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  1. puhiniho

    Autowipers improved?

    Personally I haven't seen much improvement to auto wipers. It's frustrating when I open the driver's door, then sit down then the wiper decides to sweep really quickly and the inside door gets all wet. Otherwise manual or always on till I see a marked improvement.
  2. puhiniho

    How to replace FWD glass top

    The easiest way would be to request service on your app to replace glass and ask for the part number. They should give you an invoice with breakdown and part number. The harder way would be to take the door trim apart and look at the label itself. Either way, search online for that part. But...
  3. puhiniho

    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    I had my radio upgrade done last week and noticed the radio stations no longer shows the station graphic/logo. Now just a blank grey box. Curious, is everyone else like that?
  4. puhiniho

    Model X Winter Tires - changing aspect OK?

    Curious, so if you have a spare extra set of stock 20" asymmetric rims, would it be better to sell them for square 19" rims/tires or just get snow tires for the stock 20"?
  5. puhiniho

    Water Leak into Trunk

    I had this issue and it took about 4 days for tesla SC to figure it out. I thought it was a fluke that the very bottom carpet was always damp. I looked all over the rear hatch thinking it would come from there (above). Alas, it seems the small quarter glass in the rear sides had a tiny leak...
  6. puhiniho

    2020+ front seatbacks - interchangeable for 3/Y with seatback pocket?

    This doesn't answer your question but found these seat organizer that fit my front seats pretty good (tapered to follow seat contour). https://www.amazon.com/Diono-Organizer-Books-Snacks-Black/dp/B005PK1E00 The pockets work well and my kids put all kines of stuff in them.
  7. puhiniho

    interior lighting - front row ceiling light?

    Not a good fix but the sun visor have lights, which I've used before to provide just a little more forward facing light. And totally agree it was a miss. I really like the idea of possibly having lights under the rear view mirror or across the plastic conduit overhead. I'm hoping someone will...
  8. puhiniho

    12V outlets always-on hack

    Curious why you don't just post the info? Why ask people to PM?
  9. puhiniho

    FM Radio Solution for Upgraded MCU2 cars?

    BTW, if anyone hasn't seen it already, tesla US made a revision to their infotainment upgrade page and state Q4 2020 they will have a radio upgrade to add FM/XM back (sorry no AM). I for one am looking forward to this. It's been okay without radio but just not the same, I'll be waiting on line...
  10. puhiniho

    Falcon Wing Door Hit Ceiling

    Unfortunately this is one of those situations that if you're not familiar with how the door operates, things like this would occur. The issue is the top of the car is over the higher portion of the garage while your FWD doors are under the lower beams. As other mentioned, the sensor is in...
  11. puhiniho

    Any experience with the new Tesla home ev charger?

    My gen1 and gen2 has worked great since the day I owned it and would still recommend it. But just food for thought. As more EVs start emerging, you may want to consider what your future needs will be. Pretty cool EVs like Lucid Air, EV trucks, and others have really changed the overall EV...
  12. puhiniho

    Wi-Fi Connection Help

    At some point my MCU1 would no longer connect to my home network. I tried almost everything i could, both on 2.4 & 5g. Not to sound negative but I gave up. But alas the MCU2 upgrade came and I ponyed up. Now my car connects to my home network almost instantly. I changed nothing with my home...
  13. puhiniho

    Model X driver side sun shade

    Agreed you shouldn't compare the different classes but actually you CAN flip down the mirror part to provide just a little more sun protection. I've done it in the front and the sides when the sun hits the right spot. But definitely form over function for the sides.
  14. puhiniho

    Unable to login Youtube

    I ran into the same grey not selectable google box so I closed out of the web brower and relaunched the browser. Went to plex.tv and it showed it ungrey. It does take a couple tried but worked. I login in that way, closed and check the YouTube entertainment app and now showed me logged in...
  15. puhiniho

    Curb rash. Ouch.

    My $.02, most rim shops will repair rashes <$200 each. I've bought on Amazon those rim guards (rather inexpensive) as preventative and personally find them to work well. Depending how far those curbs reach out to bite your rims, those protectors will get smashed and easy peasy replace them...
  16. puhiniho

    Drivers side falcon door stuck open

    I had the same issue with my 2017 x100d when I first got it, about a month in. Had to manually keep it shut and took it to my local SC. Took them a few days to diagnose and finally replaced the whole locking mechanism. Going strong for the last couple years. I wouldn't wait for the app...
  17. puhiniho

    Odd paint rash on Falcon Wing Doors - anyone else?

