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  1. BadAlien

    Regenerative braking on icy roads need to turn off

    As others mentioned re-gen adjusts constantly depending on surface condition. Basically it always re-gens unless it slips in which case depending on level of spin it will either reduce re-gen OR stop it completely. Only annoying thing is you need to "guess" if the car is going to regen or not...
  2. BadAlien

    Recent trade-in experience with a non-Tesla vehicle?

    They will basically offer you whatever the value of the car is at wholesale. It's pretty standard at all the dealerships.
  3. BadAlien

    Delivery tires

    You picking it up today in snowstorm? Same thing happened to me last year. Pretty sure it will come with all season tires. They will tell you re-schedule your delivery if you don't feel comfortable driving in the snow. And they will make you sign a waver to say you accept to be driving in...
  4. BadAlien

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Winter warrior (Not a very good one but we manage :) )
  5. BadAlien

    What is the one feature you would like to see added to the Model Y?

    Less intrusive traction control for some winter fun! Winter Fun Mode
  6. BadAlien

    Model Y long range: Cold battery performance

    This doesn't pertain to road trips but around town driving in snow / ice / slush I've noticed that: - the battery re-gen is not as effective in snow and slippery conditions. Going from light to light if the wheels lock slightly during re-gen, traction control kicks in and stops the re-gen...
  7. BadAlien

    Quebec license plates

    you get green plate right away
  8. BadAlien

    Insurance and track use

    Well what difference does it make if you confirm or not? If you are not covered on track, you are not covered on track end of story. Not sure what your confirmation of "I will not track the car" change really for the insurance company.
  9. BadAlien

    PPF in Montreal

    +1 for precision. Good guys to deal with and very happy with results.
  10. BadAlien

    What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?

    OP is not asking how to secure vehicle... OP is asking what to do in case of theft. Has anyone had their tesla stolen? Can it be stolen? No matter this is what you do in case it is stolen
  11. BadAlien

    What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?

    Jump in your other car and track your tesla with the app and go after your car. Call police on speaker and tell them the location.
  12. BadAlien

    Considering switching from Audi SQ5 to Model Y

    Not to mention the 3.0T (in the SQ5) will eventually need timing chain done depending on mileage. Mine in the A6 was starting to make loud noises on startup at about 140K KM and was drinking about a quart of oil every 2 weeks. Although you might no keep the car for that long... The fit and...
  13. BadAlien

    Considering switching from Audi SQ5 to Model Y

    @rBajwa yes QC rebate is for 60k. Picked up Y single short range. Def sucks that Ontario phases out rebate. I might not have bought the y without rebate.
  14. BadAlien

    Considering switching from Audi SQ5 to Model Y

    I was looking at exact same 2 cars. The 8K Quebec new electric vehicle rebait helped with the decision. So far I'm really enjoying the little silly things -Every second car here is a Q5 so glad didn't get one. -Kids love the glass roof and karaoke -I love not going to gas stations and insurance...
  15. BadAlien

    Tesla service, what a joke!! Extremely frustrated.

    I have come to accept bad service. I think if tesla could sell these out of a vending machine, they would. I have not really bought a car... It's more like an Iphone with a steering wheel so not expecting the usual "car dealership service". The faster you come to terms with that the easier it...
  16. BadAlien

    Pick up MYP tomorrow. Tips to avoid ANY rock chips etc on 170mi drive home?

    Tape the car with painter's tape. We used to do that on long trips driving to car shows.
  17. BadAlien

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Red looks sweet in pics! I was so close to ordering a red one.
  18. BadAlien

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    19 reps
  19. BadAlien

    One Step at a Time - Gonna Place An Order - Advice Welcome

    Only thing I would say is set your expectations that the service level at tesla "service center" leaves much to be desired. I'm not used to "pay list price" so for me the fact that the dealership or service center or whatever you call it will not do ANYTHING or throw in ANYTHIG was foreign and...
  20. BadAlien

    Canadians! Show me your Vanity Plates!

    I'm assuming It's for HOV lanes, some free tolled highways and free/reduced ferry crossing rates. We were so late to the game when it comes to personalized plates, we just got them like 2 years ago or something. Didn't even know you could get green plates but when I went to order it, the option...
  21. BadAlien

    Paint damage

    Ya it totally sucks! I can't believe that tesla does so many thing amazingly and so many other things so terribly. This would not be acceptable with any other car manufacturer... Problem is that to tesla this is normal when it obviously should not be. I was lucky to have friends who told me...
  22. BadAlien

    Canadians! Show me your Vanity Plates!

    Just ordered this but it was a bit of an impulse buy i'm not 100% sure about it 🙃
  23. BadAlien

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Still in Full winter mode
  24. BadAlien

    Am I The Only One - Love My Car - Hates Tesla?

    I agree with op. Love the car but Tesla as a “dealership” although they are not technically a dealership... the service is terrible. I had fair warning re service from friends and by doing research. But just couldn’t believe it. They wouldn’t change my tires for a set of winters (with mags)...
  25. BadAlien

    Questions about Tesla in Montreal, No access to parking.

    I don't live down town so can't comment on downtown parking and charging but the RWD in the snow is not an issue at all. Went from an audi a6 to a Y and yes it's not as good as a 4wd but pretty impressed with the RWD traction and stability.
  26. BadAlien

    Snow clearing mode???

    Ya this annoys me as well but for different reasons... It should also called i need to put the kids backpacks in the car but pls continue to warm up the car mode OR i'm in a tight garage so let me back up the car outside and when i leave, pls continue to warm up the car mode. :)
  27. BadAlien

    Leaving a model Y parked in the snow for a few days?

    Left it outside a few days when I first got it in subfreezing temps. Garage was being used for renovation supplies and hadn't received the wall charger yet. No issues at all. Just made sure to precondition the battery before I drove it.
  28. BadAlien

    Poorly Designed Induction Wheels

    ya wheels look cool but totally gonna get dinged up 100%
  29. BadAlien

    Heated Steering wheel

    Was so happy that the Y had heated steering wheel. It's one of those things you don't care for until you have it and then you cant go back to a regular steering wheel
  30. BadAlien

    Any luck with recent Y SR orders?

    Yes if the inventory exists they will ship it to your dealership. Went in the dealership to test drive on Feb 16th and ordered it after test drive. Was in a time crunch so asked for available inventory and they were able to find something out of state. Got confirmation of a match the same day...
  31. BadAlien

    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    Didn't like the look of mud flaps will probably wrap the front rear bumper / hood and lower part of the side panels.
  32. BadAlien

    Model Y RWD need advice

    I'm liking the Y rear wheel drive standard range so far. Daily commute is not very long so range not an issue. I can charge the car at home overnight and only need to charge a couple hours every 2 days. 2 Young kids 4 and 2 years old and everything / everyone fit in the car just fine. Got a...

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