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  1. NEWDL

    Sig Red S

    Bummer. Wish I took note of the Vin. You could have tracked it...
  2. NEWDL

    Roadster Connector Disassembly?

    I am looking to replace with a similar cable with a molded plug instead of an attached plug. I previously had the factory GFI on it but replaced that with a removable unit for conditions where a GFI already was in place. The attached plug didn’t hold up and I would like a more permanent/stronger...
  3. NEWDL

    Roadster Connector Disassembly?

    Thank you! PM-ing now.
  4. NEWDL

    Roadster Connector Disassembly?

    Yeah, the GFI is long gone and I had no issues with that end... I want to disassemble the connector to the Roadster... The barrel end...
  5. NEWDL

    Roadster Connector Disassembly?

    Does anyone here have a walk through on how to disassemble the Roadster connector? I am specifically looking to dissassemble and replace the cord on the MC120. Thanks for your time and attention. Best, Neal
  6. NEWDL

    Sig Red S

    I think the cleveland Tesla Store has one. Not sure if they are looking to sell or just wholesale. Might be worth a call?
  7. NEWDL

    WTB: Model S Rear Liftgate Shade

    Looking for Tesla branded rear liftgate shade. Going into 2013 P85. Would prefer Tesla branded but similar would be considered. Thanks for your time and attention.
  8. NEWDL

    WTB: Model S Sunroof Shades

    Looking for Tesla branded sunroof shades. Going into 2013 P85. Would prefer Tesla branded but similar would be considered. Thanks for your time and attention.
  9. NEWDL

    WTB: Model S 3rd Row Footwell All Weather Mat

    Looking for Model S 3rd Row Footwell All Weather Mat. Going into 2013 P85. Would prefer Tesla branded but weathertech or similar would be considered. Thanks for your time and attention.
  10. NEWDL

    WTB: Model S All Weather Rear Trunk Mat

    Looking for Rear Trunk All Weather Mat. Going into 2013 P85. Would prefer Tesla branded but weathertech or similar would be considered. Thanks for your time and attention.
  11. NEWDL

    Model S RWD Front Trunk Mat

    Looking for a Model S RWD Front Trunk All Weather Mat. Going into 2013 P85. Would prefer Tesla branded but weathertech or similar would be considered. Thanks for your time and attention.
  12. NEWDL

    Topfit Model S Center Console Insert for Yacht Floor - $30 plus shipping

    Currently $56 on amazon. What is shipping to 44333?
  13. NEWDL

    For Sale: New Tesla model S for kids, offer me a price

    It is $600 from RF... what is your price?
  14. NEWDL

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    You don't happen to have the 1/2 circle vent covers that go into the vent trim you listed do you? Thanks for your time and attention.
  15. NEWDL

    Late Center Vents?

    The vents in #1323 got VERY sticky lately. I was reading that this is a similar situation that other manufacturers expereince in rubberized finishes that age. I went to attempt to clean the sticky off and it ruined one of the vents... Anyone know of a source? SC says on back order.
  16. NEWDL

    Supercharger - Macedonia, OH

    Sadly, other than the typical chain restaurants, i.e. Applebees, Outback, Chilis, and fast food, the only one I can recommend is Winking Lizard 511 E Aurora Rd, Macedonia, OH 44056 (330) 467-6200 Google Maps This is not my favorite place to eat, but I go to one by my house somewhat often and...
  17. NEWDL

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I also just received this text... I would love to move to a permanent solution instead of another 2g carrier that is going to sunset 2g soon anyhow... Do we have any idea on when 3G will be available?
  18. NEWDL

    Erie, PA Supercharger Updates

    Just talked to the Hilton Garden Inn... "The power was just installed but they haven't hooked it up yet. They are saying by Memorial Day" Good to know!
  19. NEWDL

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    The biggest reason this will not happen is that each version has to be fully crash and safety tested. This isn't cheap. This is currently the reason that the 70 and P90DL both look the same. Any change to the body forces full re-testing from my understanding.
  20. NEWDL

    Introducing an Old Member

    Memdave, what is the color of VP23?
  21. NEWDL

    Model 3 Reservations (Lease Q)

    Tesla doesn't care how you take the car. Lease, purchase, gift, ect... So your deposit holds a car for you in production. At initial release, Tesla may or may not have leasing set up. At this point it would be on you to find a leasing company and agree on numbers. Ultimately either way you...
  22. NEWDL

    Missing Home Link Button?