    I believe mudflaps affect range slightly (but don't quote me on this:)) . I had the same issue and had my wings paint touched up then put a strip of PPF on the lower section. Seems to work well. Good luck!
  18. puhiniho

    Powder coating stock wheels on Model X

    Got mine done at Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Seattle. Really friendly and easy to work with. And yes I do have another set I used for winter so it made it easy to drop off boxes and pickup. Give them a call to get your options. Good luck!
  19. puhiniho

    Is it unusual to have no filter at all?

    Where? Link? Thx!
  20. puhiniho

    Is it possible to program a new key?

    Make sure to update your appt info to have them pair the keys. I just recently had one key replaced under warranty as it was not responsive and it took them 2+ hours to pair. It's apparently a tedious process. Good luck!
  21. puhiniho

    How to replace FWD glass top

    Here's the eBay link Tesla RR Door Roof Glass Ass, LH | eBay Make sure you're verifying part number, Tesla has changed many versions... Typically newer versions better. The seller is pretty good at communicating so ask plenty questions. Also note, eBay will charge sales tax. Good luck!
  22. puhiniho

    Opened FWD in garage and it smashed in to my garage door mechanism. What to expect?

    To the OP, if you feel adventurous, you can replace it yourself and save a few bucks like I did: How to replace FWD glass top Otherwise, double check with your insurance to see if they'll cover it. And as you've heard from others, unfortunately it's considered a user error and Tesla won't...
  23. puhiniho

    How to replace FWD glass top

    Here's the glass top removed. Here's the finished product...
  24. puhiniho

    How to replace FWD glass top

    I felt like contributing to the greater cause as I haven't seen anyone do a "how to" for replacing the glass top on our Falcon Wing Doors (FWD). I originally tried videoing but really need a 3rd, 4th, or 5th hand so I envy all those YouTubers filming things. At the end I decided to take photos...
  25. puhiniho

    Model X - Accessories I've purchased and will review

    Lotsa great stuff, two items I'd add / recommend you look into: Combo cup holder and organizer tray for under the center console slider door. There are several on Amazon and other sources so I don't have a link. It's great for soda cans and drinks as the ones on the arm rest just get in the...
  26. puhiniho

    AP2 FSD/AP owners upgrade AP3 (HW3) - Tesla now asking for a fee now - please help

    Curious, how long did the upgrade take, either HW3 and/or MCU2? Meaning did it take more than a day? 2 or 3 days? I recently got the message that I could upgrade but don't want to be out for long. Thx
  27. puhiniho

    Hide SSD in New Model X

    Hopefully all behind us, I haven't really had any issues on my thumb drive but I guess we'll see...much mahalos!
  28. puhiniho

    Hide SSD in New Model X

    I know this isn't answering OPs question and I get the SSD is the way to go but would be good to ask your relative how complicated or simple they want it. I personally use a 256gb low profile thumb drive and it works great, doesn't block anything and is practically invisible. And with the...
  29. puhiniho

    Windshield crack on my Tesla X

    Check with insurance before reaching out directly to Tesla. Some insurance allow you to go direct while others through a third party (e.g. Nationwide).
  30. puhiniho

    Included Accessories for Used X

    You should also get the overhead visor above the front/passenger seats. It's invaluable during the sunny times.
  31. puhiniho

    Ultra White cleaning solution that works...

    OP, do you have before and after pics? How long have you been using it? Since you're the few with good experience, can your buddy also chime in? Good to hear from many so people can make informed decision. Thanks!
  32. puhiniho

    USB thumb drives no longer recognized

    That's incorrect, sentry mode and dash carm works for MCU1 if you have AP2.5+. I'm just wondering if this issue is specific to model S or certain AP versions. I understand music usb isn't showing in 2020.12.5, but dash cam should be working as mine does. Seems people are generalizing and...
  33. puhiniho

    USB thumb drives no longer recognized

    I know I'm in the S forum but I have a 2017 Model X with MCU1 AP2.5 2020.12.5 and I don't listen to music BUT my thumb drive does work for sentry mode/dash cam. It recognizes my thumb drive with the dashcam and NEW sentry mode icon shown. Is everyone w/ MCU1 on this thread saying the USB not...
  34. puhiniho

    USB thumb drives no longer recognized

    I think your title is slightly misleading as the problem isn't that it's not recognizing USB drive, it's a bug that it can't see music. Sentry/ dashcam can still read/write from USB drive. Search for 2020.12.5 as it seems many have your same issue. Hopefully the next update fixes it. Good luck!
  35. puhiniho

    So, got a random recall text from Tesla service yesterday...

