stock, are needed. Feel free to contact us. We do have some CF pieces in our inventory.
  17. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Newsletter - February 2018

  18. racevpr

    Salvage Roadster Sport in IL -- any interest?

    We bid the car up to $25K even and won. The Copart "Runs & Drives" category is often misleading, but encouraging. We bought a Model S from Copart earlier this month with the same claim, only to have them tell us at pickup time, there are no keys. When we asked how it runs and drives, they...
  19. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Newsletter - December 2017

  20. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Newsletter - November 2017

  21. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Newsletter - October 2017

  22. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Newsletter - September 2017

  23. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Newsletter - August 2017

  24. racevpr

    Roadster PEM failure

    The error ID:264 BSM: PEM cable fault is due to an issue with the HVIL, High-Voltage Interlock Loop, that runs through the PEM. The switch mentioned by PV-EV on the TMC forums is always the first thing to check. That switch makes, or breaks, the HVIL, so make sure the lid to the PEM is screwed...
  25. racevpr

    Fire at Gruber?

    Due to ongoing routine investigations into what was one of the largest fires in Arizona in some time, I am not at liberty to divulge some details, but we do own the EV community an explanation: 1 - Gruber Motor Company proudly displayed Tzero #2, kept it maintained and functioning, and shared...
  26. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Newsletter - May

  27. racevpr

    Our Model S gave birth in our Service Center

  28. racevpr

    Roadster PEM failure

    There are only three of the Tzero's in existence, and I am not sure if the previous owner is on TMC. It is a remarkable car, a piece of automotive history especially in this millennium. Preferring to honor the TMC forum guidelines, I am unable to discuss pricing.
  29. racevpr

    Roadster PEM failure

    The higher grade dielectric insulating material and IGBT Transistors we use, can be sourced. The PEM disassembly and retrofit installation however poses some challenges and risks. For example, the current sensing boards, which have to be removed, are bolted directly into copper buss bars...
  30. racevpr

    Roadster PEM failure

    The most common problem we are seeing with Tesla Roadster Power Electronics Modules (PEM) noted in a Tech Tip we generated and reported a year ago to forums and Tesla Service Centers, is becoming rapidly more widespread. We even spoke with the original manufacturer of the PEMs, and advised them...
  31. racevpr

    Ferris Bueller Sequel

    This totaled car was on the auction block in Phoenix yesterday, and unlike most cars sold for salvage, this one has an interesting story reading almost like a novel with triumph and tragedy. We often buy Tesla cars for parts, and noticed the long model number. The insurance lots processing...
  32. racevpr

    Roadster Cooling Fan Tech Tip

  33. racevpr

    A 1 Million Dollar Roadster

    If this guy sells this Roadster at the asking price, it just raised the bar.
  34. racevpr

    Tesla LA Owners Club Event

  35. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster ESS Sheet

    Tesla Motors refers to the Roadster's battery pack as the Energy Storage System or ESS. The ESS contains 6,831 18650 Lithium Ion Cells arranged into 11) "ESS Sheets" all connected in series. Each sheet contains 9) "bricks" connected in series. Each "brick" contains 69 cells connected in...
  36. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster PEM Tech Tip Alert

    We are aware of the next generation IGBT's Austrianer and you are right - a better product is now available. We will be extensively testing these newer, more efficient IGBT's in one of our test mules and report findings on TMC. Less heat dissipation is of course a plus.
  37. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster PEM Tech Tip Alert

    The only 1.5 we have had in the shop Wiztecy, owned by one of our Managers at the time, preceded our realization this material is deteriorating. Unless Tesla switched insulating material during the production years, it is likely all PEMs will need this upgrade.
  38. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster PEM Tech Tip Alert

    Yes it is Botbldr45. Once we noticed a clear pattern of deterioration, we now disassemble all PEM inverter sections and replace this material as a standard operating procedure. We sent this Tech Tip to 64 Tesla Service Centers to share this information, and hope they also replace this failing...
  39. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster PEM Tech Tip Alert

    In every Tesla Roadster PEM we have serviced to date there is evidence of failing thermal insulating material between the IGBT Inverter Transistors and Aluminum Heat Sink. Corrective action is PEM removal and disassembly, and replacement of the thermal insulating material with an upgrade...
  40. racevpr

    BYD e6

    Warren Buffet invested in this company, so it must be good.
  41. racevpr

    T Zero

    The T Zero pictures available online are few and low resolution. That just changed. I posted the first of many more on Flickr at - Pete Gruber’s albums | Flickr __________________________________________________________________________ Every collecting pursuit, from comic books to Beanie...
  42. racevpr

    How many Roadsters did Tesla produce World-wide? How many have been decommissioned..

    We have been buying salvage Roadsters. Would you be interested in a list of decommissioned cars?
  43. racevpr

    When your trunk suddenly won't open

    So this happened yesterday. I get home, ready to unload groceries I had just placed in the trunk, and I hear Click, Thunk, and only one side opens slightly. I then fiddled with the dash switch, key fob, and placing the key in the rear lock, and all I hear is Click, Thunk, and only one side...
  44. racevpr

    Anyone know how to get a replacement toolkit for the Roadster?

    Of the 4 Roadsters we have, each one came with a different master key for the locking lug nut. Take a picture and check Ebay for Lotus master keys and match your pattern.
  45. racevpr

    Cars & Coffee pictures

    Great weather, and great turnout. Pictures at: Scottsdale Cars Coffee - March 2016 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  46. racevpr

    Potential Solar City bankruptcy impact on Tesla Stock

    If SCTY is heading towards insolvency, I doubt Elon would be buying on dips like he has been.
  47. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Secondary Battery

    The second Roadster battery resides behind the passenger headlight, behind a wheel well curtain. It is a 12 Volt, 8 Amp Hour AGM battery, which is a sealed, maintenance-free design, instead of a wet cell which requires periodic maintenance. This battery receives a constant charge from a DC to...
  48. racevpr

    Scottsdale AZ Cars & Coffee Tesla Event

  49. racevpr

    Nice shot of my 2011 Roadster.

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