    MLAUTO is right. The homelink is part of the VDI not Nav unit. If it is still missing check settings to see if there is an on/off option. I don't remember if this is the case or not. Finally if my memory is right, I think if the system doesn't see the homelink module it removes the button from...
  23. NEWDL

    When did Tesla start designing the Model X?

    I talked to Franz about this in fall 2009. He said that he had drawn many vehicles to sit atop the Model S platform. So I would say that this was the first design or rendering of the X.
  24. NEWDL

    When did Tesla start designing the Model S?

    March 2009 was the reveal and began reservations. Design obviously began long before then. Also, remember that fisker "designed" a model s for tesla that was thrown out... Moreover, Franz started with Tesla in the summer of 2008. He is said to have designed the Model S. I'm sure conceptual...
  25. NEWDL

    Tesla stumped with this list of outages in my car:

    Center 17" screen and hardware need replaced. Similar issues with our 2013...
  26. NEWDL

    Model X Frunk Strength?

    Owned car since late 2012. No dents, deformities or PhDs here!
  27. NEWDL

    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    [email protected] I have written to them previously with great success. No response, but changes made over time...
  28. NEWDL

    Personalized plate "MODEL X"

    I assume if I were to pay you your asking price I get your car as well?
  29. NEWDL

    Power Trunk

    Or just don't use the trunk! In all honesty, I don't think it is really that feasible or if it is, cost effective...
  30. NEWDL

    w00t! We're a 2-Tesla Family!

    Congrats! 4 here! Model 3 will make it 5 New roadster will make it 6
  31. NEWDL

    OVMS Installation

    Thanks everyone for the hard work on this system. I was using another system and was plagued with issues. I am just starting out with OVMS but am very impressed so far. I am very grateful!
  32. NEWDL

    Future Model S Pricing

    I would expect larger margins for Tesla but not lower prices. Nothing to gain by lowering an existing products price point with other products in place lower in cost.
  33. NEWDL

    Looking at a 2012 P85 tomorrow

    So I assume this is a sig car right? White interior? Wasn't that only available in the signature series cars?
  34. NEWDL

    Has anyone had the pano plastic cross bar retrofitted from the plastic to matching?

    What about a custom interior shop covering it in matching or contrasting headliner material?
  35. NEWDL

    Model S retooling (Summer 2015)

    Ha ha!
  36. NEWDL

    Model S retooling (Summer 2015)

    Also, keep in mind that it is soon time for an LCI or "lifecycle refresh". In the industry this usually means new front bumper, back bumper, grill, head lights and tail lights. I would expect this to mimic some detailing in the X as well as to come around the timeframe discussed above.
  37. NEWDL

    OVMS Installation

    Same here!
  38. NEWDL

    Fixed the nose cone

    I prefer the nose cone actually... I am too used to the full BMW design accompanying the kidney grills that it just doesn't work for me on the Model S.
  39. NEWDL

    Chademo - dual charger and software required?

    What is true? You have single charger and are using adapter just fine at full power Or You have single adapter, needed update and are only getting 40a out of charger? Please clarify for OP.
  40. NEWDL

    VW XL1

    And expensive, no? Aren't they estimating a U.S. MSRP over 150k? I'll take a MS please... Or two used ones...
  41. NEWDL

    How soon before SPWC for home use?

    ok, in that same realm of thought, why can't we "jump" each other and transfer X miles of range from one Model S to another? DC to DC?
  42. NEWDL

    Low # X1 Reservation Wanted

    This has been discussed ad nauseam here, but you can not transfer a reservation from one holder to another.
  43. NEWDL

    A not so happy surprise about charging!!

    I am just trying to clarify... You were under the impression that the RV park was going to have Tesla cables for your car? Honestly, the longer you have this car the more you will understand how public charging works... What types of charging requires cables and which ones have them attached...
  44. NEWDL

    Any owners in the Pittsburgh area willing to let a prospective owner see their car?

    When they stop putting salt down and the temp is above 45 degrees... We have many cars, the TESLA's are more important to us than others that we use as winter dailys...
  45. NEWDL

    Any owners in the Pittsburgh area willing to let a prospective owner see their car?

    I am obviously late to the party, but I have a 2011 Roadster Sport in Fairlawn (technically it is between Fairlawn and Media, OH in a storage unit). If you were looking for one to see...
  46. NEWDL

    VIN 76 crushed by a distracted driver this morning

    I am also interested to hear...
  47. NEWDL

    Blue Getting More Blue?

    Congrats! I love seeing more Teslas in OHIO!
  48. NEWDL

    What is this thing??

    Original owner? Also, the vehicle number would help... Last few of vin...

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