    Never heard this before but would you mind giving some insight into your car e.g. Month/Year AP, MCU, etc.? It'll help to know for comparison to others. I have a mobile tech coming Thursday, I'll ask about those and see if they give any feedback :D
  36. puhiniho

    Perfect Platform Bike Rack for X

    Curious if you've ever supercharged with the rack/bike in place? Otherwise it looks great and nice you can open the hatch with the bikes!
  37. puhiniho

    Touch up paint kits

    It's not "pretty much the same", it's "exactly" the same ingredients and application :D I've used it and it's amazing stuff. Depending on the depth/width of scratches or chip rashes, it'll significantly diminish the look. Good luck!
  38. puhiniho


    BTW, I think it's important whenever anyone posts these firmware updates is to include the AP and MCU version? Different release notes actually occur for different versions of the X... e.g. Pre 3/18 cars vs Post. Thx!
  39. puhiniho

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    I wanted to add that many of my local stations are on TuneIn, great...right? So recently I tried to test just using TuneIn and it's one of the worst experiences I've ever had:mad:. I'm in the greater Seattle area, so not in the sticks, but I get multiple drops in audio. Some stations the...
  40. puhiniho

    supercharger stations are still up - even w/ everyone hunkering down?

    BTW since the OP is going to a lot of SC, make sure to bring alcohol wipes to wipe down the SC handles. It's obviously the most touched object thus most susceptible to COVID-19 transfer. Please be safe and well!
  41. puhiniho

    Optimum Charging/Use Scenario

    Reading this comment got me asking...all you battery gurus, is it better to charge at lower amps than higher amps (exclude supercharger)? Since I charge almost every night, I just plug it in and typically set it to 22a to charge all night. Even though my HPWC goes up to 72a (100a breaker), I...
  42. puhiniho

    Anyone with FSD or just purchased FSD and got scheduled (MCU2)?

    Congrats! Does your browser work :p and how's Caraoke:D and does the nav map no longer have a lag in the refresh/update? Sorry for the questions but excited to hear that it successfully worked for you!
  43. puhiniho

    Purchasing Extended Warranty

    Curious, not sure if you're in a sale tax state but was tax added? Or was it just the flat rate? ($5300). Thx!
  44. puhiniho

    Anyone with FSD or just purchased FSD and got scheduled (MCU2)?

    I have almost exact configurations, I'll send a request and see what they say. We'll see what they say...although I'm planning to also ask if they'd be willing to install the FM module otherwise I'm not sure if I'd do it just yet.
  45. puhiniho

    Tire replacement time.

    @outie I mentioned in an earlier post that I recently replaced mine with the A/S+ II. Seems to be comparable performance to OEM (although I'm not able to quantify it by any measure other than my own experiences) and the cost was much better. I think they are very similar characteristics to all...
  46. puhiniho

    Damaged door panel

    Would be very helpful to show us photos? Hard to understand how much damage, where it is relative to the panel, other perspectives, etc.
  47. puhiniho

    Tire replacement time.

    Yep, sometimes it's foggy trying to remember all the fine print. All the same, after looking back, it's the rear that are half the tread warranty. Not sure why the fronts would have full warranty length, as I feel it should wear faster but what do I know:eek:. Also seems to be a trend with...
  48. puhiniho

    FWD Glass Replacement

    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, how do you do what? There are several ways to stop the FWD from continuing in whatever direction its going, the manual is your friend. You can use the FOB, override on the MCU or override on the rear buttons or as a last resort, use your hands (it'll...
  49. puhiniho

    Rear View mirror question

    Looks intriguing...curious does the rearview mirror affect the visor magnetically locking in or affecting its operation? Would you mind sharing some photos of your install? (On the mirror and rear cameras install) thanks!
  50. puhiniho

    About to join the Tesla club, help needed

    I'd recommend getting a HWPC, it's permanent and it'll allow you to keep the UMC (mobile charger) in your car when you take trips and charge with either 110v or 220v (14-50). Tesla has a lot of tech but not so much bells and whistles that other luxury cars may have. They just recently...

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